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Its No Longer Safe For Kids To Go To School In America. Read This Horrific Story Of This School Teacher And His ‘Husband’ Raping And Molesting Underage Students

Aric Babbitt, a Minnesota elementary school teacher and “his faggot husband” Matthew Deyo were what many consider ‘nice gay couple’. They were found stinking dead last week on Lopez Island in Washington state in an apparent murder-suicide. Why did these ‘lovely faggots’ kill themselves? The police was after them. They were serial sexual abusers of children. According to court […]

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Muslim Prisoner Attacks Two Prison Guards With Shank, Stabs One Of Them Through The Throat And The Back And Then Writes With Their Blood On The Walls Of His Cell Before Praying To Allah

Thankfully both guards lived, but this brutal attack, in which two guards were stabbed, including one guard twice through the throat and back, shows the true intentions of these murderous terrorists who the Western government have allowed to invade society. Bilal T was walking around holding a big towel, and so he asked him to go […]

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As Soon As Muslim Pervert Arrives In The UK He Stalks A 12-Year-Old Girl, Corners Her, Strips Her Naked And Molests Her, Tells Her “I Have To Do This”

Kamran Ahmed had not been in the UK six months and he already started grooming a 12-year old girl for sex. The 27-year old newly married man, after a short time of “grooming” one day approached and cornered her, stripped her naked, and began molesting her while telling her “I have to do this” and […]

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German Christian Man Apostatizes To Islam And Joins ISIS, Makes Videos Of Himself Flogging Syrian Prisoners And Watching Their Limbs Get Mutilated- This Is What Islam Does To A Man

This man, who calls himself Abu Issa Al-Almani, says he was born a Christian in Germany but converted to Islam years later when he ‘found the truth.’ He joined ISIS and has made videos of himself flogging prisoners and watching ISIS mutilate people’s limbs, and promises terrorist attacks against the West: A German jihadi who […]

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