Marine Le Pen Declares War On Christianity, And Says That She Will Ban Christianity If She Takes Power In France

By Theodore Shoebat

Marine Le Pen just declared war against Christianity, saying that she will utterly ban all Christian crosses, symbols and clothing from public life, even going to so far as to say that she will abolish any Christian imagery from any all public schools. This would be an utter ban on Christianity, since the Faith, by its very nature, is suppose to be incarnational and public. I did a whole video on this:

According to the report:

Marine Le Pen, the far-right leader in France, has promised to ban all religious clothing including Christian symbols, in a bid to defeat radical Islam.

The National Front chief enjoyed a surge in polls after recent terror attacks and is expected to come top or second in the first round of presidential voting in April.

She said on Sunday that Jews and Christians would have to accept the ban in order to “fight the advance of political Islam”.

If elected in April and May next year Le Pen, 48, said she would extend the current ban on religious symbols in state schools to all public spaces.

“I know this is a sacrifice, but I believe that the situation is too serious today.”

The proposed ban would include Christian crosses and Jewish kippah as well as Muslim garments like the hijab and burka.

Le Pen was recently accused of “waging Hitler’s campaign” but “replacing Jews with Arabs and blacks”. Comedian Guy Bedos, 82, told his audience that Le Pen’s message was: “If you are unemployed and you’re suffering it’s because there are too many Arabs, too many blacks and if we throw them into the sea you will have work.”

Her comments this weekend came after French President Francois Hollande said his country had “a problem with Islam”. In an explosive 660-page book called ‘A President Should Not Say That’, Hollande was revealed to have said there were too many illegal migrants and suggested a “veiled woman” could be the female symbol of France.



  • filomena seiffert

    This witch is not going nowhere, only to hell.

  • Not just Christians but Jews as well. To fight Islam?


    • Furthermore, the Jews have a strong presence there with enclaves of Catholics and this will backfire on that woman.

    • PaulF

      True. You don’t fight anything with secularism, either of the all-religion-good or the no-religion-here variety. You hold up the Cross of Christ, the only power for overcoming evil. Le Pen has shown she can’t lead France anywhere.

      • Agree. Compromise is the tool of the devil.

  • susan

    The devil wears many disguises. And that of judas is his favorite to destroy from within. I had no idea that le pen harbored such evil ideas.

    lol. Don’t feel too bad about your lack of discernment with women. Mine with men hasn’t been too successful either. 😉

  • Flame blue

    The reason Le Pen has said this is logical because if she attempts to ban Islam then she is accused of racism and inequality. As she says Islam is so seriously bad for a people and a country she has to use ways to get rid of it. Truth is Muslims are enlarging, and promoting Islam at every turn, and in terror people will go with this devil religion in order to not be persecuted, tortured and murdered, that if Islam is not destroyed then all are doomed to death and destruction. Le Pen is not saying that she will stop Christianity or Islam but she will make symbols and promotions in the name of religion taboo. That is not saying that private church services or mosque services will be banned, or the symbols within the churches and mosques. It may seem like a slippery slope, but her main aim is to suppress Islam, because if it’s not suppressed all women will be burkanised in due course, and Christians wouldn’t be allowed to wear the cross because Muslims would attack them or ban the wearing of the cross in any case.

    This action, brain wave of Le Pen will stop Islam spreading, and Muslims will not like that, as they don’t like their religion to be private, just kept to the mosques, so they may leave France, however, Christians have not been spreading their religion in Europe, they stopped talking about their religious life some time ago, in order to not offend or bore and they have on the whole kept their religion, faith, beliefs, teachings to themselves. The truth is Le Pen has worked out that she is forced to ban all religious expression in the public domain in order to tackle evil Islam. Christians can cope with this because they are already private in their expression of their faith. I would rather Le Pen and her tactics and oppression than Islamic tactics and oppression.

    It’s the truth l am speaking. Consider this, my Church people do open prayer afternoons to attract visitors, and the door is left open and a invite sign is up. Latest concerns were ” what if a stranger comes in and sees us praying, silently or not, and they don’t understand the situation or know what’s happening and they feel intimidated and afraid.” I say,” well, they do know because the sign says come in to our open prayer event.” I was answered ” but we have to be careful that we don’t frighten a visitor, or make them feel that they are intruding”. So, l conclude that many Christians know that they need to attract new Christians to the church but they are so afraid to commit to doing it in case they offend. Le Pen will take nothing away from Christians that they haven’t taken away from themselves, because Christians persecute themselves.

    • this logic is superficial. Real logic says Islam is supremacist. By lamping down on only them they will know they are defeated. By doing this to Christians and Jews also they will just feel emboldened.

      • Flame blue

        Islam is supremist. Ideally only Islam should be subjected to being prevented from displaying burkas, and spreading that religion, but to do that, one must then be demonised by liberals who claim it’s oppression of Muslims, and Islamophobia. Laws have been set to allow religious freedom so to target only one religion and prevent it operating in certain ways, means violating the law. It’s seems that changing the law to prevent the spread of Islam must include an oppression of all religions. I believe that the oppression of Christianity by Le Pen’s political party, will be tame compared to the oppression of Christianity under Islam when they have sufficient power to do it. So, l back Le Pen but l think she will just buy a little time with her measures.

        As l said, Christians are keeping their faith under wraps anyway so they are losing nothing.

        If Kali religion, the stranglers, were allowed to flourish and be assisted in Europe, we modern people would face death by strangulation, so that’s why some religions have to be treated as a terror and not be allowed equal freedoms. As you know Muslims are sly and liars, and they sanitise their religion by claiming an Abrahamic foundation, like Jews and Christians and claiming that they are peaceful, and detached from the violence and terror perpetrated by their jihadists. If the Kali worshippers claimed they were an Abrahamic faith and detached themselves in words only from the murders by strangulation committed by their cult brethren, under the madness of political correctness and equality, they would flourish and we would have a big problem with that religion too! Imagine that, being accused of Kaliphobia for daring to criticise the peaceful religion of Kali and daring to say that it’s about strangulation and preying on people, robbing and killing.

    • richinnameonly

      Understood, and you could make that same case for the U.S. also, where some schools actually have after school satan clubs. But my two immediate thoughts are what does God think of her scheme, and the fact that it doesn’t really stop too much of anything where Islam is concerned. They will still plan and carry out mayhem. They need to be removed and, if that’s not possible, it makes an outstanding example for not ever letting them in.

      • Flame blue

        I totally agree with you but she is up against idiot opponents who demand equality for all religions so they will stand against only Muslims being targeted. Muslims are overt, oppressive and intimidating in their demands to be allowed to wear face veils while driving, teaching, nursing, etc, while Christians wearing a cross are hardly visible. We know that there are no demands in the Koran for black burkas and veils, and Muslims are showing their army uniform. If they could walk about with swords claiming it’s their religious needs they would do so!

        Not that long ago, America and Allies were telling burka clad women they were free from Taliban rule so they could ditch the burkas, and many women did so in trust that the Taliban were defeated in Afghanistan. News articles and media in shocked tones spoke of blue burka covered women, their oppression etc, now in our own lands these crap messengers are extolling the rights of Muslim women to wear burkas and veils in our streets. In our lands we are being conditioned to being subjected to vile Islamic practices which we must accommodate as in submission. I have to say that when there were but a few Muslims in Britain, the talk was, we must tolerate their practices and be careful that we don’t offend them, so pork and bacon were not served in hospitals, schools, etc, and 99.9% who were not Muslims had to change their food likes because we had to be the people to bend over backwards. This has been going on for some time now.

        Now this conditioning is taking the form of Christians being conditioned by Christians to be humble and walk to the side of the path if a Muslim is coming, and be humble and don’t look them in the eye because Christians should be polite and humble. We even have Christians telling Christians that being tortured, oppressed, even killed is good for Christians and Christianity. Bullcrap!

  • Diana

    No need to remind anyone why France is finished, and in the throws of judgment with God.

  • 1Bobby8

    I used to like her, not anymore. Who’s willing to fight and die for secular “values,” whatever that is? Only a revised, fervent, militant Christianity will defeat Islam.

  • Disappointing. And it makes no sense on it’s face. Drive back Islam by persecuting those who aren’t. This type of shoe only is causing foot problems. I shall ban all shoes. This pharmaceutical is causing heart attacks. Therefore I will ban all whole food nutritional supplements. What isn’t this woman telling us…besides the truth?

  • magaforever

    I don’t just hate immigrant rapists ..I’m not racist I’m an equal opportunity bigot I hate trash of all ethnicity

  • Kamau41

    This woman can expect a major backlash for her wicked anti-Christian ideology.

    The reality is the fact that Christendom is what will eventually and ultimately defeat Islam and all evil.

  • Grandmere

    Persecution brings purification for the Church. She doesn’t understand that.

    • RodK1975

      Jews will flee to Israel… as prophesied…

    • Kamau41

      No doubt it does. More likely than not, she will remain blind of that reality.

  • Juan

    Marine Le Pen follows the idolatry of the Republic and Secularism, as well as a little bit of feminist crap. She is noway a long term solution for France but anyway her program have some good points in economics and in external affairs.

    I see her as I see Trump… they aren’t the appropriate persons to bring the Truth but they would be useful to win time and to revert some wrong things, specially the relationship between the West and Russia.

  • No, she is thinking too much like a secular person.

  • Flame blue

    Think of ‘priest holes’, in private houses, this ensured the survival of Christianity instead of destroying it. So, surely keeping one’s religion private will protect our faith. Ideally Christians should spread their religion and become a strong force but they don’t and won’t. Let’s face the truth, in Europe Christians are going to have to return to private houses and priest holes when Islam conquers. Le Pen is not evil. What is evil is Islam! I can eat humble pie, but l cannot eat Sharia!

  • rodolfo

    Lord Jesus Christ our salvation, our Shepherd, gather us in Your flock, increase Your fold and do not let us go astray.

  • AnthonyM

    So the plan is to remove any and all religious symbols of all faiths from public display, in order to solve the problem of Islam. Punish the good and the bad in order to be fair to everyone.
    Total Secularization will not encourage muslims to integrate to French society. It will have the opposite effect.
    They will not integrate because they plan to dominate, and convert the country to Islam for Allah.

    • I don’t know if Le Pen is an athiest but my thinking is much as yours as to how this will affect Muslims. She isn’t doing anything to stop Muslim abuses. She is using them as an excuse to advance another, bigger agenda.

    • Julie

      I think this move, if it were to happen,, would only agitate and embolden the Muslims.

      • AnthonyM

        Yes, I agree exactly.

  • Shane Bass

    As always your insight is unparalleled my friend, and I love your comment on the immigrants I’ve been saying for years if they’re working whether or illegal or not, keep them, if they aren’t deport them

  • Coombes Larry

    Eventually, the French, killed by all sides, will have to call out for a savior; a King:

    Don Bosco:

    “Paris! Paris! Instead of arming yourself in the name of the
    Lord, you fortify with Houses of Immorality. They will be
    destroyed by you yourself. Your idol, the Pantheon, will be
    burnt to ashes in order that this may come true: “violence,
    uttereth lies against me.” Your enemies will reduce you to want,
    to hunger, to fear, and will make you the abomination of
    nations. Ah, woe to you, if you do not recognize the hand that
    strikes you! I want to punish immorality, the despising of, and
    the contempt for My Law, says the Lord.
    In the third visit you will fall
    into the hands of foreigners.
    Your enemies standing afar off
    will behold your palaces in
    flames. Your homes will
    become a heap of ruins with
    the blood of your heroes who
    are no more.
    “But there will come a great warrior from the North carrying a
    banner and on the right hand that supports it is written: “The
    Irresistible Hand of the Lord.”

    Abbe Souffrant:

    “Before the Grand Monarch, terrible misfortunes are to arrive.
    The blood will flow in torrents, in the north and the south; the
    west will be spared because of its faith. But the blood will color
    so much to the north and to the south, that I see it flow like rain
    in a day of great storm, and I see the horses in blood up to their
    bridles. Paris will be destroyed, so much destroyed that the plow
    will pass it by…
    “The Grand Monarch will do things so astonishing and so
    marvelous that the most unbelieving will be forced to recognize
    the finger of God. In his reign all justice will be rendered.
    “God will use the Grand Monarch in order to exterminate all the
    heretic sects, all the superstitions, and to spread, in concert with
    the holy Pontiff, the Catholic religion in all the universe, except
    in Palestine, land of malediction. After the crisis, he will have a
    General Council, despite the oppositions made by the clergy
    itself. Afterwards there will be but one flock and one pastor,
    because all the infidels and the heretics (but not the Jews, whose
    mass will not convert until after the death of the Beast) will
    enter into the Latin Church, whose triumph will continue up to
    the destruction (persecution) of the Antichrist.

    Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi:

    “France will fall into frightful anarchy. The French people shall
    have a desperate civil war, in which old men themselves will
    take up arms. The political parties having exhausted their blood
    and their rage, without being able to arrive at any satisfactory
    understanding, shall at the last extremity agree by common
    consent to have recourse to the Holy See. Then the Pope shall
    send France a special legate, in order that he may examine the
    state of affairs and the dispositions of the people. In
    consequence of the information received, His Holiness himself
    shall nominate a most Christian king for the government of

  • PaulF

    Major Calamity trolling again?

  • Saved_by_Jesus

    Seems to me this is a brainwashing tactic, appealing to the emotions of the people, in order to persuade them that the Government is Their God! This notion is replete with peril. Why punish the law abiding Catholics and Jews? Have they committed a crime? Are the citizens in fear of them? Seems Le Pen wants to be the criminals friend! Le Pen is morally obtuse, a globalist sell-out, a coward and a fraud!

  • racarrera

    This is no different than what France has been doing since the French Revolution. Even the Church has bought into the idea of Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Unless there are Catholics willing to wage a Holy War against this, France is lost for this generation. That doesn’t mean, however, that younger people won’t get sick of this situation and change.

    • Rudy, I am getting the impression that the laity among Catholics are getting angry.

      I was reading at Church Militant yesterday and boy, they are giving the United States’ Conference of Catholic Bishops a what for.

      My God…isn’t there a David among them to stand up to the uncircumcised Jezebel, Hillary? Instead of being lions among men, those bishops hide behind their cloth, do public handwringing, and go on their merry way.

      Where is a David among them that roars, “Who is this uncircumcised Jezebel that is making a mockery of the Living God?”

      As the Great Saint Athanasius replied when someone told him the entire world was against him, “Then I am against the world!”

      Why isn’t Pope Francis being a general leading the cardinals and bishops in a Holy Spiritual War against the force of darkness the way Patriarch Kirill and the Russia Orthodox Church are waging against Islam?!

  • warlords
  • AnthonyM

    Along the same line,Sweden has opened its first “atheist cemetery” devoid of all religious symbols. Christians and Jews need not apply.
    Sweden is the least religious nation in the Western world. Sweden has been chiefly Lutheran since the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century.
    The Church of Sweden will manage the upkeep of the graveyard but is not allowed to express its core beliefs in any way on cemetery property. Mosque attendance has been rising steadily.

  • The American’s Constitution is similar with the theory that the government are to take “hands off” approach to religion. Additionally, the idea is that all religion deserves to be treated equally, respectfully, and the government simply make sure that there is not one dominant religion.

    In practice, it is far from the truth as we are now seeing Islam, using stealth and bleeding heart useful idiots, advancing Shariah while Christians are being slowly censored, muzzled, and eventually, if current trajectory continues, outlawed.

    Le Pen is making the assumption that, in order to combat “radical” Islam, let’s put all religion on equal footing by banning symbols. This is how tyranny starts. If they can ban symbols, then they can start controlling meeting places, and eventually, drive religion underground.

    • May I add an interesting difference to this Federal Constitution? The following state constitutions required all who hold public office must acknowledge the existence of a supreme being. Any who denied such could not hold office. Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

      • Yes, it’s interesting because it shows that sometime the state overrides the federal’s Constitution.

      • Juan

        If you go to Clermont-Ferrand (France) you will see that the revolutionaries that destroyed churches and monasteries wrote on the cathedral wall: “The French nation acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being”… this is pure from Antichrist. Jews, Muslims and lot of Pagans believe in a Supreme Being that isn’t the Real God of Christian Faith.

        This is just a masonic ambivalent statement.

        • Yes, I realise this declaration in certain states constitutions the need to acknowledge ‘a supreme being’ is far short of a Christian declaration. You are correct. I’ve gone back and forth for a long time as to whether America at it’s founding was really a Christian nation or not. Whatever it was, there was a plan from the beginning to bring it to where we are now. I see mass suffering, death and destruction in the immediate future. Yes I’m a calamity howler and tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. Some would say I don’t trust God. If people had trusted in God we would not be facing this horror. Here, I will let this man from the John Birch Society explain.

          • Juan

            It’s hard for everybody to accept some trues but, as you say, there was a plan from the beginning of the U.S. as a nation to bring it to what is nowadays. The U.S. were the first liberal democracy based on the Enlightenment’s principles. Somebody could think in England as the first democracy but England ever conserved Monarchy, a Lord’s Chamber and a very special mix of democracy and Ancient Regime. Therefore the United Kingdom isn’t based on Enlightenment’s principles but in Traditional Christian ones, despite being the place where Freemasonry were born.

            The new American Republic were the first nation based on Freemasonry teachings, being the Antichristian French Republic the second one (absolutely against the deep Christian foundation and history of France).

            American people is Christian but the U.S. as a nation is a project of secret societies that may be operated even since Columbus travel from Spain in 1492.

    • Juan

      American revolution and independence (1776) and French revolution (1789) were both Freemasonry orchestrated. Isn’t a surprise that French Republic and U.S. one share the same antichristian principles.

  • Brother Jess,

    “… mark their right hand, or in their foreheads and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”

    There is this “or” mark OR name OR number of his name … different flavors of marks here so we must not focus on a specific one or that one size fits all. They key is that its all blasphemous. Allah, Allahu Akbar, No God but Allah … its all blasphemy.

    But its crucial you study further:

  • Mona Lisa

    My, my, my. More, “Enlightenment.”

  • Margaret lee Combs

    The Swedes have lost their minds. Truly. It’s as though they have been hypnotized into thinking black is white, wrong is right….I cannot believe what they are doing. They abandoned the Christian faith years ago and now Satan rules there.

    • Margaret lee Combs

      I’m sorry. This comment belongs on the page about the rapist who was given $15,000 for not being as violent as the others. Lunacy.

  • Dan

    Theodore, as a Christian it angers me to see this happening in Europe but what can they do?
    Le Pen , if anything is strongly against Islam and especially extremist of the religion.
    No, I’m sorry brother; Le Pen is only banning all religious symbols because she already knows if you going to ban one you’re going to have to ban all of them.

    Place your anger where it belongs ; on Islam .

  • Flame blue

    I agree that Christianity should be made the state religion and supported and respected by Governments. If any should desire religion then they should be guided to Christianity. Other religions should be frowned on and banned particularly those that do great harm.

  • Juan

    Freemasons and even more: racist satanic freemasons like Albert Pike.

  • Juan

    100% truth.

  • Juan

    American Constitution was written by Freemasonry.

  • Juan

    Just because national strategies, like masonic France of Napoleon fought together with Spain against UK in Trafalgar battle. England and France have been adversaries since Middle Ages and the fact of Masons taking the power in France doesn’t means that France disappeared as a nation with concrete geopolitical interests.

    The UK isn’t the most antichristian nation that the Irish or my compatriots the Spaniards think. May be the whole West is in a big mistake since 1054. Little by little the West will learn that we aren’t the World’s center.

    I have not the minimal doubt that God wanted the English victory over the Spanish Armada in 1588.

    Napoleon and Hitler both were supported by secret societies and both also were against UK and against Russia.

  • Flame blue

    I am not too concerned about Le Pen, l think that she is a much better option in Government than Islam and Sharia. Somehow l can’t see Le Pen having Christians put into slavery, raped and crucified and beheaded, but l can see that Islam will do that to Christians.

    As for their are radicals in Christianity, the main contender to Islam, yes, and I am one, a radical, us Christian radicals do not hijack and blow up planes, crash planes into towers, take booty, enslave and rape or any other evil in the name of Jesus Christ, but if we did and went charging through the streets beheading people and shouting Jesus is greater, we know our reward would be to be put to hell separated from God. Our Gospels do not support that kind of behaviour! Unfortunately, the Koran does support all types of jihad, and Muslims claim that they became terrorists because the Koran says to slaughter, rape, crucify, do limb amputation, behead, etc in the name of Allah and Muhammad . So, no, l don’t agree with your lies! Jews are fleeing from France. France is not the country of Muslims, but it’s becoming so, because Islam entered France around 50 years ago, just as it entered Britain. It is not indigenous to those countries, and is the result of relatively recent immigration. Of course, l expect you to dispute it!

    As far as l am concerned, l want no communication with outright bloody liars who say Christianity is as bad as Islam. Do not reply to me!