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Man In Louisiana Stabs, Tortures And Dismembers His Own Parents, And Then Puts The Body Parts In Acid. While We Are Worrying About Islamic Terrorists, Lets Also Focus On The Evil People In Our Own Society

  By Theodore Shoebat A man in Louisiana stabbed, tortured and dismembered his own parents, he also put the body parts in acid. Its just another sign of the decayed state of America’s society. While we are worrying about Islamic society, lets also focus on the evils of our own society. I did a whole […]

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Muslim Clerics Say That Allah Will Send Muslims To Hell If They Vote For A Christian Governor In Indonesia, Christian Candidate Responds By Quoting The Koran, The Muslims Accuse Him Of “Blasphemy” And Now Over 100 THOUSAND Muslims Are Protesting And Demanding His Imprisonment

Governor Basuki Parnama is one of the only Christian politicians in Muslim majority Indonesia. Right now he is up for re-election, and some Muslim clerics were telling their people Allah will send them to hell if they vote for him. Governor Parnama responded by quoting the Koran. Never missing an opportunity, Muslim demogagues accused him […]

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ISIS Releases Video Threatening To Assassinate President Elect Donald Trump And Declares ‘Trump Is A Donkey And We Will Destroy Him And America On The Battlefield’

Muslims are scared to death of President elect Trump. It was only a matter of time before there were open threats to kill him, especially from ISIS. Remember last week ISIS made a video showing Muslims how to kill infidels with a knife. Several days later there was the Somali knife attack in Ohio. Now […]

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