Muslim Activist Tells Australians Who Have Been Troubled By Muslim Gangs ‘You Have No Reason To Be Outraged Because You Are All The Descendants Of Convicts LOL’

A well-known Muslim activist in Australia recently caused a stir by saying that Australians who have been troubled by Muslim gangs in the area have nothing to complain about because they are ‘the descendants of convicts’:

Muslim activist and former ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied has sparked controversy by mocking Australians concerned about Melbourne’s rising gang violence and the nation’s convict past on Twitter.

A string of violent incidents in Victoria’s capital throughout December and January have been linked to African migrant gangs amid growing debate around the leniency of the state’s bail system.

Ms Abdel-Magied, who was born in Sudan, started a social media storm by tweeting “All these aussies outraged about ‘gangs’, acting like they’re not descendant of actual convicts lol.”

She later tweeted that she was joking, saying “I mean JOKES OBVIOUSLY MUSLIMS DON’T HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR OMG SHARIA.” and also said “Every so often I feel like I need to wear a T-shirt that says ‘Muslims have a sense of humour.’”

The former engineer came to national attention last year when she told Jacqui Lambie “Islam is the most feminist religion” on ABC’s program Q&A and when she posted on her Facebook page “Lest We Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine …).” on Anzac Day. She later deleted the post and apologised. Ms Abdel-Magied relocated to England last year after receiving a barrage of hatred for her polarising opinions. (source)

It seems pretty obvious that she meant what she said and actually was not joking, and that she could probably care less about the concerns that the people are raising about the gangs. Likewise, while there are people whose concern about the gangs is based on stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment, many of them DO have legitimate complaints because, as it has been shown for the past several years in Europe before the entire world, the increase in Islamization in an area many times results in an increase in crime, violence, and general social dysfunction. Many people who were one very favorably disposed towards Muslims and even Islam have turned against it because of this, and that anger is now turning into hatred because, as one can see, the genuine and good intentions of many have not even been reciprocated, but instead of blame and calls for more social accommodations.

The presence and growth of Islam is a society always is a danger. However, of equal concern to the growth of Islam is also the response to that same threat because if not handled appropriately, the answer offered could have disastrous consequences and possibly even worse than that of the presence of Islam.

When Islam rises in a society, it rises on account of the society almost always being formerly Christian where the faith is practiced no more. With very few exceptions, this is the story of the spread of Islam, as the religion conquests are always preceded by a spiritual and moral vacuum which it then attempts to occupy. This is a great part of the struggle which Christendom faced for many centuries and culminated with the death of the Granadan Caliphate in Spain in 1492 and the end of the Ottoman Imperial expansion into Eastern Europe at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. However, at that point, the concept of Christendom had already perished but it was the remnants of the idea that were still prevalent in a great enough quantity in the culture that rallied many to fight the Muslims. By the end of the 18th century, even these remnants had perished owing to the “enlightenment” and the ensuing secularism that engulfed Western Europe.

As we and many have pointed out, the Islamic incursions into Europe and other nations have a somewhat cyclical nature, as it is every several hundred years that major attempts are made. Historically speaking, and even ignoring the fact that we have pointed out that Muslims are being actively trafficked into Europe by the European governments themselves and this is a confirmed fact, Europe is due for another attempt at conquest by Islamic armies. However, the Europe of 500 years ago, as the Protestant Revolution was in its infancy and society was still under the guidance of the Church in spite of much struggle from the national kingdoms that had developed.

While there were for centuries issues with ethnic nationalism that posed grave threats to Christendom, the Protestant Revolution solidified and gave a veneer of theological legitimacy to the rebellion. However, what Protestantism did was to so simply submit the authority of the Church to the authority of the state, reducing the position of the Church to being an echo chamber for the government and elevating the government to the role of defining morality. The results of this were disastrous, as the ensuing conflicts between governments became tribalistic wars of religion where the victor could claim the authority of God. The difference between this and the tribalism of various peoples throughout the world was that unlike men wrapped in robes and carrying spears and arrows, this involved detailed plans with men carrying advanced weaponry, detailed propaganda, and systematic plans for conquest. The essence of the error was the same, but owing to social, technological, and cultural differences the consequences were greatly magnified.

Today and in spite of the still-repeated Protestant propaganda about how “the Pope,” “the Vatican,” “the Jesuits,” or some other organ of the Catholic Church is controlling/controls/is trying to control the world, the fact is that Europe is no longer Christian if one exclude non-European immigrants and their children. While there are some Catholics left who practice, the numbers are small. The Protestants have almost completely disappeared, with those who are left being elderly and the rest merely carrying the name of Christian but having no idea what Christianity is, let alone even stepping foot inside a church building. For many of those who are even still Christians in Europe, being a Christian is too often synonymous with ethnic nationalism- a British Christian, a French Catholic, etc.- where while it is good that one embraces and is proud of his particular people, the universality of the Church has been supplanted by ethnonationalism. As a result, many people believe in name but not in practice because for them, to be a good Christian is no different than embracing the secular morality of what it means to be a “good citizen.”

The tribalistic wars that ensued after the Protestant revolution culminated in World Wars I and II, for as Pieter Wiener notes in his book Hitler: Luther’s Spiritual Ancestor, the Third Reich was the culmination of centuries of bad ideas and philosophies which first were accepted in mass with Luther:

To my mind this is the infinite tragedy of Luther and Germany, that he himself believed in his manias, in his mission from God, in his replacing Christ—and that his countrymen believed it, too. Who will ever decide whether a country produces her outstanding men, or whether these outstanding men have a revolutionary influence on their country? In Luther’s case probably both are true. Nowhere else but in Germany, which was not yet as civilised as the Latin countries, could a man like Luther have been born and bred. And nowhere else could a man like Luther—hysterical, irrational, irreligious—have been followed by the whole nation for centuries. A nation which found it easy to accept a character like Luther as Christ, could not find it difficult to accept a man like Hitler as Messiah. (source)

It has been almost 100 years since Hitler came to power, but the fact is that Hitler’s ideas never dies. The philosophy of National Socialism differs from that of International Socialism simply in the forms of pressure which they use to assume power. The International Socialists use money, economics, and class warfare to generate social pressure for a revolution. The National Socialists use race, ethnicity, and culture to generate social pressure for a revolution. Neither side cares about the good of the people at all, as their rhetoric is simply used to dislodge the current group in power in order that they might fill the vacuum that will be opened.

Hitler died, but he also did not die because his ideas lived on and the social instabilities that existed which allowed for the rise of Hitler to power also have not been mended, but temporarily restrained and cannot be held indefinately. The Church, which once served as the moral force in society that unified and buffered the government and the governed has been gone for centuries, and with each passing conflict the results become more horrific as the raw tribalism of antiquity becomes the modus operandi of the government and peoples, except with modern weapons.

Returning to the issue with the Muslims, it is true that the Muslims are a threat and that their threat. Likeiwse, that threat has been intentionally aggravated by the governments to start another war as they are currently stirring the people’s passions with ethnonationalism just as Hitler did. While people have a reason to be angry with what his happening, the levels of anger being reached are approaching that of genocide, and indeed there have been many people who are calling for this of the Muslims. Whereas in the past the Church would have been able to act as a buffer against such speech, and even during the Second World War at least to stand up on some at least political level against this and save many people, the Church is finding herself increasingly persecuted in ways that have not been seen since ancient times. Indeed, many Christians are even finding themselves openly siding with ethnonationalism and Nazism as a “response” to the Muslims, and the Nazis, having taken note of this, have openly admitted that they are going to being infiltrating churches to spread their views under the guise of it being a populist movement:

We are going to do what we can now that we have enough people who politically are motivated. We want to do the building of a new church but deeper than that we also want to act as an advocacy organization in general. We want to do the sort of positive Christianity. We don’t want to do this solely for our community. We want the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, we want southern baptists, we want every single possible group, right, to be energized and to hold our ideas and to hold them and shape them within the context of our own church.

And I’m not, I don’t want to give up thousands of years of Christian culture. But we can’t have verses from the Christian gospels taken out of context to justify sickness and perversion and the destruction of European Christendom. So I’d like to sort of bring the philosophy of Volk Christianity and even of paganism which has always been the root of much of Christian culture. (source)

Faith Goldy repeating the 14 words, which are the 14 words of David Duke that are often presented as 1488 or 14/88, with 88 meaning- HH- Heil Hitler. They are a commonly known saying in ethnonationalist circles and have been for a long time. To “say the 14 words” is to give alleigance to National Socialism.

What the Muslims are doing in Australia here is wrong, and so was this woman’s response. However, what is even more dangerous is that this is being done to a people who are formerly Christian, who do not for the most part believe in God outside of an ethnonationalist context, and for the last 500 years have been fighting aggressive, ethnonationalist wars with each other, only to then conquer the globe before returning to Europe to continue fighting in the two most destructive wars in human history and of which both lead to the creation of the machine gun and the atom bomb.

A Third World War is coming, as it is in the making right now. This Muslim woman is a fool like many because while her actions are wrong, their actions are deliberately provoking a people with a long history of extreme warfare against each other and others on the basis of amoral causes to war at the same time the societies of these people are already trying to deliberately instigate the conditions for another major war.

The greatest enemy that anybody has is seldom outside of himself, but is often within, for it is the inner struggles of a man that manifest his outward actions. Similarly, Islam is a danger, but the greatest threat remains within the people themselves, for if they continue to seek answers from nationalist provocateurs first, they will inevitably follow their ancestors from World War I and World War II into the destruction of a Third World War that will be incomparably more terrible than the previous two combined.