Serial Murderers Walk Among Us

A sick man named Russ McKamey runs a “haunted house” that is just a torture house where he can indulge in fantasies of serial murder under the cover of legality, as is what some are saying according to recent reports:

An online petition with the goal of shutting down a haunted house challenge in Tennessee has gained more than 70,000 signatures after critics called the so-called “haunt” an excuse for a sadistic torture chamber.

The appeal appeared online just ahead of Halloween, urging the Tennessee state senate to take action against Mckamey Manor in Summertown.

“Advertised as ‘an extreme haunt’ when in fact it is NOT a haunted house. It’s a torture chamber under disguise,” wrote Frankie Towery, the organizer of the appeal.

“They do screenings to find the weakest, most easily manipulated people to do the ‘haunt.’ If Russ doesn’t think you’re easily manipulated, you aren’t allowed to go,” Towery added.

Russ McKamey, operator of the haunted tour, claims a full experience is a 10-hour endurance challenge. Participants must sign off on tooth pulling, finger breaking or head shaving, present proof of a passed physical and take a background check, according to their website.

“It’s literally just a kidnapping [and] torture house,” Towery adds in the appeal to shut the operation down. “I propose that all locations where this is happening be shut down immediately.” (source)

As a side note, I had this story on my list of items to follow up on, albeit through a different news source, and my original plan was to post on it today. However, having seen this most recent update from the New York Post, I decided to put this one up, but with my same commentary.

I have seen many horrible things in my life. As a part of my regular work, I routinely witness the depths of human sickness, and I do this in order to find the stories and information about society of those things which happen all around us but so few refuse to discuss. It is a difficult thing at times, but life is also a difficult thing, and the truth is always more interesting than reality.

One of the most horrible things to listen to or watch are real torture or execution videos where the purpose being the one doing the torture or execution is a love of sadism. This is different from regular videos of interrogations or executions, many ISIS-type videos, or videos of death because the one inflicting the torture or death is clearing experiencing an almost erotic joy from watching another person suffer and die.

This kind of behavior is what one find among serial killers and the truly evil whose mind are depraved and at as they do because it is a form of masturbation using the suffering of another. It is one of the closest things that one can find to demons and hell.

We investigated the above “extreme haunted house”. It is not a “haunted house”, but the property of Russell McKamey in the rural area of Summertown, Tennessee on his small plot of land. This is not a venue for entertainment, but the place where he lives.

Thus “McKamey Manor” is not a “haunted house”, but more like the home of Buffalo Bill from The Silence of The Lambs that, using the justification of Halloween, he justifies turning into his personal torture chamber where he indulges in serial killer actions and attempts to cover up his actions with legal documents.

I do not say this as an exaggeration. McKamey brags that not even Navy SEALs and Green Berets who have come to his “haunted house” have been able to last through the full ten-hour long torture session and win the supposed $20,000 “prize” he offers that he insists is a “psychological experience”, and that all one has to do to win is to prevent him from “getting inside your head.” Aside from the fact that McKamey has never shown any proof he has $20,000 to offer, the reason why nobody has been able to survive it is because what McKamey is doing is torturing people to the point of death, even more so than what most governments would do, remembering that governments use torture to extract information, not murder people for fun.

There is nobody who could last for the entire “experience,” because the human body is not capable of surviving torture in the way and at the intensity that he is doing it. Given the amount of “evaluation” that he has people go through, which clearly suggests that he is looking for “weak” people with possible learning or mental problems, he does it only to attempt to prevent people from filing lawsuits against him or prosecuting him for attempted murder.

I have seen many videos, and while McKamey insists that he does not drink and he does not use bad language and he will deduct $500 from his so-called “prize” each time a person uses “foul language” around him, he is one of the most evil persons I have ever seen, and if it was “legal”, there is no question that he would be a serial killer sitting among the likes of Marquis de Sade or Albert Fish.

This video above is what McKamey says everybody is “required” to watch before coming to his torture den. He insists throughout the video that nobody will be touched and there is nothing that you do not know will happen to you, but he is as much a liar in this “disclosure” as he is for saying it is a haunted house and not a reinactment of what is clearly, in my personal assessment based on many years of watching videos such as these, an indulging of his wish to be a serial killer.

You may watch the video at your own risk. It is sick and disgusting, and while I have seen things far more violent and gruesome than this video, what disgusts me the most about it, and why I find this video to be one of the most horrible videos I have ever seen, is that this sick freak is using the cover of law to conduct essentially human torture to the point of death experiences of what the Nazis and Japanese did, but instead of allowing the subjects to die or attempt to put the “data” gained to scientific use (I am NOT justifying the actions, but noting that the National Socialists and Japanese Nationalists did such things for a directed purpose), this evil pervert is doing these things for fun, and then just like a demon, he forces these people to be humiliated as he broadcasts the event around the world for people to watch.

At least Shiro Ishii, who lead the human experiments by the Japanese, converted to the Catholic Faith at the end of his life and tried to make amends for his sins, and given the Japanese temperament and his life, this is a major deal and likely a serious sign of attempting to repent. McKamey shows nothing of this except to be a son of sodom and having the sadism of de Sade.

What is one of the most clear indications that this is a murder fetish and not just an “experience” is the “safe word” that he uses. Originating among people who practice the sexual perversion of BDSM, a “safe word” is what it exactly sounds like- a specific word that when said everything stops immediately without any questions, and “safe words” exist to make sure that people do not do things that are causing potential danger.

The “safe word” is considered to be a sacred thing among people who do BDSM because it is what prevents people from getting seriously hurt or killed. For example, say the safe word is “pineapple”, and a person has a particular fetish for being whipped. If during the course of the whipping that person shouts “pineapple”, the other person has to immediately stop and listen to the other person who said it. The understood rule on “safe words” is so serious that people who violate them are usually barred immediately and permanently from returning to a venue or from BDSM circles.

McKamey insists he uses a “safe word”, but if you listen to the video it is actually a “safe phrase”, and it is a specific one that he makes people say, which is “My name is [name] from [place], and I am a complete and total failure. Russ and the manor kicked my butt. He took my milk money and ate my lunch, and I quit.”

This “phrase” is not a “safe phrase” at all, but an intentional humiliation of the participant. Just look at the photos of his “event” that he posts on his Facebook page.



Thankfully, people are standing up to this and demanding it be stopped, and it needs to be stopped for the good of all. However, only time will tell if it actually is, or just given a passing acknowledgement in media and allowed to continue as he is.

People wonder where the roots of serial murder and criminality lay. You are seeing it right here. These people walk among us, they are real, and they are just as disturbing as anything one many encounter.

People wonder why God gives justice, and why there is a Hell, yet who can argue with its existence after seeing something such as this?


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