Hilary Clinton: Christians In America Must Deny Their Faith In Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat

(Thanks to the Right Scoop)

Hilary Clinton just said that Christians must deny their Faith through the enforcement of laws, by stating that the Christian belief in being pro-life, and anti-abortion, must change, and that this should be done through laws and “political will.” If Christians must change Christian teachings in regards to abortion, then what Hilary Clinton is essentially saying is that Christians must deny their Faith. Hillary Clinton, speaking at the Women in the World Summit on April 23, made the statement:

Far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth, and laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper. Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.

Here is the video:

Notice that she says that the change of Christian beliefs is the “unfinished business of the 21st century,” which means she wants to persecute Christians.

God willing, Donald Trump will vanquish this witch in the elections.

The most horrific persecution of Christians is happening right now. Christians are being killed and tortured in the most demonic and cruel ways you can imagine, and its happening in Mexico. Hundreds of thousands of people slaughtered, countless innocents forced under the yoke of the most horrific and sinister tyranny. But there is hope, for tens of thousands of Christians are raising arms and fighting back. I did a whole documentary on this, called Hell Across The Border, a documentary unlike any other. Watch it, show it to everyone you know, your friends, your family, churches, everyone:




  • Tom_mcewen

    Liberalism a black boot stamping on the face to whomever does not agree with Hillary, again and again until they brokenly agree or they are dead. Brought to you by The DNC and room #101.

    • Sister E

      Liberalism is a sin. This is a book writtten by a Spanish (but its in English) named Dr. Don Felix Sarda Y Salvany, and adopted by Conde B. Pallen, PD.D, LL.D. Check it on here; you can read the entire book for free. Here it is:

  • Trevor

    Hillary is a witchy old hag.

    • Kamau41

      BIG TIME! And far worse.

    • Willing to die for Jesus

      yes just the same extremism exhibited as old hag Grandma Obama… I wonder if Hilary has secretly done a pilgrimage to Mecca too??

      • Sister E

        It wouldn’t surprise me at all. She is been bought off, and they want to sell America too, to its enemies.

        • susan

          She’s definitely sold us out.

      • passionflower3

        next thing she will be wearing the hijab

    • passionflower3

      yes she is

  • Delta Rain

    Satan in a skirt . That is one evil, murdering, cold-blooded witch.

    • passionflower3


  • Julie LaBrecque

    How can woman have access to safe childbirth when their babies are ripped from the womb?

    • susan

      They love to hide behind innocent sounding language. Reminds me of what satan told eve in the garden.you will surely not die.

      • Sister E


    • Grandmere

      Right on. They get no birth at all.

  • Betty

    I think she will move to Saudi Arabia if she loses.

    • momprayn

      Hopefully, if no repentance — Mecca, along with the rest of the traitors …and then…..BOOM!!!!

      • susan

        There was a man who was told by angels that we would be severely short in gasoline. So much so that people would kill one another over it. I wonder if anyone would tell us the truth about such a scenario and how it would affect us if something like that were to happen in x number of months.

        • momprayn

          Susan – I have been hearing for a few years from Christians about this warning of a global economic crash which of course will affect having enough fuel, food, etc. – and the realistic, honest economists are worried too. So I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Best to prepare the best you can just in case. Always best to hope the best but prepare for the worst as they say.

          Might want to check out this message by Ron Paul – his opinion about an unprecedented inevitable economic crash coming in the near future……….I sent it to all my adult “kids”.


          • Sister E

            Thanks for the website. I’ll check it out.

        • Sister E

          That may not happen – BUT suppose it happens? We never know!

          • susan

            Greed. Lust. Perversions and a new religion, same as the old religion…Satan’s.

          • Sister E

            You’re right!

          • susan

            Yep. It’s going to be bad. But if we pull together we’ll get through it.

    • Sister E

      Why not? That her second home. And she has not gone to the White House yet as President. We haven’t seen nothing yet, wait till she gets to the Oval Office. All her true colors will be exposed. I hope and pray nobody votes for her.

      • Willing to die for Jesus

        Anyone else notice that Hilary looks demon-possessed in that photo? Her eyes wide open and maniacal like her Islamo-fascist compatriots, it’s like she’s waiting to feast on more Christian blood (as she already has her hands entirely covered in the blood of Christian martyrs from Libya to Serbia to Syria and in between to the US with her abortion supporting), and feast on the unborn children she wants to exterminate and rip out of their mothers.
        Remember when blessed Mother Teresa was awarded the highest US Congressional order, I think everybody in Congress gave Mother Teresa a standing ovation except for abortion-loving Clintons (this of course was a time when “pro-life Democrat” wasn’t an oxymoron

    • Willing to die for Jesus

      but i wonder if she finds the prospects of having a clitoridectomy appealing though?? they might make exceptions for her purely for propaganda reasons to say look we scored a major prize convert from the West (and good riddance, it’s better she’s shipped off over there and made to wear a tent so she can’t be seen or heard at all)

      • Betty

        She could always go to Switzerland…

  • This Little Piggy

    Hillary is known to & admits
    having someone channel Eleanor Roosevelt. She admits to regularly talking with Eleanor. Here a link to a video of Bill admitting this in a speech.
    Many of our leaders have been involved with the occult/New Age Movement (see link below). They are being influenced by demons.Those in New Age leadership believe Christians will be taken away for reprograming, by the Assended Masters (Demons/Aliens). This is how they will explain away the rapture. Research Barbara Marx Hubbard. She believes peace can only come into the world when everyone thinks the same & that Christians must change or die (along the same lines as Oprah). Hubbard is even for beheading. They are for population control & that people need to be purged. Perhaps, in addition to Muslims influential our leaders, the New Agers in our government are letting jihadists do a lot of there killing for them?

    • billobillo54

      Thanks for this post. God bless you.

    • Stephen Dalton

      Read the book “Occult America”. It’s a history of the influence of the occult on America, especially it’s leadership. Oh, btw, be wary of cuttingedge.org. It has a lot of wacko stuff, and is extremely Anti-Catholic.

      • Julie

        There was a Catholic sister at a New Age conference in Seattle….now home of the dope….and she said people would be surprised at how many covens were established in convents all over the country.

        The laity was not surprised for those who heard about it….this is gone now…but it has its residue…American sisters in apostolic life…so many compromised…but traditional contemplative orders did not suffer the same.

        • Willing to die for Jesus

          oh my gosh, the vipers have entered the sacred realm, doing Black masses doesn’t surprise me ever since the “spring time” of Vatican 2

          • Julie

            Those sisters are gone. The remaining were investigated by the Vatican through Archbishop Sartain of Seattle…probably most radical there.

            They have been neutralized…USA had worst apostolic women religious.

          • Grandmere

            They should have turned them over to Mother Angelica. She would have straightened them out.

          • Julie

            The bishops wanted to kick Mother Angelica out…so she started her own tv network…the rest is history…for real!…now I think those bishops are gone as well…

        • susan

          One of the first things that Pope Francis did was increase the number of exorcists. Very wise.

          • Willing to die for Jesus

            they are needed now more than ever before, I remember reading about a Polish Catholic priest who was “exorcising” his home state of IL after the legislature legalized abominable gay marriage

          • Julie

            More priests means….if we go back to olden days…2 or 3 priests per parish…then we can get communion kneelers back into desire of the laity.

          • Grandmere

            I do love my altar rail and kneelers.

          • Sister E

            We have the same liking. I love altar rail and kneelers too.

    • Betty

      This Little Piggy, thanks for the video of Old Bill, as Walid calls him.

      Old Bill made a point of saying Hillary reminded him to say how she “talks” with the deceased Eleanor Roosevelt.

      Seems to be making sure that all all the palm readers, soothsayers and seers — witch friends of Hillary, making sure they get out the vote for her.

  • RodK1975

    I always love when one of these liberal atheist dirt bags say something like this. It’s just like when the idiots say “Oh well, Christians just need to accept homos no matter what the Bible says.” The unmitigated gall it takes to suggest that Christians just need to decided to ignore God and His commands… Unfortunately for you Hillary, we are not heathen filth that will sell out at the drop of a hat (or in your husband’s case the drop of a pair of panties).

  • Kamau41

    In God’s perfect timing, the sword of a very BOLD and RIGHTEOUS person will soundly and utterly defeat Hillary Clinton long before she even has a chance to set foot in the WH. Oh God, we call upon you to help us in this very hour.

    • Betty

      Hillary must be pretty desperate to be” talking” regularly to Eleanor Roosevelt another loser in her day.

      • Grandmere

        They were probably talking about how to endure the humiliation of a publicly cheating spouse.

        • Betty

          True! Franklin D. Roosevelt, another famous charming lecher in the White House married to an ugly woman.

        • Betty

          Just for laughs….I heard Walid tell about this on video….
          Speaking of ugly women like Hillary, reminds me of the conversation Winston Churchill had with Lady Astor, who loved the Nazis when Winston Churchill was trying to save England.
          She said to him, “Winston, you are a drunk.”

          He said, “Yes, I am drunk, but tomorrow I’ll be sober and you will still be ugly.”

          Lady Astor said to him, “If I was your wife, I’d put poison in your tea.”
          “Lady Astor, if I was your husband, I would drrrink it.” !!

          • Willing to die for Jesus

            what a wicked woman that “Lady” Astor was.. not a Lady at all in my books

  • momprayn

    Even though I do pray for her that she be delivered from her demons, repent and be saved before it’s too late —- right now you can correctly say she’s really THE “wicked witch of the West”………

    • momprayn

      Maybe a house will fall on her too — her “house of cards”………..very, very heavy cards.

    • Willing to die for Jesus

      indeed she is, she would like Obama support infanticide and kill survivors of botched abortions, demand abortion on demand up until birth no questions asked and say “God bless you” to Planned Parenthood just like Obama did! Can you imagine them, one demon blessing another demonic organization!! Please please please don’t vote her in and spread it around, stuff the rhetoric about her being the “first” woman President, she is more misogynistic and anti-woman than any other candidate I’ve seen on the abortion issue (not to mention being so Pro-Islamic)

    • RodK1975


      • momprayn

        Funny – hadn’t seen that!!!! LOL

      • susan

        That’s so preciousss. 🙂

      • Stephen Dalton

        Keep you dog safe from this witch!

  • susan

    Not only does our emperor have no clothes but neither does the queen in waiting.

    • Grandmere

      She has recently transitioned from a maternity jacket to a half-burka.

      • susan


  • Sister E

    I am NOT at all surprised at Hilary’s words.

  • Sister E

    According to Hillary the state should dictate to the Church what to do and what not to do. So the state is assuming the place of the Church; in other words USURPING the Church. There are many entities that want to replace and obliterate the Church: Islam, the atheists, the LGBT agenda, progressist leftist liberals, who else is on the list?

    • Betty

      Hindus and Buddhists….

  • 1Bobby8

    Why isn’t this wicked witch and her evil husband not arrested and tried for treason?? And after this put up against the wall blindfolded and shot instead of running for president??

    • Dan Knight

      How about just throwing a bucket of drinking water on her? Better yet: Holy Water … She may not dissolve, but I have a feeling it would tic off the powers and principalities supporting her and Bill. …

  • Julie

    Bishops are being visited weekly by police asking about any pedophiles or such they may be hiding….our stats are at bottom of rest of population’s perverts…and now the ACLU is suing the Catholic Church for shielding illegals and getting government funding and must provide abortions to illegals….

    • susan


    • Willing to die for Jesus

      yes like susan, reading about the saints gives enormous courage, especially the martyrs both of past and the recent ones like the Egyptian Copts and Ethiopian Christians

      • susan

        I’ll try to find the story of a Saint that I’d like to share.

  • donethattoo

    The only things liberals are interested in fighting for is their sin.

    • Willing to die for Jesus

      or out-doing themselves in who can be more wicked and over-the-top and as far away as God as possible in their acts and blasphemies

    • Grandmere

      That was so spot on.

  • Inform&ShareFar&Wide

    KNIGHT: USA ALMIGHTY GOD’s Moral Commandments, Laws, and Sanity is ‘deeply disturbing’ to Hillary Clinton

    “Mrs. Clinton has no problem with corporate, religious-inspired activity, providing it reflects the religious sensibilities of the priests of Baal or the rulers of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    What about the “bad slippery slope” of an America descending into decadence and [total and complete] moral anarchy? It’s a good bet that, like any thinking leftist, Mrs. Clinton welcomes it. The destruction of marriage and family makes people dependent on government and hence dependent on politicians like her.

    Speaking of dependency, what are we to make of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding over the Texas border, followed by planeloads of lawyers sent there by President Obama to ensure that they will not only remain in the United States, but quickly become newly minted recipients of taxpayer largesse?


    I don’t believe for a minute that Mr. Obama is surprised by any of this, or that he is “in over his head” any more than Mrs. Clinton is. Conservatives complain in vain about our ruling elites’ supposed ineptness.

    What if, as with Mrs. Clinton’s reverential Wellesley dissertation on Marxist community organizer Saul Alinsky, Mr. Obama is a true believer of the left who hates everything that makes America unique? [Mr. Obama] took to heart the leftist bromides from his Muslim father and stepfather, his mother, his grandparents in Hawaii and his self-acknowledged mentor, communist writer Frank Marshall Davis?

    [Mr. Obama was] schooled in radical politics by his friend, unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers, and came to believe that if he ever acquired the power to do so, he would show these spoiled Americans a thing or two[.]

    What else rationally explains 5 years of ripping apart the Constitution, economic and foreign-policy disasters, the government takeover of health care, antipathy toward Israel, a slavish devotion to using government to further sexual anarchy, an open-borders policy, and the criminal misuse of the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies to try to crush political opponents?

    As bad as it has been, we may not have seen the worst.

    Mrs. Clinton said she found the Supreme Court’s moment of moral sanity the other day ‘deeply disturbing.’”

    Reading more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/5/knight-when-moral-sanity-is-deeply-disturbing/#ixzz3YHs7G8iT

  • Diana

    and to think so many people still follow her….

  • Sue W.

    If laws have to be enforced then Obama and minions along with Clintons would in jail today.

  • This Little Piggy

    Dear Lord
    We can see Bible prophecy unfolding daily. Help us to be faithful & found worthy of being saved from Your coming wrath. Bring down the corrupt leaders in our country & raise up Your leaders & shepherd nations that will come to Israel’s rescue. Help the world to wake up & act to save our brothers in Christ. Please prevent Obama’s mass Muslim immigration plans. Deliver us from this evil man. Take away his supporters & bring his treasonous act into the light. Keep the bold truth speakers like Walid & Franklin Graham safe under your protection. Help your 2 witnesses, the Church & Israel to speak the truth & do Your will.

    In Jesus name Amen

  • Samuel Morales Jr.

    Is this a joke? Hahaha

  • xavier

    Muhammad surely must have met a Moron like Hilary when he said that women have half brain as of a man,

  • susan

    I agree with you. And maybe we will see her face.

    • Sister E

      Of course!

  • edwitness

    Very true and substantiated in the video “The Clinton Chronicles” also.


  • Grandmere

    Please do everybody a favor and convince your atheist friends not to vote for her either. Thanks

  • michelletherese

    Women in America can’t have safe births? What?? That is nonsense!

    • Willing to die for Jesus

      typical pandering to her Planned Parenthood constituents who worship her

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Amen and amen!! There is objective Truth, not moral or cultural relativism the postmodernists and Marxists live by, for them there is no Truth but “truths” that change as the winds and seasons do, sorry there are some things that are ETERNAL and God’s laws are clearly so, no budging or fudging those

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    what is wrong with this country? where do you begin, it’s impossible to list everything that’s wrong, it’d be easier to count (on one or maybe two hands if lucky) all that is good with it and pleasing to God Almighty

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    as if forcing countries to change abortion laws isn’t enough, part-and-parcel with forcing pro-abortion laws for money now is changing marriage laws to accommodate and legitimize the filth of the sodomites in countries that just simply don’t want it, and then they’re demonized like Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, etc….but strangely the Middle East is never asked to change its homosexual laws, almost because it’s unspoken they practice these acts and the criminal laws are just a veneer to the sodomy that is rampant there

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    she probably already has attended many and revelled in watching them and can’t get enough of them

  • Tom_mcewen

    ” deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” means what? Jason

    • Willing to die for Jesus

      spot on, some people clearly can’t read between the lines or understand or comprehend metaphors, analogies, parables, and sophisticated (and deceptive) literary and rhetorical techniques… a result of dumbing down and not even being able to speak or understand ONE language let alone two or more!

    • Betty

      THANK YOU Tom!

  • susan

    It’s a dirty little secret that both men and women prefer to keep abortion legal in case a sexual union leads to an inconvenient child. I have no idea where Trump stands on this issue at this time. Many who were formally pro choice have had a change of heart and now are pro life. Sometimes we do get wiser with age.

  • Grandmere

    Hey Chris. I didn’t put you down. I just asked you to spread the word about Hillary to your friends. We need all the help we can get. I’ll take all the prayer I can get. LOL

  • Sister E

    She sure is an enemy of Christianity. What she is saying here and her track record speak volumes! I pray and hope republican candidate with will stand for the preservation of Christianity will wsin the forthcoming 2016 election for President.

  • Sister E

    I read this one before. Isn’t that something!

  • richinnameonly

    She makes me sick. Bill does also, but he’s more of a “charmer”. Just think, if things go on long enough maybe Chelsea would also get into politics and they could continue the sickening tradition!

  • Sister E

    That’s a good one!

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    well there were some “academics” who were pushing a “post-birth abortion” procedure (just re-wording “infanticide” to extend “abortion” to the born child)… she should be in line for a post-birth abortion since she loves abortion so much, otherwise she’d be a hypocrite!

  • Betty


    • Phil aka Felipe

      Yes ma’am. You’re welcome.

  • Betty

    Phil ,
    You just have to laugh at that pair of nincompoops…who think they have us all fooled.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Why is that the Liberals pushed for the legalization of the indiscriminate killing of innocent babies? On the OTHER hand, Liberals push for the protection of animals – what’s up?

    • passionflower3

      abortion is murder and i dont have to change a darn thing in what i know is truth,the LORD knew me before i was born,that is where conception starts ,

      • Julie LaBrecque

        I think you confused my post with someone else’s – I am adamantly pro-life.

  • fklftman74 .

    :You only hear what you want to hear, not the truth. Dont vote for common sense, vote for color or gender, thats the liberal way.

  • Lenn

    She is a lizard! I really can’t believe that anyone takes her running as president serious? It would be a disaster, and besides, does anyone think of her being woman; she will not be respected by any Arab country, since they don’t respect women as leaders. The US will Thus get a huge problem, if she really was to be elected!
    May God remove her from the political stage.

  • RodK1975

    One-Thousand accolades, Joyce!! Bravo!

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Learn to read – he said “IF”.

  • passionflower3

    one is conceived in the heart of GOD ,he decides where life begins

  • susan

    Now bossfan 62, you know I’m never going to grow up if that means denying and leaving behind God. Now how do you think someone as awesome as yourself got here? Now I’m asking you to answer that fully knowing you might be a little flippant. 😉

  • susan

    Will do!

  • susan

    I thought it was Francis but i could be wrong. I’ll double check and let you know…if I can find my way back here.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    i think you may be on the ball there, she certainly isn’t channelling any of the Saints or asking the Holy Spirit to enter her and make her a new more compassionate woman instead of the witch she has become, she’s becoming more wicked and pro-muslim by the day! i fear no amount of praying will change her

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    heaven forbid!!!

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Thank you for setting him straight though his chances of seeing the light are slim i think, his mind’s already made up and witchy has already bewitched him methinks

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    I agree with you that God’s Word does not change – but not so sure on the “lady” part I think she’s openly shown her true colors and she’s a “witch”

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    how long ago was that though? she’s warped so much since entering politics, just like her dud husband, who now conveniently says he “regretted” signing DOMA… they’re nothing but sell-outs and to the highest biddest (the Gulf Arabs being the highest bidders I think)

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    what you are saying is soo true! if only more would listen up

  • RodK1975

    Great post, Joyce… 1000% on point. I heard a preacher once call it “Sloppy Agape”. They want the Grace without repentance. But they don’t want to admit is that the Law came before Grace… So the Law has to be preached before Grace can be preached.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Have they done anything wrong?

  • Delta Rain

    2nd Book in the Bible. Way before Christ. Way before the 80s.
    Exodus 21:22-24
    …22″If men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she gives birth prematurely, yet there is no injury, he shall surely be fined as the woman’s husband may demand of him, and he shall pay as the judges decide. 23″But if there is any further injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty life for life, 24eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,…

  • David VanKomen

    No wonder why Atheists love her so much. You can not change the word of God as this clown liberal says “Beliefs” I will not conform or change my beliefs for her or anyone else. The coward’s and back peddling chimps who say nothing about the perversion of Islam, simply can go live and run for pres in the middles east.

  • susanjmaki

    We’re talking about government! Charity at gunpoint (which is how all governments hold authority) is not charity, but corruption. Just how many ‘Republican selfish bigots’ do you know? Not that you’ve heard about, but know personally? Do you really think the baby killers will be there? The unforgiven fornicators? You can’t promise someone forever in a sinful relationship without thumbing your nose at God.

  • susanjmaki

    That’s because abortion wasn’t legal until Rowe Vs. Wade. Are you really supporting abortion when so many forms of birth control are available? You basically are saying, “the mother couldn’t be bothered with birth control, so kill the child”. No. It’s just wrong.

  • susanjmaki

    His problem is that he won’t fight! Why risk killing your Muslim brothers to save Christians who are being murdered?

  • susanjmaki

    Thanks for serving. I think we should just take over the countries we fight for. Make things better for everyone.

    • Nun Ya

      People do not like there countries being occupied and I don’t think we have many people who want to live over there or live with people who think blowing themselves up gets them to paradise with 12 virgins or what ever. It’s hard for them to even occupy with all of the hatred and killing. In many ways they are a very backwards people. Watch a time for Drunken horses it’s free on netflix, It gives you a look into life as a Kurd and the people. You will be amazed, it’s not fun or uplifting but it is eye opening.

  • susanjmaki

    And when you think of why, it’s even more horrendous. These children are being killed because their parents can’t be bothered with birth control! Most methods are close to 100% effective. In combination, foolproof. So it’s not okay to wipe out a life because daddy likes it better without a condom. Or because mom isn’t careful about her pills.

  • Scott Keith

    You can have all the religious beliefs you want, but no reason I need to follow your rules.

  • Ashley DeVille

    Hillary needs to go. Someone some yank her up by her wig and hit her with a two x four.

  • Michelle Castañeda

    You better start with the Muslims first. I’m not changing anything I believe.

  • Jo

    Uh no she didn’t. MURDER IS MURDER.

  • Randy Carlisle

    You won’t have to worry about that.

  • Randy Carlisle

    If they didn’t, which I doubt you’re correct about, having been alive since the 60’s, they were wrong. The taking of a human life, in whatever stage of development, is murder. No semantic argument will change that.

  • Randy Carlisle

    I only agree with your last sentence: it makes no sense for a species to intentional kill itself off for no legitimate value. The taking of a human life is murder, regardless of how old the victim is.

  • Randy Carlisle

    Hilary Clinton has never been 100% correct about anything.

  • 2BRKnot2B

    The Pope issued a decree in 1968 declaring conception the beginning of human life. You are quite wrong, a tool, and a propagandist. RTR

  • Tiny Tim

    Obama is a “rino conservative”??


    neverhome I’m sorry you feel this way, I will pray for you!

    • The_Old_Geezer

      Don’t waste your time! If ones choice is to go to hell, let’m go.


    marlio I’m sorry you feel this way, I will pray for you!

  • Jean

    She is not a true woman a true woman does not murder her offspring, a true woman would rather give it away then murder it. Hillary is worse then any man she does not hold the Sanctity of Mother Hood. She is a disgrace.

  • cherykie

    You are liberal dependent, aren’t you, Debbe ? You feed on the constant blather from the left that all republicans are rich and hoard their money so the poor go without, without even questioning its validity. You actually think republicans care nothing for the less fortunate because some political prostitute says so. Let’s get this straight. republican presidents have given more to charity than any democrat in the recent past, and please don’t be fooled by the Clinton Foundation. the main “charity ” it supports is the Clinton pocketbook. Foreign and domestic leaders have ” donated” millions to the foundation in return for political favors. That makes hillary clinton and her husband political prostitutes. The main differences today
    between republican and democrat are:
    most republicans
    1 believe ending the life of a growing viable fetus is murder
    2 believe God set the standards for a marriage to be a union between a man and a woman
    3 believe work is essential for a family to prosper
    4 believe in the existence of God

    most democrats
    1 believe its a woman’s right to end the life of a human parasite invading her body. After all, it’s HER body!
    2 believe in same sex marriage
    3 believe taxparers should provide a living for those who don’t want to work- a device to insure votes from ethnic blocs
    4 believe there is no power higher than themselves.
    And yes, Debbe there are as many if not more liberal billionaires as there are conservatives.

  • raccoon73

    She better just watch her words when it comes to following laws…..she will get hers….

  • raccoon73

    Why can’t we all be real. I do not believe in abortion, it is not something I would have done..but others have the right to do what will help their situation. We don’t have to all think alike.

    • Deborah Urquijo

      There are somethings in this world that are just not ok and a civil society does not do them. And murdering your offspring is one of those thing. I do not think we will change anyone’s mind by judging them. But we will change people’s actions by teaching them how much God loves them and when they realize how valuable each and every life is then they would never make the choice to abort any child. I pray for the hearts and souls of each and every child of God.

    • IamRobbie

      This has nothing to do with “thinking alike.”

      Would you say that rape is wrong, but “others have the right to do what will help their situation. We don’t have to all think alike?”

      Would you say that spousal or child abuse is wrong, but “others have the right to do what will help their situation. We don’t have to all think alike?”

      Abortion is NEVER a matter of “doing what will help one’s situation!” It is
      always wrong, and we should do everything we can to end it. If you’re
      not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

  • Lynne Gerred

    When the laws aren’t enforced that’s how the country ends up with 11 million illegal aliens. Personally, I think 3 or 4 million of them are in L.A.

  • Brian Sanchez

    I can’t help but hate this woman and the whole DNC with a passion that makes me just sick to my stomach. I ask God to forgive me for that.For people of faith, all we can do at this point is turn all of this over to god and ask him to deliver the right person to be our next president.If it’s Hillary then I guess America hasn’t fully fell to its knees and we are in for more punishment before we truly wake up.

  • GrumpyCat

    LMAO! I knew this was going to end with them asking for money. This isn’t about religion this is about “Shoebat” trying to scam money from the weak minded religious people.

    • And your evidence that I am scamming is?

      Its not in your comment because had you had any evidence you would have disclosed it. Instead, you slander because you are evil by nature and have no religion in you for if you did, you would not say “weak minded religious people” as if all who are religious are “weak minded” and you have a strong mind. But have you had a strong mind you would have used it and provided evidence against me.

      Sob looking cat, go find a doberman pinscher and let it take you out of your misery.

  • Lee Neely

    Abortion is murder. It’s called common sense. You should find some.

  • Samantha

    It really rubs me raw, that Hillary made these comments. It wasn’t that long ago, that she was against the very Things she stands for and supports today. In recent news, she has been quoted as mocking the gay community and the Mexicans in her emails. It just goes to show, that even though she says she against all these issues and support of gays and illegal immigrants, she has been caught red handed contradicting her own agendas and beliefs. The fact is this, Hillary Clinton is clearly after votes and the White House. She has been caught lying, stealing, mocking and killing. I don’t care if your Democrat, Republican, Independent or what. This woman is clearly insane. A pathological liar. I believe she is clinically ill. How can you flip flop on so many issues? It’s one thing to change your mind on issues from time to time. But this woman changes her beliefs and stance on issues, like she changes her underwear. Enough is enough. Get this woman some professional help.

  • Dave Woodruff

    The concept of hell is the antithesis of love.

  • Elin

    She said “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will.” Why is it that they can pick and choose which laws need to be in forced? What about the immigration laws they choose to ignore. And what about laws that involve handling classified information. I am so tired of this double standard. this woman breaks one law after another and she is called careless while other have been sent to prison for much less. We are lectured that we have to change our belief about God who does not change. Why is this woman allowed to get away with these lies?

  • Steve Vise

    The most selfish thing a person can do is to kill a baby so her life won’t be “slowed down” by a kid.

  • Rosemary Richards

    Even the Devil believes in God! You must remember that Lucifer was God’s MOST BEAUTIFUL ANGEL! So even Lucifer believes in God That is not what you need to get into Heaven. You have to accept him as your savior . You see God was the ORIGINAL PRO CHOICE Deity. You can CHOOSE to BE SAVED or you can CHOOSE NOT to BE SAVED! It is YOUR CHOICE! You will be JUDGED by him on the day of JUDGEMENT!

  • Thats about right.

  • Jonathan Trivette

    Hillary Clinton is a joke. She wants us to put aside our religious beliefs and support the laws of man over the Word of God. Not me, not now, not ever.

  • Deborah Urquijo

    When convincing women to murder their own children is what you and Hillary call the “advancement of women” , you are seriously mistaken the definition of advancement. A society that can convince or mandate that a mother murder her own offspring is a sick society. I pray for the hearts and souls of lost women who have no idea of the love God has for them and their children. There are no mistaken children conceived.

  • sandy1940

    what they did to Christians in Syria recently is so horrible I cannot say it, I just wept . Christians have been tortured and killed for years but people here in America are not aware of it, I am. God have Mercy, one more time, help us, so many can be born again and Jesus will return, after the Rapture many will still be here who thought they were going, Lord please open eyes, my own family needs to seriously say HE IS LORD. it is more than a yeah, I accept Jesus, so much more.

  • Greg Maxwell

    There is the law of common physics, like gravity for instance……it never wavers…..the laws of the Spirit world has its own rules, we have yet to unlock the mysteries of…….

  • Cole Alexander

    OK I can’t stand the Clinton’s and I am pro-life but she didnt say anything about denying your faith. When we imply that’s what she meant and make the headline seem like that’s what she said it makes us no better than her and the left with all their lies. Don’t stoop to their level.

  • KG7412

    I thought Obamacare was the solution of all our medical needs. We need to enforce laws, BUT ignore them when you are caught abusing them?!? Hillary for prison!

  • Armand Tetreault

    Sick and evil

  • Hazel Johnson

    I will deny my faith when hell freezes over, Hillary Clinton will not change my mind. She will be in hell three days before anyone even knows she gone. I can’t believe that there are people in the USA that believe in that person. I don’t even believe she is a human woman, even a dog knows how to take care of their young and they will tear you to pieces with their teeth to save their young. Any woman that kills their baby is worse than a dog. If they don’t want the baby, don’t kill it give it up for adoption. There are women out there that would give anything to have a baby. Trump had got to win, I know that he is not perfect but he is the lesser of two evils..

  • Dona Mullins

    Wow! And you’re NOT! Sounds so me like you are a racist, prejudiced bigot! God have Mercy on your soul you poor misguided creature… I feel sorry for ignorant people..no matter what political party they belong to, but if you think a party affiliation makes one a bigot, check out the history of the Democratic party… Were you aware that NOT ONE republican ever owned a slave. The Democratic party WAS and IS THE SLAVE PARTY, you idiot!

  • BillD1945

    God told us that ” in the womb He knew us.” Evil doers will always try to justify their actions.

  • Killing babies in the dark (abortion) or in the light deserves not just eternal hell, but current burning at the stake.

  • Jack Raby

    How anyone that has ever had a child could vote for this person is beyond my comprehension.

  • Its neither spelled Hillary or Hilary, it is spelled Hitlery

  • Best comment of the day sir.

  • Helga stintzcum

    Debbie Hardymon M..

    YOU will not make these decisions. You don’t know squat about Christianity.

  • Bliss Kelley

    She wants you to kill all your babies. One less American to worry about. And Christians are just going to have to accept her point of view.

  • Lela Ashkarian

    Mathew 10:33 But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.

  • Judy

    Not even one percent. With the invention of DNA most rapist use condo Even one percent is not enough to make murder legal.

  • J.Bob

    If you feel there is no credible evidence of God’s existence, then you are blind, both physically and mentally. Come to where I live and look at the surroundings. Your life must be dull, boring, and void of enjoyment, because if you are truly alive, you can see God throughout your life both in the scenery of the outdoors, they joy of looking at a young child at play, and the thrill of life lived with value.

  • Th’ottest curry in th’ouse

    If you want to live in a theocracy, why not consider moving to Iran? Of course, there would be a few minor inconveniences, like learning a new language and getting used to the food, but after a while I’m sure you would find that you were much more comfortable with the system of government over there than in a modern, western democracy.
    Food for thought?

    • Is Theocracy=Every Theocracy? No. But name me a single civilization in history being non-Christian that was not a tyrannical. Just one.

  • Sheryl Denny


  • Kent Taylor

    So I’m of the devil for wanting the Government out of my wallet and out of my life, because I don’t want to watch a small group of individuals take a 20 trillion dollar tax debt and increase it anymore? Really!!!!! Are you going to pay back that 20 trillion for us Debbe?

  • There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. There is a punishment for sinners who refuse to repent. In Revelation 20:13-15 we read of a resurrection where people will be judged, “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”

    And I suppose you will allegorize this because you want to sin and sin boldly.

  • You a “Christian”? Give us a break.

  • IamRobbie

    “Not Biblical?!”

    It appears that you missed the part about “Thou shall not murder.”
    Atheists should refrain from referring to a Book they don’t even believe in.

  • IamRobbie

    It would appear, Marnie, that you have no idea what he’s talking about. Everything he says is correct, so what on Earth are you rambling on about?

  • You can see some on Rescue Christians website:


    Some we cannot share, in public, but donors are welcome to visit us and examine the records.

  • Wait a minute. You were saying there was no hell. You said you were Christian. I gave you a verse to show that hell exists and now you changed the subject.

    Do you believe the Bible is from God or Manmade?

  • Tom_mcewen

    I live in an ex-communist atheist ruled nation and I for personal reasons can’t accept your reasoning if it is reasoning. Ugly is ugly and beauty is beauty and I am not confused on which is which and evil is evil no matter what you call it.

  • James Vanhoosier

    They want to go to 36 weeks. I am Agnostic and I consider abortion a crime. With all the ways to not get pregnant I can’t feel sorry for the adults.

  • Skelly

    The clear difference, sad pathetic human, is that the death penalty is for MURDERERS WHO ACTUALLY DESERVE IT. THEY KILLED SOMEONE IN A MOST HEINOUS FASHION.

    An unborn baby is guilty of only having been conceived without consent. Your so-called “argument” weighs nothing!

  • Tom_mcewen

    You must live in a different universe here in Russia and central, eastern europe it was the atheists who were murdering the priests and raping the religious sisters, not the religious murdering the atheists and raping the female agnostics. It was not the religious who was happy that the hunger caused the Orthodox to eat their children, the happy ones was Lenin and his NKVD who was pleased to show the rebellious peasants that there was no God to save them, Lenin the atheist was pleased to work out his academic theories on real people. So in your poor country you have the Swiss guard dragging agnostics and atheists out of their homes and shooting them against the wall for not drinking the koolaide, huh?

  • sophia kelly gallerani

    Amen Brother! It’s not legal , but under another disguise, abortion is for “protecting the mother”….it’s been adopted!

  • sophia kelly gallerani

    Keep it simple…stick to the basics !