Muslims Are Attacking Christian Churches So Viciously They Are Forced To Have Guards Now- Muslims Have Been Caught Urinating And Defecating In The Pews, Doing Obscene Sexual Acts During Services, Stealing, And Dumping Garbage


If a Muslim so much as alleges that somebody may have done something to a mosque and with no proof, Muslims will exploded into rioting and violence, nations may pull their ambassadors, and they will attack non-Muslims near them in “revenge” for Islam. Yet here we have case after case of Muslims committing the foulest acts in European churches such as defecating and urinating in the pews, openly masturbating during services, stealing, and dumping garbage in them and nobody cares.

By the way, “new clientele” is doublespeech for “Muslim”:

Persons poop on the floor. Masturbating. Trying to take children from the priest or mother at the ongoing baptism. Serious incidents do to the Holy Trinity parish is forced to be the guardian of the church.

The events in recent years have become increasingly serious. During the ordinances of the Church so people can yell loudly and smashing liquor bottles on the floor. It happens that they both pee and poop in the church and outside. It has been climbed on the organ facade and reredos and they try to steal church silver. It has also happened that someone tried to take children from the priest or mother at the ongoing baptism, according Alvlands list.

It is found empty liquor bottles and used, bloody needles on the floor under the pews. Organs must be kept locked to the disturbing visitors do not play on them.

In addition, it has happened that people sat and masturbated in the pews.

– It was a lying and pulled his penis. He did not stop despite the fact that a female police officer asked him to do it, says Bengt Alvland.

In conjunction with the TV recording about a week ago (Saturday) drug addition, one of the people the power cord for power.

– There are no limits or inhibitions for these people. It makes the staff feel great concern.

It has gone so far now that the Assembly takes in Securitas officer at church services, christenings and marriages. The staff do not dare lock the church in the evenings. It makes Securitas, after they searched the church.

All staff have also received training on threats and violence, and a training on conflict management is being planned.

It’s really strange that we have to train our staff in this stuff, but it is perhaps as the development looks like.

Which people is that disturbs know Bengt Alvland not. He says it is not the old homeless, which the staff feel, but a “new clientele”.

– The fact that there are more security guards at the Town Hall and the railway station is the space for these people become less. Therefore, rather than using the church as a warming hut. The church has become the weakest link, says Bengt Alvland.

Therefore , Bengt Alvland now asked the police to the security guards patrolling the Galleria Boulevard, Town Hall Skåne and the railway station also get the church and the parish house as its operating range.

– Stewards have greater powers than the Securitas guards have and can intervene, explains Bengt Alvland. We do not want to discourage people from visiting the church. On the contrary. We want a peaceful and safe environment for our staff and get our visitors. (source)

If this happened to a mosque in any western nation, the Muslim world would pull their ambassadors and boycott all products from that nation, and that nation would veritably send their secret police to arrest and summarily try and dole out the harshest punishment possible to the offender. Yet when Muslims do it, the silence is deafening.

Western society has turned on itself and is allowing itself to be destroyed. This is just further proof of that.



  • Lisa

    Strange, most churches in America have been locking their doors at night, and whenever there were no church services, for many years. The double standard here at play, is mind boggling. It sounds like the securities have little control. Are the Stewards like our police?

  • Pamela Sage

    Satan will use any he can possess with his demons to blaspheme against Christ. What I found most telling was the involvement of alcohol and drugs. Having been brought up to believe that they could not resist any bit of temptation, as soon as they are exposed to alcohol, illegal drugs, or women who aren’t running around with garbage bags over their heads, these Muslim men go crazy in Western society. Then the alcohol and drugs become gateways for the demons to possess those who were not already possessed when they arrived. In a pathetic sort of way, Islamic societies seem unable to function without fundamentalism, because their members have no spiritual or moral power to control themselves.

  • rodolfo

    They are making the house desolate. nobody wants to go to jail for making the perpetrator a pulp. Maccabee shall rise.

  • Report of explosions in Istanbul, 15 dead and 69 wounded.

    I would anticipate a push for Turkey to invoke Article 15 of NATO charter. Be curious to see how the Obama administration respond.

    • Grandmere

      They are blaming the Kurds – of course.

      • Of course.

        • Grandmere

          I am off to 11:00 today. I have Altar guild service. Had a funeral yesterday, was there for six hours. In the Apostolic, we have to change the Liturgical color to white for a funeral, set up for the Eucharist, set up from Advent wreath to Paschal candle and then reset back to Advent colors, wreath and set up for the Sunday Advent service. Meet the body. Place the pall on the casket and a lot more. I pray that all Apostolic churches pray for their Altar Guild. They make it possible. Priests depend on the Altar Guild. How I wish more young women would step up to help. Sadly, we are, for the most part, a bunch of old ladies who try to carry on the traditions of the Church with few young women interested. What will they do when we are gone?

          • Good question.

          • Tom_mcewen

            Remember when the KGB laughed at the Orthodox priest with his old women in black as his congregation and what will happen when this are dead, and the Russian priest say, The church will another group of women in black. I feel your pain, but the call is strong. A white clean ironed starched altar cloth is a true gift.

          • Grandmere

            Thanks, Tom. How is the painting going? Can you send us a photo when you have finished it?

  • Brenda

    First thought that comes to mind with that image: That is the condition of our society.

  • Grandmere

    I can’t imaging attending a church that needs security to make sure people leave their drugs and liquor outside before they come in. As for the “other” behavior, Jason might feel at home there.

  • Flame blue

    We wouldn’t let that happen in our church, we are not allowed to put a pin in the wall, even to put up Christmas decorations. The elders would order such vile people out immediately, telling them they are in the House of God, however, some of the young Christians would probably take the view that the vile people need God so much ( which of course, they do) that the should be permitted to stay, tolerated, in the hope that if even one vile person repented and came to Jesus, then it would be worthwhile tolerating their disgusting behaviour. I would be on the side of the Elders not those who think that God can be disrespected in order to perhaps win a soul, because if they don’t respect God, they can go to Hell as far as l am concerned, how these satanic people dare to walk on Holy ground and show contempt and be allowed to do so, makes me so angry. I would beat them out the door, if l ever saw that wicked behaviour, so l hope l never see it.

  • Dan

    This has more to do with addiction and Sweden’s drug policies.

    • Grace Ziem

      NO, ADDICTS DON’T SEEK OUT CHURCHES TO DESECRATE; they just go to a place that’s convenient. Only Muslims seek out churches to desecrate. This website isn’t some “PC” environment where doublespeak is needed; we try to focus on the truth! As John 8:32 reminds uss, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”Blessings, sir.

      • Dan

        Swedish publications have already stated that this was from addicts due to their moderate drug laws and it has nothing to do with Islam.

        • Grace Ziem

          Sweden runs very scared; when women are sexually assaulted in Sweden, the police are instructed to NOT ask about or document nationality (!). These are numerous incidents, it’s the Swedish authorities I am having trouble believing, sir, it doesn’t make sense with so many episodes…I’ve lived in a high-drug use area; their big thing is to NOT get caught, not draw attention to themselves. Because they have to daily seek out new supply, and the risk of getting caught is too great.

          • Dan

            We have so many reasons to despise Islam so as Christians why condemn without reason or fact? If we just give in to a mob mentality (Islam is bad) and therefore blindly go after people because that’s the rumor what does that say about us? Besides, this story from where it originated from is proving to be false anyway so I’m beginning to think this is being used to gin up rage against Muslims ; if you can believe someone would do something like that?
            Like I said I have no problem despising Islam but my character will not allow me to do it blindly.

          • Grace Ziem

            Well, you are right Dan, I have a strong hypothesis on it, but not proof. Just as God does, we should presume innocence unless we have evidence otherwise. It is important for us to be informed; eg., I find the booklet: Sharia Law for Non-Muslims by the Center for the Study of Political Islam extremely useful, concise summary of what the media will not tell us. Peace!

          • Dan

            Thank you Gracie for the headsup on the booklet
            Sharia Law for Non-Muslims
            I’ve left it here for anyone else who would like to read it.


        • Grandmere

          The Swedish publications are lying. Grace is right about this. Drug addicts don’t seek out churches to shoot up. They just don’t. And the sexual acts are a sure sign of Muslim harassment.

          • Dan

            Do you live in Sweden? Do you know the church in Sweden?
            The Swedish publications are all we have and they trump your opinion like it or not. Let’s try to remember the founders of this website were at one time Muslims so hating just to hate get’s us nowhere and maybe just maybe acting like Christians will mean something when the time comes and you are called upon to witness to an unbeliever without hate.
            Islam is the plague of plagues ; I get that and believe that with anger and despise what it is doing to the world ; namely America. But, we must keep cool heads otherwise we stop listening to others who may be wanting to know why we believe Christianity the only way to our creator.

  • Grace Ziem

    They are under Satan’s influence: everyone under that influence behaves “subhuman”. Wasn’t that partly what our elections were about?