Christians Prepare For The Coming Battle Of Armageddon (The War Between God And Lucifer) And Understand What Must You Do To BE READY!

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

“These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own.” – G.K. Chesterton.

The words of Chesterton ring true today. From Asia’s Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam to Europe’s revival of national pride, Eugenics, national-socialism’s Alt Right in Germany … the battle between God and Lucifer  can never be understood without understanding God’s attributes and lucifer’s theft of such attributes adding what he is not shy about, his true evil essence and his real evil names. Christians easily understand that God is the Alpha (The Beginning), Omega (the end), Healer, Comforter, Protector, Almighty, Everlasting Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, Truthful, Just, Righteous, Immutable (Unchangeable). He is also the Emmanuel – God With Us. Unless one combines these major attributes, they would miss the true God and become the sons of satan. There is no exception.

Understanding the nature of God and the nature of Lucifer, is key to not being deceived when the deception is so powerful, to even deceive the very elect, if he can. The main opposition to the God of the Bible is The Luminous One: “ruler of the demons” (Mathew 3:22), “unclean and hateful bird” (Revelation 18:2), “God of War” or the “God of Fortresses (War)” (Daniel 11:38), “Deceiver” (Revelation 12:9), “Liar” (John 8:44), “manslayer” “who caused death” (John 8:44; I John 3:8, Romans 5:12), “ruler of the air” (Ephesians 2:2), “misleading the earth” (Revelation 12:9), “fallen from heaven” “morning star” (Isaiah 14:12-14), “beautiful angel” (Ezekiel 28:13-19), “lightening” (Luke 10:18), “deny father and son” (I John 2:22), “ruler of demons” (Luke 11:15), “ruler of the air” (Ephesians 2:1-2), “ruler of this world” (John 12:31-32), “power of darkness” (Colossians 1:13-14), “wicked one” (Ephesians 6:16), “the serpent” (Genesis 3:1), “afflicter” (Job 1:13- 19, 2:7-8), “counterfeiter” (II Cor. 11:13-15, Revelation 2:9, 13) “deceives the nations” (Matthew 4:8-9, Ephesians 6:12), “Proud” (Ezekiel 28:12, I Timothy 3:6), “Wanting to be god”, “Heylel Ben Sahar” (Son of the morning, lucifer, luminous, crescent) as in Isaiah 14:12-14.

Therefore, by “wanting to be God” Lucifer became the founder of all non-biblical religions:

“By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned” (Ezekiel 28:16).

Violence, rebellion and making cults is the hallmark of The Luminous One and all his tyrannies. In his sin of rebellion, “thou hast sinned” is why an exorcist reminds the demon of his sin as he casts him out not being able to take the feeling of guilt any longer.

When it comes to any religion, besides what the Bible ordained, we will find that their gods openly identify themselves with the same titles and names as those belonging to Lucifer. Dialogue with any religion, as if it is on the same footing with Christianity, is simply opening the door for demons.

For example, under the disguises of being The Most Merciful and such, Allah in the Quran is also Khayrul-makireen (the greatest of all deceivers, schemer, conniver), Al-Dharr (the afflicter), Al-Mumeet (the causer of death) and Al-Mutakabbir (the most proud). (1)

Lucifer, naming himself Allah, is not his only guise, and Islam is not the only religion that describes the god of this world as the “great deceiver”. From the deserts of the Middle East – the Shinar cult reached the cold frosty forests of Scandinavia. Take Odin, the chief divinity of the ancient Scandinavian pantheon. Like Allah, Odin was called Ginnarr (Deceiver) and Glapsvior (Swift in Deceit). Odin ruled over Valhalla (Hall of the Slain) and like the Islamic paradise with its carnal desires where shaheed (martyred warriors) enjoy endless orgies with harems and endless wine, Valhalla provides the heavenly harem or the valkyria to warriors slain while fighting the enemy. And if Islam had its mujahideen, the Norse, whom the Nazis exalted, had the berserkers, warriors who terrorized much of Christian Europe.

And with Ultra Nationalism arising in Germany today we must track the parallels. After 1917, the bankrupt, defeated and cosmopolitan Ottoman Empire contracted into a vigorous “Turanic” nation-state. In the early 1920s, the new Turkey was the first “revisionist” power to opt out of the postwar system, retaking lost lands on the Syrian coast and control over the Strait of the Dardanelles. Hitler, Mr. Ihrig writes, saw Turkey as the model of a “prosperous and völkisch modern state.”

Völkisch is “people-powered”, “folksy” and “folkloric”. According to the historian James Webb, the word also has “overtones of ‘nation’, ‘race’ and ‘tribe’…” The term völkisch has no direct English equivalent, but it could be rendered as “ethnonationalistic“, “racial-nationalistic” or “ethno-racialist“, or referred by some today as folkish.



But this time, as scriptures foretold, the deception is much greater than before. While the anti-immigration movement in Germany is arising, many Christians are happy for this, be warned, it accuses the German government of being “Volksverräter” (traitors) for allowing 890,000 asylum-seekers to come to the country last year. But “Volksverräter” carries a stench when used in these protests. It evokes Hitler and his henchmen going after those they labelled enemies of the state. Hans Kundnani, political analyst at the German Marshall Fund, noted that politicians would not have used these controversial terms two decades ago. “There’s been a shift in German national identity over the last 15 years or so, and I think the use of these terms has reemerged against that backdrop”, he said.

These days we see a revival of a beast that had a mortal wound, where all the previous demonic theologies are reviving all at the same time, everywhere. The völkisch movement did not start in Nazism, but had its origins in Romantic nationalism, as it was expressed by early Romantics such as Johann Gottlieb Fichte in his Addresses to the German Nation published during the Napoleonic Wars, from 1808 onwards, especially the eighth address, “What is a Volk, in the higher sense of the term, and what is love of the fatherland?,” where he answered his question of what could warrant the noble individual’s striving “and his belief in the eternity and the immortality of his work,” by replying that it could only be that “particular spiritual nature of the human environment out of which he himself, with all of his thought and action… has arisen, namely the people from which he is descended and among which he has been formed and grown into that which he is”.

And today, multitudes are being deceived with such ideology. While they think they are combatting Islam and Muslims, many are unaware, there is a clear resonance between the “völkish” and the “Islamist” conception of Ummah the seemingly organic relation between the individual and the “community” to which one is supposed to belong. To these demonic concepts, the individual is simply an “organ” or “member” as taught by Rousseau, long before Karl Marx, called for unity, communalism, socialism and collectivism. The “völkish” denounced private property and individualism. These aspired to build the ‘body politic’. Similarly Islam teaches: “The believers Ummah, in their love, mutual kindness, and close ties, are like one body; when any part complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever…” “The faithful are like one man: if his eyes suffer, his whole body suffers.”

We find little difference between Muhammad’s Ummah and Rousseau’s Body Politic because these were inspired by the same source: Lucifer. Should we then wonder why Hitler united with the Muslim ultra-nationalists of the Ottomans? These two worshipped the same god.

Muslim recruits of the SS Handzar Division pray in 1943.

Muslim recruits of the SS Handzar Division pray in 1943. PHOTO: HARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS; GERMAN ARCHIVES

So when a Christian says “we all worship the same god” he has already fallen into the trap of this great deception. Is it any wonder why Hitler said: “It’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion,” Hitler complained to his pet architect Albert Speer. “Why did it have to be Christianity, with its meekness and flabbiness?” Islam, according to Hitler, was a Männerreligion—a “religion of men”—and hygienic too. The “soldiers of Islam” received a warrior’s heaven, “a real earthly paradise” with “houris” and “wine flowing.” This, Hitler argued, was much more suited to the “Germanic temperament” than the “Jewish filth and priestly twaddle” of Christianity.

Therefore, mythical belief systems are not exclusively ancient history. It has also crept into modern history. We are after all, on a journey to show how the devil works for without understanding this, we cannot destroy the works of the devil, which was why Christ manifested in human form (1 John 3:8).

And the goal of all false-religions is to build a war machine, fighters who fear nothing while filling the earth with blood and violence. The Arian Muslim-Shi’a are growing their revived qama zani (ritual self-mutilation) as did the berserkers, who did self-flagellation to whip themselves into a frenzy. They were ferocious fighters and just as the Turkish Muslim Dervishes, they were seemingly insensitive to pain. It was not uncommon for berserkers to even kill their own people in the heat of frenzy.2

Therefore, Lucifer under the name “Allah” or “Odin” is not that much different. Odin is described as Gapthrosnir (One in a Gaping Frenzy), Oðinn (Frenzied One), Oðr (Frenzy, Fury), Viðurr (Killer), Biflindi (Spear/Shield Shaker), Böðgæðir (Battle Enhancer), Herjafoðr (Father of Battle), Hildolf (Battle Wolf), Hjal- drgoð (God of battle), and Valtyr (Slain God).

The Deceiver is not a title only in ancient times; Thelema, a religion created by the progressive thinker and occultist Aleister Crowley, who loved Islam, wrote of this deceiver deity in his Vision and The Voice:


Aleister Crowley dressed in Muslim garb. To Crowley, witchcraft was “the art or science of causing change to occur in conformity to the Will”. He saw it as a spiritual system and reconnected it to the great esoteric traditions of mysticism and self-transformation found in every other world culture. He also designed the Thoth Tarot deck, a profoundly esoteric deck which has been one of the world’s best-selling Tarot decks for the last 50 years or so.

Crowley understood clearly that the Quran’s Khayrul-makireen (the greatest of all deceivers, schemer, conniver) is the goal of his religion. Even the Bible attributes such titles to Satan, the adversary who is described as he “who deceives the whole world” (Revelation 12:9).

“When he [Satan] speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it” (John 8:44). “He [Satan] was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him” (John 8:44). “Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil” (Hebrews 2:14).

Satan is also called Apollyon “destroyer” (Revelation 9:11). And just as Lucifer is filled with pride (Ezekiel 28:12, I Timothy 3:6), Allah calls Himself Al-Mutakabbir (Pride filled, The most proud). Allah, in his own words, says:

Pride is My Wear, Supremacy is My Dress, I will break anyone who vies with Me for them and I do not care”.4

It is no wonder that the phrase yelled by Jihadists in every operation Allahu Akbar – means Allah is greater, most proud. Odin is no different, for he is Hár (High One, Proud) and Jafnhár (Just as High). Allah (satan) wasn’t shy in describing himself as the bringer of evil:

“Say: I seek refuge with [Allah] the Lord of the Dawn from the mischief of the evil He created…the mischievous evil of Darkness as it becomes intensely dark” (Qur’ân 113:1-3).

Odin contains the name Bölverkr, meaning “creator of evil and evil worker.”

And if Satan in the Bible is the lord of the demons, then so is Allah, being described as the “Lord of men and jinn [demons]” (Q 69:43). Allah created “jinn [demons] and man to worship Me [Allah].”5

The demons are so fascinated with Allah that they collectively refer to him as “our Lord” (Sura Al-Jinn) they love Allah and Muslims commune with them through chants, swearing “by the self-reproaching spirit, the accusing soul” (Q 75:1) “the Lord of men and jinn [demons]” (Q 69:43). Similarly, in the Norse religion, Odin is Draugadrottin (Lord of Ghosts).

Such titles are not restricted to Nordic and Arab deities. In India, the god of the Hindus, Shiva, bears the name Bhooteshwara (Lord Of Ghosts And Evil Beings), Bhairav – Lord Of Terror, Chandrapal – Master Of The Moon, Kantha – Ever-Radiant (Luminous), Mahamaya – Of Great Illusions, Nityasundara – Ever Beautiful, Pinakin – One Who Has A Bow In His Hand, Bhutapala (protector of the ghosts). Satan is also given all these attributes in the Bible. He is the “ruler of the demons” (Mathew 3:22). His symbol is placed on the forehead.


Most do not realize it, Satan’s symbol, the crescent, is not exclusively Muslim. It is always brought up by all his religions, Arma, the Hittite Moon God, Artimes, the Greek Moon-Goddess, Coyolxauhqui the Aztec Moon Goddess, Diana the Roman Moon-Goddess, Ix Chel the Mayan Moon God, Khons the Egyptian Moon God, Mawu the African Moon God, Men the Moon God of Asia Minor, Turkey who is the god of Gygez (Gog), Luna the Greek Moon Goddess, Sin the Sumerian Moon God, Suma the Hindu Moon-God, Tsuki-Yomi the Japanese Moon-God, Yarikh the Ugarit Moon God and Heng-O the Chinese Moon-Goddess.

But the Bible tells us, Christ will bring this image low as Gideon did in Judges 8:21 where Gideon crushes the “crescent ornaments” and in Isaiah 45-46 Bel (the moon god) bows “Before me every knee will bow; by me every tongue will swear … Bel [the crescent moon god] bows down”.

But besides understanding the titles and nature of Lucifer and evil, many will miss the signs of the times because of their pride in not understanding the role of women. It is really that simple. We have a woman prophesied about in Genesis 3. The hatred of women is key to understand why lucifer hates Mary and why Antichrist in Daniel 11 does “not honor the desire of women”.

Here we will explain everything from purely scriptural references, lest anyone complains. This participation of the saints in the coming battle alongside the “woman” is very crucial, for without, many will miss the narrow gate. This honor of women stems for when St. Mary, herself referred to Isaiah 2 in her Canticle, quoted in Luke’s Gospel regarding satan’s defeat:

He has shown strength with his armhe has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts;
he has brought down the mighty from their thrones and exalted those of humble estate (Luke 1:51-52) 

This very declaration by Mary stems from Isaiah:

For the day of the LORD of hosts Shall come upon everything proud and lofty, Upon everything lifted up—And it shall be brought low— (Isaiah 2:12)

So crucial is this, ‘bringing down what is exalted’ that from Genesis 3 to the Apocalypse, we find themes involving Gideon (who takes down the crescent in Judges 8), the Church, the saints, and even St. Mary participating in Christ’s victory over the devil, bringing low his pride and even his symbols. We find this especially in Revelation 11-12.

While this prophecy about the woman in Revelation 12 is always made into a controversy, insisting its exclusively regarding Israel or the Church (these are also true in a sense as in the Israel of God, the saints) we also find a clear reference where it speaks of “the Ark”:

“Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant” (Revelation 11:19)

So far so good. No one can deny, that at least there is an Ark, coming down to earth from heaven’s Mount Zion (God’s temple).

So was this ark always in heaven? No. When one examines this “Ark,” it was assumed to heaven from earth. This is etched so clearly in Psalm 132 regarding Christ’s resurrection which no Christian denies:

Arise, O Lord, and go to your resting place, you [God] and the ark of your might … For the Lord has chosen Zionhe has desired it for his dwelling placeThis is my resting place foreverhere I will dwell, for I have desired it.”

There are two, not one who “arise”; the “Lord” and His “Ark” to go to heavenly Mount Zion.

So when did this happen?

Either Christ, when He resurrected, took a literal box to heaven or He took the very living ark that housed Him on earth

But if this “Ark” is a box, then Jeremiah’s prophecy is rendered worthless, since there will be no use for a wooden box-ark:

“…they shall say no more, The ark of the [old] covenant of the LORD [the box Ark]: neither shall it [the box] come to mind: neither shall they remember it [the box]; neither shall they visit it [the box]; neither shall that be done [the box observed] any more.” (Jeremiah 3:16)

This Old Covenant’s box-ark is no more, forever. So if the Ark in Revelation 11-12 is coming back to earth, how then is it a box-ark, especially when Jeremiah renders the box useless, worthless and even forgotten forever?

Therefore, when we combine this “ark” from Psalm 132 and the same “ark” in Revelation, it is a different type of Ark, it is “the ark of his [New] testament“. Therefore, Psalm 132 must be linked to a living Ark. Yet this same ark is clearly referred to in Revelation 11-12 as “the Woman,” she is queen since she obviously has a “crown and twelve stars”:

And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail. And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars (Revelation 11:19-12:1)

Therefore, Psalm 132’s Ark, is none other than this woman’s assumption to heaven. She was assumed up to heaven and is resting with Messiah after His resurrection having endured much struggle and suffering “go to your resting placeyou and the ark of your might” in “Zion” “the temple of God” which is His “resting place forever” and now this “temple of God was opened in heaven” to only see a woman with a “crown” which makes her a Queen in heaven. 

Therefore, after the Lord “arose” from the dead, He ascended, and later He took His Ark, which John describes having a “crown” making her queen in Mount Zion, heaven, taken into heavenly glory as the true ark of the New Covenant: “the ark of his testament“.

And since the box-Ark housed God, the Shekina Glory in the Old Covenant, this would specifically make this ark as the Ark of the New Covenant that housed God on earth. This debunks any argument. For if this “Ark” is not Mary, what is it then? Jesus? How could Jesus arise with Jesus in Psalm 132? The Church? How could the Church (the Ark) have housed the bread of life Who is Jesus? There is no room for wiggle here. From the primitive Church, till now, this has been the interpretation and understanding from Ethiopian, Copt, Orthodox, Catholic …

In fact, the ancient Israelites believed that the original ark was made from incorruptible wood, so this passage also foreshadows the bodily incorruption given to Mary by Her Risen Son.

While John 3:13 says: “No one has ascended into heaven, but he who descended from heaven, the Son of man” Mary did not ascend; she was assumed. To say she ‘ascended‘ would deify Her, God forbid.

All Christians agree, Jesus ascended by his own divine power, as he prophesied he would do in John 2:19-21, while Mary was powerless to raise herself; she had to be assumed into heaven in fulfillment of Psalm 132. This is why the verse is clear, that it is God Who will arise (ascends): “Arise, O Lord and go to your resting place, you [God] and the ark of your might” He will take with His power (assume) the “ark of your might”.

Naysayers, unless they accept this divine truth, they can never interpret Psalm 132 other than Jesus also bringing up His Mother to the heavenly Mount Zion. Pay close attention to the verse “Arise, O Lord, and go to your resting place, you [God] and the ark of your might … For the Lord has chosen Zionhe has desired it for his dwelling placeThis is my resting place foreverhere I will dwell, for I have desired it.” 

This “Zion” is the very “Mount Zion” where we approach God in Hebrews 12 and what we find baffles the mind on how we ought to approach God in our prayers:

“But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to innumerable angels in festal gathering, and to the assembly of the firstborn who are enrolled in heaven, and to Godthe judge of all, and to the spirits of the righteous made perfect [saints], and to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.”

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses . . .” The Saints, who also surround us, encouraging us in our race to fight against the wiles of the devil. No where in Scripture do we find that the saints’s death means that they are not present with Christ in heaven (2 Cor 5:8, Hebrews 2:14-15, John 3:16). This Mount Zion, while all prayer ultimately goes to Christ, we still approach “innumerable angels,” “assembly of the first born,” who already “enrolled in heaven,” and “spirits of the righteous made perfect”.

This then must include His Ark (Mary) who comes from heaven because she was assumed to heaven. Therefore, Saint Mary has a special role unlike any other saint in heaven. Anyone who would argue this must contend to a simple question that will debunk any naysayer: to who has God ever given the privilege to house Him on earth besides her?

God in Psalm 132 says He, ‘the Big Boss’ “desired it”.

And when the war begins, “Then God’s temple in heaven was opened and within his temple was seen the Ark of the Covenant and there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and earthquake and great hailstorm and a great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven.” (Revelation 11:19)

So beware, these who will reject this, as a satanic apparition, will only end up in hell, since when Jesus comes He too will confirm this and the naysayers will combat against Him since He does not fit their imaginations or the mold they constructed from their faulty reading of scripture. Keep in mind, just as scoffers missed the first coming by insisting to a certain interpretation of the text, scoffers who are in the church will also miss His second coming preceded by His Mother since these ignored how the primitive church interpreted these verses.

Now imagine the richness of God’s Holy Word, the Bible, that once this piece of the puzzle is understood, we can also understand the nature of this battle. This living Ark participates in the Battle of Armageddon. How else can we understand how the Ark was used in battles in ancient Israel, where it went before the army?  This Ark was the same in Luke 1:35: “And the angel answering said to her, ‘The holy Spirit shall come upon thee and the power of the Most High shall overshadow thee.” This is similar to the Ark in Exodus 3:9 “The cherubim spread out their wings above, overshadowing the mercy seat [of the Ark] with their wings …” 

If Mary was no queen, we would have to sweep under the rug so many passages in the Old Testament where the queen mother of Israel interceded on behalf of the subjects of the kingdom. Mary in Revelation 11-12 described as a queen coming from heaven crowned with the sun participating in the act of destroying the devil.

If she was “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you!” Luke 1:28, can we argue that she is also hail, Queen Mother full of grace?

St. Mary addressed as “Hail full of Grace,” this is the “Grace” the very essence and mercy from God by which we are saved through faith. She is John’s rendering as “the Ark” while in Patmos (Revelation 11:19-12:1) who stomps the devil. The crushing of Satan’s kingdom is indeed through Christ but also includes His body, the Church (Zechariah 14) “and all the saints [the church] with You”. “All the saints” must then include St. Mary, a woman.

Therefore, these prophecies should be ideal for women. All this talk of women empowerment, when emulating Mary is the most advanced method for women empowerment, where God chose a woman to also aid in the destruction of the works of the devil.

And lest there be any doubt, that the Ark is Mary, listen therefore to the voices of our fathers, in the Church Militant, which one can easily inquire, we will not include here since we promised to keep it strictly scriptural.

She was the one spoken of in Luke 1, even linking to Daniel 9, when Israel was given 490 years to deal with the sin of the nation and prepare for the coming of King Messiah. The annunciation by Gabriel to Zechariah had six months (180 days) later the annunciation by Gabriel to Mary, then nine months later Jesus is born (270 days), and thirty days later Christ is presented in the temple. You add up in the six months, in the nine months and the 40 days in the presentation and it adds up to 490 days. She was prophesied of in 2 Samuel, the Ark of the Covenant, as recorded having remained for three months in the hill country after its return from the land of the Philistines. We are told, “David arose and went” to the hill country of Judah “to bring up from there the ark of God” (2 Samuel 6:2) and the ark of the Lord remained in the house of Obededom the Gittite for three months, and the Lord blessed Obededom and his whole house. Not accidentally, Luke notes that Mary “arose and went to the hill country of Judah” (Luke 1:39) where she (the Ark) remained with Elizabeth for “three months.”

In Luke 1:48 Elizabeth calls Mary “Mother of my Lord” or “Mother of my God”. Many who cringe at calling Mary “Mother of God” should also cringe at Elizabeth. Even God Himself announces His Mother in an explicit clear sense:

“Listen, O coastlands, unto me [God]; and hearken, you people, from afar; The LORD has called me [The Son] from the womb; from the body of my mother [Mother of God] has he made mention of my name.” (Isaiah 49:1).

So far, we have kept it purely scriptural. This is so clear “the body of my [God’s] mother”. Even Luke describes her womb similarly as the Ark:

“and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even from his mother’s womb” (Lk 1:15)”.

Even God, the Holy Spirit, was using Mary as His physical temple to carry Messiah symbolized in the Ark in Hebrews 9:4, as the “little urn,” which “held the manna” (bread of life/Christ).


Moses and Joshua bowing before the Ark, painting by James Jacques Joseph Tissot, c. 1900

Therefore, to miss the crucial piece of the biblical puzzle has eternal consequences for it is the spirit of rebellion. To say these verses (especially Isaiah 49:1) are not about Mary, then these must agree with the Jew that Isaiah 53, Psalm 22 and Zechariah 12 are not about Christ’s Passion and Crucifixion, but are about “Israel’s suffering”. If so, Zechariah 11 is then isn’t about the foreshadow of Christ being sold for 30 pieces of silver. And so since these reject such arguments, they must then agree that the Ark foreshadows Mary or be just as guilty as the Jew. These would point the finger at the Jew not realizing they are guilty of doing the same thing. It is this spirit that will miss the Second coming, just as many Jews missed the first coming by not having oil in their lamps through accepting such faulty arguments.

But this should not be a difficult issue for a converting Muslim, which The Woman, in Genesis 3, if her seed, or even her feet, crushes the serpent, in Revelation 12, she is seen doing the same, stepping on the crescent moon. Therefore, there should be no qualm over Genesis 3, having Mary, or even the saints, as co-participant in stomping the serpent. We get it. Schisms love to create controversy. This signified her vanquishment over Lucifer. As one scholar puts it:

“Her foot rested in the crescent moon – She had clearly vanquished their foremost deity, the feather serpent ‘Quetzalcoatl’, this being the primary reason for converting the Aztecs of Mexico.


The struggle in Mexico revives today, as we see lucifer reviving his ancient systems, all the way to Pergamum to even reach as far as Germany, with the repackaged ‘same old same old’. Today we are beginning to see this revival of old devils coming on the horizon. prepared this clip with a holy Polish song in the background, just see the parallels from the past and now, so prepare:

But the crescent is not exclusively a ‘crescent’ it is also a bow. This bow-crescent is not a predominate symbol of the Aztecs, the Hindu god, Pinakin – One Who Has A Bow In His Hand, the Muslim world also dominates with this symbol of the bow (crescent), to even the Antichrist himself is described holding a bow:

“And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.” (Rev 6:2)

And besides Hinduism, an eye opening for a converted Muslim is the discovery of “the stele at Petra” dedicated to Qos-Allah (Glueck 516). To a Muslim this sheds more light in understanding the symbolism. The Arabic “Qos” or “Qaus” literally meant “bow” and the crescent-bow symbolized Allah and still doesThis hunter Allah was also found with the same name “Alla[h]” in the Epic of Atrahasis chiseled on several tablets dating to around 1700 BC.

Therefore, Allah, as one of the names of lucifer and it is extremely ancient (1700 BC). The stele at Petra is horned and displays a star and crescent (Browning 28), both consistent with a moon deity. In fact, in Islam it is forbidden to call a rainbow anything but Qos-Allah (Allah’s bow). This even drew the shape of the Muslim sword in crescent form resembling the crescent-bow of Allah. So from a Muslim perspective, when viewing the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico or the Woman in Revelation 11-12, the Lady is not exclusively threshing the crescent, the very symbol and honor of Islam, but also Islam’s crescent sword and the bow of the Mahdi as the early Muslim transcription of prophet Mohammed’s Hadith, Ka’b al Ahbar writes:

“I find the Mahdi recorded in the books of the Prophets [Apocalypse]…For instance, the Book of Revelation says: ‘And I saw, and behold a white horse. He that sat on him had a bow … he went forth conquering and to conquer.’”

Egyptian authors Muhammad Ibn ‘Izzat and Muhammad ‘Arif then go on to say,

“It is clear that this man is the Mahdi who will ride the white horse and judge by the Qur’an (with justice) and with whom will be men with marks of prostration on their foreheads.”

So it is not only the mark of prostration that is on their foreheads, but the very symbol of Heylel (crescent) as in Isaiah 14th rendering of Lucifer’s name in the ancient semitic languages, the pride of the Muslim Ottomans shooting the bow while riding backwards on their horses are “Tarshish, Pul and Lud, that draw the bow, to Tubal, and Javan…” (Isaiah 66:19). These today are the Turkic regions whose pride is the crescent, the bow and war where Gog is chief prince of Meschech and Tubal.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 5.25.39 PM

The evil is reviving everywhere, especially the slander of Christianity which did not evolve from paganism where bow and crescent were honored symbols, on the contrary, God announces the Mahdi’s defeat:

“Then I will knock the bow out of your left hand, and cause the arrows to fall out of your right hand” (Eze 39:3).

The scoffers hate holy images, yet God Himself uses imagery in the very Scripture so many claim to exclusively use where in Revelation 12, we have a Red Dragon who “persecuted the woman, who brought forth the man child” by “making war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

The very scripture has this woman with children who call her mother, for obviously this can be deduced from the verse, where it says of the Dragon as “making war with the rest of her seed [her children]” which pertains to the true church. So if she has “seed” (children) it becomes obvious that her children would call her (Mary) as “our mother”.

The images of Mary also depicts Her conquering what injured her heart: “And thy own soul a sword shall pierce …” (Luke 2:35). Persecuting “her seed” is persecuting Christ as if a sword pierced her heart. This is why she is called in Mexico and Spain as Our Lady of Guadalupe. In Arabic Guadalupe is Wadda-Lubba which means that the very Love (Wadda) is in Her Core, (Heart, Lubba). Even the Arabic for Guadalupe, symbolizes the Ark of God since in Arabic it is literally The Love Who sits in her core. Prince Shakib Arslan was known as “Prince of Eloquence” (amir al-balagha) that is the eloquence of the Arabic language. He was an influential Muslim writer, poet and historian who travelled in the footsteps of the Muslims who invaded Spain. In his book “What Arabs Said About The Geography of Andalusia (Spain),” he calls “Guadalupe” as “Wadi Al-Lubb” “وادي اللب”. The Arabic Wadd means “love” it also means “desired” while “Lubb” is “gem” “heart” or to be more specific “core”. In essence Wadda-Lubba (Guadalupe) has a response to Islam. This “Wadd” (love) is Christ Who was in the Womb of Mary, the Ark, and is why Christians say “blessed is the fruit of your womb (lubb), Jesus.” In Arabic, Lubb is the part of the fruit where the core is and is where lays the seed as in the core of an apple. In her womb (lubb) always resides the seed and it is this “fruit of Her womb” that is this blessed one. To learn further about this fascinating study [link here]. What Christian can deny that it was Mary who in turn provided humanity with Christ, the ultimate and only acceptable sacrifice. In Chapter 2 of St. Luke’s Gospel, the evangelist twice reports that Mary kept all things in her heart, that there she might ponder over them. Luke 2:35 recounts the prophecy of Simeon that her heart would be pierced with a sword.

Simeon presents an image (the pierced heart). This became the most popular representation of the Immaculate Heart. St. John’s Gospel further invited attention to Mary’s heart with its depiction of Mary at the foot of the cross at Jesus’ crucifixion. St. Augustine said of this that Mary was not merely passive at the foot of the cross; “she cooperated through charity in the work of our redemption”. St. Leo said that through faith and love she conceived her son spiritually, even before receiving him into her womb [lubb], and St. Augustine tells us that she was more blessed in having borne Christ [her Wadd] in her heart than in having conceived him in the flesh. Therefore, it is an utter demonic insult to portray St. Mary as a mere “incubator” of God.

Such piercing is metaphorical depicting the suffering of God’s people. Through her Son we defeat the bent dagger (Hanzar) of Islam which was made in the shape of the crescent during Nazism, when the Ottoman-Nazi conscripts of the Hanzar (literally Muslim dagger) division united with the devil. She steps on the crescent bow including the sword that symbolically pierced her heart when Muslims and Nazis killed “the remnant of her seed” (the Christians) as Rome did, and as Israel (whom God will redeem) did as they participated in the killing of Christ.

This is an ongoing ancient war where pre-Islam Nabatean inscriptions in the Sinai and other places regarding Allah as Shalm-lahi ‘Allah is peace’ (we still continually hear today how Allah is the god of peace) and Shalm-allat, ‘the peace of the goddess Allat’ (Allat is the feminine Allah the transgender god), Amat-allahi ‘she-servant of Allah’ and Halaf-llahi (Caliph ‘the successor of Allah’).

Therefore, lucifer always covers his identity claiming he is god while repackaging old religions. Yet to God He addresses lucifer including all his religions as the same old devil. Christ’s purpose in making Himself manifest, was after all, to expose and destroy the works of the devil. (1 John 3:8)

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  • Julie LaBrecque

    Just arrived home in time to see this hot off the presses – what a treat!! The army of Mary is being mustered all around the world, I cannot be happier than knowing that YOU are not only part of her army, but a veritable recruitment center for it!! Yes, Mary has an army….Song of Songs 6:10
    “Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array?” If anyone has even so much as a sliver of doubt about the role of the Blessed Virgin in the battle against the devil, discover what exorcists will tell you about her – just the invocation of her name during an exorcism causes them horrendous pain – they run like hell. And yes, for Lucifer’s utter humiliation, she will crush his head.
    We had more parishioners for Rosary today than I have ever seen – very fortunate to have a very holy and caring priest and deacon at the parish I attend, their prayers and unending hours of service are paying dividends big time…

    • Its impossible to avoid the text about St. Mary for if we do using the arguments by some who reject her as “Mother of God”, the text would also have to be twisted regarding the Messiah in the Old Testament where the Jewish would say its about Israel. I think that someday I will collect these arguments between the Jewish faith and the Christian and show that if one take such approach, then it will be difficult to prove Jesus as Messiah. We have only a couple of verses in the Old Testament regarding His virgin birth and even these are attacked by the claimers of “Maiden” is not “Virgin”. Therefore, there needs to be more study on this issue of interpretation where if the Jews who stuck with the interpretations prior to Messiah’s coming, the Rabbis had some correct interpretation. This is why we must stick to interpretation that is prior to Luther which had no bias. This will demand we apply Catholic interpretation. There is more work to be done on this issue. There are always two folds to everything, rejecters who are damned and believers who are saved. It was the same for the Jews as it will be for Christendom.

      • Brenda

        Admittedly, I am not so good with the scripture details and knowledge of all the Saints Walid because I was not raised by Catholics, it’s often a bit foreign to me, yet familiar. But on the plus side I wasn’t raised by hard core Mormons or anything that left me closed off to becoming a Catholic if I chose to. Now I will say though I have strong feelings even with images, and that snake lady thing is horrid ( yuck ) it just bewilders me how anyone cannot simply see it’s not a good comforting type of image by itself, or how people can be so full of hate these days and not know it’s messed up. And then I feel like am going through a lot of phases this past year, Just to cope with what I see being said between two people and such is hard, It’s depressing and sad, it makes me feel angry when I would rather not be, it’s like impulsive when I see some comments that are just so evil and cruel etc. And I have no idea how I am going to come out of of all of this sane sometimes, The world is changing so fast and it’s so serious and the fact that anyone can miss it? That alone is so depressing for me, It makes to feel like your alone in this, even though I know that I am not and people are in much worse situations, It’s like a vision I had of a woman that lost her man in a war, the person left behind suffers the most pain, the dead person felt some pain in death yes, but the survivor has it worse for the loss.

        • Its easy Brenda to sift good from bad “You shall know them by their fruit”. See what is true sacrifice and what is done for power and money. Study things slowly and let your mind chew on a verse or two until you unlock the truth. Take your time and stay away from people who like to confuse and complicate everything. These are sophists who love the spirit of debate where they twist everything and complicate much.

          • Brenda

            Perfect advise, I can see you already know that I am often in a rush to do everything, Yes sir I do need to slow down and take a deep breath sometimes.

      • PaulF

        ‘Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel’ (Isaiah 7:14) … ‘a name which means, God with us’ (Matthew 1:23).
        ‘For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders, and his name shall be Wonder Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace’ (Isaiah 9:5).
        No Bible believing Christian can interpret these texts any other way: Mary will have a son, and his name is God.

        • This was very easy for me to accept, believe and be totally comfortable with. But oh how my former ‘friends’ in protestant circles hate to hear Mary called the mother of God. One such former ‘friend’ argued “She didn’t give birth to the Father or Holy Spirit”. That is not the point. The point is “IS Christ God or isn’t He?” “He set aside his divinity. He emptied Himself” Wow, that doesn’t mean he was no longer what He has always been. Her argumentation was very close to the heresy of Cerinthus of the first century of whom, when the apostle John saw him he fled from the building for everyone to get out lest God make the building fall in on top of them all. Here denial came very close to gnostic teaching that Christ came on Jesus at his baptism and left him at the cross, if I recall their evil teaching on this.
          I noticed an article from a few days ago that a survey was done of American christians, particularly evangelicals. By the answers given it was concluded America is a nation of heretics. So much for sola scriptura. It doesn’t work and only leads to confusion and division. I’m so happy I finally got the news flash in my head that I needed to seek out the ancient church and discover what they believed and taught. Even old dogs can learn.

          • PaulF

            Definitely Sola Scriptura is wrong, and definitely the Catholic Church is the one founded by the Lord. I’ve never been seriously tempted to leave it.
            Still, I’m not hostile to Protestant Christians, and there’s a lot to be said for sticking close to the Bible. It was unaffiliated Protestants that pointed me to what the Bible says about the interreligious, all-religion-good idea, that it is poison to the spirit and has opened the door for horrible demonic activity. The Catholic Church needs to listen to its critics, especially those who have been relying of the Bible for a long time. All the mainstream churches need to wake up to what the interreligious movement is doing to them.

          • Pamela Sage

            I’d be interested in seeing the survey. Can you provide a link, Craig? I think those of you raised Catholic or Orthodox on here are blessed. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from you all and Walid. It’s been strange coming from a Protestant back to appreciating Mary as the Theotokos and to comprehend that she is the Ark is profound. To think of all the fools seeking for an earthly ark which was only the prefiguring of the true Ark to come. I now see Her under the wings of the Cherubim. I can but weep.

          • I couldn’t believe it when you asked for a link Pam. Still, I found the article.

          • Grandmere

            Wow! Just – wow!

          • We did a story on this here:


            And even the survey you linked to was done by Calvinist RC Sproul’s Ligonier Ministries, which is Calvinist. If one does research on Sproul and family and on James White, another Calvinist or Piper, you would find a litany of divisions within divisions. They too are heretics. This is why James White’s sister converted to Catholic after she revealed the sexual abuse by her father while James condemned her instead of aiding his own abused sister.

            Had John the Baptist been around, he would probably condemn these as he condemned Herod. The whole thing is a complete mess and is filled with the spirit of debate.

          • No argument from me on that Walid. I shook my head though when this survey showed a large number of “Christians?” say they believe the trinity yet also believe Jesus Christ is God’s first creation. A nation of Arians! I shall now read your article above. Thanks. Oh, and by the way, Mary is still the mother of God!

          • The Muslims believe that Jesus is Allah’s first creation. Ya Awalla Khalq Allah … the first of Allah’s creation.

            Damned Arians. Can never get rid of them.

          • I didn’t notice the survey was from 2 years ago though the article I linked to dealing with the survey was from a few days back. I bet the country is as much or more heretical now. Thanks for listing the 27 anathemas in your article.
            People with their proof texts, ignoring the early church and councils! I’ve seen this babel of confusion personally, with many advancing their own errors with proof text support, all of them contradicting one another. It really snapped me out of this way of thinking. I started feeling very disturbed by this and it was then, in January of this year, 2016, I realised I had to discover and listen to the early church if it did indeed exist. I have and it does! And the heretics will seem friendly and kind toward you until you try to speak the truth to them that they might be really saved. Then the venom flows and they will at least spiritually kill you. They for the most part cannot abide God’s healthful words preferring instead to set themselves up as the priest and interpreter of scripture.

          • Grandmere

            Good for you, Pamela. God bless you on your journey.

          • When I notice Grand saying “Wow” and is in joyful praise I thought to snoop in and see whats the party all about.

            I see, Pamela’s journey has angels praising God in heaven.

            Wow. Nice.

          • Grandmere

            Amen, Craig. Jesus never divested himself from his divinity. Impossible!

        • mspip

          that is pretty plain!

      • theophorus

        I’ve always been amused by the ‘maiden’ argument. Maidens have children all the time, why would the bible note that a maiden had a baby? Now a virgin having a baby? That’s a rarity and probably worth mentioning.

      • filomena seiffert

        The blessed mother was no maiden, she was married to Joseph, how they reconcile that?

        • PaulF

          It was a celibate marriage. Otherwise her question to the angel Gabriel in Luke 1:34 would make no sense.

          • filomena seiffert

            I know that, but maiden define the surname of a woman before her marriage. WEBSTER DICT

    • filomena seiffert

      I say that prayer every day as I am member of the Legion of Mary, it is part of our obligation. I am not active right now, but still a auxiliary member. One of the works of active members is to pray the Rosary on the front of abortion clinics.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Awesome – keep it going – I am a recent ‘Rosary Warrior’, since May to be exact – my deacon had been advising me to do it for over a year, all his efforts finally came to fruition.

        • filomena seiffert

          The Legion of Mary is a good start, the members meet once each week, pray the Rosary and the Tessera daily. some times we went door to door trying to evangelize people and inviting them to come to church. How good Walid would do on that with all the knowledge he has. It is very difficult to get most of them to listen to us, but if we bring one back to church is a grace.

  • Kamau41

    “Understanding the nature of God and the nature of Lucifer, is key to not being deceived when the deception is so powerful, to even deceive the very elect, if he can.” There is deception everywhere these days; therefore we MUST always be on our guard.

    The early Church Fathers certainly understood the importance of Mary’s, the Blessed Mother of The Virgin, role in the Salvation of man.

    “Our God, Jesus Christ, was, according to the appointment of God, conceived in the womb by Mary, of the seed of David, but by the Holy Spirit. (Letter to the Ephesians 18)

    Now the virginity of Mary was hidden from the prince of this world, as was also her offspring, and the death of the Lord; three mysteries of renown, which were wrought in silence by God. (Letter to the Ephesians 19).”
    -Ignatius, A.D. 110

    Another excellent and phenomenally written Sunday Special, Walid.

    • filomena seiffert

      The devil had some knowledge of the birth of Jesus,maybe due the kings of the Orient informing Herodes, the devil must incited Herodes to go after the innocents of Judea to kill Jesus. God, who does not things in pride, but wisdom, had direct Joseph to flee to Egypt before the carnage. The other time was when satan tempted Jesus on His 40 days fasting. The devil probably was confused for a long time, due to the humility of Holy Family. Jesus was a Rabbi beggar, it probably did not down on satan stupid and prideful mind, Jesus would be the King heir of David. Imagine to see her only son, the holy one,been put the mos horrific mode of death, with all cruelty men could think of. If she was not holy she would grab the soldiers and be killed too. I know I could not endure such cruelty to one of my sons.

  • Darren Neufeldt

    It is late where I am, and I need sleep, but I see no Matthew 3:22, all the versions I have checked go to 17. Also, the embedded link for Luke 1:28 is broken. No I haven’t checked all the verses, just a couple as they weren’t ringing any bells. Anyway, I need sleep so I will re-read this tomorrow when I can make more sense of it.

    • Matthew 9:34, sorry.

      • Darren Neufeldt

        Thank you, that makes much more sense.

  • PaulF

    ‘Dialogue with any religion, as if it is on the same footing with Christianity, is simply opening the door for demons.’
    This goes right to the heart of what modern people most need to understand. I’ve been appealing to my church’s pastors for ten years to stop praising the non biblical religions. It is extremely hard to get the message across.
    Any religion that spends centuries keeping millions in the dark about Christ is governed by spirits that come within the definition of Antichrist in 1 John 4:1-4.
    Don’t ever praise such religions. To praise them is to praise the abhorrent spirits governing them, and to praise those spirits is to sacrifice to other gods.
    ‘Through Christ, let us offer God an unending sacrifice of praise, the fruit of the lips of those who recognize his name’ (Hebrews 13:15).
    Praise is a sacrifice. It means taking our focus off ourselves and giving it to another. And we are called to make our sacrifice to the living and true God alone, the one who took flesh in Christ, not to the one who dares to raise himself up to rival God.
    Here is what Scripture says about praising the spirits of Antichrist:
    ‘Anyone who sacrifices to other gods will be placed under the curse of destruction’ (Exodus 22:19).
    It is as stark and serious as that. Interreligious dialogue, talking of ‘the things we have in common’ with abhorrent religion, praying with false religionists as if they had anything in common with our most holy Faith … the consequences are nothing less than being placed under the curse of destruction.

    • Brenda

      People are getting very confused about loving your enemy as well, It doesn’t mean to literally JOIN in the party with them to prove it, But I think that is how some took it to be or try and make it be.

      • PaulF

        True. I’m often accused of ‘hating’ people of other religions. It’s nonsense. Wanting unbelievers to be set free in Christ is not hating them, it’s loving them. And then you get called a ‘racist’ because you have found that the secret of all blessing is the knowledge of God in Christ, and you want to warn people against the spirits of Antichrist …. Don’t get me started!

        • PaulF

          It only happens among westerners though. I live among Chinese people and they are not sensitive about it at all. I can’t count the number of Chinese I’ve confronted over their incense burning and chanting to false gods. I tell them it is not bringing them any blessing, it is bringing them a curse, and if they want blessing they should believe in Christ. In a surprising number of cases I get invited to their baptism a year or two later. Praise God, but it really surprised me at the beginning.
          Can you imagine in the west, or among Muslims? I’d be taken away in handcuffs to face charges of a ‘hate’ crime.

          • Brenda

            That’s so cool though! Who cares what ethnicity is easier to help get there? as long as humans do get there, If the world ends up in a massive war I want good to win, and personally have no ethnic preference, I think the west is in a serious rebellion stage and has been, everyone wants the goods but they don’t want to have to work for it these-days, that’s never possible in reality and it will be a hard lesson to learn.

          • filomena seiffert

            The pride in the west is overwhelming ! all from satan who lost himself and many angels because of pride and desire for power.

          • Two2trees

            It is awesome that you do that and more awesome that you succeed.

          • PaulF

            Praise God! And it’s not just me. Usually there have been others encouraging them toward faith as well. The important thing is to let them know that Jesus is the only one. That’s where the power is.

    • Two2trees

      The notion of ecumenism is a relatively new one especially as it crosses into the heresy of indifferentism (the belief that all religion is equal.)

      • PaulF

        Ecumenism is about unity among Christian churches. I don’t regard that as sinister. The interreligious movement is pretending that antichristian religion is good. That is more than sinister. It is pure poison.

  • So, what I’ve gleaned from the article is the hatred toward Christians for the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, and it is from the bowel of hell and father of many lies – the devil.

    The sad thing is they who claim to be Christians cannot accept the simple truth regarding Mary, and by the other side of the coin, those same Christians who accept the allegation that Islam venerates Mary cannot accept the simple truth that Islam denies the divinity of Christ.

    The narrow way, indeed. Just as Christ came through a narrow way into the world, through the womb of the Virgin Mary, so do we go to eternal life through the way way of the Cross.

    • An additional thought.

      In the Temptation of Christ, thrice the devil challenged Christ’s divinity by asking, “If you are truly the Son of God…” Nowhere nor not once has the devil gone after Christ’s virginal birth. Deducing this, the devil knew it was pointless to try to attack Christ’s virginal birth, but going after the claim of Christ’s divinity is his trademark. All heretical cults, including Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, all deny Christ’s divinity.

      It’s easy for cults to accept Christ’s virginal birth, but it is difficult to accept Christ’s divinity. To me, that makes a world of difference.

      • Constantine, it’s interesting you brought up Odin, because a few months ago, this article caught my eye and it didn’t mean much then as it does now.–finance.html?ref=gs

        • Yes I have heard of this evil lot, soldiers of Odin.

          • Interesting. For me, the first time I read it, I was curious about the Norse mythology, and boy…

            Well, I’m glad that you were able to show how all the mythology are stemming from the same pit.

          • Grandmere

            They nearly wiped out Christianity in England.

          • I remember you mentioning that once.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Neo-Pagan Biker and Black Metal scum from Scandinavia, want the former lands of the Vikings to go back to barbarism.

            St. Olaf King of Norway, who did crush the pagans in battle and establish the Right Belief of Christ, pray and intercede for your spiritual children!

      • Two2trees

        The oldest refutation of Christ’s divinity is focused on her, particularly her perpetual virginity. This can be found in talmudic sources as well as Tradition in rabbinical and pre-rabinical Judaism.

        • Interesting. I seem to remember reading (or watching on TV) how the rabbis were split on the Isaiah prophecy about the Messiah and the virginal birth.

  • AnthonyM

    This is wonderful explanation!
    Mary is the Queen of heaven. And who will sit at Jesus right and left hand in glory, but St Mary and St Joseph. It could never be Luther and Zwingli.

  • Paul Doyle

    Regarding the adoration of Mary, there is a great error here. Psalm 80:1 refers to God as the One who “sits enthroned between the cherubim”. What was between the cherubim in the tabernacle? The Ark. Jehovah God, Christ Himself as the Ark, sits enthroned between the two cherubim. Not Mary. Rev. 22:1 makes it clear that God and the Lamb are on the throne. Christ, the embodiment of the Triune God, sits between the cherubim of glory. He is the Ark. He is enthroned in glory as the focal point of the tabernacle. Any other person or thing that one would try to portray as being the Ark would be a very, very poor substitute in comparison to Christ.

    Numbers 10:35-36 says “And when the Ark set out, Moses said, Rise up, O Jehovah, and let Your enemies be scattered; And let those who hate You flee before You. And when it came to rest, he said, Return, O Jehovah, to the ten thousands of the thousands of Israel.” The Ark represents Christ Himself as the embodiment of God for His move and conquest on the earth.

    What was the Ark? It was a box made of acacia wood overlaid with gold both on the inside and on the outside, showing that Christ’s humanity (acacia wood) was mingled with His divinity (gold). The Spirit as His divine nature was both within and upon Him. The Ark contained 3 very important, significant items (Heb. 9:4-5): the tablets of the law (the law of the Spirit of life is IN Christ Jesus as the Ark, not Mary – Romans 8:2), the budding rod of Aaron (signifying His budding, blossoming resurrection life – John 11:25), and the hidden manna in the golden pot (Christ as our heavenly bread, who dwells within the Father (the golden pot)). Mary, while surely a saint of God, is not the law of the Spirit of life, nor is that law in her. It is in Christ Jesus, the Ark.

    The Ark also had the propitiation place, the propitiation cover, upon which the blood was sprinkled. Romans 3:24-25 shows that Christ Himself is that propitiation place, that lid of the Ark, where God and man met, not Mary. That very lid was also pure gold, showing that Christ, not Mary, is 100% God, yet the golden lid is sprinkled with the blood, showing He, not Mary, became a genuine man who shed His blood on our behalf. The place where we meet with God through redemption is a Person, the Lord Jesus – not Mary. He is both the Ark, and the propitiation place of the Ark.

    The Ark also had the cherubim on it, representing God’s glory (Heb. 9:5a). Christ Himself is the effulgence of God’s glory (Heb 1:3), and the glory of God is in the face of Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 4:6), not Mary. All of these features of the Ark fit like a hand in glove with Christ, not with Mary. Christ has the preeminence in all things (Col. 1:18). The Ark is also called the Ark of the Testimony. The Testimony of God is firstly with Christ, the Faithful Witness (Rev. 1:5).

    I’ve heard some claiming Psalm 132:8 shows the Ark cannot be Christ, since it is seemingly separate from the Lord. This reference to the Ark of His might is a similar reference to Christ as the arm of His strength, as revealed in numerous passages. As He is the arm of Jehovah, so is He the ark of His might. Christ Himself is the power of God (1 Cor. 1:24), not Mary.

    The fact that the woman in Rev. 12:1 follows the Ark in the last verse of Rev. 11 by no means shows that the woman is the Ark. Where is the Ark? In the tabernacle. What is the tabernacle now, in this day and age? The tabernacle today is the church, which is regularly depicted as a woman in the New Testament (e.g. the bride/wife in Ephesians and Revelation). If the Ark was to be seen, it was to be seen in the sphere of the tabernacle. If one is to know Christ, the Ark, one must be in the sphere of the church, the true tabernacle, the Body of Christ, the wife of Christ. Hence, why the Ark (Christ) and the woman (the tabernacle) are together in John’s writings.

    The woman with the sun, moon, and stars in Rev. 12:1 does not depict Mary in ascension. The principle of first mention should guide us in our interpretation here. Genesis 37:9 sets the precedent, the principle of first mention, regarding the sun, moon, and stars together, showing clearly that they represent God’s people as a whole.

    If the sun, moon, and stars all together in one verse for the first time in Gen. 37:9 represent God’s chosen people, then the woman with the sun, moon, and starts in Rev. 12:1 follows the precedent, also depicting God’s people as a whole, just as the beast in Rev. 13 is group of people, and just as the bride in Rev. 19 is a group of people. The woman in Rev. 12:1 is God’s people, a corporate woman, shining forth as luminaries.

    Besides, it’s also important to note that the “assumption” of Mary wasn’t even officially proclaimed as a doctrine of the Roman Catholic church until last century. The thought and teaching of Mary’s incorruption and ascension into heaven to be a kind of “Ark” is based upon centuries of increasing deviation from the Word of God. As Paul exhorted in 1 Tim. 4:7, we should refuse such “old-womanish myths”.

    • So, the Ark that contained the three items cannot be Mary because she carried in her womb for nine months the High Priest, the Lawgiver, and the Living Bread?

      Your entire argument is based on slippery slope.

      You simply lack the dual sense that are in plain sight of the Scriptures.

      • Julie

        Very shallow and an instrument of heresy.

        And he still won’t tell us what form of religion he belongs to…where he gets his stuff…Westminster?…CARM?


        • The usage of Jehovah has me thinking Jehovah Witness.

          • Two2trees

            They deny even Christ’s divinity so don’t have much use for His mother.

          • Yep… That’s what I was aiming at in an earlier comment above.

          • Georgeorwell

            And the Trinity itself. They are godless heretics.

          • Julie

            They are extremely anti Catholic.

            They think that Christianity disappeared until the truth came to America in the 1800’s…a derivative of the Stone Campbell movement.

            I found one of the magazines at the Catholic hospital and every time I have opened them up, they are denigrating Christ’s Church.

            I was going to be part of this ecumenical study group on the psalms started by my employer. There was a former JW in there saying it was a cult, but when I said I was Catholic, her eyes narrowed and they all disbanded….except the employer.

          • Julie

            He was spinning out alot of stuff…missed it.

            I would not be surprised if they went to CARM to get more ‘resources’.

            I went on Carm twice after hearing about it…the second time, they were denigrating the Mass so I wrote out the description of the ancient Mass by St. Justin the Martyr around 154 AD….and they deleted it and I was suspended for 3 months.

          • CARM…a one man operation. I used to go there to do some reading on cults but quit going there.

          • Julie

            Toxic. Don’t want to advertise….was the sentiment on a Catholic forum….don’t go there….

          • It’s not just the Catholics he criticizes its also the Orthodox as well.

          • Julie

            Yes….just about everybody…he also draws on compromised resources…they all do….have no sense and are blinded…Christ trusted His apostles to found His Church through them, He the Cornerstone…

            I am thinking back to….an excellent site….of many former highly educated Protestant ministers who became Catholic studying the ECF’s…Catholics are Ecclesial Deists’….Ryan, August, 2009. Very great read…touches on the Restorationists…and their limited view of Christ…we believe Christ is big enough God to build His church on His apostles….

          • Watch Robert Sungenis school Matt Slick who runs CARM and have yourself a laugh:

          • Julie

            I heard it some time ago…he didn’t even realized he lost the argument.

            The Church also stands with the Greek philosophers that one can come to belief in God without faith.

            This fellow is all about Christian subjective relativism…his leading statement and so sure of himself….

          • Julie

            Now that you are here…I went back to Spirit Daily and someone contacted them disputing their comment on your article on Mary of Guadalupe from a Muslim perspective, that the crescent moon was added.

            They have now corrected it with another article, what the image would look like without the add on’s…and the crescent moon was always there.

            I am going back to Michael and request he put it out again. My old Dominican pastor is now retired and i want him and other clerics to read the article.

            I think the devil had his hand in this invalidation of your article.

            The pope gazed at the image of a copy of Guadalupe in Rome that was given to him and during the Battle of Lepanto he called on all to pray the rosary while he interceded Mary of Guadalupe.

          • Never heard of Spirit Daily. Have a link?

          • Julie


            The article from yours was put in either September 23 or 24 this year.

            Now there is a response this past week questioning the statement that the crescent moon was added later on, with another article that made no such claim, only that the moon was enhanced with silver but is turning dark.

            I never heard such a claim before that the moon was added on.

    • Julie

      Surface, typical anti Catholic denial.

      Every Catholic/Orthodox church has its own altar and tabernacle where the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity resides, the sanctuary lit to make us aware He is present.

      Yours is a belief of private interpretation of words, surface with no life within..

      What is your source, ,where do you get your information?….

    • Julie

      And yes, the Mercy Seat in the ancient temple of Jerusalem had cherubims on both sides.

      And regarding the ‘assumption’….because Mary did not sin, she did not earn the wages of death.

      We do not know how she passed from this earth; we can only ‘assume’ she was gloriously taken to heaven…and there is no tomb.

      The assumption of Mary is a dogma of faith taken from the sense of Scripture as was demonstrated here to you. There are only 4 dogmas:

      1. Mary Mother of God. Do you believe Christ is God?

      2. Papal Infallibility. The pope looks upon the faith of people practiced for a long time. Believers from the beginning always saw Mary conceived without sin, and perpetual virgin for her entire life, giving herself fully to the Lord and His mission to be Savior and Redeemer to the world. No other human had that mission. The pope draws on a practice of belief…and consults with every bishop around the world and they give him full consensus, then the pope can make a dogma. This was done at the Vatican Council 1 in the 1850’s. The Church likewise looked back at the history of the Church and its immediate compliance with a pope if he made a decree. If there was any disagreement or imbalance in his judgment, bishops could make their case, and then the pope would make a more balanced judgment. So the papacy is no dictator, but works in communion with the bishops. Big difference…and looking at we the people in how we responded to leadership and to points of faith lived out…the Virgin Mary.

      3. The Immaculate Conception. Also in mid 1850’s. Mary conceived without sin, perpetual virgin. Long held belief in the history of the Universal Church.

      4. The Assumption of Mary into heaven, Pope Pius XII. We assume Mary was gloriously taken into heaven because she never sinned.

      To call such as ‘old womanish myths’…is a blasphemy.

      • I would remind you that none of those points are part of this article. Best to focus on what Walid is trying to say.

    • The utter twist is amazing.

      “This reference to the Ark of His might is a similar reference to Christ as the arm of His strength, as revealed in numerous passages. As He is the arm of Jehovah, so is He the ark of His might. Christ Himself is the power of God (1 Cor. 1:24), not Mary.”

      You reference Cor 1:24 which says nothing about Christ being the ark of His might. This is why I never trust anyone who make statements and simply gives a reference without quoting it:

      “but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.”

      It says nothing about He being the Ark of His might.

      The Arm of the Lord is Jesus, another part of the Godhead. Isaiah 53 speaks “to whom has the Arm of the Lord been revealed’.

      This Arm (Jesus) and the Lord are TWO not one, yet are One with also the Holy Spirit.

      I can play the Jew and take all your arguments and twist the verses as you do and Jesus will not be Messiah. This approach you do is exactly the same.But I will not waist my time chasing after the wind.

      • Paul Doyle

        Brother Walid, there is no twisting. My mentioning of 1 Cor 1:24 was an example of that sort of phraseology. The phrase itself “the power of God”, as you pointed out, makes it seem like 2, yet they are 1. Christ Himself is the power of God, yet He is God, the one, true God. It is similar with the Ark of His might. Seemingly two, yet they are one. The Ark itself is not something separate from God.

        If the Ark does not represent Christ, then why does it call the Ark “Jehovah” in Numbers 10:35-36, who is Christ? Why would Psalm 80:1 refer to God as the One who is enthroned between the cherubim, a clear reference to the Ark which was covered by the cherubim? Why would Romans 3:24-25a clearly say that Christ Himself is the propitiation place (a reference to the lid of the Ark)? “Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus; Whom God set forth as a propitiation place through faith in His blood”.

        Christ is no longer dwelling exclusively in Mary, but in all genuine believers who constitute the church as a corporate entity, the Body of Christ, which is His tabernacle. The Ark, Christ Himself, is found in the tabernacle, the church, which is portrayed as a woman. If the woman with the sun, moon, and stars does not represent God’s people as a whole, then why is the first mention of Gen. 37:9 with the sun, moon, and stars all together representative of God’s chosen people? The interpretation of the woman with the sun, moon, and stars being an individual (like Mary) violates the principle of first mention.

        Your question regarding the woman and her seed is similar to asking why would the beast and the false prophet in Revelation 19 be cast into the lake of fire, yet it says in verse 21 that the rest (referring to the armies – see verse 19) were also killed. Aren’t they all one? Aren’t they a part of the beast, the empire that persecutes God’s people. Yes. Yet, the phraseology makes distinctions among them. It’s the same with the woman and her seed. It’s the same with Christ as the power of God and the Ark of His might. They are one, yet distinct. The Three of the Godhead are distinct, yet not separate.

        • Is Mary the “Mother of God”?

          • Paul Doyle

            Mary is the mother of God, Jesus, in His humanity, but not His mother with regards to His divinity.

          • Paul,

            Did I ask you to do a theological surgery? No.

            Let me ask again, is Mary the Mother of God?

          • PaulF

            He has given an answer which is demonstrably unscriptural.

          • PaulF,

            Mary is the Mother of God. She is Θεοτοκος “Theotokos” the God-Bearer. Jesus is God and Mary is His mother, therefore Mary is the Mother of God.

            I was told this by a kid when I was protestant. It was instantly convincing. It needed no debate. Jesus is God. He was still God even when He was in Mary’s womb.

            “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! And why is this granted me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?”

            The “mother of my Lord (God)”.

            So when I was Protestant I said to myself, end of story praise Jesus and Amen. Mary is the Mother of God.

            But with the devil, it is sort of goes like this ‘did Elizabeth really mean God by “Lord”‘? Its the same trick the devil used on Eve ‘Did God really say not to eat of the fruit’?

            And onwards goes the debates. Sophists arise and speak complex words. Books are written. Movements created by the devil and they sprout thorns and thistles that have no charity towards man while calling themselves ‘ministries’ when in reality they are the ministers of satan. Rebellions. Confusion …

            When people get squeamish about calling Mary “Mother of God,” it reflects the spirit of the Nestorians who wanted to avoid making Mary seem greater or equal to God Almighty. They did this by separating the divinity of Christ from His humanity. In the process they created in their minds two distinct persons in Jesus by believing that Mary was the mother of Jesus the human.

            This is what it is all about with these people. They are a re-creation of the Nestorians.

            But He was God “from before all ages,” as the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed states. So these Nestorians concocted the idea that Jesus became God at His Baptism in the Jordan. Sort of God possessed Him so that God can use Jesus like a mechanical instrument while Mary was simply an incubator. One can say that robotics were thought of even in these times.

            But Jesus says “you shall know them by their fruits”.

            The devil of course, as soon as you begin to believe in the truth sends his minions. So when I was approached by their best, James White for a debate, I told him that before we debate I want to first know how the Alpha and Omega Ministries are a ‘ministry’? What and who do they ‘minister’ to? What charity do they do for their fellow man and how is ‘debate’ a ‘ministry’?

            This is what I wanted to debate him on. Why? Because I always look at a tree and search for fruit or else I will curse it. This is the custom from when I was in Bethlehem.

            I then told him that the debate will be over one topic, how Protestants fabricated false history about the Catholics persecuting what they call ‘Christians’ when these were evil Cathars. I want to go over a multitude of books loaded with slander and fabrications written by his fellow protestants. I knew that all these want to debate is biblical gymnastics questioning “did God really say this’ and ‘did God really mean that’?

            The man was severely offended and he called me names and vanished.

            This was the man they considered ‘the best’.

            But to me, this was my experience in ‘resisting the devil and he will flee’.

            To this man, it was more important that his sister be condemned for converting to Catholic than his father’s molestation of his own sister. He chose of course, to cover up for his father’s evil instead of showing mercy and charity for his sister. I say the devil was in this family and God had mercy on the victim: his sister.

            The kid who told me about Mary being the “Mother of God” was my son Theodore. I learned more out of the mouths of babes than I can learn in years out of the mouths of sophists and the spirit of debate. These always shoot their gymnastics. I never fall for their games and always address them as Jesus would on the real issues of their soul. These flutter their tongues playing Bible and shuffling it as a deck of cards in Las Vegas hoping to win the Black Jack. To them, the Bible is a game they play instead of simply looking at a verse and trying to follow it for the rest of their lives in obedience.

            Again, you shall know them by their fruits.

            How hard is it to look at the tree and see what it produces? Pick, taste, is it bitter? Are there any fruits on it?

            It does not take a rocket scientist. Its plain wisdom.

          • It’s a no brainer that Mary is the Mother of God and she’s also the Mother of the Church as well. After all, she gave birth to Christ, the Chief Cornerstone.

            I enjoy your “rambling” because it’s like reading from the sage of old.

          • Keeping things simple is the way of the sheep.

          • What did the Lord says of His sheep? Oh yes… That they know the voice of their Shepherd and follow Him.

          • I thought you said that you have a hearing problem Trevor 😉

          • HA HA HA HA!

            Would you be interested in teaming up one more time with me? I have so much thoughts on St. Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant that cannot be limited to the comment section.

          • Kamau41

            He hears the Shephard’s voice so loud and clear.

          • Kamau41

            Amen, Amen.

          • Excellent Walid. Our Lord after all is not schizophrenic. Not only was his human nature in the womb of mother Mary but so was his eternal being as God. I think people get into very big trouble when they believe they now understand and can explain eternal realities which really are unknowable to us. And so they begin as you say to develop complicated arguments etc. The truth we need to believe is actually so simple even a little child can know it.

          • I call them the “dissecting God” crowd who await until God dissects them in hell.

          • Bingo! That is what they are doing. Such a dangerous thing to attempt. From such come all manner of evil deviations from God’s truth. As soon as I read the comment that Mary is the mother of his human nature but not his divine nature a red flag went up. Something is very wrong with this statement.

          • From these stay away.

            “They abstain from the Eucharist and from prayer, because they confess not the Eucharist to be the flesh of our Saviour Jesus Christ, which suffered for our sins, and which the Father, of His goodness, raised up again. Those, therefore, who speak against this gift of God, incur death in the midst of their disputes. But it were better for them to treat it with respect, that they also might rise again. It is fitting, therefore, that you should keep aloof from such persons, and not to speak of them either in private or in public, but to give heed to the prophets, and above all, to the Gospel, in which the passion [of Christ] has been revealed to us, and the resurrection has been fully proved. But avoid all divisions, as the beginning of evils.”

            Last week I wrote on the Great Falling Away. These are not exclusively unchurched:

            “Know also this, that, in the last days, shall come dangerous times. Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked, Without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness, Traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of God: Having an appearance indeed of godliness, but denying the power thereof. Now these avoid. For of these sort are they who creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, who are led away with divers desires: Ever learning, and never attaining to the knowledge of the truth.” (2 Timothy 3:1-7)

            We clearly see these today. This is not exclusive to the unchurched and in fact describes many of the churched: “appearance indeed of godliness” while they are “lovers of pleasures more than of God” .

            But what does God say? The Bible says to avoid these: “now these avoid”. Today these very people insist we “should not avoid” but to ‘love’ and ‘reason with’. Why do they insist we ‘love them’? Because they want the sheep to get entrapped by the snares of the devil. They want us to mingle and be seduced with all sorts of sophism.

            Does one fight someone on PCP? No. The drug addict has unusual superhuman strength. We avoid that person. Yet, if someone says that you need to love someone high on PCP running naked, do you do this? That person might kill you.

            But the devil will tell you, o no, go and reason with him after all God is love.

            If God was the love they speak of why would He say “now these avoid”? What part of “avoid” do we not get?

          • PaulF

            Please keep rambling. I’ll keep saying Amen.
            Your son Ted knew from a young age how to fight every heresy. Every heresy began with the heretic turning against Mary and denying that she is the Mother of God. I believe that’s one reason the Rosary is so powerful. When you know and declare that she is the Mother of God you’ve grasped and confessed the whole of Divine revelation.

          • PaulF

            Also, I agree one needs to look for fruits to discern who one is dealing with. There are Protestant Christians and ministries that do a lot to help people. I can’t remember ever hearing those speaking against Mary and the Church.
            And there are persons and ministries that do a lot to help themselves. It won’t take long before you see them taking potshots against the Catholic Church and against Mary.

          • Paul Doyle

            Brother Walid, if I were to ask you ‘did God die on the cross?’, the correct answer would be yes, He died on the cross in His humanity, but not in His divinity, as He as God is immortal. It’s not theological surgery; it’s simply being exact to avoid misunderstanding and misapplications.

            If a Mormon were to ask you ‘are we becoming God?’, you might reply, ‘Yes, we are becoming God in life and in nature, but not in the Godhead to be worshipped’. That is simply telling the truth of theosis, yet also clarifying what theosis is not (becoming gods to be worshipped, as Mormons believe).
            My response is, yes, she is the mother of God in His humanity, but not in His divinity.

            A Jehovah’s witness might ask ‘Was the bronze serpent, who represents Christ, lifted up on a pole???’ If you merely answer yes, then they would go on to misapply that OT type to say something like ‘See, then Christ died on a pole and not on a cross.’ But you would reply ‘Well, Christ was lifted up as the serpent was, except He was lifted up on a cross, not a pole.’ Is that theological surgery? It’s simply clarification.

          • “Brother Walid, if I were to ask you ‘did God die on the cross?”


            Was Mary the Mother of God?

            Answer please with a Yes or a No.

            We do not equate death with annihilation; it is not. Death is the separation of the soul from the body.

            We (and God) can die. But this does not mean we cease to exist.

            This is the crux of the whole issue and is why you commit heresy when you claim we ‘worship saints’.

            Question: do saints die?

            Answer: Yes.

            But Scripture also says that ‘to be absent of the body is to be present with the Lord’.

            Therefore we can approach a living saint.

            You just checkmated yourself.

            Now you know why I do not enter scripture gymnastics with your type. Its useless. Good day. Roger and out.

          • Paul Doyle

            Brother Walid, your answering yes to God died is incomplete, as God in His divinity cannot die. He is immortal. We should always be specific, not leaving any room for error or misapplication. He died in His humanity. I know what your trying to do in answering yes to questions, but in reality your either answering incompletely, or your doing the same thing I did, except with a couple of periods thrown into your answer.

            Romans 1:3 says that Christ is the “seed of David according to the flesh”, yet in verse 4 it says He was designated “the Son of God in power according to the Spirit of holiness.” Mary was a part of David’s seed, and Christ was also a part of the seed of David “according to the flesh”. Yet, the Apostle Paul makes it clear that His divinity is according the Spirit, not David or Mary. The Bible first made that distinction, not me. Would you accuse the Apostle Paul of theological surgery for writing Romans 1:3-4?

          • “Brother Walid, your answering yes to God died is incomplete”

            Are you the father of that boy you are holding? Yes or No?

            Now, would you have to tell us how you had sex with your wife and include all the detail?

            Are you voting Trump or Hillary?

          • Paul Doyle

            That boy is not Christ. But once he does believe into Christ, he will be regenerated with the life of Christ. Then, like Christ, he will have a dual status. I am his father in the flesh, yet at that time, God will be his father in the spirit.

            I’m voting for Trump, of course.

          • Hate to ask you what 1 + 1 =

            Who knows what I’ll get for an answer.

          • Paul Doyle

            Ha ha If only the things of the divine and mystical realm were that simple. That same type of argument could be used by JWs, Mormons, Muslims, etc. to ask, ‘How can 3 be 1???’ Yet, in the Trinity, 3 = 1.

          • PaulF

            He will still be bound by the commandment to honor his father and his mother. It will be no excuse for him to say, ‘he’s my father in the flesh only, and I’ve been reborn in the spirit so I’m now released from any obligation to honor him.’
            May God forbid that he would ever come out with such nonsense.
            Please stop imputing such nonsense to Jesus.
            Jesus never said to Mary, ‘You are the mother of my humanity only, and by the way you didn’t create me you only incubated my human nature and so I am under no obligation to honor you as my mother.’
            I see the difficulty. It is hard to believe that God should endow such greatness on a human being that he actually freely gives her authority over himself as his mother. Yet that is what the word of God tells us. Let Scripture assure you that it is true:
            ‘Turn your eyes away from me, for they have overcome me’ (Song of Songs 6:5).
            ‘There are sixty queens and eighty concubines and virgins without number, but my dove, my undefiled, is only one’ (Song of Songs 6:8,9).
            ‘Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb’ (Luke 1:42).
            ‘Behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed’ (Luke 1:48).
            Paul, these are not citations from the Daily Star. They are the word of God honoring his own Mother in line with his own commandment.
            I have deep respect for my Protestant fellow Christians and I have learned much from them about Scripture. Derek Prince is among the best Scripture teachers in history in my estimation.
            That is why the Protestant position on Mary is so disappointing: quite simply, it is unscriptural.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            You’re not saying anything different from Orthodox Christian theology. From the Wikipedia article on the Theotokos;

            “Within the Orthodox and Catholic tradition, Mother of God has not been understood, nor been intended to be understood, as referring to Mary as Mother of God from eternity — that is, as Mother of God the Father — but only with reference to the birth of Jesus, that is, the Incarnation. To make it explicit, it is sometimes translated Mother of God Incarnate”

            And from the third letter of st. Cyril of Alexandria to Nestorius;

            “Confessing the Word to be united with the flesh according to the
            hypostasis, we worship one Son and Lord, Jesus Christ. We do not divide
            him into parts and separate man and God as though they were united with
            each other [only] through a unity of dignity and authority… nor do we
            name separately Christ the Word from God, and in similar fashion,
            separately, another Christ from the woman, but we know only one Christ,
            the Word from God the Father with his own flesh… But we do not say
            that the Word from God dwelt as in an ordinary human born of the holy
            virgin… we understand that, when he became flesh, not in the same way
            as he is said to dwell among the saints do we distinguish the manner of
            the indwelling; but he was united by nature and not turned into flesh…
            There is, then, one Christ and Son and Lord, not with the sort of
            conjunction that a human being might have with God as in a unity of
            dignity or authority; for equality of honor does not unite natures. For
            Peter and John were equal to each other in honor, both of them being
            apostles and holy disciples, but the two were not one. Nor do we
            understand the manner of conjunction to be one of juxtaposition, for
            this is insufficient in regard to natural union…. Rather we reject the
            term ‘conjunction’ as being inadequate to express the union… [T]he
            holy virgin gave birth in the flesh to God united with the flesh
            according to hypostasis, for that reason we call her Theotokos… If anyone does not confess that Emmanuel is, in truth, God, and therefore that the holy virgin is Theotokos (for she bore in a fleshly manner the Word from God become flesh), let him be anathema.” (Cyril’s third letter to Nestorius)

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Furthermore, read what the Council at Chalcedon, inspired by the Holy Spirit, said about this matter;

            “…So, following the holy fathers, we all with one voice teach
            the confession of one and the same Son, our Lord Jesus Christ: the same
            perfect in divinity and perfect in humanity, the same truly God and
            truly man, of a rational soul and a body; of one essence with the Father
            as regards his divinity, and the same of one essence with us as regards
            his humanity; like us in all respects except for sin; begotten before
            the ages from the Father as regards his divinity, and in the last days,
            for us and for our salvation, the same born of Mary, the virgin

            He is one and the same Christ, Son, Lord, Only-begotten,
            acknowledged in two natures which undergo no confusion, no change, no
            division, no separation. At no point was the difference between the
            natures taken away through the union, but rather the property of both
            natures is preserved and comes together into a single person and a
            single subsistent being. He is not parted or divided into two persons,
            but is one and the same only-begotten Son, God, Word, Lord Jesus Christ,
            just as the prophets taught from the beginning about Him, and as the
            Lord Jesus Christ Himself instructed us, and as the creed of the fathers
            handed it down to us….”

          • Paul Doyle

            I appreciate your sharing that. I like those quotes. Amen.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Thank you, hope it helps. Amen!

          • PaulF

            You should know Paul that you have just denied the word of God in Colossians 2:9:
            ‘In him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.’

          • Julie LaBrecque

            Heretic and bigot – let a woman explain -I gave birth to a PERSON each time I had a chilld- and I am the mother of that person, I am not merely the mother of their humanity.
            Do you credit your wife with being the mother of your children’s humanity, or do you credit her with being THEIR MOTHER? Do you believe that it is God that implants the soul of every person conceived?

          • Paul Doyle

            Julie, you act like an abused animal at the shelter, backed up against a corner and snapping at any hand that comes near, even if it’s a hand to feed. The abuse you’ve experienced has brought in a spirit of insubordination. You would do well to learn to break the legal rights of the spirits afflicting you, and cast it out in Jesus’ name … otherwise, your unbecoming behavior, especially as a woman, will continue.

            Christ has a dual status. As God, Mary is not His mother. As a man, though, Mary is His mother. With unbelieving children, they are merely human, born according to flesh, their mother. But when they believe into the Lord, they will be born again, but not according to their mother, but rather according to God. Their second birth cannot and will not be attributed to their fleshly mother, but to God. Therefore, they would continue to always be children of their mother according to humanity, but their divine birth by the divine life makes them children of God, and not children of their mother as regards the divine life.

            Romans 1:3 says that Christ is the “seed of David according to the flesh”, yet in verse 4 it says He was designated “the Son of God in power according to the Spirit of holiness.” Mary was a part of David’s seed, and Christ was also a part of the seed of David “according to the flesh”. Yet, the Apostle Paul makes it clear that His divinity is according the Spirit, not David or Mary. The Bible, which I suggest you read a lot more often, makes that distinction.

          • “you act like an abused animal at the shelter”…

            “The abuse you’ve experienced has brought in a spirit of insubordination.”

            Thats very nasty. Who are you to say that she has to be subordinate to you? You are no authority over her. She has a husband and a priest. And what is all this bringing up of abuse have to do with a theological discussion. Nasty.

          • Paul Doyle

            I get called a bigot and a heretic by a woman behaving unbecomingly, and I’m nasty? I’ve seen you write much worse. Or do you have differing weights and balances, which is an abomination to God? Bringing up how a woman acts toward a man has a lot to do with items of the truth. If someone is in darkness and afflicted by spirits of insubordination and unforgiveness, they need to deal with the root of those things before they can attempt to define doctrine. And praying to Mary cannot break legal rights or cast out demons. It is through Jesus, the Almighty God.

          • I knew your comeback already, you still have no excuse. A Muslim thinks we are all heretics and is justified from his perspective to call us this, but to get that low calling her an animal? No excuse Paul. And then to speak about how she was abused? Is she a dog to be spoken to that way?

          • It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a sophist to enter the kingdom of God.

          • Paul Doyle

            Y’all are not heretics, but any who are praying to Mary are in serious error and a subtle form of idolatry. I didn’t call her an animal. Read what I wrote. I said she is acting LIKE an abused animal. There is a difference. I don’t know her, but it’s obvious she has a spirit of insubordination and very possibly of unforgiveness. She reeks with it. And unless she deals with it through the power of Christ, she will continue to be afflicted with it and act the way she does. With Christ, and only with Christ, is there power to break legal rights, cast out demons, and be freed from all sorts of afflictions and addictions.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            If you weren’t so full of yourself, and knew ONE TENTH of what you think you know about OUR BOOK THE BIBLE – it is NOT yours – you would know that the Davidic Kingdom of old was the prototype for the CHURCH – and the Queen Mother was an INTERCESSOR for the KIng’s subjects —-DUH —- your other ignorance is that when Mary is invoked, we are ASKING HER TO ASK HER SON WHO IS GOD – you self-taught prots ask your fellow self-taught prots to pray for you all the time, yet that’s OK?

          • Julie LaBrecque


          • Grandmere

            So I guess you don’t believe Mary is our mother either.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            Kind of like St. Nicholas who punched the HERETIC Arius -and St. Jerome who wrote an diatribe against the HERETIC Helvedius? Yes, you too are promoting PC crap. Your ignorance is borne from pride – you think YOU are the one to make theology – never mind that the CHURCH THAT CHRIST BUILT HAS BEEN DOING THAT FOR ALMOST 2,000 YEARS.

    • Julie

      You are in one Great error…where was the Shepherd during the 1800 years until some folks in America were the chosen ones…so far haven’t heard who they are…who now have the truth???

      To think about Restoration, likewise reveals a deficit of the One True God and Who He is.

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    You know I was reading about this just a month ago? You gave me insight to finish writing a study. Thanks a lot! Great article and so true! God bless you Walid!

  • Juan

    Magistral article. It emphasizes the spiritual importance of Blessed Virgin Mary and warns about the different ways satan takes to deceive humans (islam , hinduism, eugenics, nazism, buddhism, etc.).

    Some Christians are being deceived by ethnic nationalism, not only in Germany but in another European countries where Christianity is being sacrilegiously used in benefit of human tribal pride.

    An article to be read more than one time.

    • Thanks Juan. I was deceived by ethnic Palestiniansim in the past and so where most Christians in the land, especially the clergy. Ultra nationalism is evil.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        You know mr. Shoebat, I was deceived the same way, veered close to Ultra-Nationalism and even Racism, Close to Fascism in my reactionary politics, other extremism. I am now a Orthodox Christian Monarchist, and all the rest of that has now fell away. It’s easy to do, fall into evils, when one is motivated to find solutions without Christian charity or humility.

        • Praise God Who delivers us from error OCA.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Praise God indeed, I’m not the man I was before, in my tempestuous youth.

  • At times I use plain Mary when I try to reason with Protestants. One does not make the ultimate declaration from the start but at the end. Reasoning must also consider the audience and the sick, not just the physicians if you catch my drift.

  • Brenda

    That’s a good question, I could have just as easily decided to not seek anything and remain a borderline brainwashed liberal, it surly is easier to be considered acceptable and navigate around hatred that way, But then it’s a false acceptance and there is something that will come out about me anyhow, I won’t fully accept the worlds ways and seen that too many times, Tried to fit in and get some human acceptance, only to end up right back to square one, LOL!

  • filomena seiffert

    Have anyone heard of the crucified of Limpias? I read the about the many times Jesus image on the cross, showed to some people, the final struggle of His life. The last breaths, the pain, the blood out of His mouth. Many people saw it, some priests, doctors and different people. It happened in 1919 in Limpias, Spain. There is the first book published on Ebooks. It is good to see how high was the price paid by Our Lord for our salvation.

    • Yes! The CRUCIFIX OF LIMPIAS!! I downloaded the book to pdf.

      • filomena seiffert

        The description of the image coming to life and suffering the pangs of death on the cross, make me feel so bad for my sins.To think Jesus loved us more then himself to accept to go through the most atrocious pain, and I have been so ungrateful by offending Him

        • Jesus deserves our best! The bar just gets lower and lower. I for one am sick of it! I say – No more!! Raise that bar ever higher and higher!!! My priest recommends every hour, ask yourself how much of this hour were you living for God. My answers shocked me. Try it.

          • filomena seiffert

            My pain is related for sins of an old past. I do keep God in my thoughts all the time and pray much.

  • Georgeorwell

    Why should Catholics “moderate” their beliefs for heretics?

  • Georgeorwell

    All godless heretical religion’s of Satan have one or all of the below characteristics:

    1. They deny Christ’s divinity
    2. They deny Christ’s humanity
    3. they deny Christ is true God and True Man
    4. they deny the holy trinity
    5. they attack the Blessed Virgin, usually their most hated target
    6. they attack the Holy Catholic Church, the second most hated thing.
    7. they deny the priesthood
    8. ignore sin and hell
    9. universal salvation
    10. attack marriage and the conjugal union either by claiming it is inherently evil or that marital union has no importance.
    11. hyper fixated on physical heath
    12. deny baptism as essential for salvation
    13. some advocate veganism
    14. claim the mosaic law was never abolished and is essential for salvation
    15. claim Jews are saved without Christ through a dual covenant.
    16. operate in secret or conceal their identity when confronted.
    17. hate the crucifix and other religious objects.
    18. each person is equally capable to interpret the bible and is without error in that interpretation.
    19. ignore the deadly effects of sin.

    • I think there’s one more…

      I kid…I kid…

      Good stuff.

  • A website that is a one man shop that’s allegedly supposed to be an apologetic site. While he does good in dismantling the cults, he is way off with the Apostolic church.

    • Watch Robert Sungenis school Matt Slick who runs CARM and have yourself a laugh…

  • Julie

    Oh no…I would advise not to go there…very anti Catholic. I have a friend from our forum. She was Baptist. She started her experience with us, and they began accusing her of being a Catholic mole, etc. She ended up removing herself as a Baptist, but she couldn’t handle authority of the pope, so is Anglican.

    I came on…’Who are you?’…then I said, ‘Catholic’…and there they went….why, the pope god, etc etc etc names like Valley Gem…etc.

    • Two2trees

      That takes a great deal of energy and preparation to deal with. And even then it’s difficult particularly when the other side is hostile.

      • Julie

        And they delete your documented sources. They have no conscience.

        • Two2trees

          I don’t follow.

          • Julie

            I was responding to their criticism of the Mass. I wrote out the letter by St. Justin the Martyr to the Roman emperor in 154 AD explaining what happened at Mass, its intent, parts, tone, spirit the foundation of the Mass we have today.

            so instead sharing historical evidence to disprove, they simply deleted my post and put me on suspension with no recourse to defend myself.

          • Two2trees

            At that point perhaps start thinking about more fertile ground? I suppose that is a matter of temperament.

          • Julie

            Yes….why we don’t recommend people go there…it gets acrimonious as soon as you tell them you are an RC.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Looking forward to the Mother of God and His Church crushing Satan under-foot.

    Dear Walid – المعلم من كلمة المسيح

    almaelam min kalimat almasih.

    • good Arabic Kevin

      Almuallem, not almaelam, but good enough.

      • Kevin Nicholson

        Thank-You Walid.

      • Kevin Nicholson

        Thank-You Walid…

  • This should give you an idea. Watch Robert Sungenis school Matt Slick who runs CARM and have yourself a laugh:

    • Vinny Zee

      Very enjoyable. Slick became embarrassing to listen to after a while. I like how he tried to use anger and being “aghast” to try to make it seem like he was right. Currently reading a great book called “Hostile Witness,” which shows how the enemies of the church actually prove our faith. Great link, thanks.

      • I guess the lesson learned is to beware of Slick people who come to you dressed up in Slick attire.

        • Vinny Zee

          I’ve been devouring all things Sungenis since I’ve discovered him! He speaks directly to a mind like mind. Our stories are nearly similar. His exposition of the Apocalypse (the Book of Revelation) has been revolutionary.

  • You can google Mary apparition and satanic and see how many think apparitions of Mary is satanic.

  • Smith

    Another very good read. Thank you Walid.

    And Barrabas was a great movie

  • PaulF

    Even better to understand Scripture texts in light of the rest of the Bible and of what the Church has always taught.
    The Mariology portion of Rome goes back to the Apostles and is clear in all of St John’s writings for a number of reasons, one being that the Apostle lived under the same roof as Mary while he was writing. That, I believe, is a key reason his writings express such a developed understanding of Christ, and of his mother.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Can you tell us why protestants have no problem asking others to pray for them, yet accuse Catholics of Mary worship when they ask HER to pray for them?

  • “Many see the Catholic Church as carrying veneration of Mary to extremes, which is worship of Mary that is not biblical.” is Catholic. We have thousands of articles written over the years. Can you show us a single line we stated where we ‘worship Mary’?

    You see, I want you to search for this since if you do, you will abandon everything you have written so far. No offense.

  • God bless you too brother Jerome. Now we proceed to win souls.

  • The ways of God are not the ways of man. The Pope asked the soldiers to do the Rosary and they won. God tells the Israelites to build a box and they won. Can we imagine, a BOX. God was dwelling in that Box. Then He dwelled in Mary’s womb. Can we fathom and even imagine …

    So was all of God in the Box? Part of God … did God promise He will be in that bread? Yes. Is all of God in that bread? Part of God? … this is when we enter into all sorts of error and confusion. Jesus said “This is My Flesh”. We believe. Thats it. The Boss says it and we obey.

    We say to God “we accept””thou are Holy and Wise …”

    It is really that simple.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Well done Walid. Great article and well researched piece/paragraph on Hinduism’s Shiva demon (allah demon/crecent moon) as well. Brilliant. Everyone should take a printout of this.

    • Grandmere

      Dang, Indie! I woke up thinking about you this morning, wondering where you were. Now if I could only find Marco, maybe I could sleep in ’till six.

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        Here, I read daily.

    • Thank you Indian. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Julie


    Same with politics and what type of government.

    The only government we would oppose if it denied people the right to religion.

  • mspip

    some of what we are shown on shoebat is difficult. what is now going on in the world is weird to say the least. my family was against being catholic, then my half sister married one, a man from ireland and she converted from methodist.

  • PaulF

    Thank you.

  • PaulF

    It’s very tempting to lash out against councils and bishops etc but my practice now is to just tell the truth and avoid criticizing persons. Scripture forbids us to ‘curse our people’s leader’ or to lift up our hand against the Lord’s anointed (Exodus 22:27, Acts 23:5, Samuel 24:7).

    • Two2trees

      I don’t know if there can be a prohibition against truth in any circumstance. I’ll look at your texts but I think lifting a hand is connected to physically striking in the same way that cursing is very specific in a scriptural context.

      Still, what you say is important.

      I believe that we are where people like Fulton Sheen said we would be, where the flock must protect and preserve the Church because the bishops will not. Indeed not a single bishop is rising to say what they MUST in the face of heresy. Instead, many preach it. A few mention it. Priests are bound by

      • PaulF

        Sections 2&3 of Nostra Aetate are a major problem too.
        I’m not nice at all. When I woke up to what the flirtation with false religion had done to me and to the church I didn’t hold back. I wanted to shake the you know what out of every churchman that uttered praise of demonic religion.
        But it didn’t feel right. Yes, proclaim the truth as it stands written, but pointing fingers at individual pastors means dividing the church, and it’s not allowed. Deuteronomy 13:7-9: If those closest to you call on you to come and serve other gods, you must stone them to death (we don’t do that now, but we still openly reject them and their idolatry). We must reject a spouse, a child, a sibling, a closest friend; but there are two notable exceptions: we are not told to reject a parent, and we are not told to reject a priest or pastor. Everything in the word of God is very deliberate. Even when they speak abomination, we are not to reject a parent or a pastor. I’ve walked out of church more than once, but I won’t campaign against individual pastors.

        • Two2trees

          I have pointed out problems to priests, and respectfully. Times are not going to be easy for many of them, and the price they pay for failure is higher. One fellow just lost it when I referred to marriage as a covenant – insisting that it is only a sacrament. That shows formation problems. Another does homilies on Derida and deconstruction sometimes. With him I’m hoping for a good opening.

          It’s with bad bishops that my blood boils, and thinking of the wrath they face makes anything I could say seem tame.

    • Two2trees

      Here’s the quote and it is lumen gentium 16.

      But the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator. In the first place amongst these there are the Mohamedans, who, professing to hold the faith of Abraham, along with us adore the one and merciful God, who on the last day will judge mankind.

  • Two2trees

    The view of the arc as a figure (type) of the Blessed Virgin is as standard as the view of the protoevangelium in Genesis being a prophesy of Christ’s mother defeating/crushing the serpent.

  • Your mention of Mother Mary in Egypt is interesting. She visited our village Beit Sahour which is called the Shepherd’s Fields below Bethlehem and is within Bethlehem’s vicinity. We have Mary’s Well. It is still active and produces tremendous amounts of water and is unexplained. I remember a Greek nun healed and they built a little church on top of the well. The Blessed Mother appeared to her telling her to drink f her well. Priest Andrea Bannura sent her a bottle of this water.She was instantly healed. I wrote about some of this here:

    The detail is in Arabic:,N-16430/بئر-السيدة-مريم-العذراء-العجائبي-في-بيت-ساحور–هل-تبحثون-عن-شفاء-/السياحة-في-بيت-لحم-/السياحة-في-البلاد-المقدسة.html

    We were blessed to have had the Shepherds and the well given drink to Her as she journeyed.

    My family used to see visions of nuns roaming round about. Our family had their home within yards from the well. I still remember the stories my family would tell me about the nuns.

    There are also incidents where the Blessed Mother appeared there and healed many. One Muslim woman had a case where she gave birth to deformed children. She prayed to God to revert the curse. Mother Mary appeared to her and told her to go to the well and maintain the well and keep its surrounding clean. She did and she was blessed with healthy children from then onwards and she had them baptized. They always went there to light candles.

    During my childhood I was compelled to wear a crucifix of olive wood, I hid it in my shirt. I was always filled with joy. Thank God He delivered me out of my confusions.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      So amazing – I do wonder if the countries that have the wells/springs from Mary’s apparitions are those that will be able to stand against the son of perdition, or have some special graces available during those days?? My Coptic friend is in Egypt for a month-long stay, I’ll contact her by facebook to see if she’ll give me the name of the town again.

  • I rejoice when I find a comment from someone who cares about souls.

    Antichrist from Spain!!!??? During my experience I found that the biggest obstacle to God are pastors. I call them ‘clots’ in the bloodstream. They create a position and now they have to remain in it by keeping a balance. They preach on marriage causing more divorce since they only blame the men. I have spoken at pastoral conferences where my audience were strictly pastors and could not convert one to help rescue Christians. Not one. In fact, I have spoken at hundreds of churches and not one pastor dedicated a cent to aid what we do, we mostly got help from the congregation and grass roots. I would never have your mom waste a good book on a pastor, she is better off loaning it to a prostitute or a tax auditor 😉 I know what I said is rough, but its the honest truth from experience. I rarely met a pastor I liked.

  • “will the Mahdi order the destruction of Mecca or will he come after it has been destroyed???? ”

    I do not know. All I know is that Iran will destroy it as we find in Isaiah 21. We also cannot track and trust what the Mahdi does from Islamic prophecy since it is false prophecy. Although at times it mimics biblical prophecy this is done because the devil knows that biblical prophecy is true and want to have their prophecies inline so they can claim proof.

    The first church I went to was Baptist. They were dogmatic and thought the Catholic Church was the Harlot of Babylon. They let one pastor go and then they had a democratic election to bring in a new pastor. And of course, pastors being elected knew exactly what to say. Choir leader being elected also knew what hymns to sing for the voting audience while auditioning. I was the only one saying they were deceivers. Of course these reprobates were elected and as soon as they came in they turned the church upside down inside out. They closed the Sunday schools. They brought in the crazy modernized singing with sound and drum. The sermons became comedy. The Hawaiian shirts and the hippy era was revived and the crucifix disappeared and the disco lights became the focus of the altar while the youth had to be pleased instead of the youth pleasing the elders. I left never to look back. I saw church after church falling away and doctrine was thrown on the wayside while they all repeated the slogan “its all about Jesus”. They lied. These forget. It is what JESUS IS ALL ABOUT. Reverse their mottos and you get the truth. Send my best regards to your mom.

  • Stav,

    I stopped traveling a while ago since I got tired of doing over three thousand flights and I do not trust air travel anymore. You are from Peru, wow. I love south America. Perhaps you can join us on Theo’s Facebook. This way we can chat every now and then. You still visit Peru? Actually what I have on the blog is more and better than what I have on the book since time elapsed since that book was written as the world moves closer to catastrophe. We all must stick together as the times unfold.

  • I do not always monitor comments Strav.

  • Thank you Strav. Keep up the faith.

  • mspip

    not trying to make an argument but this is something that may be out of order. in KJV Luke 1:15 speaks of Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. other than that this is great information. please explain! thank you.