Archive | September 24, 2016

North Korean Authorities Take Christians, And Crucify Them Over Fire, They Also Take Other Christians And Crush Them To Death With Steamrollers

By Theodore Shoebat North Korean authorities are hanging Christians on crosses above fire, and are also crushing Christians to death with steamrollers, as we read in one report: Christians in North Korea face rape, torture, enslavement, and being killed for their faith, a damning new report from Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has warned. CSW, a […]

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Disgusting British Women Are Travelling To The Camps In Calais For The Sole Purpose Of Having Sex With Muslim Invaders For Fun

The following post was leaked anonymously on Facebook by an “aid worker” in the infamous Calais Muslim camps that exposes a reality that is both shocking as it is disgusting- how British women (and some men) are volunteering to work in the camps for the sole purpose of having a giant sex party with the […]

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