Merkel Attacks US Over Anti-Russia Sanctions To Justify Building Her Economic Base To Fuel The Coming German War Machine

Recently, Germany expressed outrage at the USA for American sanctions against Russia, saying it could threaten German economic interests:

One day after the Senate almost unanimously passed a bill to impose new sanctions on Russia, an unexpected outcry against the US decision emerged from two of America’s closest allies, Germany and Austria, who yesterday slammed the new sanctions and accused the U.S. of having ulterior motives in seeking to enforce the energy blockade, which they said is trying to help American natural gas suppliers at the expense of their Russian rivals. And they warned the threat of fining European companies participating in the Nord Stream 2 project “introduces a completely new, very negative dimension into European-American relations.”
Today’s the unexpected fallout from the latest round of US sanctions has escalated, and according to Reuters, Germany has threatened to retaliate against the United States if the new US sanctions on Russia end up penalizing German firms, which they almost will as it foresees punitive measures against entities that provide material support to Russia in building energy export pipelines. Such as Germany, Austria and host of other European nations. Berlin is concerned that if passed in the House, the sanctions will pave way for fines against German and European firms involved in Nord Stream 2, a project to build a pipeline carrying Russian gas across the Baltic.

The unexpectedly sharp response from Germany comes at a time of deep strain in the transatlantic relationship due to shifts in U.S. policy and a more confrontational rhetoric towards Europe under Trump, who has not only demanded more funding for NATO, slammed Germany over its trade balance and cheap currency but also most recently exited Europe’s precious Paris climate treaty, Ironically, the part of the bill that threatens to impaire the already precarious relations with Europe was introduced by some of the president’s top critics, including Republican hawk John McCain.
As Reuters notes, “they are intent on limiting Trump’s ability to forge warmer ties with Russia, a key foreign policy pledge during his campaign for the presidency, but one he has been unable to deliver on amid investigations into alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. election.” Judging by Germany’s response this attempt to further alienate Russia may backfire dramatically, not only alieanting Berlin but bringing Europe and Russia closer, now that the Qatar gas pipeline – courtesy of Saudi Arabia – is a non-starter.

Finally, some European diplomats said they fear the threat of new measures out of Washington may harden Germany’s defense of Nord Stream and complicate already difficult talks among EU nations over whether to seek joint talks with Russia over the pipeline. “This is not helpful now. It tends to stir up desires to protect our territorial space,” one EU diplomat said, clearly another European who does not understand that when it comes to promoting US policy, whatever it may be, foreign sovereignty – even that of friendly nations  – is never a concern. (source)

I have to give Merkel and her colleagues in Germany credit for their response. It is a finer example of muruna than is found among many Muslims.

The reality is that Merkel is likely not upset about what happened. In fact, she is probably celebrating the decision between her colleagues with a stein full of beer and a plate of schnitzel.

Let’s review a bit of global economic data about crude oil.

With the notable exception of Norway (and to a far lesser extent the UK), European nations that do not include Russia do not produce oil or natural gas in any significant quantity. If anything, they are consumers who are dependent on purchasing their fuel from outside sources to keep their economies functioning in the same way that many nations in the Arab world are absolutely dependent on purchasing their food from foreign and primarily Western nations to keep their nations from descending into starvation and subsequently, revolution. Here is a picture of all the gas lines which go to Europe and where they come from:

Gas comes to Europe (excluding Norway and the UK) from 1 of 3 places- Russia, Turkey, or Algeria and other parts of North Africa in that order. A look at the map above confirms this.

Russia is very important in the debate about energy and economy because she theoretically has more oil and gas resources than the entire Middle East combined. Much of these resources are untapped and many have yet to be discovered, but operating at the current and anemic capacity due to various reasons, Russia is still the world’s largest producer of natural gas and the second largest producer of crude oil (10% of the world’s total supply) after Saudi Arabia (at 20% of total supply).

Oil extraction in Russia. While Russia is mired by corruption from the highest to the lowest levels of government along with a host of other problems that have slowed her development of her oil reserves, due to her size and abundance in her territory, Russia has tremendous oil reserves both currently in use and even more waiting to be tapped.

It gets even more interesting to know that while Saudi Arabia still has tremendous oil reserves, it has been documented that the quality of oil being pulled up today is of a lower grade and has to be refined more than in the past in order to generate the same returns, while Russia not only has far more oil in terms of untapped and available reserves, but that it is of a higher quality and can be refined with less effort. When perceived from this angle, Russia is actually in a significantly more favorable long-term situation as regards to her energy supplies than Saudi Arabia. Saudi may have a greater market share, but Russia has overall greater stores.

In a normal world, it makes sense that the nations of Europe would be Russia’s largest customer for gas. However, the world is not nor has it ever been “normal” in the sense of doing what is most ordered for the greatest good. People are people, and due to the corruption of original sin they may and do at times seek to over take others in the pursuit of power that has plagued the human race since Eden.

Germany is at the current time preparing to bring back her old empire. Far from leaving her old ways, Germany has never changed her intentions one bit and is under attack from nobody more so than herself and for the same reasons- to stir up the German people to accept the quest for empire and power at all costs. This is the reason why there is a “refugee crisis” taking place in Germany right now, because there is no actual crisis.

Make no mistake, this is not a denial or dismissal of the Muslim violence in any way. Nothing could be further from the truth and it must be continually exposed and discussed because the fact that it is ignored and dismissed is a crime unto itself. What I am saying is that the officials in the German government, including Merkel, are not mere fools acting on simple whims, especially as far as the higher echelons of leadership are concerned. The Muslims are being given license to act in accordance with what Islam naturally encourages them to do and likewise are actively persecuting well-intentioned German citizens who disagree or speak out against what is happening intentionally so that it will rile the public to such a point they will demand for a solution to the problem. At that time, the same government and leaders who created this very problem will step in through different persons and “present” their “solution” to the people, which is to embrace National Socialism and all its heathen evils in the name of “saving the West” and “defending our people” and “our race,” and as Hitler demonstrated, Germany will carry out these goals by going to war and exterminating all who are labeled as traitors to the cause.

So many “refugees” from foreign backgrounds want to go to Germany, and Germany is encouraging them to come and intentionally destabilize her nation. They are being played for fools just as much as her own people are in a giant game of geopolitical chess.

If I was a “refugee” in Germany, I would go back to wherever I came from because once Germany finally goes into imperial mode, all of these people are going to be uniformly and indiscriminately blamed for Germany’s problems, whether real or perceived. They will be massacred without mercy and with the same blind eye turned to the Germans as the government has turned to them now by allowing them to commit crimes and face no legal reprisal.

Germany is well on its way to achieving this goal. Hatred- not mere dislike, but outright hatred- of non-Germans of any background is growing at an astonishing rate. Anybody who looks like he is “not German”- which is pretty much any non-European people, especially those from places such as Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa- is now being openly dispised by not just the National Socialists, but the common people and is aggravated each time a “refugee” commits a crime, and they do numerous one each day.

But while the “refugees” are the big focus of Germany, what is not being discussed at all are Germany’s economic excursions for oil and gas. Germany knows that in any war with Russia, just as with World War I and World War II, the minute the conflict begins Russia will immediately turn off all gas lines going to Germany. If she does not have a backup plan to get the raw materials she needs to run her economy, her plans will collapse almost instantly.

They say that the more things change, the more they stay the same. As such, one can expect Germany to repeat patterns she did leading up to and during the Second World War and for the same reasons now as then- because they are the most economically beneficial courses of action. This has already begun as Germany has been investing billions of dollars into Norway’s oil resources. If any conflict breaks out, Norway is going to be invaded by Germany simply for control over the oil fields. But that will not be enough oil (as well as other raw materials) to run an imperial war machine. To obtain said supplies, Germany is going to have to turn to sources outside of Europe. Certainly her long time ally in Turkey will aid her, but her main source of economic materiel will come from where she pulled it from in the Second World War- the nations of Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We at have already anticipated and been monitoring this trend because we expected it to happen, as we covered earlier this month how Russia is now attempting to undercut Germany’s influence in the east African nation of Eritrea, which is said to have some of the largest untapped oil and gas reserves in Africa and was invaded by the National Socialists in World War II for economic reasons. Our predictions have been proved correct, as the same Merkel who is currently giving away all of Germany’s national treasury to the over one million people who have “migrated” to Germany since 2015 is now saying that she is going to give millions of Euros to a host of African nations as “economic aid”:

Reducing poverty and conflict in Africa were the main topics raised by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday as she met with African leaders ahead of next month’s Group of 20 (G20) summit.

The leaders of the African Union from Guinea, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Mali, Ghana, Tunisia, Rwanda and other nations met in Berlin to discuss a so-called “compact with Africa.” The initiative seeks to team up African nations which have committed to economic reforms with private investors who would then bring jobs and businesses.

“Positive development in the world will not work unless all continents participate,” Merkel said in Berlin. “We need an initiative that does not talk about Africa, but with Africa.”

Germany’s Finance Ministry announced on Monday that it agreed partnerships with Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Ghana as part of a planned investment of up to 300 million euros ($335 million) to help African nations.

Underscoring the pressure African countries face, Merkel contrasted Germany’s average age of 43 with the average age in Niger and Mali of 15.

“If we don’t give young people any prospects, if we don’t invest in education and qualifications, if we don’t strengthen the role of girls and young women, the development agenda won’t succeed,” she said.

Berlin is seeking to alleviate poverty particularly in African countries whose citizens have been among the hundreds of thousands of people who have arrived in Germany as asylum-seekers over the past two years. Last year, Germany took in around 890,000 migrants, thousands of whom came from African countries including Eritrea, Ghana and Ethiopia. (source)

On one hand, Merkel invites and pays for people from these nations to come to her country and gives them everything for free, does not ask them to work, and then whitewashes their crimes when they commit them. Now at the same time, she says that the way to stop spending money on these people is to spend more money on them in their native nations.

That logic makes absolutely no sense, and it does not from a strictly rational point of view. However, it makes perfect sense if one considers the geopolitical, economic, and logistical considerations necessary to establish and manage a warring empire preparing to attack the largest nation on earth both in terms of physical size and crude oil reserves. In exchange for “aid” to these African nations, German companies will get unlimited access to pillage Africa’s material wealth for their imperial needs. Not only that, but if history is any lesson, the German outposts in Africa will be used as testing grounds for eugenics techniques that will then be exported to Europe and used against the European people:

But a sinister new idea was forming in the evil minds of the governors of German South-West Africa. An ‘anthropologist’ was commissioned to investigate the prisoners, who reported that it was of ‘vital importance’ for the success of the German colonial project that those races deemed ‘unfit for labour’ should be allowed to disappear. ‘The struggle for our own existence’ depends on it, he warned.

And so the first Holocaust was born. Shark Island  –  a bleak rocky islet in the harbour outside Luderitz  –  would become the world’s first death camp and the most feared place on earth for all the black peoples of South-West Africa. (source)

But back to the words of Chancellor Merkel, don’t be led astray or surprised by her statements about criticism of the USA’s sanctions against Russia. She invites these sanctions because after feigning outrage at the USA, Germany is then going to turn around and use this as a justification for economic expansion into her former Nazi colonies in Africa, which are many of the same nations that she is giving “aid” to now.

Remember, with National Socialists, one will have trouble debating the facts because they embrace facts and generally speaking will tell the truth about a matter. The lie is in the conclusions given. In this case, it isn’t about concern over Russia turning off the gas to Germany or about Germany’s need to find other energy options- both are correct statements in themselves. What matters is the conclusion they are being used for, which is the rise of National Socialism by Germany following in the same pattern she did a century earlier, and in this case as to how she built up her economic base in the years leading up to World War II that is being repeated today.