Archive | December 12, 2016

While Muslim Violence Against Christians In Europe Is So Bad Governments Are Putting Up Barricades To Stop Them From Rioting Or Setting Off Bombs, Christians Are Self-Censoring Out Of Fear Of ‘Offending The Sensibilities Of The Muslims’

Muslim Violence in Europe is out of control. The reports keep pouring in of daily rapes, attacks, and violence for no reason other than for Islam and out of hatred for Christ. That hatred is so bad that Christmas celebrations across Europe are having to set up concrete barricades to prevent or discourage Muslims from […]

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‘Unknown Persons’ Go On Massive Anti-Christian Rampage In Germany And Destroy, Deface, Or Behead Over 50 Christian Crosses And Statues Of Jesus

Coesfeld in a city in a heavily Catholic area and also the most populated state of Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia. It is also the most heavily Muslim area of Germany, as 1 in 3 Muslims in the country live there. Therefore, given the increasing anti-Christian violence at the hands of the new Muslim “arrivals” and given […]

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