Archive | September 22, 2016

A Simple Explanation Why It Is Impossible For Saudi Arabia To Survive The Next Few Years

By Walid Shoebat There is a reason why God called Arabia “a whore” prophesying that her lovers (the kings of the earth) will ultimately abandon her services and refuse to drink her intoxicating wine of fornication. Eventually all prostitutes age and loose their curves to only be penniless and destitute. Saudi Arabia needs oil prices […]

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Muslim Security Guard Walks Up To Woman And Kicks Her In The Face For Wearing Shorts, He Says In Court ‘Islamic Law Demanded It’

In a shocking video, a Muslim security guard is shown walking up to a random girl wearing shorts and then kicking her in the face. When asked why he did it, he said it was because Islamic law demanded it: Aysegul Terzi was assaulted on a bus in Istanbul after the man claimed Islamic law […]

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Muslim Terrorists Take Six Boys And Torture Them To Death With Welding Equipment For Playing Soccer

In another act of horror from ISIS, six boys have been taken and tortured to death with welding rods on welding equipment for the “crime” of playing soccer: Islamic State has executed six boys with a welding rod and flogged three young men for playing football, it has been reported. The six boys from the […]

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It Is Now Official: Turkey Declared That They Do Not Intend To Fight ISIS. Instead They Want To Expand Erdogan’s Ottoman Caliphate Into Syria And Iraq

By Walid Shoebat There is nothing better than hearing it from the horse’s mouth when it comes to something we have argued for weeks when we repeatedly stated that Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria is not, will not, and plans not to destroy ISIS but plans to use it. Now one official newspaper of the Turkish […]

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