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Keep your eye on that guy with the Cigarette.

Syrian Rebel tries to put out Cigarette with Gunpowder

After the Chemical weapons attack in Syria on August 20th, the propaganda war was on. Those who wanted to defend al-Qaeda (John McCain) insisted that Bashar al-Assad was responsible. Despite multiple indications that the Syrian rebels were responsible, the McCainiacs refused to deviate. In McCain’s case, he defended the rebels at every turn, saying “I […]

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Mursi's Chief of Staff Tahtawi and Al-Qaeda's number 1 are First Cousins.

Mursi’s Chief of Staff Al-Qaeda Chief’s First Cousin

Note: The following post is being introduced as Addendum M to Ironclad: Egypt Involved in Benghazi Attacks. Mohammed al-Zawahiri is closely connected to his brother, al-Qaeda’s number one, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Ansar Al-Sharia Egypt, and the Jamal Network. Now it’s been learned that both Ayman and Mohammed are connected to former President of Egypt, Mohammed Mursi. […]

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Humphrey Peters: Bishop of Peshawar has some explaining to do.

Corruption of the Diocese of Peshawar

From our contact in Pakistan… On September 22, 2013, approximately five hundred people gathered for Sunday service. There was an additional sixty-four who were present in the Sunday school on the Church compound. Two suicide bombers entered the compound and exploded themselves while the worshipers were coming out at the end of Service at All […]

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Wacko Bird John McCain goes after Louie Gohmert

The ever-civil Senator John McCain, who called Ted Cruz a “Wacko bird”, has now accused another fellow Republican of being devoid of intelligence. Last week, at the Values Voter Summit, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) rightfully ripped Senator John McCain for the latter’s support of Syrian rebels and al-Qaeda. McCain, who refuses to attack Democrats but […]

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