Archive | December 16, 2016

Forty Thousand Christians Say That They Feel Safer Under Bashar Al-Assad And Are Terrified Of The Islamic Rebels Returning To Their Neighborhoods

By Theodore Shoebat Forty thousand Christians living in Aleppo feel safer now that their city is under Bashar al-Assad — thanks to Russia — and fear the return of the Islamic rebels, as we read in one report: The estimated 40,000 Christians in Aleppo are not among the civilians who are dreading the fall of […]

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German Citizens Kill Muslim Immigrants, And The German Government Is Supporting And Protecting Them

By Theodore Shoebat There is a major conspiracy being done by the German government to advance and revive Nazi ideology. National Socialist terrorists have murdered immigrants, and the evil elements within the state have protected them, while facilitating the spread of their ideology. The Guardian recently published an in depth article on this, and you […]

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