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BOMBSHELL: (Major Scandal Uncovered) Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer Running An International Scam Involving Neo-Nazis, Anti-Christian Neo-Pagans, MAFIA, Thuggery And Terrorism

  By Theodore Shoebat And Walid Shoebat Much was written by Geller supporting the neo-Nazi EDL movement, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll as well as Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party (BFP) which Geller out of embarrassment had to publicly disassociate with. But what we have here dwarfs all this. For the sake of space we will provide but few […]

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Christians From Aleppo Rejoice In The Streets This Christmas As Syrian Government Takes Control Back From ISIS

Syria has been through hell for several years. Fortunately this year, after expelling the American-supported ISIS terrorists (a.k.a. “freedom fighters”), the city of Aleppo decided to celebrate Christmas is a grand, public way: Let this be a reminder to us all- there are some Muslims, such as Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad and his many supporters, […]

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Christmas Market Terrorist With A Sordid Past Killed In Italy After Getting Into A Shootout With Police

Anis Amri had been causing trouble since he left Tunisia. He arrived in Sicily in 2011, where among his first acts were to burn down the “center” where he was saying and also rob another man. It was a sign of bad things to come. After being released from prison he illegally travelled to Germany, […]

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SICK: Muslims In Europe Are Increasingly Using Children To Carry Out Bombings And Terrorist Attacks In The West

While this report covers Germany in particular and is horrifying, it is also telling. Expect this to become a common trend throughout other countries in Europe and eventually in America as well as Islam gains and is given more power in society. The 12-year-old boy behind the plot in western Germany unveiled last week intended […]

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Horrific Video Shows ISIS Thugs Taking Two Men, Tying Them Up With Rope Soaked In Gas And Slowly Burning Them Alive

By Theodore Shoebat A horrific video shows ISIS thugs taking two men, tying them up in rope soaked in gas and burning them. Its absolutely evil and diabolical: The two victims were Turkish citizens. Could this video be used as propaganda by Turkey in order to cary out imperialism in the Middle East? I would […]

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Man In Texas Butchers His Own Wife, Takes His Own Child And Slits The Infant’s Throat, When The Cops Catch Him He Has No Emotions

  By Theodore Shoebat A man in Texas butchered both his wife and infant child, slitting their throats. He tried to escape to Las Vegas but was caught alongside the way by police, who reported that he had no emotions. According to the report:   The Fort Worth man whose wife and infant son were […]

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