Bloodthirsty Hindu Terrorists Lie About The Bible, Say That The Bible Teaches “Lynching” So They Can Justify Murdering More Christians

Hindu terrorists will claim that they desire to speak of peace, but like the Bible says many times, their words are but lies and filled with poison. Their words are to promote racism, nationalism, and all of the evils that Sacred Scripture and Sacred tradition oppose. identified India as a place to watch for Christian persecution in the years to follow leading up to further global conflict as Hindu nationalists began brazenly attacking Christians every 40 hours on average and talking seriously about a revival of a pagan ethnostate. We have noted that nationalist groups are already making active inroads into the government and are preparing to take over India and then hunt down and force Christians and Muslims to convert to Hinduism or die. It is serious enough that major Christian groups across India have been asking for the government to intervene before the matter completely explodes.

There are many of these groups in India promoting this. One of these is the RSS, or Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Recently, Christian leaders in India condemned a statement by RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat in which the Hindu nationalist leader said the word “lynching” comes from the Bible, and said that he made this statement in order to incite suspicion and hate for India’s persecuted Christian minority.

Speaking at a Vijayadashami celebration in Nagpur, Bhagwat claimed that lynching was a term and issue alien to India and Hinduism. The RSS leader went on to attribute the word lynching to the Bible, referencing a passage in which Jesus told people that they could hit a woman with stones only if they had never committed any sins in their past.

Issuing a formal statement against the RSS leaders misquotation, Asir Ebenezer, the General Secretary of the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), said, “The National Council of Churches in India condemns the misquoting of the Bible by Mohan Bhagwat to justify the term mob lynching. We are shocked that such statements which has the potential to divide communities on religious lines are made in public for a. We appeal to all people not to be carried away by such misrepresentations or misinterpretation which are often done with political intentions.”

Ebenezer continued, “Jesus was no way justifying lynching or any such heinous acts. Rather the said incident from the Bible was as an expression of Jesus’s mercy and compassion towards victims of the elitist narratives of the society of his day. Quite contrary to what Bhagwat suggests, Jesus was in fact saving an accused woman from the wrath of the mob in the said passage.” (source)

India is already overflowing with violence between Christians and Hindus, who have repeatedly admitted that they are plotting to take power in India and commit genocide against all Christians and Muslims in their pursuit to establish a pure Hindu ethnostate, called the “Hindutva Bharat.” Violence against Christians on behalf of Hindu nationalists has turned India into one of the top ten most dangerous places on Earth for Christians. The nationalists have continued to gain political victories, and have become more emboldened in their speech.

Christianity allows for natural distinctions between people while all gathered together under the banner of the kingdom of Christ, where all nations sing his praise regardless of color, language, or geographical location. Just as there are many homes in His Father’s house, there are many peoples of many lands in the Kingdom of Christ, all whose purpose is to learn to live as brothers and to travel with Christ on the lonely road of Calvary to the Cross, where dying to the self they will, by the grace of God, be resurrected to everlasting life.

The Hindu nationalists do not believe this. They want one nation in this life based on racialism and tribalism, and they are ready to murder those who oppose them in the name of ethnic hatred. The Hindu system, infernal as it already is, is but a reflection of hell where there is no love and the evil ones in there are forever in conflict with each other in pain and misery that never ends.

They do not care what they have to say or do to realize their ends. Lies, stealing, murder, corruption, deceit, crime of all types does not matter because the crime is being done for the supposedly “glory” of Hinduism, and in their view, any means is justified if it works towards their end.

The Bible has been translated into many languages, certainly those of India. The words of the text are plain for anybody to read, and there has been much good missionary work done in India, but there is a tremendous amount to be done. Most importantly, it is critical for Christians in India to prepare for the future, because if the Hindu nationalists get what they want, it will be a future defined by death.

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