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BREAKING: Twenty Seven Dead And Rising From Massive Explosion In Mexico

By Walid Shoebat   Este es uno de los videos que circulan en redes sociales sobre la explosión en el mercado de pirotecnia de Tultepec / @Siempre889 — Lalo González (@LaloGonzalezM) December 20, 2016 Death toll from explosion at fireworks market in Mexico rises to at least 27, according to Isidro Sánchez Neri, the […]

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Martin Luther Gave Birth To Nazi Ideology, And Nazism Is Going To Return Again With Luther As Its Prophet. Catholic Christendom Will Rise Again And Destroy Luther’s Evil Religion

  By Theodore Shoebat Martin Luther gave birth to Nazi ideology, and Nazism is going to return again with Luther as its prophet. Catholic Christendom will rise again and destroy the demonic religion of Luther. I did a whole video on this: CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO […]

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Slain Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov Was A Christian Martyr Whose Body Made The Sign Of The Cross And His Hand Made The Sign Of The Trinity

By Walid Shoebat Andrey Karlov was martyred and by God’s grace, he laid extending his arms with the sign of the cross and his right hand had his thumb, index and middle finger were brought to a point symbolizing the Trinity in Orthodox fashion. The Muslim who killed him was cowardly. He shot him in the back, in […]

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‘Who Cares What Brussels Wants- We are Going To Defend Our Borders And That Is Final’- Hungarian PM Orban Stands With Poland, Slovakia, And Czech Republic And Tells EU To Back Off

In a fiery speech recently, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban laid down the law, saying that Hungary and the rest of the “Visegrad 4” (V4)- Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic- will do what is in the best interests of their people regardless of what Eurocrats tell them: The speech is 16 minutes long, and […]

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‘Vandals’ Ransack Church In Greece And Burn Holy Icons While Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ And Writing Arabic Graffiti On The Walls

Notice how the term used is “vandals,” because none dare name the perpetrators, which are Muslims doing what Muslims historically have done, which is desecrate Churches, blaspheme Christianity, and when given the opportunity, kill Christians: Vandals on Saturday set fire on a Greek Orthodox church in the Lagolio village of Crete and wrote “Allah is great”, […]

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The Demon Muslim Zombies Are Loosened On Christmas: A Muslim ISIS Attack In Berlin Kills 9. Another With Machete Attack In Canada And Another Killed Russia’s Ambassador In Turkey All Just Because The King Of Kings Was Born

By Walid Shoebat Why would the birth of the King of Kings spark a host of Muslim demons to unleash their anger today? One with a semi truck used by ISIS to plow into a crowd at a Christmas Market in Berlin today killing at least nine. The driver is … you guessed it, a Pakistani Muslim. "", […]

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