ISIS Takes A Man, Cuts His Head Off And Plays Soccer With It, They Then Take Children And Behead Them In Front Of Their Parents

By Theodore Shoebat

ISIS recently took children and beheaded them in front of their children, and also beheaded a man and played soccer with his head, in the Syrian area of Yarmouk. I did a whole video on this horror:

A Palestinian local named Amjad Yaaqub, said:

In Palestine Street, I saw two members of Daesh playing with a severed head as if it was a football

Another local, Ibrahim Abdel Fatah, recalled the horrors he witnessed:

I saw severed heads. They killed children in front of their parents. We were terrorised

Here is a photo said by one Afghan source to be of a ISIS terrorist kicking around a human head:


Here is another photo of two heads decapitated by ISIS in Yarmouk:


All of the victims are Palestinian, and yet the media is not making as much of a big deal as it would if these were killed by Israelis.


  • susan

    Thank you for covering these atrocities Theodore. May we never allow our hearts to harden when we hear of the suffering of our brethren. Thank you!

  • Julie

    The world of Islam is silent.

  • Sister E

    Ted, I really don’t know what to say! I’m doubfounded.

  • Themessengers

    Theodore there is a difference between the Cakezadoors n the Aztec n those previously barbaric groups n Isis

    The difference between them n Isis is.
    No matter how much u fight u can’t stop Isis

    Because their leader is the little horn n anti Christ

    That’s why they can’t be stopped n if u are a believer in Christ more than likely they gonna kill u

    After the anger is finished Jesus returns n avenges all the saints that died in him n all the dead in Christ is resurrected

  • richinnameonly

    Does CAIR care? Just wondering.

    • C20

      Only about political correctness. Nothing about people.

  • marlene

    I PUKE.

  • ChiRho


  • Muawiyah

    He got 69 million voters because SOMEBODY forgot to go out and get more Republican voters.

  • gataheart

    How much depravity Jehovah has witnessed over the millenniums!! All satanic inspired. We are in the “day of darkness” ..Satan’s ‘last stand Round 1’. Satan has been “hurled from heaven and wages war with those bearing witness to Jesus”. Rev. 12 being fulfilled. Great Tribulation approaches spreading like the plague worldwide. Satan is now in ‘Rule or ..RUIN’ mode.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Those who do not confess that Jesus is GOD, the 2nd person of the Trinity, will be in outer darkness.

  • Only traveled to the area on one of Uncle Sam’s paid vacations… I’ll tell you EVERYONE would be better off if they walled in all Arab countries and Palestinian enclaves, they’d kill themselves off in a year.

  • Stephen

    If you need to see an example of acts caused by demon possession … But then again who believes in the existence of Satan these days? Apart from me, that is.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    I am truly sorry that you believe the garbage that JW’s have spewed, and the horrible ‘translations’ they put forth, adding words where words did NOT exist in the originals.Jesus built ONE CHURCH, and it has ALWAYS existed, and always will. You need to seek it out.