Turkey Releases Almost Eight Hundred Fighters From Just One Camp In Syria

Shoebat.com warned that Turkey was not going to kill ISIS soldiers, but rather would release them because they are US investments. I have explained what is going on here and here.

Not only has this predicition sadly come true, but Turkey is now releasing countless numbers of prisoners, including almost eight hundred from just one prison according to reports.

At least 750 people with suspected links to Islamic State have reportedly fled a displacement camp in north-east Syria, local officials have said, raising fears that the Turkish offensive against Kurdish forces in the area could lead Isis to regain strength amid the chaos.

The news came at the same time the US ordered all 1,000 US troops to withdraw “as safely and quickly as possible” from the region after learning that the Turkish operation was likely to extend further than Ankara’s proposed 20-mile (32km) “safe zone” on the border between the two countries.

The 249 women and 700 children formerly part of the “caliphate” were held in a secure annexe at the Ain Issa camp. They began to riot and scared away the guards after Turkish shelling struck close to the area on Sunday, Abdulkader Mwahed, the joint president for humanitarian affairs in the Kurdish-held part of Syria, said in a statement. (source)

Does one seriously believe that the guards were just “scared away” from the camp, or perhaps would consider that they may have been told to stand down?

There is little more to say on this for the moment than what has already been stated in the two pieces above.

2014 is repeating again 2018 in what is a leadup not to the 2016 elections, but to 2020, albeit with more drama this time. However, it conditions remain generally consistent, there will likely be another Western European refugee crisis, another wave of nationalistic sentiment, especially in Germany, and now instead of just nationalism, there will be open militarization but presented as national defense.

Make no mistake, you are a witness to history. The conditions for a global war are being created right now, and Turkey releasing ISIS soldiers is no mistake. It is the continuation of an intentional plan between the US and Germany with their mutual partner in Turkey, who is doing their will, and ISIS soldiers are but the paid foreign contractors who are unofficially waging war on behalf of all three.

As I have stated before, the big question still remains and has not been discussed at all in the American media, and that is if Germany and Russia will contract another Molotov-Ribbentrop type agreement or not, as this will determine if Germany makes peace with the Russians (at least temporarily) and potentially goes to war with the US, or if she openly goes to war against Russia.

The Reich is returning, and while so many will say “Never again,” almost nobody can even think it could be happening right now even though economic, political, and historical signs all point to something major.

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