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Car Bombs, Kidnappings, and Extortion- ISIS Promises A Summer Of Slaughter For Europeans Amidst The Current Muslim Invasion

Europe and America have already tasted a sampling of Islamic brutality through the unspeakable crimes committed by their fellow adherents, and it gets worse every year. Now with the Muslim invasion of the West in full operation, ISIS is planning car bombs, kidnappings, and extortion in a summer of hell for Europe and, inevitably, the […]

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What The Media Is Not Telling You About Japan: It Is An Evil Nation Where Child Pornography Is Legal, And It Will Start Another Future War Against The United States

  By Theodore Shoebat There are many things that we are not being told about Japan. It is an evil nation with a very dark and sinister history. Child pornography is even legal and protected in Japan. And I believe Japan, just as it did in 16th century and 20th century, will start another major […]

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Terror Experts Warn: Islamic Terrorists Planning Major Attacks In Both Europe And The United States

By Theodore Shoebat Terror experts are warning of Islamic terrorists planning major attacks in both Europe and the United States. According to one report: “The last two years have seen a number of jihadist attacks, several of which have caused mass casualties. The scale of this threat has been widely acknowledged in Europe, triggering an […]

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Muslim Man Realizes That Islam Is False And Evil, And Accepts Jesus Christ. Muslims Then Send Him This Message: “You are an apostate according to Islamic law, and you deserve to die.” They Ambush The Christian Man And Beat Him Almost To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Uganda realized that Islam is false and evil, and accepted Jesus Christ. When the Muslims from the mosque found out, they sent him this message: “You are an apostate according to Islamic law, and you deserve to die.” They ambushed the new convert and beat him almost to […]

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British Government Allows Two Muslims Who Support The Killing Of Christians Into Britain, But Refuses To Allow Two Christian Archbishops From Iraq

By Theodore Shoebat The British government, while allowing two Muslims who support the killing of Christians into Britain, has refused entry for two Christians archbishops from Iraq. According to one report:   The scandal of how UK officials denied entry to Britain to three Archbishops from Iraq and Syria who have been driven from their […]

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UK Promotes OPENLY Admitted Muslim Terrorist On Reality TV Show While At The Same Time Bans Persecuted Iraqi Christian Bishops From Entering The UK

Anthony Small, a.k.a.”Abdul Haqq,” is a UK convert to Islam a close associate of the UK’s most infamous terrorist preacher Anjem Choudary, is a open supporter of ISIS, and has been in and out of court on both fraud and terrorism charges. Now he has just been given his own episode on a pro-Muslim TV […]

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ISIS Takes Four Men, Sticks High Powered Rifle Barrels In Their Mouths And Blows Their Brains Out While Praising Allah

ISIS has just released a new and gruesome execution video. Denouncing four former members as “apostates,” they took high powered rifles and blew their brains and parts of their faces off at close range: In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “These Are My Forefathers,” ISIS tribal leaders in Dier ez-Zor, […]

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