Watch Out For Your Children Because The LGBT Is Pushing To Legalize Pedophilia

Last year, a very disturbing article appeared on by a pedophile named Todd Nickerson in which he defended one of the most absolutely indefensible of crimes- pedophilia:

Those individuals who have the courage to come forward and lay claim to this affliction with the understanding that they only want to use their pedo powers for good should be commended, not hated and feared.  You can’t imagine how difficult it is to tell people you’re a pedophile, even a non-offending one, and even if those people are other pedos.  Truly, the very concept of a pedophile who neither molests nor wants to molest children is often anathema to people’s way of thinking.  The long-held belief that pedophiles are destined to abuse kids is a tough one to overcome, yet many of us get just as upset as—if not more upset than—non-pedophiles when we read accounts of sexual abuse, not only because we hate when one of the little people we love most suffers, but also because, whenever yet another pedophile is arrested, it reinforces the reigning paradigm of the pedo as ticking time bomb.
For better or worse—mostly worse—we have this sexuality, and unlike with most sexualities, there is no ethical way we can fully actualize our sexual longings.  Our desires and feelings, if we are to remain upright, are doomed from the outset.  Indeed, whereas the majority of crimes can be bounced back from, society doesn’t extend a mulligan to molesters.  I understand why, but that doesn’t make the burden any lighter to bear, particularly for those of us who have minimal or no attraction to adults.  And for the pedos who are lucky enough to be able to form working relationships with adults, there are a new set of concerns: What if we have children?  Will I be a threat to them?  Can I ever share this fact with my spouse?  Can I ever love and want her as much as I do a child?
So, please, be understanding and supportive.  It’s really all we ask of you.  Treat us like people with a massive handicap we must overcome, not as a monster.  If we are going to make it in the world without offending, we need your help.  Listening to me was a start. (archived here)

Salon deleted the article from its website after significant public outcry. While on one hand this can be good and understandable, it is also unfortunate because the article is a public reminder and historical marker for our times of the darker side of the LGBT’s agenda that is selectively discussed. Among many goals which the LGBT movement is being used for- which include but are not limited to the abolition of the family, the ushering in of a new totalitarianism in the form of National Socialism, and the public removal of any ideas of Christianity or even God and replacing them with men of power- the LGBT is also being used to push for eugenics in the form of destroying the ability of children to become functioning adults at their earliest stages by normalizing child rape.

Pedophilia is evil for obvious reasons that go without saying (keep in mind here that I am speaking of true pedophilia as opposed to ephebophilia, which is the sexual attraction to teenagers- I do not say this to justify either actions, but the latter involves teenagers who are post-pubescent while pedophilia involves pre-pubescent children and is the reason why historically it is so roundly and aggressively condemned). By exposing children to sexual activity at an age before which they are aware of what sex it and what its good and created purpose is for, children become very confused about who they are as people and it interrupts their ability to form a sense of self and who they are in relationship to others. Because they are before the age of sexual maturity they are literally being used as objects for the masturbatory pleasure of another and thus the children feel they are dirty, ashamed, and a host of other powerful feeling which they do not forget and persist with them throughout their entire lives. Confused and hurt, these children often times will later in life find themselves with serious addictions, spiritual problems, mental disorders, and other issues at a perpetually disproportionate rate to the rest of the population. Most unfortunately, many times these children will turn into abusers of other children themselves and thus will perpetuate the same terrible events that were thrust upon them at a young age.

There has always been pedophilia throughout history and will be with the human race until Christ returns and cleanses the pestilence of sin from His people. But that said, one will note that throughout history that while any child can be molested, within children who are abused the rates of abuse are again consistently at disproportionately high rates with homosexuals and homosexual activity. Much of what is called “pedophilia” is more accurately described as homosexual men raping pre-pubescent boys.

It should also not be any surprise that homosexuals would be involved in committing such crimes. As we have repeatedly discussed, homosexuality is condemned by both the Old and New Testaments as a sin that is worthy of death because it is an advanced sign of a debased mind and disorder of the soul. It is why throughout much of Christian history those who have been caught engaging in homosexual acts or behaviors have been severely punished up to and including death. Homosexuality can be looked at as a kind of advanced spiritual rot therefore in whatever society or people it enters into. As the rot is removed by coming closer to Christ, homosexuality will both disappear and a natural aversion to and hatred of homosexuality will naturally form. Conversely, the more a society removes itself from the Church and eventually God, the more homosexuality will appear as it is a perversion of that which is from God.

To this it is also of equal importance to add that homosexuality and homosexual behavior have been not merely found in, but formally supported by many heretical “Christian” sects condemned by the Catholic Church such as the Albigensians and the Cathars, noting indeed that the further a “Christian sect” distances itself from the Catholic Church the more inclined that same sect is going to formally receive and permit homosexuality as acceptable behavior. This does not even mention the pagans and paganism, which is rife with homosexuality despite the culture, time, or place. Among the Muslims in the Islamic world, homosexuality is a huge problem, for in spite of the constantly propagated message that ISLAM HATES GAYS, Islamic theology permits and propagates homosexuality and homosexual behavior on the condition that it is done in accordance with the Sharia, thus making the Islamic “prohibition” on homosexual activity one of a violation of Islamic law instead of a condemnation of the actual behavior itself. When one accounts for the fact that Islam is merely a heresy of Christianity as has been pointed out by many saints, such as St. John of Damascus and Bl. Peter the Venerable, it is only natural to see that homosexuality and pedophilia would accompany Islam wherever it goes just as one will find tomato sauce next to the noodles and spaghetti in a grocery store.

Bacha Bazi boys of Afghanistan. Many young boys in Afghanistan are raped as children and then forced to serve as sex slaves to older men. These children grow into adults with severe problems, and many of them suffer death at a young age because of the abuse.

This makes for an important but unspoken line of reasoning- that since homosexuality and pedophilia follow each other, and that as heresy and apostasy increases so does homosexuality and all its evils, then to support heresy is to support homosexuality, and to support homosexuality is to support pedophilia.

It is common for people to laugh at the Christians of the Medieval period and say how “backwards” they and the Catholic Church were. Certainly there were many problems then as there are problems today, for we live in a post-original sin world and every age will have its struggles, and the same evils that existed a thousand years ago can still be found today. However, the difference is that today the same evils have better means to propagate themselves more frequently over larger numbers of people in a shorter time in combination with the fact that the decline of the Church as a barrier against these evils has allowed them to pour out their filth over the whole world like a tidal wave crashing against a shoreline. Indeed as heresy without and within have been allowed to blossom unchecked and metastize into anticlericalism, atheism, and now a revived and aggressive paganism so has the sin of homosexuality and all its poisonous fruits returned in equal proportion.

The natural progression of the LGBT movement, having now legalized in society and the people personally accepted homosexuality and after the idea that a man can change his biologically innate gender as something that is normal and needs to be protected, is to promote for pedophilia. This already has begun with the mainstreaming of homosexual relationships at shows aimed at a teen, pre-teen, and child audiences, but is quickly taking shape in the hyperfeminization of young boys and the hypermasculinization of young girls that is being permitted and promoted by their parents themselves. If Arianna Grande and her perverted songs are terrible as they are right now, then one only needs to look just a little deeper to see what is being promoted as normal:

While most 10-year-old boys are still digging in the dirt and throwing a baseball, Jack has been perfecting his mad makeup skills. Despite his young age, he can do it all. That includes everything from a flawless smokey eye to perfect eyelashes.

His first video went viral, with more than 57 million views and loads of supportive comments. The caption – “you walk in on your son doing this, wyd?” Of course, there were a fair amount of nasty comments, but Jack isn’t letting that get him down. He’s still doing what he loves!

Are you ready to be amazed at Jack’s makeup skills? One look at these and you’ll be hooked. If you want more, join Jack’s 80,000 followers on Instagram at @makeuupbyjack.

Jack, an instant internet sensation, is 10 years old and lives in the U.K. (source)

No, this is not a joke. It is from the article above.

This was a screenshot from a Facebook post that has gone around the Internet.

Anybody who promotes this is, as St. Paul wrote in Romans, worthy of death.

This is all sick and evil. It is some of the vilest forms of child abuse imaginable. It is not there is silence in speaking about this evil, but rather there is a lot of clamor of the multitudes of people who are openly defending this, making threats and attacking those who would stand against it. This isn’t a problem with “the government,” “the media,” or any other faceless entity which people can project their problems on to, but it directly with the people of society themselves who have elected this unnatural behavior and its fruits of their own free choice and unrepentantly cling to them, refusing even to consider for the most part that it might be wrong.

There was a recent report that came out saying how Europe is seeing an Islamic terrorist attack every nine days. This is unfortunate on a human level, but how can one feel sorry for anybody who is promoting the above behaviors, especially when it is not just a person or group or government, but entire masses of people? God has warned clearly about the consequences of sin, and when a man revels in sin knowing the consequences and just does not care but after something happens then is upset about the consequences he has to bear and still does not want to apologize has brought his own problems on himself.

In my previous articles, I have noted that one needs to monitor the development of sex robots because they represent the third and most likely, final wave of the sexual revolution, as they will fully divorce the need for any human being from the sexual act and transform it into a completely selfish endeavor. Likewise, the trend towards the extreme feminization of boys must be monitored carefully as it is a symptom of the next step in the LGBT revolution, which is legalizing at a governmental level and socially ingraining among the people of society the homosexual rape of little children.