New Poll Says That 1 In 10 Japanese People Are Sodomitically-Inclined

A new study released in Japan has said that approximately ten percent of Japanese are either sodomites or have tendencies towards sodomite behavior.

The Japan LGBT Research Institute Inc., a Tokyo-based think tank specializing in issues related to sexual minorities, conducted the poll in April and May on 428,000 people aged 20 to 69. It received 348,000 valid responses, and about 10 percent identified as LGBT or another sexual minority.

By sexual orientation, 2.8 percent described themselves as bisexual while 1.4 percent said they were questioning their sexuality. The proportion that described themselves as asexual and gay was 0.9 percent in both cases.

By gender identity, 2.5 percent identified as nonbinary (not strictly identifying as male or female) followed by transgender at 1.8 percent, while 1.2 percent said they were questioning their gender identity.

The survey defined sexual minorities as those who did not identify themselves as heterosexual cisgender. Cisgender refers to those for whom gender identity corresponds to the sex they were assigned at birth.

Considering the figure of 10 percent, the Japan LGBT Research Institute said in November, “our society needs to face (the reality) in a sincere manner.” (source)

Now this report should be taken with a degree of skepticism because it comes from an LGBT think tank promoting sodomite causes. Naturally, they would be inclined to exaggerate the actual numbers for political reasons. One may recall the infamous “studies” by Alfred Kinsey in the US,where he manipulated statistics to say that a similar number- ten percent -of the US population in the 1940s and 1950s was sodomitic.

That said, we know also that there has been a tremendous increase in all things of this worldwide. Studies in the US have shown that some 25% of Zoomers are sodomitically-inclined at the least, and another study from 2015 as reported by found a rate of 7.6% in Japan. These are not small numbers, and given that Japan is a pagan culture who has always accepted homosexuality and continues to accept and promote it through various anime art forms (such as “ecchi”, “shota”, and “yaoi”), the study is not too much of a surprise. Indeed, this has become a veritable plague upon the Western world, and it only is intensifying with time.

There have almost always been problems with this kind of behavior because sodomite behavior is an expression of power as much as it is an act in itself. It is meant to demonstrate a sort of “dominance” over another, but in a highly immoral and evil way. This is the reason why in the ancient world, it was common for armies to sodomitically abuse captives of the other army, and this still happens today, such as in the example of the Abu Ghraib prison torture scandal in Iraq.

It will be interesting to see the growth and expressions of sodom that come out of Japan in the future, as she returns more to her imperial ways. Additionally, the future of sodom with Japan’s neighbor of China will also be something to watch because China is a “modernizing” nation, and is “behind” the West but is accepting many of her bad lifestyle choices. One has seen this with the increase in weight among the Chinese, the rapid “feminization” of the society, the ostracism of men from traditional relationships, and the increasingly competitive workforce that is leaving many feeling disenfranchised. There are already sodomite movements taking place in the nation, and regardless of how they came to be or what their origins are, the fact is that if things continue as they are, there will likely be an increase in said practices in that nation. It is only to be seen how that will manifest and what consequences, especially political ones, may happen as a result.

There is a “counter-cultural” movement taking place, but most of the world is going by the way of sodom, either by direct support or indirect submission to her tenants. This is but one of the many factors that is furthering the moral rot between nations- for as the Bible notes, sodomite activity is a sign of God turning a man over to his sins -and bringing about the conditions for a major war in the future.

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