Peshawar’s Church of Martyrs

Our team in Pakistan has been focused primarily on the victims of the Peshawar suicide bombing at All Saints Church recently. Below, you will find the history of the church and some exclusive details about what has been going on there since the attacks.

History of All Saints Church:
The Rev. Worthington Jukes built all Saints Church in 1883. This church is famous for its unique architecture, which was adapted from the local mosques and makes it unique in Pakistani church history. The local Muslims of Peshawar were against the building of the Anglican Church from the beginning and attempted to stop its construction. Many Christians lost their lives building this church, which is why the Church was known as CHURCH OF MARTYRS. Sadly, many more martyrs gave their lives on September 22nd 2013.


Suicide Attack:
More than 500 people gathered for Sunday service on September 22nd, with 64 children present in the Sunday school center on the church compound. The two attackers struck at the end of the service outside the church while food was being given out. Peshawar is the main town in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which has borne the brunt of a bloody Islamist insurgency in recent years.

The beautiful white-stone Church is located near the frontier tribal areas where Islamist militants have their strongholds. Hundreds of parishioners, many of them women and children, streamed out of the building, when both suicide attackers blew themselves up in the midst of the crowd. Suddenly, all the joy and happiness turned into screams and pain. The blood and pieces of flesh were everywhere; those who survived were crying and searching for their loves ones.

Mr. Khalid Shahzed, a renowned Human rights activist, was quoted as saying:

“After the blast, the local NGO’s ambulances rushed to the church and started taking the injured to the hospital. Sadly, there were no doctors or expert paramedical staff to handle the situation. Due to inexperienced staff, many people who were brought in alive died of their injuries. In the hospital, there wasn’t any emergency equipment, medicine, or any expert doctors. Not only that but the Muslim staff showed their prejudice by not even touching the bodies of the affected.”

Suicide bombing victim.

Suicide bombing victim.

One hundred twenty-three people died in this deadly blast and another one hundred sixty-nine people were injured. Amongst those injured there was a large number of women and children. This tragic incident resulted in the murder of many people who had been great assets to our community, to include doctors, teachers, principals, students, and government civil servants.

The Role of Christian NGO’
Many of the phony Christian NGOs played their usual role. The day after the attack they visited the church and many of the victims. There were the usual photo sessions, making of videos and writing reports with promises to help the victims. The phony NGOs performed their usual tricks and instead of helping these victims, they’re using these photo ops to raise money from the world to get donations for themselves with virtually nothing going to the victims.

Shumila: Injured in bombing.

Shumila: Injured in bombing.

Apart from us, there is only one other NGO we know for a fact that is helping people to get medical treatment as well as just one political leader of the ruling party. The rest just stand idly by with many taking advantage of the situation for their own personal gain.

The Role of the Church in Peshawar
This is the most disturbing of all and very hurtful to report. The Peshawar diocese is one of the wealthiest dioceses in Pakistan and it appears they are denying help to their own church members. Even one of the church members stated:

“When this blast took place the Presbyter in charge – Rev. Ijaz – who was present in the Church, left the compound and went to his home while people were lying dead and injured. On the Sunday of the attack, the Bishop was in Bannu. Rev. Ijaz didn’t show himself to his flock until Bishop Humphrey Peter arrived in Peshawar.”

The Local Church members also stated to us that the Bishop and his priests only officiated at the funerals of those who were personally known to them. The rest of the funerals were conducted by Pastors from other denominations, including Catholic priests and salvation army pastors who comforted the grieving.

Twenty years ago, this diocese spent millions of dollars on thousands of Afghanis in the Afghan-Russian war. They saved the lives of thousands of people but when it comes to their own people, the Church has been found wanting. Even the Mission Hospital, which is under the Diocese, didn’t have proper medical facilities for the wounded. Rescue Christians – because of the generosity of its donors – has now moved several of the victims from mission hospital to RMI hospital for expert medical care.

Young Kashmala being moved from mission hospital.

Young Kashmala being moved from mission hospital.

According to our sources, there are about 3 to 4 million rupees ($30-40,000) in the church account, as well as millions more rupees in the diocese account. None of this money so far has been appropriated to help any of the victims. This cruelty and negligence has increased the number of the deaths. According to our team, twenty people could have been saved if they had been provided the proper medical treatment.

What makes us different from Others?
Rescue Christians does not have an office located in Peshawar so it was a couple of days before we could get our team there. We worked fast to evaluate the different case histories and within next few days we started providing the medical assistance to the most seriously wounded patients. So far, we are providing medical assistance to eleven people. We have transferred them all to the best private hospitals in Peshawar. In Pakistan, this treatment would be regarded as very expensive but in USA terms it’s quite inexpensive but still in the multiple thousands of dollars. This week alone, we have sent about $15,000 to Pakistan for this emergency aid. If you have not donated yet please do what you can as we expect to have to send much more over in the coming weeks.

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Robin Morris: A victim who didn't have to die.

Robin Morris: A victim who didn’t have to die.


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  • Andy Bendzin

    Just like Keith told me. What is sad that it even happens within the countries where these atrocities happen. The purse is closer to the “church’s” heart than the suffering of its own people.

    • sumsrent

      I’m somewhat offended at your use of “church’s” in your comment…
      What do you mean?
      Are you aware that a muslim city leader was shot dead by his own bodyguard because he was standing up for a wrongly accused Christian woman?
      See… the situation in Pakistan is very touchy and very risky. Christians walk on eggshells constantly. And any sort of assistance can be blown out of proportion sending more people to their death.
      At any rate… who says the people in control of these funds are actually “true” Christians? Who says they represent the Church? Who says they didn’t minimize their funds so they could funnel aid to the victims in one way or another?
      The point is… We don’t really have the full picture of what going on. And it sounds like you’re spewing the same old garbage the media is feeding the masses… that all Churches and televangelists are focused on hoarding money.
      However; on the flip side… muslims are some of the biggest drug dealers in the world and they use those drug profits, sex slave profits and their control on the worlds oil market to fund their satanic globalist agenda.
      Something the media won’t ever talk about… why?
      To protect satanic Islam and brainwash the ignorant lemmings of this world into spewing forth their anti-Christian sentiment…

      • H2o2Bill


        I think you missed part of the article and missed the point of the poster. Just an observation.

        I just got done with watching “The Forsaken Promise” It seems to me the world overall is bond to let history repeat itself once again. Genocide and persecution to the point of death is being waged and over all know cares few even know about these things. The Church in America would be better off watching the above movie rather than “Grace Unplugged” that was advertised in my inbox last week. I have to go with much more to say.


        Isa 34:1
        Come near, you nations, and listen!
        Pay attention, you people!
        The earth and everything it contains must listen,
        the world and everything that lives in it. (NET)

        • sumsrent

          Nope… I took it for what it was…
          See… in today’s society… people don’t know how to place accountability. And the commenter apparently, out of natural instincts [brainwashing] put the focus on the “church’s” and not the “Bishop and his priests”… as the article indicates.
          So then… unless someone can prove to me that the Bishop and priests are either working for Islam or living in fear of the local muslims… we shouldn’t assume anything.
          See… I think we need to draw attention to this mass anti-church programming… and it sickens me that so many are quick to claim that the Churches are only after peoples money. Especially when… Christians should be tithing without being asked to do so.
          With that being said… the satanic muslims are the biggest pushers of degrading the Churches for reaching out for tithing. Acting as if the Islamic world is innocent… puffing up their chests… making claims and insinuating how better there religion is when discussing this $$$ matter.
          And yet no one questions where the money comes from to build all these huge satanic mosques and Madrassa schools around the world. Or even considers insulting the Islamic world for forcing us Infidels to pay and fund their satanic expansion.
          My question is… When are Christians gonna start standing up for the Church?

          • H2o2Bill

            I should probably nape first but here we go. One the poster mentioned Keith I was assuming the Keith from this website. They have boots on the ground. We don’t unless you forgot to mention it? We know of the influence of Islam yet many of the big denominations send out missionaries only to have the Churches that are established end up sending money back to the home Church or the Hierarchy of the Home Church. Yes there are Churches sending out missionaries for the right reasons and money is sent to them for the work and they never send anything back to a home Church nor is there a hierarchy sitting over them. This is not the norm though

            You also have Churches yoking up with all sorts of fowl things ever read the book of Ezekiel? Do you think it may apply to the Church also? Are we witnessing the “falling away” I believe the story as I read it here some that wear the name Christian are not really into helping needy Christians some cower in fear. Remember the story of David and the giant. Many Churches are like king Saul and not willing to stand up to the enemy. Some do have their own agenda to pursue.

            Just because Islam is evil and on the march does not excuse these other institutions that are Christian by name only and not in there actions.

            It has also been reported the RCC still persecutes Christians where they can get away with it. I do believe Bible believing Christians is the only religion the Pope has not put his approval on. He just gave his approval to Atheist the other day I mean come on.

            The RCC might not be Mystery Babylon of Revelation nor the harlot of Revelation yet it is still a harlot.

            It is not a stretch to see how some Churches would ignores those who need help Mathew 25 comes to mind. I think some balance is needed here,

            Pro 20:23 Divers weights are an abomination to the LORD; and a false balance is not good.


            And please lets try and use stories like these to inspire us into action let them cause us to pray all the more and more intensely.

      • Andy Bendzin

        That was in case of Aisha. I know that and I applaud him. What I am against is the church’s silence and yes I have to say this in the plural. You do not hear publically of churches in America calling to attention the plight of Christians in other countries. When Christians were persecuted almost immediately after Gaza was given over to the Arabs and Hamas was elected into power, the churches did not say a word about it. Sorry if it offends you. Church to me is not the believers gathering, church is the institutionalized body. This is in particular true for Europe. And yes, I can speak about it because I happen to come from Germany and know only too well the strange paths that especially the Lutheran church has taken where they walk hand in hand with leftist organisations. Sorry if it bothers you. I mean no ill respect. But I won’t keep quiet about it either. Read what Christ says to the seven churches in revelation and then think over what it could OR could not mean for your particular church that you are a member of. Not only corporately but also individually.

        • sumsrent

          You don’t know their situation in Pakistan. In fact… those that die do so in Christ Jesus. What about all those muslims that need to hear about Salvation.
          Do we need a sermon on what Christ Jesus meant when he said he came to save the lost?
          Please… spare me your back tracking… the “purse” strings of satanic Islam stretch into your personal wallet every day you pump gasoline for your vehicle.
          Tell me… what does it mean to you when you read “Forsake not the assembling”… and those seven “Churches” mentioned in Revelation?
          Are those “institutionalized” bodies? Or does it say “Churches”?
          So… think again… you’re spewing what you’ve been programmed to believe… casting stones at the Church… the assemblies… the body of Christ.
          Unknowingly serving the Globalists.

          • sumsrent

            Let me add…
            My reply was directed at your “purse” comment… a common theme nowadays in this world.
            You can also believe I’m frustrated too at how the media attacks on those who speak up against the atrocities happening to Christians in this world. And frustrated at the lack of comprehension of what satanic Islam is in the Churches… even those that have bent their ways towards Chrislam.
            It’s a sick demented satanic Islamic world…

        • sumsrent

          Let me also add…

          You say…

          “You do not hear publically of churches in America calling to attention the plight of Christians in other countries. When Christians were persecuted almost immediately after Gaza was given over to the Arabs and Hamas was elected into power, the churches did not say a word about it.”

          That’s because muslims are heavily invested in the media… influencing what’s being reported. CNN, BBC, Fox, News Corp, Time, etc.

          What we do hear about is Terry the Quran burning preacher out of Florida being portrayed as a racist, misguided idiot. Building sympathy for satanic Islam..

          Again… it’s a satanic Islamic world…

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  • H2o2Bill

    I don’t know what to say and I don’t know what to pray but I will pray.
    For His name sake,…………………………….

  • sumsrent

    It says: “… the Muslim staff showed their prejudice by not even touching the bodies of the affected.”
    Listen up folks… this is the way muslims conduct business. In fact there is evidence that muslim doctors & physicians in Western countries give non-muslim patients a lower than acceptable level of service. Not washing their hands or following sanitary procedures for non-muslim Infidels.
    In other words… non-muslims are Infidels… who are second rate citizens worthy of enslavement and death… who do NOT get the level of care given to brethren muslims!
    Research the truth people… know if your doctor is a satanic worshipping muslim. [Bing it… don’t Google it… Goggle is an Islamic influenced company which owns Twitter and You Tube. Sources which jihadists use to promote their satanic Islamic agenda of world domination.]
    WARNING!!! Do NOT use muslim nurses, physicians or doctors!

    • Paul Beck

      sumsrent: What country will the Son of Perdition come from?

      • sumsrent

        What kind of question is that? Are you a Dhimmi Mormon who sympathizes with Islam?

        • Paul Beck

          Definitely not. But, I was expecting you to have an immediate and direct answer to my “olive branch” question. I’ll remove any disappointment with the belief that you were being rightfully cautious. 😉
          Now if someone had asked me that question, I would have answered “Turkey,” without hesitation. And we’re not far from it. So I am curious what your well thought out position will be.
          ‘Contact’ via HarpazoTV-dot-com
          Curious as to if you’re doing more than just Comment posts…

          • sumsrent

            I’m not here to please you fella… so whether or not your disappointed is something you must deal with.

            I saw your other comment… [whenever it is cleared is the question.]
            And from what I see… you’re untrustworthy.

            You say… “…curious what your well thought out position will be.”

            Are you kidding yourself!? What does that have to do with my previous comment about doctors & physicians? Nothing.

            So you believe you’re some sort of secret undercover, scanner for the police to determine another’s position?

            Don’t play me… especially if you believe the “son of perdition” is a country.

            PS… I don’t get what you mean by “Olive Branch”… so you should easily see I’m not with your game. And definitely not interested in what you’re selling.

          • sumsrent

            Paul… it appears as if your comments are remaining in limbo…

            But I took a look at your link… not impressed…

            One paragraph says: “The United States is still trying to disorganize the Middle East, just like the “Arab Spring” that overthrew Sunni regimes in Egypt and Libya. Jordan is reporting violent unrest against the Hashemite King who is considered to a foreigner by many Jordanian Arabs.”
            Which proves they are way out of touch with reality… brainwashing all those who read it. And this is just one of many distorted comments in the article.
            The fact is… the Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping Islam in it’s quest of world domination. It may not appear that way at first glance… but research the pattern ever since Iraq… and it becomes clear.
            See… the Luciferian Globalists and satanic Islam serve the same evil master. All designed to establish their antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi to wipe out Christianity.
            Understand that Islamic prophecy expects chaos… and what they call “Islamic persecution” just before this Caliphate/Mahdi returns and straightens things out with their awaited Isa [the fake Jesus].
            You can believe that the Islamic world believes they are being persecuted as more & more of the world becomes aware of their agenda and speaks out against their lies of Islamophobia and such.
            It’s all manufactured chaos… to fulfill Islamic prophecy… and you can also believe that their so called chaos is setting up the ME for the eventual return of the antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi.
            Which means… there will NOT be any sort of clear leadership in any Islamic nation whatsoever… until that antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi returns. Which will do what?
            Unite the Islamic world more than ever against the Christian world. They’ll be ready like no other time in history… to kill…
            And the Christians will be more duped than ever… because they are looking for an antichrist that has the perfect attributes of Christ Jesus. Which will never manifest.
            See… we know that it is virtually impossible for anyone to have just Eight Holy Bible prophecy attributes of Christ Jesus. Such as… being from the Davidic Lineage… born in Bethlehem… lived in Nazareth… and others such as died with criminals and buried with the rich…
            Too many Christians are looking for some sort of antichrist who will fits this description… and it won’t happen. So they’ll easily discard the coming antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi… because it doesn’t fit what they’ve been taught all these generations.
            With that being said… I don’t get what you’re driving at… weird questions and links from secular sources that are spun to distort the truth with inaccuracies… As if your testing others to elevate your prideful and egotistical ways.
            Tell me… do you suffer? Have a tendency to be in broken relationships? Power and control issues? Think you’re slicker than Slick Willy?
            Your turn…

          • sumsrent

            As I suspected… you’re untrustworthy…

            You say… ” What country will the Son of Perdition come from?

            And act as if that’s a “olive branch” question? No, it’s not… it’s a test question. So right off the bat… you expose hidden motives.

            [If there was a comment before that… I never saw it. This was the first comment I saw.]

            Although; I left the door open just in case you were spewing some code word for identifying other cult members. That’s why I replied… “I don’t get what you mean by “Olive Branch”… so you should easily see I’m not with your game. And definitely not interested in what you’re selling.”

            Then… you follow it up with… ” I’ll remove any disappointment with the belief that you were being rightfully cautious. ;-)”

            Make note Paul… two things bother me with this comment…
            1) Disappointment… which I commented on earlier

            2) The “;-)”… and if you’re the “olive branch” person you claim to be… I won’t have to expound on this.

            Then… you say…
            “Now if someone had asked me that question, I would have answered “Turkey,” without hesitation.”

            But then act as if I had mistaken what you said? By saying… “You incorrectly concluded within a subsequent reply that I believed the Son of Perdition to be a country.”

            So let me put it like this… if you’re attempting to befriend me, you’ve got a lot of ground to make up and I’m not impressed with your compliments.

            And for future reference… I recommend that you junk your game playing, testing, “bread crumbs”, “nuggets” and “ball dangling” masquerading ways …

            If you’re the “Olive Branch” person you claim to be… you should know how to test the spirits… aye?

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    … Jesus is my LIBERTY .
    So consider Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour for your LIBERTY .”

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