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Muslim Declares War On Christmas Becomes Demonically Possessed Then Dies With Utter Horror On His Face Proving That All Who Hate Christmas Do Not Want To Make America GREAT AGAIN

By Walid Shoebat (A Shoebat Christmas Special) When the world renown anti-Christian, Muslim zealot, Ahmad Deedat, like a rabid dog, condemned Christians for celebrating Christmas on December 25th, he ended up a horrible death (watch the video below this video). Here is the end of Ahmad Deedat, the man who mocked celebrating on December 25th. Years […]

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Muslims Fly Into Demonic Rage After Rumors That Christians Applied To Build A Church, They Attack The Christians With Rifles And Set Their Houses On Fire And Turn Off The Water So Their Homes Burn To The Ground While Praising Allah

Muslims are notorious for using rumors as an excuse to murder Christians. Here Muslims recently went on murderous rampage against Christians in Egypt all based on a rumor that the Christian applied to build a church: Muslim radicals have attacked properties and homes belonging to Coptic Christians in Egypt after rumours circulated about a church […]

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Slovakian Government Declares ‘Islam Has No Place In Slovakia’, Takes A Stand Against Islam And Changes The Laws To Block Islam From Being Officially Recognized As A Religion

Muslims have bragged for years that they would use the religious freedom laws of Europe and America to subvert and conquer them from within. While Western Europe has been caving to Islam, Eastern Europe and Slovakia have been on the forefront along with Hungary, Poland, and Russia in standing against the Islamic invasion of Europe. […]

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Muslim Sheikh And His Family Abandon Islam For Christ, Muslims Find Out And Severely Beat Him With Clubs, Destroy His House And Say ‘We Curse You And Your Family, You Are An Apostate And Deserve To Die’

He once was the Muslim leader of his village, but after meeting in secret with a Christian pastor he and his wife and children renounced Islam and became Christians. When his former mosque discovered his conversion, they exploded with rage. First they threatened him by text message, then they finally beat him and destroyed his […]

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