Archive | December 10, 2016

God Is Separating The Apostates From The Saints As “Christians” Are Giving Away Their Church Buildings To The Muslims (Shoebat Sunday Special)

  Once upon a time, Christians fought to the death against Muslims to keep them from taking their churches. It is a sign of the times that today the Muslims do not even have to fight because Christians are giving their churches away to the Muslim, such as in this case as one of the […]

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Muslims Are Attacking Christian Churches So Viciously They Are Forced To Have Guards Now- Muslims Have Been Caught Urinating And Defecating In The Pews, Doing Obscene Sexual Acts During Services, Stealing, And Dumping Garbage

If a Muslim so much as alleges that somebody may have done something to a mosque and with no proof, Muslims will exploded into rioting and violence, nations may pull their ambassadors, and they will attack non-Muslims near them in “revenge” for Islam. Yet here we have case after case of Muslims committing the foulest […]

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