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Thousands Of Muslims In California Gather Together To Celebrate The Pagan Ritual Of Human Sacrifice, Christians Confront Them And Boldly Declare That Islam Is An Absolutely Demonic And Antichrist Religion

By Theodore Shoebat Thousands of Muslims in Anaheim, California, gathered together to celebrate the Eid al-Adha, a pagan, anti-Christian ritual in which animals — and at times humans — are sacrificed to Allah. Christians came in and confronted the Muslims, and declared to them that Islam is satanic and antichrist. The Muslims went into a […]

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Muslims Ambush Christians Coming Out Of Church And Massacre Them With Machine Guns, Then Hunt Down the Survivors As They Try To Flee

Muslims have launched another terrorist attack against Christians. As they were coming out of church, a group of terrorists drove up to them, pulled out a machine gun from their truck, and began massacring everybody in sight and then hunted down the fleeing survivors: According to local residents, the fatalities occurred shortly after morning service […]

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Muslims Invade Christian Area, And Slaughter Twenty Six People

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim ex-Seleka terrorists in the Central African Republic invaded a Christian area and slaughtered twenty-six people. As we read in one report: Muslim militants slaughtered 26 civilians in a predominantly Christian village in the Central African Republic on Friday (Sept. 16), the worst violence in the embattled country in months, sources said.Rebels […]

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Unbelievable: Expect Another Terror Attack Soon. CNN Instructs Lone Wolves How To Do A Better Job Next Time In New York And Tells Americans That The Solution To Terrorism Is To Keep Bringing In A Flood Of Muslim Immigrants Into The United States

By Walid Shoebat When it comes to the war on terror, the big problem in this country are the so-called terror analysts and experts who aid the terrorists instead of national security. One real loon is CNN’s National Security Analyst, Peter Bergen. Today he writes giving his ‘expert view’ on the latest bombing by Rahami. Not only does he […]

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Man Robs Crucifixes From Church Gift Shop, Then Goes On Crime Spree Attacking People With The Crucifixes As A Weapon

Another case of the demonic at work. Most criminals use a gun, knife, or whatever is around them when robbing or attacking somebody, but this man intentionally stole crucifixes and then used them as weapons in his crime spree: According to the Ventura Police Department, Forrest Brantley, 35, broke into the gift shop of a […]

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New Study Says Muslims Are The Most Disliked Group Of People In America And Then Wonders Why

In what should come as no shock to anybody, a new study finds that Muslims are the most disliked group of people and Islam is the most disliked religion in America: Muslims are the most disapproved group in America, according to a new study, amid increasing anti-Muslim rhetoric from conservative politicians. A new study from sociologists at […]

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