Report: The Turkish Military Is Forcing Christians Out Of Their Homes In Syria

By Theodore Shoebat

A recent report has affirmed that the Turkish military is forcing Christians out of their homes in Syria, as we read from CBN News:

While many believe there is a ceasefire in place inside northeast Syria, the people on the ground tell a different story.

On the front lines, a small Christian relief group called the Free Burma Rangers (FBR) is reporting that the ceasefire is in name only.

“We were hit pretty hard today. There was Turkish armor. Turkish painted armor. Three armored vehicles. Multiple infantry,” FBR director Dave Eubank told CBN News.

Eubank and his team have been rescuing the wounded and helping those caught up in the fighting. He says the Turkish army along with its jihadist allies is continuing the attack.

“Right now, the only safe zone that there is is the international border between Turkey and Syria. The other zone is a genocide zone. Christians and Kurds are gone. They can’t stay. They will die. Those who’ve stayed will die. If you’ve seen anything about captured women, tortured and killed, that’s what’s going to happen if you stay there,” Eubank said.

Dalton Thomas, the founder of the Christian aid group called Frontier Alliance International, also says “there is no ceasefire.”

There is a video of Turkish soldiers executing Kurdish forces (although were not sure exactly when the video was filmed):

there was a video that came out in 2017 showing Turkish soldiers decapitating Kurdish fighters:

The Turkish military presence in Syria is only going to escalate into full blown horrific massacres.