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VIDEO: Muslim “Youths” Caught On Live Camera Grabbing Young European Girl, Stomping Her Head And Then Trying To Gang Rape Her

This appears to have happened in France. It was a very close call. Were it not for the security guards who chased the Muslims off, this woman would have become another casualty in the what is nothing less than yet another Muslim invasion of Europe. Here is the video: Watch this video closely. Notice how […]

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Muslim Man Demands Christian Maid Clean His House, She Says ‘Not Right Now, I Am Overscheduled,’ He Attacks And Fractures Her Shoulder, Then Beats Her Unconscious And Leaves Her To Die, When The Police Arrest Him He Says ‘I Am Innocent Because I Am Mentally Ill’

Bashiran Masih is a Christian maid who was asked by a regular Muslim client to clean his home. When she told him that she was overbooked, he attacked her and fractured her shoulder, beating her until she was unconscious and then leaving her to die. After the Muslim was arrested, he said that he should […]

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60-Year-Old Muslim Woman Embraces Christ After Her Son Does, Their Muslim Family Finds Out And Take A Machete And Slashes Her Forehead And Breaks Her Hand

Malik Higenyi was a respected Muslim Sheikh in his village, and he and his family gave up everything after they became Christians. Recently his 60-year-old mother, learning about his conversion, also became a Christian too. However, when his relatives found out that she became a Christian, they slashed her forehead and broke her hand: Relatives […]

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The German Government Now Wants To Extend Its Border Patrol Into Other European Countries. This Is All A Sign Of A Coming War With Germany

By Theodore Shoebat The German government now wants to extend its border patrol into other European nations. This is just another side of a coming war with Germany: According to the report: The German government wants to extend border control in the Schengen zone because it has had a tip-off about potential terrorists entering the […]

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