Archive | December 9, 2016

Major Christian Leader Gives Out This Message To All Christians In The West: ‘Millions Of Christians Have Been Wiped Out By Muslims, Muslim Terrorists Are Working To Destroy Christians From The Face Of The Earth.’

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian leader, the Rev. Patrick Augustine, Rector of Christ Episcopal Church, is warning the Christians of the West of how millions of Christians have been killed by Muslim terrorists, and how these killers want to destroy all Christians. According to one report: A Pakistani Christian Minister Reverend Patrick Augustine from La […]

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The Rise Of Antichrist And How Will Donald Trump Deal With Him According To Biblical Prophecies (Learn A Secret On How To Predict The Future)

By Walid Shoebat So how will the Donald deal with the Kurds (wanting a state), Russia (wanting to expand) and Turkey (wanting to revive an Islamic empire and is already encroaching into Syria and Iraq) and including but not limited to the Russian-Turkish alliance which some fear is the “Magog Alliance”? These are some hefty issues […]

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