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Scientists Say Unprecedented Volcano Is About To Erupt In Italy- Did The Prophecy Of St. Januarius’ Blood That We Wrote About Just Get Proven Right Again?

I recently did a post about the miracle of St. Januarius’ blood in Naples- how it turns to liquid three times a year and is a major miracle that has drawn Catholic pilgrims to witness for centuries. When it does NOT turn to liquid, it has been shown to be a consistent sign that for […]

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ISIS Takes Four Men, Ties Them Up And Burns Them Alive In Front Of Their Parents

ISIS terrorist captured four men and after they “confessed” (most likely under severe torture), the men were sentenced to be burned to death in front of hundreds of people, including their own families: According to eyewitnesses who spoke with the Kurdish news site ARA News, IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL) executed four men […]

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BREAKING: Terrorist In Australia Crashes Van Into Christian Ministry Building And Blows It Up

By Theodore Shoebat A terrorist in Australia crashed a van into the building for the Australian Christian Lobby in Canberra. I did a whole video on this: According to the report: A van has rammed into the Australian Christian Lobby office in Canberra before exploding, according to local media reports. Lyle Shelton, the managing director of […]

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Muslims Take Fireworks And Launch Them At Mentally Disabled Woman In A Wheelchair, Set Her Whole Body On Fire And The Fire Is So Bad It Permanently Destroys Her Hands

The men who did this -two Muslims- were finally sentenced this week, but it is the callousness of the attack that is so shocking. It is bad enough to shoot fireworks into anybody’s house, but to shoot them into an institute for sick people and worse, through a window so that it hits a mentally […]

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Muslim Man Violently Disrupts And Harasses Little Children Having Nativity Play And Starts Screaming About Allah And Islam While Holding A Koran- People This Is A Warning Because Next Time He Will Cut Their Throats

Parents at their children’s kindergarten Nativity play were in for a rude shock when a Somali Muslim man barged in, forced his way on stage and started shouting about Islam and Allah while holding a Koran: Giant shock for kindergarten children and their parents in Oberndorf near Schwanenstadt (Bez. Vöcklabruck): During an Advent performance, a […]

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