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Leaked Information Reveals: Muslims Plan On Attacking Malls And Butchering Random Christians With Chainsaws

By Theodore Shoebat The son of a major Islamic cleric revealed to Belgium police of a plan that Muslim terrorists have, to attack random Christians and butcher them with chainsaws. Here is the report: ISIS reportedly has a dastardly plot to murder Christians. The radical terrorist group often kills Christians through bombings and public beheadings, […]

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Man In Russia Decides To Blaspheme Christianity, He Goes Into A Church And Starts Playing Pokemon Go, The Russian Police Arrest Him And He Is Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Russia deliberately wanted to be blasphemous and sacrilegious, so he entered a church and started playing Pokemon Go. The police arrested him, and now he is being facing five years in prison. I did a whole video on this:   According to the report: Russian vlogger Ruslan Sokolovsky is […]

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Obama Nominates Foreign Born Muslim To Become Federal Judge- This Is The Beginning Of Shariah Law And The End For American Law As We Know It

This story has made headlines all throughout the mainstream media- but not for the right reasons. This is another milestone in the Islamization of the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood promised it for years, and we knew this day was coming, but now that it has arrived is a major warning to all Americans concerned […]

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Four Year Old Child Wants A Sex Change And Will Be Undergoing A Sex Change Operation To Become “Transgender”

By Theodore Shoebat A four year old child in Australia wants to get a sex change operation and will be undergoing a sex change operation to become “transgender.” Yes, this is being allowed in a nation like Australia. The Western world has lost its sense of culture, and has become a cess pool of spiritual […]

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ISIS Bans The Burka In All Of Their Territories, Says That It Poses A ‘Security Threat’

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS actually put a ban on the burqa, saying that it poses a security threat since enemies can disguise themselves with the veil. As we read in one report: In a flip-flop from its oppressive dress code on Syrian and Iraqi women, which requires them to be covered head-to-toe in black burkas, […]

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Paris Has Been Taken Over By Muslim Hordes And Turned Into A Third World Slum- Filthy Mattresses Cover The Sidewalks, Garbage Is Everywhere, And Muslim Gangs Prowl The Streets In Broad Daylight

This video was taken last week in northern Paris, which has seen a large Muslim influx, especially over the past year. It shows on-the-ground proof of how Paris, what was once one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world, has been turned into a filthy Muslim cesspool where dirty matresses line the sidewalks, […]

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The Alt-Right Is Absolutely Evil, It Is A Movement That Is Advancing Homosexuality And The Spirit Of Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat The Alt-Right is an absolutely evil movement that is advancing homosexuality and the spirit of the Antichrist. It is an ideology of Social Darwinism and perversity. I did a very detailed video on this:   To Learn More About Christianity’s War Against Islam And The Antichrist, Get Our New 2-Disk Dvd Special […]

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Hero Christian Pastor From New York Asks Christian Militia Fighting ISIS How He Can Help Them, They Say ‘We Need Weapons,’ He Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is And Buys Them Machine Guns, AK-47s, And RPGs

Now this is the America the world knows and loves. Pastor Bill Devlin of Infinity Bible Church from the Bronx had been watching the horrors of ISIS unfold for years. He wanted to help the Christian militias fighting against ISIS, so he reached out to the Nineveh Plains Protection Unit and asked them what they needed. […]

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