New Medical Procedure To “Regain” One’s “Membership” Has Potentially Major Consequences In Modern-Day American Sodom

The New York Post presented an interesting story about a US soldier in Afghanistan who lost his member and the entirety of his reproductive capacities following a terrible blast while serving on duty. However, this soldier has now successfully undergone the most comprehensive transplant of male reproductive organs to date that is a world first as well as has been a revolutionary success.

A veteran who lost the lower half of his body in an explosion has received one of the world’s first penis transplants — and he’s calling it “one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Nine years ago, a US Navy corpsman was tending to wounded soldiers after an ambush by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan when an IED detonated beneath him. It took away his legs — as well as his genitals.

“I remember everything froze and I was upside down,” said the man, who is referred to as Ray in an interview with MIT Technology Review, withholding his real name for privacy reasons. “I remember thinking a quick thought: ‘This isn’t good.’ And then I was on my back.”

In 2013, Ray met with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Redett of Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, to talk about his options. Redett decided that Ray might be an ideal candidate to undergo a groundbreaking penis transplant.

“This was actually something that could fix me,” said Ray, who is in his mid-30s and walks with two prosthetic legs. “I could go back to being normal again.”

“For him, it was almost either you do this transplant, or you live the rest of your life with your defect,” said Redett.

Until recently, the only treatment available for men in his situation would have been phalloplasty: a transplant of a makeshift member made of tissue, blood vessels and nerves taken from a forearm or thigh, which requires an external pump to become erect. A penis transplant is far more complex than other types of organ transplants. Grafting a donor penis involves many different kinds of tissue, and requires stitching nerves and blood vessels smaller than 2 millimeters wide.

“The threads are smaller than a human hair,” said Redett. “Unless you’re under a [micro]scope, you can’t really even see it.” (source)

There are many congratulations in order for the soldier who followed through with this. It is a very traumatic experience for many men to lose their member, and so “regaining” one’s “membership” is perhaps more psychologically important than it is physically important.

This procedure is interesting because most of the people who will have this or the innovations to this procedure that will come will not be soldiers wounded in battle, or those who suffered horrible accidents. It will come from sodomites.

Right now, the current way as noted above for a sodomite woman who wants to pretend she is a man and has a penis is to have a phalloplasty. This is a gruesome procedure that involves cutting tissue from the legs and arms, stuffing it into something that is akin to a sausage casing, drilling a hole in it, and then gluing it to her abdomen.




This medically invasive, destructive, and dangerous procedure is also not helpful. It is, in addition to the blatantly obvious moral perversion that this act is, also difficult to imagine one finding any sort of erotic pleasure from this, for it would be difficult to understand how this may feel pleasurable, or how a woman (presumably) would want something of a frankensteinesque sausage anywhere near or inside of her body.

However, this phalloplasty procedure is something new. What this suggests is that a real penis could be attached to one’s body and done so in a functional way. This eliminates the need for the current phalloplasty, as it would be “the real thing”.

Right now, and to use the crude but commonly applied phrase among sodomites, “chicks with d*cks” is every time a man who is on hormone drugs. However, if this procedure was to work, this phrase would have to be expanded to include real women who have proper, biologically-functioning penises attached to their bodies.

Now this does not make this right at all, for it is still an unnatural perversion. It just speaks to an advancement of said perversion.

On a hopeful side, there have been recent discussions about men who are very sad that, wanting to be sodomites, they either cut off on their own (this is quite common) or had their penises removed by “surgery” from a doctor, and now are in grave regret of it. This procedure might be able to help such people “regain” the part of themselves that was lost, but it still does not address the fundamental philosophy of sodomite behavior.

But moving beyond the sodomites, there is another branch of questions that this raises, and that is related to issue of artificial intelligence and robotics.

From what we at have been able to see, the main thrust of current biotechnical advancements is twofold- for the military-industrial complex, it is to create cyborg-type killer robots for military use, as well as eventually liquid-metal type robots (think the Terminator film series). For those funding the military-industrial complex or receiving their funds from them, there is an obsession with eternal life in the current world and divinization through technology- it is the sin of Eden, Babel, and many other tyrants throughout history but in a modern and technological system of work.

As the story notes, the penis is a highly-complex, multi-functioning organ that has a very fine network of nerves, blood vessels, and tissues. If one can successfully “attach” a true member to one’s body, what is to say this could not be done with other organs such as ears, noses, arms, legs, and even the female reproductive system?

What I am alluding to here is a future that has many good but also tremendously evil things. It is wonderful to think of a time when a man who loses an arm does not have to have a bionic one, but can get a real one instead. However, from the perspective of the military or those who want to rebel against their Creator, they will attempt to use such technologies to live “forever” by changing out their body parts, possibly even their brains, one-for-the-other.

Likewise, consider the obsession with “transgenderism,” which is openly evil and is a philosophical and metaphysical “uniting” that which God made distinct. Likewise, there is a tremendous talk about “artificial wombs” being able to produce children.

What is to say that if someday a sodomite man could eventually have female genitalia and eggs implanted into him, and a sodomite woman could have male genitalia and sperm attached to her, and the two could copulate in a uniquely perverse inversion of the act so that a man would “conceive” and give “birth” with a mutilated sperm fertilizing a mutilated egg?

Now since all life and the soul comes from God, and as this is not natural, would this “creation” even be human in that it would not have a soul? Indeed, since the soul is what gives life, and cannot be explained, could it be that any “act” would not be a true infusion of the soul, but rather the possession by a demon or evil spirit?

Could this be, in some strange way, an insight into the antichrist?

We do not know, and it would not be wise to make assumptions. But for all of the good that this technology promises, it inevitably brings great evils, for at the heart of many of these technolgical or social developments, the first question asked is not “how do I make the world a better place”, but rather “how do I make the world a better place for me”, which necessarily involves promoting forms of slavery, wealth extraction, and immorality done for the pursuit of power.

It is a wonderful thing this man is now “whole” again, but technology such as this will be a trend to watch for, as its applications as possibly future coming implications will be tremendous in more way than we can think of.

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