Archive | December 27, 2016

Brave Team Of Christians Rescues Hundreds Of Persecuted Christians From Islamic Enslavement

  By Rescue Christians  Christians and Jews, when they see the vanished culture of the ancient Egyptian empire and their  pyramids immediately their minds are reminded of the story of the Holy Bible which tells us about the persecution and hard lives of the house of Jacob during their slavery. God brings Moses to set them […]

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Muslims Attack Christians Celebrating Christmas, Beat A Single Mother And Destroy Her Home While Shouting ‘This Village Is Not For Christians But For Allah’

In a horrible attack on Christmas Day, 19 Muslim marauders attacked Christians at church. They beat a single mother and destroyed her home while shouting that their village is ‘not for Christians but for Allah’: Muslims in eastern Uganda beat Christians at a Christmas Day service and wrecked the home of a single mother on […]

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