Latest Poll Finds That Generation Zyklon Is The Least Christian In US History, Is Embracing Atheism And Darwinism Instead Of Christ

The Barna Group recently conducted a poll and found that Generation Z, which has been nicknamed “Generation Zyklon,” is the least Christian generation in American history yet, choosing instead to embrace atheism and darwinism:

Teenagers today are the most non-Christian generation in American history as only four out of 100 teens hold a true biblical worldview and one out of every eight teens identify as non-heterosexual, a new survey released by one of the nation’s leading evangelical polling firms has found.

The Barna Group announced Tuesday the findings from its new research project, “Gen Z: The Culture, Beliefs and Motivations Shaping the Next Generation,” sponsored by the Georgia-based Impact 360 Institute.

Barna’s research discovered that more teens today who are part of Generation Z (born from 1999 to 2015) identify themselves as agnostic, atheist or not religiously affiliated.

The study indicates that 35 percent of Generation Z teens considered themselves to be atheist, agnostic or not affiliated with any religion. By comparison, only 30 percent of millenials, 30 percent of Generation X and 26 percent of Baby Boomers said the same.

The study shows that almost twice as many teens in Generation Z (13 percent) claimed to be atheist than millenials (7 percent).

“Gen Z is different because they have grown up in a post-Christian, post-modern environment where many of them have not even been exposed to Christianity or to church. So that is a really unique shift,” Brooke Hempell, Barna’s senior vice president of research, said during the survey’s rollout event at Grace Midtown Church in Atlanta.

“There are a lot of churches that are empty in this country. Gen Z is the one who is really showing the fruit of that. There are many of them [who] are a spiritual blank slate. For the first time in our nation’s history, that is more and more common.”

For the project, Barna conducted a total of four focus groups with U.S. teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 and also conducted two nationally representative surveys that included responses from a total of 1,997 teens throughout the United States.

The first survey, conducted between Nov. 4- 16, 2016, interviewed 1,490 teens ages 13 to 18. The second survey was conducted on July 7-18, 2017, and interviewed 507 teens between the ages of 13 to 18. The data from both surveys were minimally weighted to U.S. Census data in order to be representative of ethnicity, gender, age and region.

The research also found that just 59 percent Generation Z teens considered themselves Christian or Catholic. By comparison, 65 percent of millennials and Generation X and 75 percent of Baby Boomers identified as some form of Christian.

Although nearly six in 10 Generation Z teens identified as Christians, Barna’s research shows that only four percent of Generation Z held a “biblical worldview.”

Using “a classification of faith based on widely accepted, orthodox Christian beliefs,” Barna developed a set of theological criteria that each respondent had to meet in order to be classified as having a biblical worldview.

“The percentage of people whose beliefs qualify them for a biblical worldview declines in each successively younger generation: 10 percent of Boomers, 7 percent of Gen X and 6 percent of Millennials have a biblical worldview, compared to only 4 percent of Gen Z,” the study explains.

The study also found that just four out of 10 Generation Z teens agreed that the Bible is “totally accurate in all of the principles it teaches.” Meanwhile, just 61 percent of “churched teens” agreed that the Bible is totally accurate in all the principles it teaches.

Just 85 percent of churchgoing Generation Z teens believed that Jesus Christ was “a real person who was crucified by Rome and was actually physically raised from the dead.”

“Where is that latent unbelief happening? We see a lot of it in science,” Hempell explained. “Teens are beginning to feel like they have to choose between science and the Bible, where as the Baby Boomer generation or Gen X said that they can see the Bible and science as being complementary … When we get to millenials and Gen Z, they see them in conflict.”

According to the data, 28 percent of Generation Z teens believed that “science and the Bible are complementary.” By comparison, nearly half of Boomers (45 percent) and more than one-third of Generation X respondents (36 percent) said the same.

“For [many], they are going to fall on the side of science,” Hempell continued. “A quarter of Gen Z would say, ‘I don’t see the Bible and science getting along so I am just going to go with what science says because to me that is the truth.'”

Other findings show that 12 percent of Generation Z identified sexually as something other than “hetrosexual,” with seven percent saying they are “bisexual.”

“This is the highest percentage of self-identified non-hetrosexual experience that we are seeing now of any generation,” Barna President David Kinnaman said during his remarks during the rollout event. “This is much larger than millenials.”

Additionally, seven out of 10 Generation Z teens said that they think it is acceptable to be born one gender and “feel like another.” Three out of 10 teens reported knowing someone who had changed their gender identity.

“[Y]oung Christians are struggling as much as we have seen it in the 20-plus years I have been at Barna and in the 35-plus years of our company to understand how to live out their faith in an increasingly skeptical culture,” Kinnaman said. “They are having to represent what the Bible says, what it means to be Christian, in a culture that doesn’t understand it or who believes that the Bible is simply a book that is religious dogma that has been used to oppress people, that being Christian is extremist or irrelevant in our society.”

“I think about what we might do to use discernment and I am asking you how it is in your church and your context, in your ministry could help kids [today] have a more robust experience of what it means to be Christian,” he added. “We need to be thinking theologically. We need to challenge them. They are ready to be challenged more than the church is willing to challenge them.” (source)

This is not good.

There is some debate over what year Generation Z begins in, but the general consensus is 2004, with the earliest being 2000. That means that if we take the “oldest” date for Generation Z to define them, the oldest members are 18. If we go by the 2004 date, the oldest members are 14.

The Daily Stormer talks about Generation Z frequently, and brags how they have “won” them, in that through the appropriation of popular culture, using new technologies, and basically answering tough questions their parents and other people in authority refused to, either because they were afraid, were too lazy, or just did not want to know for themselves. In the words of a recent article by the DS, “your kids now belong to us”:


You people fucked up, bad.

You turned the mainstream into something that is not only degenerate and evil, but also the epitome of unhip and humorless.

So, we decided to go ahead and take your kids.

Go ahead and try to continue indoctrinating them. See if you can make it work.

Of course, you can’t.

They’re ours now.

And that means that we won the game.

By the end of Trump’s 8 years, our lads will be over 18 and ready to elect Paul Nehlen for President.

Raise your hand if you don’t know how that story ends. (source)

I warned last year on that Generation Z and some millenials will take delight in gassing their own parents and family members because owing to the economic crisis and the decline of society coupled with no religion, a search for meaning, and the unhelpful and outright destructive attitudes that parents and grandparents taught their children based on their selfishness, they created a generation of monsters which will return to devour them:

Millenials and Generation Z- your children and grandchildren- blame you for the problems today and they have been taught that might makes right. To that the indoctrination they have received, owing to the apathy of their parents, is nearly complete. The religious faith they would have possessed years ago that would have served as perhaps the only resistance to embracing complete madness is not present for the most part because their parents and grandparents gave up on religion, and the children were raised with nothing. They have no religious faith, no absolute truth that they can turn to in time of need.

But they have Hitler. And Nietzsche. And Evola. And they have been teaching them everything they need to know. (source)

Generation Zyklon is being raised without religion in a world filled with technological distractions and ridiculous regulations. They feel the lack purpose, direct, and with an economy that has not improved and a society they have been told and can see is collapsing around them, they are seeking for a solution, and the National Socialists, in true to form have been there to give them the “solution,” first by speaking the truths which society will not speak, and then after expecting resistance only to be proven right, then to deliver the poison of ethnonationalism.

You are watching the creation of the next generation of National Socialists right now. This is one half of Generation Z.

The other half of Generation Zyklon is more aptly called Generation Zur, as named after the Zur/Zee/Zym/whatever “new pronouns” that are being used by the LGBT in place of calling people “Sir” if a man and “Miss” if a woman. The rise of “gender fluidity” is exponential and equally unprecedented among Generation Z, with as we reported at, approximately one quarter of Generation Z teenagers identifying as such, meaning they will sleep with either men or women or any “other” gender, whatever suits their fancy.

So on one hand we have a generation of people who are given over to absolute vices in that they represent the “hippie” generation on steroids. If the hippies said “free love,” these people say “love anybody or anything without consequence, and throw in federal regulations to get tax benefits for and prosecute those who criticize such perversity.” On the other hand, there is the rise of a new ethnonationalism that is no different from that of the 19th and 20th century except with modern weapons and technology. Philosophically speaking, neither side is different from the evils of the past, except that they are more intense, over a larger area, and possessing the potential to do far more damage than ever before. Both of them hate Christianity, and owing to the failure of the parents to properly instruct children in the Faith, they have been taken away by the spirit of the times and are being divided into these two sides. Yet the division is a farce, for while the two are being positioned to fight each other, both sides are evil and will lead to hell.

The only way out of this mess is to follow Christ and to renounce both sides. Between a choice of two evils there is no choice because both sides are evil, and such is what is being offered. The “leftists” say that Christianity is stupid and for losers, the “right” used to support Christianity more, but the tendency is growing especially among Generation Z to say that “Christianity is for cucks”, calling it “cuckstianity,” and saying that a “real man” is either a pagan or a “nationalist” who places his nation and race over religion.

If you think your children are safe in church, they are not either, for we warned at that the ethnonationalists have openly admitted they will be targeting churches and youth groups as well as pastors for their “movement” to create a ‘racially conscious Christianity’ just like how the Third Reich attempted to and did convinced many of the churches in Germany to become mouthpieces of the Reich.

Andrew Auernheimer, a.k.a. “weev” who runs the technical side of the Daily Stormer. As he admits here and we reported, there is an active attempt being made to infiltrate churches by the new National Socialists.

There are many reasons why the national socialists have become so popular, but the answer to the problems are quite simple. It all involves spending time, listening, and teaching them about what they need to know so that they do not turn to men such as the National Socialists for answers because nobody else is helping them.

I’m not talking about “race realism” or any of those things. I’m talking about teaching children about what the Faith teaches, what is right and wrong, and having regular conversations with your children, be they young or adults. I’m talking about admitting when you are right and wrong, being open to discussion, and working with them and through difficult issues, especially regarding truth. I’m talking about setting an example by going to Church, saying your prayers, living a righteous life, and helping each other when needed, less with money and more with examples and action.

The family is the microcosm of society. The decline of the family reflects the decline of society,and the failure of families to teach their children forces them to learn from other people. If those other people have evil intentions, then the children will be moulded according to what they learn and this will affect the future.

It is important to stand up to evils such as the National Socialists or the LGBT, and the other deviant groups that abound in the West, but the most effective way to stop them is to prevent their existence or destroy them when they are in their beginning stages, and to destroy them with, to use a military term, “extreme prejudice” and replace them with and reward truth.

People wonder how their children can become school shooters, or get addicted to drugs, or partake of all kinds of deviant behavior. Yet the signs were always present of what would come if certain behavior or ideas were not addressed. These behaviors do not stay “private” because while the actions may not be seen publicly, their effects will manifest in social disarray. When this happens on an individual level, it hurts individuals and causes social problems, but when it affects an entire society, the results can be disastrous.

People, ideas, and habits do not spontaneously generate from nothing. All effects have a cause, and unlike the National Socialist philosophy, the future is not unchangeable due to “genetics” or some other reason, but can be changed because it is the sum of previous actions.

The National Socialists and LGBT are both bragging that they have taken Generation Z for themselves, and to a large extent they are correct. However, it doesn’t have to end like this. There is still hope, but only for those willing to care enough to do what he can where he is with what he has to bring Christ to this generation, which may be more lost than even that of their parents and grandparents.