Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Says That Muslims Are ‘Just Invaders’

In a recent speech, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said that Muslims are ‘just invaders’:

Refugees in Europe are just “Muslim invaders” and economic migrants seeking better lives, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has said, adding that the large number of Muslims in the EU had led to the appearance of ‘parallel societies.’

Asked in an interview with the German Bild newspaper why Budapest does not want to accept any refugees, Orban replied: “We don’t consider these people to be Muslim refugees.” Instead, the tough-talking politician said they were regarded as “Muslim invaders.”

Asylum seekers must cross four countries to reach Hungary from Syria, all of which are not as rich as Germany but are economically stable, the PM said. He was apparently referring to Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia – a common route for migrants heading for ‘wealthy’ Europe.

“So, they are not running for their lives [in these countries]. They are merely economic migrants seeking a better life,” Orban concluded. He stressed though, that he can only speak for the Hungarians and they “don’t want” immigration. In his view, the government simply can’t go against the will of the people.

Going further, the prime minister noted that no refugee wants to go to Portugal, for example, adding that the majority of asylum seekers simply wanted to live in prosperous Germany.

“The reason why people are in your country is not because they are refugees, but because they want a German life,” he said, describing the issue “politically” as a European problem but, “sociologically,” as a German problem.

Orban specifically targeted Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ‘open-door’ policy towards asylum seekers. “I’ve never understood how chaos, anarchy and illegal border crossings are viewed as something good in a country like Germany, which we view as the best example of discipline and the rule of law,” he said.

The recent wave of refugees reaching Europe is merely an invasion, according to Orban. “If someone wants to come to your house, he knocks on your door and asks: ‘Can we come in, can we stay?’ They [asylum seekers] didn’t do that, they crossed the border illegally,” he stated.

In the interview, he said that multiculturalism was only “an illusion,” as Christian and Muslim societies “will never unite.” According to the Hungarian leader, the presence of a large number of Muslims results in the appearance of “parallel societies.” No such situation exists in Budapest due to a low number of migrants, he said.

Orban, a harsh critic of migration and mandatory migrant quotas, has repeatedly cast doubt on the validity of migrants’ humanitarian plight. He once called asylum seekers “a Trojan horse for terrorism.”

In September, Hungary claimed that fences on its borders with Croatia and Serbia had helped to cut the inflow of migrants by over 99 percent since 2015. The country’s border fence has been repeatedly criticized by other European states, as well as by EU politicians, but Budapest has resisted pressure to remove it.

Last month, Budapest, along with Poland and the Czech Republic, defended its “right” to reject EU-imposed refugee quotas amid pressure from the European Commission. Despite repeated EC warnings, the three countries continue to pursue a course of non-compliance, arguing that migrants pose a direct threat to the public’s security. (source)

It sounds great, doesn’t it? But that should be the first warning, because whenever something sounds REALLY good, the perception might be better than the reality.

A few points to consider about Mr. Orban and Hungary:

1) Hungary has historically been an ally of both Germany and Turkey, even if it meant turning against fellow Christians.

While there have been many acts of bravery from Hungary and Hungarians against Islam, the fact is that the political class in Hungary has consistently sided with the Muslims. Never forget that it was a Hungarian Engineer of German descent, Orban, who sold the Ottomans the cannons to destroy the walls of Constantinople when the Emperor of Constantinople could not pay for them that brought about the fall of Constantinople in 1453. After, Hungary continued to be an ally of the Ottomans throughout much of the 16th century until the nation was reconquered by the Hapsburgs.

2) Hungary was a bastion of anti-Catholic Protestantism, and Hungarian Calvinists routinely worked with the Ottomans against fellow Christians.

Look up the term “Turco-Calvinism” online if you have any doubts, and if you are interested in reading about people involved, you can read about Imre Thokoloy, Istvan Bocskay, or Prince George Rakoczy II,. This phenomenon, which was found in Germany as well as the Germanic-influenced Protestant nations and peoples, worked closely with the Ottomans and nearly caused the Muslim conquest of Europe, for while the Catholics of Hungary have been allied traditionally to the Church, the Protestants have consistently allied to the Ottomans. Orban is a Protestant.

3) Viktor Orban’s Oxford education was paid for by George Soros

For all of the talk about Orban “standing up to George Soros,” the fact is that Orban was educated at Oxford while being funded by George Soros’ Soros Foundation. George Soros has admitted his role as one of the financiers and voices providing the intellectual and material- i.e. financial- support to cause this “refugee” crisis. He was also behind the bogus “color revolution” in Ukraine.

While in college, he studied Philosophy under Zbigniew Pelczynski, who was funded by George Soro’s Open Society Foundation that played a major role in the revolutions I made in my previous point.

4) Hungary’s talk about helping Christian refugees is absolutely meaningless

Last year, Rescue Christians went at the invitation of the Hungarian government to speak with them about the situation of Persecuted Christians around the world. Director Keith Davies returned with the following report:

The Hungarian government has been pressured by the EU to take Muslim refugees and they have refused but have indicated they are willing to help the Christians instead. This is a bare face lie! The Hungarian government is playing political games to avoid helping anyone. They have no interest in helping Christians, they as per the usual politicians, they talk a good game but there is no real action as to what is actually needed to alleviate the suffering of the persecuted. (source)

5) Viktor Orban’s Party, Fidesz, are openly in support of ethnonationalism and eugenics, both of which are hallmarks of National Socialism.

Fidesz openly calls for the extermination of Gypsies, saying they are unfit to exist in the words of the Party’s co-founder, Zsolt Bayer:

A significant part of the Roma are unfit for coexistence. They are not fit to live among people. These Roma are animals, and they behave like animals. When they meet with resistance, they commit murder. They are incapable of human communication. Inarticulate sounds pour out of their bestial skulls. At the same time, these Gypsies understand how to exploit the ‘achievements’ of the idiotic Western world. But one must retaliate rather than tolerate. These animals shouldn’t be allowed to exist. In no way. That needs to be solved — immediately and regardless of the method.” (source)

6) Orban loves Turkey and sees a Turco-Magyar alliance as something related to ethnic ties

Turks and Hungarians (or Magyars) are from the same people, and calling to mind ethnonationalist sentiments, Orban has recently said that Hungary needs to forge a strong alliance with Turkey not just because they are a geopolitically strategic partner, but because Turkey is also ethnically related to the Hungarian people:

Turkey is in a good location, and although there are now wars on its borders, strategically it is in one of the world’s most important locations. It has an enormous private sector. Why should it pay any attention to the Hungarians – aside from friendship and the intellectually intriguing question of common origins lost in the mists of ancient history? Why should any member of its business community divert their gaze to Hungary? I believe that there is one fact which even the most successful Turkish businesspeople would be wise to consider: Hungary is a country of ten million, and we are capable of generating exports worth 110 billion dollars; meanwhile Turkey is a country of eighty million, which is capable of generating exports worth 145 billion dollars.

To sum up, we have the legend of common Turkish-Hungarian origins. We have mutual respect. We have an outstanding political and personal relationship between the leaders of the two countries. We have an enormous Turkey and a strengthening Central Europe. And we have a Hungarian investment and business environment without rival in Europe. (source)

Keep in mind that Turkey’s top trading partner is Germany. As economic alliances always precedes political moves, any alliance or work with Turkey will automatically involve Germany. This effect is compounded by the fact that Germany has strong historical alliances with both Hungary and Turkey.

7) It has been an open and easily proved secret for two years that the refugees are being trafficked in by the governments of Europe and even the European Navy

For the past two years, has maintained that based on the evidence, there is no actual invasion of Muslims taking place, but that these people are being trafficked in with the help of major organizations, charities, and businesses. Even recently as January 2018 not only has this been confirmed, but to it the European Navy has been decisively shown to have worked in collusion with both theses groups as well as social media and even the smugglers themselves to traffick people into Europe:

Facebook posts confirm that the European Navy play an important role in one of the largest exoduses in modern history.

The ads inform about the participation of battleships or NGO vessels in “rescue” actions. Several times there was also information that the only thing smugglers had to do was reach the place where the navy ships would appear in a few hours. Such messages leave many questions about the involvement of NGOs or naval forces of European countries. The previous analyses of Gefira team have revealed an important role played by NGOs in the operations of transferring illegal immigrants.

The scale of these actions makes one wonder if they are not coordinated. It has already been revealed that „refugees” had phone numbers of non-governmental organizations to announce their arrivals.

An intriguing situation occurred at the beginning of last month. On 2nd of December, an announcement on the smugglers’ Facebook profile appeared that a “trip” from Libya to Italy was planned, which would be on 6th of December. On 7th of December an update appeared indicating that the smuggling under preparation would start on the same day. The post was published in the afternoon, so it could be presumed that the operation began in the evening or at night. A day later, i.e. 8th of December in the early afternoon, Frontex published on its Twitter page the information that the ship Olympic Commander was involved in patrolling sea borders and saved 78 people. Of course, there is no proof that these people were taken from the boat referred to above, as there is no proof that Frontext knew that there was a ship coming. People smugglers had broadcast a message in advance that they were leaving a port in Libya and then would be picked up by the European navy and NGOs. Now there arises the question whether we are dealing with a genuine rescue operation or an illegal and dangerous transfer at high seas. (source, source)

So putting all of this together, we can see that Hungary is a nation with a long history of alliances with Germany and Turkey, especially from its Protestant groups going back to the beginning of the Reformation. President Orban, a Protestant, in spite of all of his rhetoric against Muslim refugees, for persecuted Christians, and against George Soros and Germany admits he wants to build ties to Turkey based on ethnonationalist reasons, has openly rejected giving any help to persecuted Christians when asked, has allowed Muslims to pass through his nation to Germany without any resistance, and has his education paid for by George Soros, after which he went on to found a political party that supports ethnonationalism and eugenics.

After seeing his words versus his life and actions, do you really trust what this man says?

Just think about it.