Archive | December 30, 2016

‘We Promise You Bloodshed And Death You Disbelieving Dogs’ ISIS Releases New Year’s Message, Promises Death And Destruction

Following the Christmas market attacks in Germany, ISIS has just released a new message promising death and bloodshed this New Year’s Eve: ISIS supporters are reportedly calling on radicals to commit lone wolf attacks over the New Year as they vowed to turn celebrations into “mayhem”. A week after a deadly attack on a Christmas […]

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British Man Puts Bacon On Mosque, He Gets 12 Months In Jail And Then He Mysteriously “Dies” While In Prison

Kevin Crehan received  a year in jail for putting bacon on the door handles to a mosque. Halfway through his sentence, he was mysteriously “found dead” in his jail cell and the British Police are not releasing any more details why: A man jailed after leaving bacon sandwiches outside a mosque has been found dead […]

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Famous Musician Shows Off Blood Stained Room With Strange Signs Where She Makes Sacrifices To Demons

In a shocking video posted to her Instagram account, American Rapper Azealia Banks showed off a blood stained closet where she practices brujeria– witchcraft- and talking about how it was literally three years worth of blood on the floor. In her words, “Real witches do real things”: Let this video be a reminder to all […]

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Muslim Terrorists Butcher Eight Hundred And Eight People, Pillage Fifty Three Villages, And Destroy Sixteen Churches

By Theodore Shoebat  The Catholic Church in Nigeria has confirmed that Islamic terrorists in the Southern Kaduna region have butchered eight hundred and eight people, pillaged fifty three villages and destroyed sixteen churches. As we read in one report: The Catholic Archdiocese of Kafanchan alleged yesterday that the latest attacks in southern Kaduna State had […]

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Turkish Muslim Nationalists Put Gun On The Head Of A Man Dressed As Santa Claus To Declare Their War On Christmas

By Theodore Shoebat Turkish Muslim nationalists put a gun on the head of a man dressed as Santa to declare their war on Christmas. According to one report: A group of men from the youth group of the ultranationalist Alperen Hearts protested Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in Turkey by holding a man dressed as […]

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