Will Donald Trump Fight Islam? Don’t Get Your High Hopes Up. He Is Already Working With A Muslim Terrorist Agent Who Works To Kill Christians


By Walid Shoebat

So will America be great again under Donald Trump? There is no doubt that Trump will perhaps rehabilitate the immigration system, better protect the American public from terrorism, balance trade, but many have the notion that a Trump victory will fix America when it comes to Islam.

I doubt that he can win the global war on terror, since this takes an international effort. To defeat Islamic terrorism, the world must first accept the idea that Islam (not just terrorism) is the problem. Such an effort will demand that the West revert back to Christianity where Christian nations seek to destroy and ban Islam once and for all.

Is Trump going to do this?

No. If Trump plans to combat Islam he would have never befriended Malik Obama, President Obama’s brother. Malik, an Islamist who once donned a Hamas scarf is already jumping on the Trump gravy train by invitation from Trump. Malik today sent out a tweet to forty thousand of his naive American followers condemning Shoebat.com.

“Why does Walid Shoebat lie about me supporting Hamas” tweets Malik.

If the man doesn’t support Hamas, we asked him what was he doing auditioning for Hamas in Yemen by donning the Hamas scarf? Malik was making Hamas and not Trump or “America great again”. Malik Obama is the executive secretary for the Muslim Dawa Association which is being ran by Omar al-Bashir, genocidal dictator of North Sudan who has been responsible for the deaths of two million people, many of whom were Christians.


Omar al-Bashir, genocidal dictator with Malik Obama

Stranger than his request are his Twitter followers condemning my response for simply asking why the man donned a Hamas scarf. His followers never even questioned why Malik donned a terrorist symbol in the photo, yet they were quick to send us curses with one even asking Malik to “just give the order” to shoot us.

“Hamas is extreme, but one must be extreme to free one’s home [Palestine] from an infestation of rats [the Jews]” writes another.

This, regardless that we ourselves are Trump supporters.

The very Muslim extremists, leftists, anti-semites … like Malik, whom we fought for years are now jumping on the Trump gravy train to only find countless idiots to follow them.

How did Malik succeed in having Trump invite him and give him a few days of fame? Malik promised to spill the beans on his brother Barack Obama. He says that he is willing to do so, but on one condition: that he is first followed on Twitter by at least 100,000 people.

“When I have 100,000 followers I will say more” tweets Malik Obama and on the 26th, he asked “Please consider donating to my foundation, The Barack H. Obama …”

Strange, he uses President “Barack H. Obama” to raise the money and then tells people he will reveal ‘secrets’ on “Barack H. Obama”.

This confirms a controlled opposition.

How people are unable to decipher a Kenyan con-artist should boggle the mind. Obama will be out soon and out goes with him both gravy trains. How pathetic.

But every gravy train has its pros and its cons, even with a Trump victory. The comments responding to Malik reveals a scary trend; what we will get as a byproduct when Trump becomes President: the mutants.

We are not worried so much about Trump. He will be a fine president. But the next few years we will see the ‘mutants’ arise. These are supporters who in reality are neither left or right, but a half-breed with a facade of conservative. It is sort of what the Bible warns about “having a form of …”

I call these the Breitbarters where they can encompass everything immoral under the guise of “conservative”.


While people are somewhat hopeful for a Trump victory, do not raise your high hopes. When it comes to true Christians there are no gravy trains. The only train a true Christian should expect is the type Hitler used for the Jews and the trains the Ottomans used for the Armenians.

Sorry to bust all your bubbles, and all your gravy trains that many mentally psyched themselves up with, reality is, no matter what president you choose (Trump will perhaps be a fine president), but what is molded in the process (which will take a few years) are not your typical Christian conservatives, but an all-inclusive gravy train where ultra-nationalism becomes a global trend, from Turkey to Europe, and all the way to the very United States of America. Deception will continue where Muslims too, like Malik will jump on the bandwagon under a new face where a Muslim can act as if he too is Christian.

After all, who would have ever dreamt, that the most powerful nation on earth, would be ruled by a clandestine Muslim named Barack son of Hussein bin Obama, who was well disguised as Christian? The Muslims have caught up with this brilliant tactic and a repeat of this will happen in Europe. In fact, it is etched in an Old Saxon prediction which talks of an Obama-like figure who claims Christianity yet he is a Turk and will rule Germany while France will refine to combat this axis of evil:

“The Dog shall enter Germany but shall afterwards forsake his master and choose for himself a new man, whereby Scripture shall be fulfilled. This Dog shall signify the Turk which shall forsake his Mohammed and choose unto him the name Christian, which is a sign the day of doom is at hand, when all the earth is subject unto God, or that all people acknowledge one only God. The Fleur-de-Lys (lily) and France shall live long at variance, but at last agree. Then shall the clear Word spring forth and flourish throughout the world.”

How this will happen? Simple. Today we have mutants with bizarre combinations. In Europe we have Frauke Petry, the leader of the AFD in Germany and she claims to be Christian while believing in Darwinism. Welcome to the mutants.

And the reverse of a Muslim acting Christian is also true; we can see a mutant, claiming conservative Christian, who can act just as worse as a leftist.  How else can one explain a conservative LGBTQ?


You shall know them by their stance on the LGBTQ. The litmus test is not difficult which Christ gave us “you shall know them by their fruit”. Always trust what you taste from the tree. Even Jesus said “remember Lots wife”.  Why did He do this? He was speaking of salvation. He uses Lot’s wife as an example of someone attached to the world. But why would Christ choose Lot’s wife as the best example of being attached to the world? He was speaking and presaging the end-times. The world will be attached to Sodom and homosexuality. Beware never to fall, this world will soon be gone and the only gays who will support these mutant reprobates will be in hell.

Another truth that needs to be told: there is no such thing as real racism. Its time to debunk such myth. If real racism truly existed why then did Adolph Hitler promote the Aryan race as supreme while at the same time he allied with the Muslim Turks, Arabs, the Japanese, the Muslim Brotherhood and every non-Aryan nationality that supported Nazism? We find the same phenomenon with every racist movement from Black Lives Matter, the Arab-racist Saudis, to the Ku Klux Clans.

In other words, what unites people is belief and not race. God made this clear and is why He never addressed racism. What the signs tell us from the news are the same signs that are showing from prophecy.

Christianity will strengthen, but not in the U.S. France has so many saints predict France will rise to shine while Germany and the U.S. initially will collaborate with the Muslim as did the Calvinists,  as did the American founding father John Adams, and as did Adolph Hitler also collaborate with Islam and wish for Germany to have been Muslim. The next Nazi generation will fulfill Hitler’s dream and bring in the Young Turks and a Muslim mutant could rule Germany as the prophecy foretold.


So will Trump be any better than John Adams? I doubt it. As Solomon the Wise said “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

But most who quote Ecclesiastes 1:9 never quote the full context of the verse:

History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

“History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before”. Trump will be no different than John Adams. He is already showing the signs. Trump will coalesce with every cult. He did so with the Republican Hindu Coalition event with Bollywood stars.

“The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House,” the GOP presidential nominee is shown saying at the event while saying “We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism.”

Keep in mind, he promises to defeat “the radicals” not the sneaking moderates. The rise of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who Trump supports was simple, he promised to make Hinduism “supreme again” in India. Ever since Modi took power the Hindus are emboldened by Modi and are heavily persecuting Christians worse than Pakistan.

Therefore, like Erdogan, who promised to make the Ottomans “great again,” Modi promising to make Hinduism “great again,” Trump, while he says he will be the most pro-Christian president we had, making America great again will never happen unless he stands and says that he will make “Christianity supreme” just as Modi is making “Hinduism supreme” and Erdogan making “Islam supreme”. Trump, under these fallen-away conditions will not make Christianity supreme.

Therefore, never depart from the faith. Stand still and be counted for Christ.