Archive | September 23, 2016

‘The Hell Of The Apostates’ ISIS Releases New Video Showing Them Rounding Up People And Mass Executing Them

ISIS barbarians have released a new video showing them rounding up people and mass executing them for being “apostates.” It also shows footage of car bombs being set off against American troops in Iraq: In a purported new Islamic State video from “Wilayat North Baghdad,” Iraq, ISIS militants carry out mass killings of “apostates.” The […]

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Major Political Leader In France Makes This Declaration To The United States: ‘There Is Going To Be A Civil War In France, Between The French And The Muslims. America, Do Not Make The Same Mistake We Made.’

By Theodore Shoebat A major political leader in France, Francois-Xavier Peron, has declared that France is about to enter into a civil war, between French and Muslim. We spoke with Francois-Xavier about this, and also about the subject of a Christian France and how it is the Faith that is the only thing that can […]

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Massachusetts Judge Forces American Christian Woman To Go To Mosque And Study Islam For Her “Probation”, Says ‘You Have To Respect People Of The Muslim Faith’

Judge Paul Yee We have been arguing that Islam will not conquer America by war, but through judicial orders. In a case that disturbingly reflects this, an elderly Christian woman landlord who got into a scuffle with a Muslim tenant is being forced to learn about Islam as a part of her probation: A Somerville […]

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Man Throws Firebomb Into Car Of Muslim Man And Shouts ‘There You Go, Muslim!’ As Vehicle Is Consumed In Raging Inferno

Americans are fed up with Islam and Muslims, so expect more of these attacks in the future. In this recent incident in Philadelphia, a man threw a firebomb into the car of a Muslim man while shouting ‘There you go, Muslim!’: The incident reportedly happened around 5am and the witness added the victims skin was […]

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