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“White Lives Matter” Movement Clashes With Group In Austin, TX Over Race. This Is All Part Of A Plan To Cause A Race War

By Theodore Shoebat There is a movement that has risen up and its being called, “white lives matter.” They held a demonstration in Austin, TX, in which a clash sparked. I gave my thoughts on this in my latest video: CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A […]

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226 Christians Are Captured By The Islamic State, Christians Raise $11 Million Dollars And Miraculously Buy Their Freedom From Slavery

For centuries, Christians have raised money to buy fellow Christians out of horrible slavery and what is if not certain death, a life of horrible abuse. Entire religious orders were devoted just to this task, such as the Trinitarians and the Military Order of Mercy. 226 Christians were horribly captured by ISIS in February 2015. […]

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FBI Employee In Michigan Opens Fire On Police

By Theodore Shoebat An FBI employee in Michigan opened fire on police, as we read in one report: Details are limited, but a man is accused of shooting at a Grand Rapids Police officer overnight Monday. GRPD used Twitter to inform the public that a man had threatened people at the Centrepointe Mall location of Planet […]

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Man In North Carolina Opens Fire On Christmas Parade, One Person In Critical Condition

By Theodore Shoebat A man in North Carolina, named Deion Jamille Johns, opened fire on a Christmas parade, shooting two people. One of the victims is in critical condition while the other received non-deadly injuries. According to one report: Police say one person has been arrested in a shooting that happened during a Christmasparade in central […]

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Major Companies, Humanitarian Organizations, And NGOs Are Working With The European Union To Smuggle Millions Of Illegal Muslims Into Europe Using Your Taxpayer Dollars And Funded By Your Charitable Donations

People in the West have known for years that their governments have betrayed their trust. But in a new scandal just uncovered in what is looking like one of the biggest betrayals of trust in Western history. Gefira, a company that specializes in European politicay analysis has outed a huge scandal- there is an active […]

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Italy Copies Germany, Hands Out Pamphlets With Pictures Telling Muslims Not To Rape And Attack People

We reported in early 2016 how Germany gave out pamphlets with pictures showing Musilms “proper” behavior in society. Now according to a recent report Italy is doing the same thing: The Friuli Venezia Giulia presented the handbook for the migrants . Distributed in 20,000 copies and written in five languages (Italian, English, French, Farsi and […]

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Archeologists Discover Ancient Cross Belonging To Crusader Warrior Inside The Tomb Of Jesus Christ

By Theodore Shoebat Archeologists discovered an ancient Cross belonging to a Crusader warrior from the 13th century. As we read in one report: Researchers have announced new revelations in their ongoing restoration of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, believed to be the tomb where Jesus Christ was buried before His resurrection, and […]

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