Archive | December 14, 2016

Read About The Absolute Horror That Is Happening Right Now In Syria, Children Are Being Burned Alive, Large Numbers Of Women Are Committing Suicide To Prevent Being Raped

By Theodore Shoebat New reports coming in from the United Nations show what horrors are happening in Syria. Children are being burned alive and women are committing suicide to prevent being raped. You can read about these sinister and very moribund happenings in the following report:   As Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s army regains control […]

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American Evangelical Christian Pastor Goes To Turkey, And Declares To Muslims The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, The Turkish Police Arrest Him And Throw Him Into Prison, And He Is Now Stuck Behind Bars, Persecuted For The Cause Of Christ

By Walid Shoebat Last month warned of the coming Christian persecution in Turkey urging all westerners to leave that country. Today we learned about a case of one U.S pastor’s horrific ordeal in Turkey: Andrew Brunson and his wife, Norine — originally from Black Mountain, N.C. The two have lived in Turkey for 23 years, […]

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Three Muslim Men Try To Rape Danish Woman Out For Walk, Her Dog Joins In The Fight, Bites The Muslims And They Run Away

Three Muslim would-be rapists got a huge surprise when they attacked and tried to rape a woman in Denmark recently. To their surprise, her dog that she was walking joined in the fight, biting the Muslims and chasing them away: Here is a dog who deserves a little extra bone after it saved his female […]

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There Is A Major Conspiracy Being Conducted Right Now By Very Powerful People To Cause War In Europe, Death And Carnage On The Streets

By Theodore Shoebat There is a major conspiracy being conducted right now by very powerful people to cause war in Europe. There are using the Muslims, neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists to cause chaos and instability. The influx of Muslims has given influential leverage to Nazis and eugenicists, and thus power to tyrannical and racialist entities, making […]

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