Archive | December 28, 2016

Islamic Terrorists Enter Into The Home Of A Muslim Woman, Murder Her Father And Then Rape Her For Two Days, She Then Hears About Christ, Raises Her Hands In The Air And Cries Out: “Lord, I Accept You And Surrender Myself Totally To You; Please Pick Me Up From My Sufferings”

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists, belonging to ISIS, entered the home of a Muslim woman, murdered her father, a military officer, and then preceded to rape her for two days. When she heard about Christ, she lifted her hands in the air and cried out: ‘Lord, I accept you and surrender myself totally to you; […]

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Romanian Social Democrats Nominate Muslim Woman For PM, Romanian President Responds ‘No- You Will Pick Somebody Else And That Is Final’

In a surprising turn of events, the President of Romania has rejected a Muslim woman that the Social Democrats chose for Prime Minister. His words- ‘pick somebody else’: If this were in Western Europe or America, the cries for hate speech would be nonstop. But the reality is, all the Romanian President had to say […]

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