Erdogan Has Just Declared He Intends To Have Muslims Invade Christian Europe In The Future And That Turkey Will Build Nuclear Bombs To Soon Attack The Christian West To Subjugate The Church

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

We hear of Turkey’s Mufti calling for Turkey to go nuclear. Erdogan is also sounding some alarm warning Europe regarding its Muslim headscarf ban that the day of Europe’s reckoning with Turkey will soon come to pass. Erdogan is reacting to the ban of headscarfs and to Israel banning mosques from blasting the call to prayer in Jerusalem.

As a response to all this, Hayrettin Karaman, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s main Fatwa giver said that Turkey should acquire weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) including “nuclear arms” to stand up against the West. Karaman was not giving his instruction to build just few nuclear bombs but to match the West’s ability:

“Let’s invent [these WMDs], balance [the West] out, but let’s not use weapons of mass destruction unless it is necessary; the way to not resort [to WMDs] is to possess weapons that are equal to or more powerful than the ones the enemy has.”

Also, president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called on Turkish citizens living in Europe to have five children – two more than his usual calls to Turks in the homeland – in a bid to multiply their presence in the continent so that they will be the “future of Europe.”

“I am calling out to my citizens, my brothers and sisters in Europe,” Erdoğan said at a rally in the Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir on March 17. “Have not just three but five children.”

Erdogan hints that Muslims will soon occupy Europe:

“The place in which you are living and working is now your homeland and new motherland. Stake a claim to it. Open more businesses, enroll your children in better schools, make your family live in better neighborhoods, drive the best cars, live in the most beautiful houses”

“That’s because you [the Muslim Turks] are the future of Europe. It will be the best answer to the vulgarism, antagonism, and injustice made against you.”

This is the flood of Islam from the Red Dragon coming after Christendom (Revelation 12).

The West is “an enemy” Karaman declared and Turkey wants to face Europe with enough armament for a future war and Karaman says that Turkey needs to move fast:

“We need to consider producing these [WMDs] rather than purchasing them, without losing any time and with no regard to the words [of caution] and hindrance from the West”.

Christians need to focus, the rhetoric coming out of Turkey is not secular. In the online post Karaman accused “Christian” countries in the West of egotism and racism – stating the bad attitude towards Turkey has been “accelerated”.

Who is being blamed are the Christians.

President Erdogan is in the midst of a deep fallout with European nations including Germany and the Netherlands after both countries banned rallies and kicked out his ministers who had sworn to campaign for his referendum.

All this is catapulting Turkey’s move into increasing its military capabilities wanting to unite with the Muslim world for a showdown, not just against Israel, but Europe as well. From Chad and Sudan (biblical Cush) to Tunisia (biblical Phut) we see Turkey’s alliances in military exercises:

Turkey is also purging all dissent from government. Karaman said recently that the “no” voters in an April 16 referendum that will switch Turkey to an executive presidency are opponents of Islam.

These are no small issues. It was after all, Karaman, who called upon Erdogan to build nuclear bombs this week, he also was the one who stated that Erdogan will rule as Caliph.


Answer: become completely paranoid. I am still a paranoid driver without a single accident in forty years. Do not stand for anything you see the masses are behind. Avoid the masses just as you try to avoid congested traffic.

Most who are swept by Antichrist’s flood understand the verse where Christ warned its a ‘narrow gate’, yet these same people who speak of the ‘narrow gate’ they themselves swarm towards the ‘wide gate’ they so much warn about. Beware of anything that goes viral.

While we know for sure that Turkey will be an evil tyranny, but what is arising in Europe is not Christianity, but the Great Falling Away, which many conservatives are falling right into the trap. The rule is that if it is becoming fat, its a ‘wide gate’.

A Christian should always keep in mind that nothing today is what the masses perceive. Avoid the big crowds no matter how appealing their movements seem. Expect that the gate will get narrower and narrower to the point that your own friends cannot stand you anymore.

But remain firm. Never let the tide twist your arm no matter how society paints things, no matter how scientifically convincing are the arguments they make.

Today right wing movements all support homosexuality and transvestites. But all these issues will always remain abnormal in God’s eyes no matter who says what.

God never changes. God ordained circumcision but for a man to entirely and completely cut his whole penis off is just absurdly evil. Does this simple logic take a scientist to explain? If it sounds absurd it is absurd.

Also, do not trust what any politician is saying no matter how convincing they sound. Trust only by following the military buildups and where military powers are heading, watch their movements and keep your eye on the money and reverse what politicians say. Beware of who belabors simplistic cliches no matter how good they sound. No, God would never say “kill all Muslims”. God wants us to convert Muslims while we defend our national sovereignty by minimizing foreign immigration.

When Christians read all this escalation between Turkey and Europe, the first reaction is to take a side. Truth is that both sides are two faces of the same coin.

Most ignore two important factors regarding end-time trends: scripture and history.

Scriptures teach that Christ will divide between wheat and chaff, sheep versus wolves, even sheep nations versus goat nations within Christendom.

It will be just as it was during ancient Israel. It was Judah (South) versus Ephraim (North). It was Maccabees versus traitors who stood with Antiochus, the Antichrist of their time. It is always Cains versus Abels … history never changes till Kingdom come. The wise should always understand that God does not teach that the end justifies the means or that two wrongs make a right.

Wrongful conduct as a response to another’s transgression is never God’s way.

Europe historically has always split and will split between sheep versus goat and just like Israel between North versus South. The Bible warned of threats coming from the “north” and how Christ in Zechariah 9:13 fights the north with “whirlwinds of the south”.

Currently both (northern Europe and Turkey) are two sides of the same coin where the devil is playing the game of good cop bad cop. What Germany, the Netherlands Austria and Belgium are doing is to use the Muslim immigration to create support for their governments.

The Muslims did not just barge into Europe by falling from the sky, they were encouraged and allowed in by European elites in order to cause enough chaos in the continent to provoke the masses to accept totalitarianism as the solution.

With the rise of Islamic violence, comes the intensification of racial division in the society, and with this, people become prone to racialist theories, and thus comes the upsurge of pro-Nazi politicians in Germany. The governmental officials responsible for allowing in the Muslim hordes knew very well what consequences would come about by allowing people from Islamic countries in.

It was all part of a plan: bring in waves of Muslims, knowing that they will cause violence, stir the people’s emotions to accepting tyranny to later focus on the true Christians, the remnant.

Christ forewarned that satan is after the church and in the end it will be a slaughterhouse of Christians. Trust Christ. Believe Christ. Harness Christ. Persecution is coming no matter how excited you are about King Trump.

This tension between Europe and Turkey, we believe, is orchestrated with Germany, the game of creating the perfect condition and excuse to increase both nations military capabilities.

Tyrannies always come about by creating the perfect reason to rise to power.

We see this with the rise of the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD), which consists of politicians in favor of Nazism, Social Darwinism and eugenics.

Ask yourself: how is God all of the sudden pro eugenics?

But the foolish simpleton will counter with the typical “but they are fighting Muslims”.

But so is the devil; he too wants to kill all Muslims. And while today’s scapegoats (the Muslim) are goats indeed, tomorrows scapegoats are the sheep for sure.

Christians should not get excited about nationalist parties like the AfD. It has recently become the third largest party in Germany, it continues to increase in popularity (becoming fatter and wider), while the two establishment parties — the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party of Germany — continue to decline in popularity. While the AfD grows, it is receiving substantial support from “conservative” groups and organizations in the United States. did an extensive investigation on the AfD, looking at German sources that little to no English speaking media outlets are reporting on.

And while these become second or third place, the simpleton is not thinking believing that these “lost”. But keep in mind, Turkey’s AKP Party, a couple years ago failed to gain the needed seats and today it reigns supreme. Last year the world declared Erdogan was over with during the coup and today he reigns supreme just as we promised he would. The Bible says that Antichrist “starts with a small number of people”. Hitler lost to later reign supreme.

Always keep in mind that politics is a tricky business and a mediocre mind is no match to sophisticated professional deception.

Germany’s right wing party wants to split the E.U. saying: “France and southern EU states – Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece among them – to be banished from Eurozone, as they lack “cultures of stability” like Germany’s.”

We are beginning to see the signs of Turkey’s rise and a future North-South split in Europe separating between what will become refined sheep and what will become goat nations where France will enter turmoil while Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and the Baltic states or major parts of these, while these will give a form of godliness, they will deny the power thereof and in reality, these so-called conservative rulers are liberal, pro-eugenics, anti-God and many are destined as goat nations.

What we see arising these days is the spirit of Antichrist. In order for Antichrist to reign supreme several things must happen; the removal of what holds Antichrist’s power globally and what also holds him from within his own nation.

In Turkey this used to be the military which held the Islamists from rising to power. This is no more. Also, Antichrist must “change set times and set laws”. Antichrist must also focus on Jerusalem and aim military expeditions towards fallen-away Christendom in Europe. Finally he must oppress the Communion service and stop Christians from the partaking of the Eucharist.

To God, banning the Eucharist is the last straw and so God hurls down judgements on the Anti-Christian nations.

Therefore, as we stated for years, Antichrist must focus on Europe while he changes his own military system which was holding him back and he then must “change set laws”.

So lets touch basis and explain all these issues.

It is crucial to understand how these tensions are planned to set forth a future collision between East and West. According to the report, Erdogan’s Fatwa giver claimed that “the West is interfering in the Islamic world in general and in Turkey in particular through its economic and military powers”. He added that the West, including the US, “accumulated wealth by exploiting the East, shed blood and destroyed Eastern values”.

The wise should heed that evil is setting up a paranoia factor. As we explained previously, both Europe and Turkey are set for the coming perfect storm after two springs gushed forth like a flood.

But keep in mind that both floods are intended to mainly persecute the Church. The outcome of the first spring, the Muslim Spring began in Egypt and the second spring, the coming Europe Spring; both of these springs have similarities.

The Muslim world was complaining of foreign western liberalism encroaching into their Islamic way of life. They were complaining that these Arab dictators were simply western puppets and all that is what truly sparked the Arab Spring. From Egypt to Turkey, the people then elected Islamist leaders.

The wise should have never trusted that spring.

But this is just like its sister spring in Europe. What is happening right now in Europe is that we have neo-Fascist movements rising to take power. And like the Middle East where people complained about liberalism and foreign Western ideology encroaching into their Eastern way of life, in Europe people are complaining about liberalism and foreign Muslim ideology encroaching into their Western way of life. They claimed that these liberal governments were pro-Muslim agents just as the Muslim world complained that their governments are western agents.

And like the Muslim Spring where the Muslim Brotherhood was the main channel for dissent and opposition to the status quo, in Europe, the only movements that are the main channel for dissent are the neo-Fascists and neo-Nazi movements.

And since the first spring deceived many, the other spring will also deceive many.

So in the last few years we see demonstrations and movements all throughout Europe just as we have seen in the Middle East and they are elevating fascist leaning parties to be elected by next year.

And the outcome of all these biblical requirements regarding Antichrist when they are fulfilled, they will eventually generate the perfect storm. The issues is not only the rise of Turkey’s military and nuclear buildup, its change of set times and set laws, but the religious issue as well: the Antichrist’s Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet. 

Keep in mind that Erdoğan’s message comes amid ongoing political tension after Turkish ministers’ attempts to stage rallies with members of the Turkish community living in Europe were denied by some countries and after the European Court of Justice ruled to allow employers to ban workers from wearing visible religious symbols, including the Hijab headscarf and now Israel is also banning the call to prayer in Jerusalem between 11 P.M – 7 A.M.

All this is just the fuel Erdogan needs to muster the Muslim world for a future showdown with Europe and Israel. It is also the fuel for northern Europe to also prepare its military buildup.

Just today when Trump said that Germany owed the alliance “vast sums of money.”

“Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel,” he wrote. “Nevertheless, Germany owes vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!”

The simpleton would think ‘ya, sock it to Merkel’. But the wise would reconsider, this gives ammo to Germany to insist on self-reliance just as Turkey is also doing the same where Erdogan and Karaman insist that by 2023 Turkey will become completely independent from U.S. protection and weapon supplies.

When it comes to changing “set laws” and removing the key military figures that held Erdogan from his rise, Erdogan is already changing the course of history. In the currently ongoing post-coup purge, over 135,000 people, including thousands within the military, have been purged due to their real or alleged connection to the Gülen movement, according to a statement by the labor minister on Jan. 10. As of March 1, 93,248 people were being held without charge, with an additional 46,274 in pre-trial detention.

These are huge numbers.

And when it comes to the law, according to tally by, a total of 4,272 judges and prosecutors were purged over alleged coup involvement or terrorist links. These are huge numbers of judges.

In addition, Turkey’s Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) on Friday dismissed 202 judges and prosecutors over their links to the faith-based Gülen movement, which Turkish authorities accuse of being behind a failed coup attempt in July last of year.

The decision was taken during a HSYK meeting on Friday evening.

Erdoğan also took aim at the head of the Union of Turkey’s Bar Association, Metin Feyzioğlu, for conducting campaigning abroad against the constitutional charter.

Emphasizing that Feyzioğlu was a legal professional, Erdoğan accused Feyzioğlu of acting along with “terrorists that escaped to Europe.” Erdogan added:

“Somebody from here went there [to Europe] – the head of the Union of Turkey’s Bar Associations. He is supposedly a legal professional. Even he has the professor title. And he conducts hall meetings along with the terrorists who went to Europe by escaping from Turkey. What kind of a man of law are you?”

Then we have Turkey’s relations with various European countries have recently become strained due to the cancellation of rallies planned to be attended by Turkish ministers in order to seek the support of Turkish expatriates for a referendum in Turkey on April 16 that will expand Erdoğan’s powers and change Turkey into a executive presidency.

As tension between Turkey and European countries over the cancellation of Turkish ministers’ campaign rallies persists, the pro-Erdoğan Güneş daily on Friday depicted German Chancellor Angela Merkel as Hitler on its front page. Putting Merkel in a Nazi uniform with a Hitler-style moustache, the daily called the chancellor a “Female Hitler.”

But think about this for a moment. Western conservatives hate Merkel for allowing the flood of Muslims and now Muslims also hate the very Merkel who welcomed them into Europe?

How does that make any sense?

But it was the Evangelicals in the U.S., in 2010 who fully supported Merkel who was part of the Evangelical coalition.  She was just as Geert Wilders is today, anti-Multiculturalism. All the dung change on a flip of a dime.

What we have are two sides of the same coin.

Accusing Germany of harboring terrorists, the daily also claimed that Berlin is inciting all of Europe against Turkey:

“Trying to be the leader of fascists, Merkel creates anti-Turkish enmity using Germany’s backyard — Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium.” 

The daily listed France as a new member of the anti-Turkish movement in Europe.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium have recently cancelled the rallies, leading to crises between Turkey and European countries.

Millions of Turkish citizens who are eligible to vote in Turkish elections live across all of Europe.

So what are the outcomes of such bans like “the Muslim headscarf ban” and the “call to prayer ban” do? The Turks are already responding showing scenes in Jerusalem where the solution is an Ottoman Muslim Turk who comes to the Temple Mount and they show how when Ataturk banned the call to prayer in Turkey that the Muslims resisted. To the Muslim world such ban is as to the Christian ‘the abomination of desolation’. But with Islam, its the case of persecutor acting as if he is persecuted:

When it came to slamming the decision known as the “headscarf ban,” Erdoğan said:

“They are banning the headscarf. We are fed up. Where is the freedom of religion, freedom of conscience? Ban the kippa if you can. Can they [ban the kippa]?”

Such acts in banning Muslim garb, as we stated in 2016 will have a response, to ban Christian expression. Evil always persecutes goats in order to get to the sheep.

Soon we will see the tit-for-tat. It will start by banning crucifixes and will end up in banning the Communion. Jesus warned we watch for this abomination as “spoken of by Daniel the prophet” to happen all over Christendom under the control of Antichrist. This instruction from Jesus tells us to pay close attention to Daniel 9:27:

“And he will enter into a binding and irrevocable covenant with the many for one week (seven years), but in the middle of the week he will stop the sacrifice and grain offering [for the remaining three and one-half years]; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until the complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who causes the horror.” (Daniel 9:27)

As to the “covenant” we recently explained this here. But what few ask is: what is this “sacrifice” and “grain offering”? 

This key resolves the whole theological divide between the Cains and Abels, one with proper sacrifice and the other not. And we are beginning to see retaliations from Erdogan regarding Muslims being banned from the headscarf and Jerusalem Jews banning the call to prayer.

God in Malachi made absolutely clear what this “sacrifice” and “grain offering” is all about. Please carefully read:

“Oh that there were one among you who would shut the gates, that you might not uselessly kindle fire on My altar! I am not pleased with you,” says the Lord of hosts, “nor will I accept an offering from you. For from the rising of the sun even to its setting, My name will be great among the nations [gentiles], and in every place incense is going to be offered to My name, and a grain offering that is pure; for My name will be great among the nations [gentiles],” says the Lord of hosts. (Malachi 1:10-11)

This “pure grain offering” links directly to the same “grain offering” in Daniel’s prophecy which Christ instructed us to carefully pay attention to, where Antichrist will stop the “sacrifice” and the “grain offering”. What Malachi prophesied was that basically God will do away with the old sacrificial offering and that God will reach out to the “nations” (the gentiles) with a new system in observing a “grain offering that is pure” and even including “incense” which will be “daily” accomplished from “the rising of the sun even to its setting”. Such daily practice is done as a “sacrificial” system is only practiced under apostolic-succession type churches.

Joel 1 &2 confirms “an offering” to being the case even at the time just prior to Christ’s coming on “the day of the Lord” when Antichrist would have stopped the daily sacrifice:

“The grain offering and the drink offering. Have been cut off from the house of the Lord; The priests mourn, who minister to the Lord … Alas for the day! For the day of the Lord is at hand; It shall come as destruction from the Almighty.”

And amazingly here in Joel, like Daniel, Joel is speaking of the technical (literal) application, tells us as well, not only of the “grain offering” (Eucharist) but also of the “drink offering” (the wine) which is forbidden in Islam.

He permanently offers sacrifice (offering). Ever wonder why in Ezekiel a grain offering was made including a meat offering? That the grain is the bread and the meat is the flesh (Gen. 4:3-5, Num. 16:15, 1 Sam. 2:17, 29:26:19 Isa. 1:13). Ever wonder why even the name Bethlehem is a construct “Beit” for “House” and “Lehem” means both “bread” and also “meat”.

Christ was the bread of life and also the lamb of God (flesh). This represents the Communion as well. Even the protestant early Church historian J. N. D. Kelly understands Malachi correctly as:

The Eucharist [bread] was regarded as the distinctively Christian sacrifice [lamb of God] from the closing decade of the first century, if not earlier. Malachi’s prediction that the Lord would reject the Jewish sacrifices and instead would have a ‘pure offering’ made to Him by the Gentiles in every place was early seized upon by Christians as a prophecy of the Eucharist.

Malachi tells us that animal sacrifices will be no more, and the new offering will be grain sacrifice.

With this in our minds we need to examine the story of Jesus picking wheat in the fields on the Sabbath where  Scriptures say:

“One Sabbath he was going through the grainfields, and as they made their way, his disciples began to pluck heads of grain.”  (Mark 2:23) 

When the Pharisees questioned this, Christ told them:

“Have you never read what David did, when he was in need and was hungry, he and those who were with him: how he entered the house of God, in the time of Abiathar the high priest, and ate the bread of the Presence, which it is not lawful for any but the priests to eat, and also gave it to those who were with him?” (Mark 2:25-26)

Notice that our Lord mentions here, this bread is not just any bread, but was “the bread of the Presence”.

The presence of what? The presence of God. This bread was also in the Ark of the Covenant, where God was present. The Disciples were picking grain, which would be the ingredient for the “grain offering,” the Sacrifice in the Last Supper. It is this same Sacrifice of which Christ said, “This is my body, which is given for you.” (Luke 22:19) 

Both the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church declare that the Real “Presence” of the Christ-God is in the Eucharist, which is that grain sacrifice prophesied by the prophet Malachi; and this Real Presence, this is what Christ foretold when He referenced “the bread of the Presence” which David had eaten. 

And we are beginning to see the smoke of what will be behind the ending of the Christian sacrifice of the Communion. The Muslims, including even in Europe the banning of religious forms. This will eventually take place and it will be the Catholics who will suffer in the end for to the Catholic the Eucharist is everything.

Erdogan is moving right along exactly as we have been stating. The prophecies speak of a military buildup “who is like the beast, who can make war with him …” In order to make war this necessitates a military buildup to match western powers. This would be nuclear power as Karaman declared and eventually nuclear war where “eyes will melt in their sockets” and “pillars of smoke” where “the sun is darkened” and “the moon turns into blood”.

Yet many are leading people astray with “blood moons” instead of the correct interpretation.

So many from the heretical side condemn us for exposing these fallacies and anyone can review the comment section in our articles to see the frothing of the heretics who comment while ignoring their predictions on Blood Moons has come and gone with no events taking place, while the stock market is up. God’s timetable is no stock market. It is the state of the church and its falling away where God will allow the Muslim hordes to enter just as He allowed the Babylonians and the Assyrians to enter and slaughter Israel.

Erdogan, or someone after him (no one really knows for certain) will soon demand the “allegiance” spoken of by Daniel. This is very likely the Islamic Bay’at (allegiance to the Caliph) which is Islam’s foundation for a caliphate, where the Muslim world must pledge “allegiance” to him. Al-Bagdadi of ISIS was never able to achieve this as his  caliphate was completely rejected by the Muslim religious authority worldwide. We have stated this and stated that ISIS’s Caliphate will be a thing of the past. This is not the same case with Erdogan where he is accepted by the highest institution of the Muslim Brotherhood who are his puppet. Healing the Ottoman Empire “The Sick Man of Europe” is the hallmark of the Antichrist as John declared:

“but the fatal wound [of the empire] was healed! The whole world marveled at this miracle [how it revived] and gave allegiance to the beast” (Revelation 13:3).

Hayrettin Karaman, Erdogan’s Mufti also titled Erdogan as the “Prince” and this man who is given allegiance to is also called “The Prince” by Daniel, exactly what Erdogan’s mufti called him and is the same title predicted in Daniel 9:26 “the prince” and is happening where Christ Himself said that the seven churches and seven lamp stands including the seat of the devil (Antichrist) is in Pergamum, that is Asia Minor and is no doubt today’s Turkey.

Erdogan To Soon Eradicate His Opponents

Erdoğan also said that he will completely silence his main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP):

“In the old system, with 25 percent votes, by coalitions or tutelages, the CHP could have a say in the administration. In the new system, it will be impossible to have an influence on the administration without gaining 51 percent of the votes of the public”.

“We will not see any candidate from the CHP become a president. Our children will not see it either”.

We will see similar breakups throughout the Europe Spring. France will break up with Germany and will lead a “Mediterranean bloc”. It matters little whether Germany be ruled by the right like the AfD or by the left like Merkel, the writing is on the wall; Europe is splitting for God’s refinement, which will be immense in the coming years and now the Muslim immigrant and the Muslim Turk has become the agent for a major shift in Europe.

Turkey will use European anxiety with Muslim migrant flows to reinforce its future persecution of the church and since France and Germany are the two pillars of the European Union, with France’s distancing itself, this will force Germany to seek another pillar: Turkey.

This is why we must not be enamored when we read labels that have “Christian”. Germany is not conservative and even the conservatives there are no answer wanting France, Italy and Spain to split, while on the other hand, Merkel runs an oxymoron: a Protestant Christian Democratic Union that is completely liberal. Christ in Matthew 25 is dividing Christendom sheep from goat nations.

Therefore, we as Christians must choose wisely as we see the tug everywhere, even within the church.

When the Roman Empire was seized by the Ottomans when Constantinople fell in 1453 AD, this according to Islam fulfilled Muslim prophecy when they say “first Constantinople” (in Muslim view on their version of prophecy) and now comes “then Rome”, this will be the second seize of Europe itself through the “flood” “from the mouth of the red dragon” (Turkey) spoken of by St. John in Revelation 11-12.

We have warned of a showdown between Turkey and Europe and today we are watching it unfold with the beginning tentions.

And now we already hear the rhetoric coming out of the mouth of Erdogan, the red dragon of Turkey.

St. Hippolytus’ grandfather who was old enough to remember the Apostle John who wrote of the Antichrist “The Great Gaulish Monarch, who shall subject all the East, shall come around the end of the world.”  He first subjects “all the east” and then “the West”.

Be careful which ‘monarch’ you support.

Many when they see “Gaulish” focus on central Europe (“Nordic”) but the Gaulish also includes the Balkans, and Asia Minor (“Galatian”), that is Turkey.

Perhaps it could even include both.

Therefore, be patient and keep WATCH!




  • Ray Kemper

    Very good writing. Might I add that it’s always been right on the money. God bless all of us for we surly will need it


      Ray thank you for up voting me on Keith Davis paganizing and taking the clever part of my message then divorcing it from my crusader to put an end to claiming ” radical Islam ” exists at all … ironically in substituting my accurate specific lie of ” radicalization ” and inserting ” p c ” he was being ” pc ” which really makes no sense since it is actually politically incorrect for social acceptance in accurate terms … when I mentioned this today I noticed I was directly censored ” removed “

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Pakistan will help them get nukes. Pakistani and Turkish military establishment have had close ties over half a century.

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      Who knows? Maybe they already have and the World’s intelligence agencies know about it. It would explain a few things about the west’s cowardly lack of reaction

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        And, I’ll hasten to add, the documented and clear desire on the part of Fascistic groups to take advantage of the situation to seize power in Europe

    • Julie

      Thought it was Iran.

      • Higlac

        Pakistan already has nukes (which Iran at least officially doesn’t) – however, the Pakistanis likely will want to keep them as a defence against there arch-enemies India.

        • Julie

          Yes, that is my understanding is that Pakistan aims them at India.

          I have a new co worker who is from Katmandu, a Hindu, my first time knowing one and she is very very nice…and mentioned to her the tremendous killing by Muslims on India,10 million, and she acknowledged and doesn’t like them, fears them.

          Pakistani children as another poster said, are brainwashed at an early age.

          • Indian Christian Crusader

            You may ask your co worker later, after she settles down in her new job after some months, as to why Hindu nationalists and extremists in Nepal are persecuting Christians there, since Christians didn’t kill 10 million Hindus in Nepal. Here is the proof :

            Of course she will be nice, she just has had a new job in a western country. She will earn big bucks. Who would not be very very nice? 😉

          • Julie

            She is very kind and helpful and works alot.

            I understand very well where you are coming from and the sentiment…she does not like the Muslims at all

            Yes, it was the Turks, Scythians, and Afghans who came in to kill the highest number of peoples, India, who suffered the most in that respect and after the Muslim power began to wane, the people returned to Hinduism….except Pakistan.


  • Dominus

    Another breath mint of an article by Walid. Thanks for your persistency in fighting a good fight, and giving your best of revealing the true meaning of prophecy verses that are etched in the Bible to us all.

    I might have stopped commenting here for quite some time now due to work and general feeling of exhaustion, that made me grow numb and even lazy in a way ;(, but I still check in every single day to read and learn. It also comes as a good correcting tool to see myself in the mirror for selfcriticism of my own every day thinking and dealings.

    P.S. Two days ago Erdogan also explicitly threatened the West with holy war between, by his own words: the cresent and the Cross. Another small chip, a snippet in the long line of them of the end time chips, showing us these is the time and real thing at last, to prepare for what awaits us all.

    • Always great to hear from you brother Dominus. I pray the Lord heal your exhaustion.

      • Dominus

        Thanks for praying and wishes, it is all good lately. I pray for You and Ted to keep up your noble work which helps us all here a great deal to understand the message of God, the real faith and sacrifices that come with it, and with that what is really the most important thing for every human being, and that is how to save his/her soul and those around him/her. You were instrumental in making me to get back to faith and for that I’m immensely grateful.

        God bless you.

        • susan

          Same here. They brought me into the Catholic faith. I’m just glad we still had a Catholic faith to return too. It seems to be declining at a rapid rate. I do wish that more of the churches were able to offer one Latin mass a month. I’ve only seen them on YouTube.

          • bubba

            Me too. I am eternally grateful.

          • susan

            Lol. You have the most adorable helmet. If I ever get a kitty I’m going to get one just like it. 😉

          • bubba


          • Dominus

            Heh, would you believe me Susan, but 2 weeks ago I was looking on internet for latin masses in my city, and it turns out that there is only between 1-3 masses in one specific church every 2 months or so, so unfortunately not that frequent. I can only imagine the awesome feeling I would feel, if they would sing Salve Regina for example during the mass. There is a high chance I will be present on next latin mass, I need to experience it at least once in my life.

          • susan

            I’m glad you found one! I’ll have to travel to a big city I guess. :). Please let me know what it was like.

          • Dominus

            Alright, I’ll will report if and when I get a chance. The only problem with it is, or a bit of a fear for me, that the only latin I understand is Sign of a Cross prayer:

            In nomine Patri,
            et Filio,
            et Spirtus Sancti,

            So everything else in regards to prayers, songs, overall ceremony I won’t be able to properly follow in terms of timely correpondence from myself as a folllower. So it will be me in listening mode only for majority part of it, and I think I won’t be the only one there like that. 🙂

  • luis
    • Cuzick

      Is this truly going to take place?

      • AnthonyM

        The event occurred in 2014, even though the article is dated this week.The event took place in a garden outside the Vatican, if I remember correctly.
        Many hysterical websites repost the same old news so it looks new, and it makes the rounds on the Internet again and again.

        • Cuzick

          Thanks for the clarity.

    • richinnameonly

      Meanwhile, Christians are being invited to Mecca to preach, right? Does the Pope remember Neville Chamberlain?

      • Higlac

        Francis is too much of a leftist to care about the failure of Neville Chamberlain – he no doubt sides with him.

        [I can understand to some extent why Chamberlain did what he did: he had seen with his own eyes some of the fighting of World War I and its results, and wanted to spare Europe a second such war if possible. The trouble was that he underestimated Adolf Hitler’s Satanic EVIL and duplicity until it was too late. He then tried what he could; however, when France and the Low Countries were being overwhelmed in May/June 1940 after the destruction of Denmark and Norway, it was obvious that Winston Spencer-Churchill had to take over as being the true man of steel needed in such a situation. Thank goodness that he and his fellow left-wingers went along with Churchill’s uncompromising stance to ensure Germany’s total defeat.]

        • Juan

          Great Mufti Francis has very clear ideas.

  • Cuzick

    And the Lord has brought forth another humble servant from Bethlehem to help guide the sheep along the narrow path ,all the while exposing the wolves . Great work as usual Mr. Shoebat. Let us all humble ourselves as the Holy Spirit comes as the refiners fire in preparation for the days ahead .

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Well, another great article Mr. Shoebat, the refinement you mention is definitely happening in persons as with Nations also.

    H*tler mentioned Turkey a number of times, and would have dearly loved to have had Turkey as an Axis power along with Spain… He probably would have won, too.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    Blood moons? Hahaha. And let’s not forget the bible codes!
    I consider myself not very sophisticated in my thinking. I’m just not sneaky and cunning like the elite who are manipulating the masses. However, I do know they are manipulating countries to achieve their chaos. They are going to get more than they bargain for. I think it likely they want a big confrontation between Islam, Israel and the west. I don’t think they know the part about the Day of the Lord. I doubt there is a leader on earth who operates totally honestly without some ulterior motive in what they do. The best I can see thus far is Putin, but there are enough commentators who still insist Russia is still the U.S.S.R. and have never changed.
    Good advice to be careful who we support. How can anything be God’s will when it has an appearance of godliness yet also embraces things God calls evil? You mention being paranoid. I’ve got this nature which keeps me ever alert for what could be dangerous. It’s not a dread or fear but an acute awareness. Best to hang on to this.
    How bad will life become? Ponder Matt. 24:15-22. Real bad. But it won’t last long and the aim of the beast will fail.
    I don’t expect king Trump is going to be permitted to achieve much of the talk that came from his mouth during the run up to the election. What position is he going to take towards Turkey? I still hold to the view America is going to take some kind of major hit to prevent the country from meddling. This will allow the events we are expecting to develop at a rapid pace.

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      Russia isn’t the USSR, but Russia has always been Russia, and even during the Soviet Period managed to change the nature of the regime over time. 1917-1991 was the height of Russian Westernization, with a godless Western Import of secular Marxism in the heads of the revolutionaries, but paradoxically swept away the 300 years of Petrinism, that forced Westernization, that inhibited the expression of Russian Orthodox culture, like with the persecution of the ‘Old Believers’.

      Today Russia is free to go her own path, and is, which is why there is so much fear and hatred involved with her awakening and returning to herself, among the Western elites.

      • Craig A. Mouldey

        The western elites always leave their finger prints on awful events. I understand they supported the communist overthrow of the Czar. They supported Mao. They gave the U.S.S.R. the technology to MIRV their missiles. They funded and supplied Hitler. They use all people as their play things, to get what they want. I feel excited for Russia when I read of a new achievement whether it be in medicine or agriculture and also on the moral front. I no sooner finished reading this article and I came on another of the type which I referred to. Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show. He is harping on again about how China and Russia, both of which are communist according to him, are going to invade the U.S. He went on about a recent story that Russia is weaponizing space. Why else, unless they have evil intent? I commented that the U.S. has already done this. When they do it it’s good. When Russia reacts to maintain a strategic balance they are evil. They have a massive country. I don’t think they need to invade the U.S.
        I have an article on my computer about the Old Believers. How a father and mother fled with their two children into the Arboreal forest where they lived and barely survived for over 50 years. they had two other children while there. Last I heard, only the youngest daughter remained and she was in her 80’s. Quite a sad yet heroic story.

        • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

          Yes, ‘Agafya’.. I myself am close to them in my sympathies and their views on modern civilization, both for personal and familial reasons

          • Craig A. Mouldey

            Ah you know the story. It was wonderful that the geologists who found them helped them out so much. Do you know if the one lady is still alive?
            Your fiancee must be a strong, determined woman. I sometimes feel like I live in Siberia too, but it’s only the Haliburton Highlands. There is no global warming here in winter.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            I believe Agafya is still alive, Christ bless.

            My girl is very strong and determined, and God knows, has made me a better man and better Orthodox Christian.

            To such wildernesses we might be driven, we Christians, during the time of Antichrist, and so I prepare for that inner struggle as well as the outer one.

            God bless,


        • Стефан Евгений

          Here is the true face of Russia Craig.

          • Craig A. Mouldey

            Thanks for that. I really hope the Russian people continue on worshipping the Lord. Especially after the great horror they suffered through. This anti Russian hysteria being pushed has me concerned. Russia is looking more like the beacon of truth and righteousness the west was suppose to be. And we know how the world feels about the Lord.

          • Стефан Евгений

            It took 3 generations to wreck the church in Russia, and it will take another 3 to repair it.
            We need time and peace Craig, God willing.

          • Craig A. Mouldey

            Yes, God willing. The Orthodox has always been the suffering church. I’m not nearly so concerned with the Leadership of Russia as I am the lunatic elite in the west. They appear out of their minds. I pray God in His mercy will deal with them. One prominent one just died. Mr. Rockefeller. Which just goes to show, they don’t last forever. What percentage of the population of Russia are actively supporting the Orthodox church? I do believe the destiny of Russia and the church is a good one, unlike these silly experts who say Russia is Gog of Magog.

      • Juan

        The last Czar, even being ethnically a German, was the Katekhon (just few days ago 100 years of his removal). Russia is a very important country for Christendom, may be the most but nowadays nobody can be 100% sure about politicians (and this includes Russian ones), secret societies, etc.
        Orthodox Church have experienced a great revival in Russia but on the other hand Secularism is also strong there and Putin seems to be looking for an Eurasian Union in ‘old believer’ but also esotericist and “traditionalist” – syncretist Aleksandr Dugin way.
        Aleksandr Dugin and his sufi friends are promoting the union between Russia (Orthodox but also Secularized and with low natality) and Turkic nations of Central Asia that are already taking Russian cities step by step by demographics and they will be stronger when Turkey will be a Global Power in some years.
        The awful and satanic mummy of Lenin is still on high honor place in Moscow. Modern people tend to think about these issues just in symbolic terms but you are enough wise to understand that this mummy is a gate for demons to enter Moscow and the Kremlin.
        I am Russophile, I believe Orthodox theology is right regarding excesive power of the Pope and Filioque, I wish my Roman Church will become Orthodox with Jesuchrist’s help but hermano/brat… Aleksandr Dugin and Lenin’s mummy aren’t the best company to be with.
        May Jesuchrist have mercy on all us and guide Putin on the right path, that isn’t a Russian-Turkish alliance.

        • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

          Thank you Juan!

          I understand and indeed agree with pretty much 100% of what you say. The work of undoing 300 years of Petrinism, the Westernization of Russia forced upon her by Czar Peter and his dynasty, is not an easy one and it will take time. And when I say ‘Westernization’, I mean the West of the ‘Enlightenment’ period, the godless secularism. Even 1917 will result in good in the plan of God, even f men meant it for evil, just as Joseph’s brothers meant selling him into slavery meant it for evil but the result was their own salvation later…

          • Juan

            You are welcome OCA!

            Even the worst things happen for good and without any doubt Jesuchrist and Orthodoxy will triumph over their enemies outside and inside Russia.

            Have a very good Lent.

    • Kelly Ann

      Trump has been very quite on turkey.

  • Higlac

    Definitely two quite alarming developments: 1) the Vatican’s bringing down God’s Displeasure upon itself by profaning itself with Moslem “prayers” (that would conclusively prove that Francis is an Antipope – though in that case we’d have to note that both Benedict XVI and John-Paul II have sinned in that regard, albeit not to that extreme an extent), 2) Erdoğan’s virtually declaring war on the West (especially Europe, though I’m certain that he’ll try to strike the Americas and Oceania in order to really show how the Moslems are determined to be the world’s rulers) – for that kind of invasion and multiplication of the Moslem Turks already inside our ranks is nothing short of an overt attempt to destroy us by outnumbering us.

    [This second development, I’m starting to suspect, is just what the Marxists have been counting upon as part of their plan to wipe out the native-Western Judæo-Christian civilisation (and later even most of Mankind) – and which they’re amply happy to have the Turks do for them prior to turning upon their erstwhile temporary “allies” so they can then start ingratiating themselves with the remnants of the Western population and bring them under the “perfect, scientific Communist” yoke. It truly feels as if a dreadful jigsaw puzzle is coming together – Lord Jesus, Deliver us all ASAP…]

  • Julie

    Such demonic hypocrisy of Ergodan….while he subjegates Christianity, what remains of it, in his country.

    So he is threatening to nuke ‘Christian’ europe…what Christianity is left of it.

    • magaforever

      I just wish that trump would read shoebat articles and send a team of spec ops to send erdogan to hell now ..but then i guess thats impossible because its written that the little hypocrite faggot gets his way for a short time..then its into the oven you go turkey

      • Julie

        In context of Turkey’s anti Christian history, it is only recently as 1922, that Turkey wiped out the faithful city of Smryna, exhorted by Christ through St. John the Evangelist, to endure to the end in the book of Revelations.

        US Navy ships stood by doing nothing, because of hoping to get future commercial ties…all about money. Protestant America needs to read the history of Islamic Turkey.

        • magaforever

          Yes indeed..i think trump will be able to see through erdogans sneaky snake ways..hopefully

          • AnthonyM

            This is sort of off topic, but Trump recently had a meeting with Germany’s Merkel, and in the photo shoot afterwards, refused to shake her hand for the camera. I think Trump still is not in agreement with Merkel.

          • magaforever

            Who could agree with that crazy witch?? Let her stir up the pot and well beat them down harder than ever before.

        • Juan

          In 1878 the Russians were close to conquer Constantinople but British Empire forced a treaty of peace between Russia and ottomans.

          • Higlac

            Exactly!!! Furthermore, those “Great Powers” (particularly Britain and France {although both Germany and Austria-Hungary were also involved}, who were so sympathetic to Turkey as “The Sick Man of Europe”!!!) took land away from Bulgaria, Serbia and other local entities and either gave it back to Turkey or took it for themselves.

            Extra-important was how those “Powers” awarded Bosnia-Hercegóvina to Austria-Hungary as a “Protectorate” at that very time – which Austria-Hungary formally annexed in 1908, so setting up the scene for the start of World War I…

          • Julie

            Thanks…yes…the British…their seeking Saudi oil….I read the Russians beat the Ottomans 7 times out of 9…

            But I also am reading bad things going on inside Russia, the strange deaths now of about 6 diplomats, political figures, the complicity of the Russian Orthodox leadership with the government, this really part of their 1,000 year history, some Russian Orthodox priests in collusion with the communists as there are right now in China, those faithful to Rome and those to the nationalist communist government.

            That has been the ongoing issue with Eastern Orthodoxy in that the faith in Anatolia was almost destroyed by Diocletian in 302 AD, and he was deposed by Constantine who became empire of the now ‘Holy’ Roman Empire although I don’t know when that actual title with ‘Holy’ came about….and from there on the Orthodox expanded with its alliance with the imperial powers whereas SS Peter and Paul founded the Church there solely for ecclesial reasons and when there were disputes involving imperialism, Rome always trumped the east.

            I would think the Papal/Orthodox states would both include imperialism…but don’t know much about that history as I was told it is most complicated.

            I would think the Russian Orthodox, because of the native mindset, as well as the independent bishops within Russia would have the hardest time uniting with Rome…they never did and their numbers built up with Orthodox priests fleeing the Ottomans when Constantinople fell.

            I am so afraid what happened to Constantinople will now happen to Rome.

            Patriarch Bartholomew wants reunionification, but it is Russia and others farther east who are blocking. The Russian Orthodox want to be second in line to the papacy simply because they are ‘bigger’ but that is not how the Church was reorganized in the 300’s under Constantine.

            So I continue to pray for the conversion of Russia and cannot help but believe some day they will help the West…but we must pray and do penance for them as well as for ourselves and the rest of humanity.

            And then there is China…very bad communists who are using North Korea as their talons.

        • Стефан Евгений

          They poured boiling water on the people holding on the sides of the ships that escaped the burning docks. I got this from a eye witness who survived.

          • Julie

            Which countries as there were various nationalities including 2 American navy ships and an Italian,and I think some others.

            I read that finally American and Italian sailors defied orders and began helping these poor people.

          • Стефан Евгений

            I think she said Americans Julie.

          • Julie

            I read Horton’s piece. I remember American and Italian and now the video referenced the French…so why did all those international ships arrive? to save the people or what?

            The film makes me so mad and will use it as I am sharing this about Smryna with others.

          • Стефан Евгений

            like the vid said they were there to protect their own, not the local Christians.

  • AnthonyM

    Good article.
    Today for the first time I noticed “And he will enter into a binding and irrevocable covenant with the many for one week (seven years), but in the middle of the week he will stop the sacrifice and grain offering”

    It seemed to me there were 2 ‘he’ involved, one that made the covenant (a Jewish leader making a covenant with Arab states for reasons of peace) and the 2nd ‘he’ breaking the covenant with the Jews to make war on them.
    But it seems there is one ‘he’, the antichrist who makes a covenant with many (allies and maybe others), but then stops the sacrifice and grain offering 3 years in. So allowing the sacrifice and grain offering must be part of the initial covenant over all the lands ‘he’ controls, the Umma I expect. Something for me to think about.

    • “be part of the initial covenant over all the lands ‘he’ controls, the Umma I expect. Something for me to think about.”

      Indeed. Tyrannies initially makes promises that you will have “freedom of religion”. Muhammad did it to the Jews and Christians even to the pagans of Quraysh.

      Have you tried the Latin Mass Anthony.

      • AnthonyM

        Not regularly. The last was a Mass for the Dead, All Souls. I do enjoy the Gregorian Chant.

        • You know what is strange brother Anthony? We at times sit and argue and bicker over the Eucharist, Novus Ordoooo and all that …

          We say that Protestants entered the church and changed the process. I argue that the Communion Bread should be handled by a priest, delicately … its the Body of Christ …

          Then here comes the Protestant complaining about the Vatican and the Pope.

          Yet when I agree with them, I counter that Antichrist will desecrate the Communion and that perhaps what we see today in a prelude to how the Communion will be desecrated.

          Then that very Protestant will argue agreeing with the Vatican and the Pope arguing for the very people he so much condemns. He will remove the significance of the Grain Offering altogether and say that these verses pertain to Jewish sacrificial system.

          Heck these days the Evangelicals hardly take Communion. Pretty soon they will abolish it agreeing with Antichrist.

          They used to say Europe was the Antichrist. I disagreed with them saying its the Muslim world. They condemned me.

          Yet as the Alt-Right and neo-Nazis arise in Europe I begin to point at Europe as a possible Antichrist. In other words, I began to agree with their old theory. That theory they insisted that Europe is Antichrist.

          So what do they do? They still condemn me because they love what is happening in Europe.

          In other words, they like joining this Antichrist system which they condemned by their prophetic interpretations.

          They subliminally want Antichrist. They subconsciously agree with the spirit of Antichrist.

          They are a complete contradiction. An abomination of desolation. Cains. Chaff. Wood hay and stubble. Fruit sacrifice instead of real sacrifice. The spirit of Cain and Antichrist.

          Ahhhhh. Pray for me while you do the Rosary brother Anthony. And thanks for remaining steadfast.

          • AnthonyM

            I’ll be glad to do that.

  • Juan

    Regarding the Gaulish monarch I tend to think in Turkey because this country is the throne of antichrist as have been demonstrated previously here on, because this monarch will dominate first the East and after will come to take the West and because Galatia was a kingdom/region of Anatolia and its capital city was Ancyra (nowadays called Ankara). Ankara was a capital city of the Gaulish people… on the West Paris was a little Roman city and the Franks (Germanics) made it France capital city.
    The antichristian nazis helping the moslems will be nothing new (this unholy alliance is as old as nazism) but the candidate to be one antichrist, one satanic guided man with big power in the next future is Erdogan.
    Nazism will not triumph in France and neither in Italy and Spain (we have Gaulish blood too), I neither imagine nazism triumphant in UK (among population… another issue is the Hannover Royal Family); and the nation that never will be seduced by satanic nazism is Portugal (I think there are more Mexican nazis than Portuguese ones).
    Turkey is going to grow up in a way that the U.S., Russia and Germany will be astonished. These powers think they are using Turkey but Turkey is using all of them.
    After the refinement the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Conception will reign over the World.

    • Great comment. I agree. Southern Europe will be refined as gold is refined but Northern Europe might not.

  • Juan

    Turks have experience massacring Christians, from the start of their Ottoman Caliphate to Hamidian massacres of Armenians and Assyrians, to Genocide of Christians (Armenian, Assyrians, Greeks) during and after WW1, to Istanbul Pogrom of 1955, to actual massacre of Christians with Erdogan and Turkish Army fighting together with Al Nusrat and islamist criminals in Syria.
    They will do what they are already doing and what they ever did.

  • hyginus,

    Just sign up for the news letter or search “Shoebat” and “Catholic” or Google.

  • Julie

    Soon after 9/11, I began reading on the internet…My 8th grade son helped me work the internet a year earlier when it took forever to go from one page to another.

    I recall reading Bat Ye’Or’s, ‘Oil for Immigration’, caused by President DeGaulle who allowed Islamic immigration in exchange for oil. Interesting read….so frightening then as now.

    • Flame blue

      There was no need for Western leaders to offer places in the country to Islamics for oil, the oil states needed that money, and would have sold oil to us even at half the price. Our Governments should not even enriched these oil states as much as they have done, but to even beg the Arabs to sell us oil on the back of handing our Nations over to them by stealth, is disgusting, immoral, traitorous, and stupid. I think they probably did exactly that, because the leaders were always going out to the Middle East to receive lavish Arab receptions, and hospitality, just bribery, and they were bribed, the corrupt traitors they are!

  • Julie

    Remember that. Not clear about what happened or how it ended.

    Yes, our government needs to get them out…how we must pray on this for our government.

  • Flame blue

    Good article Walid.

    What will be will be as our scripture predicts, horrific as it is. There is a falling away from Christianity in Europe. So, she is ripe for the taking by Satan and his servants.

    Banning the headscarf, it isn’t, it’s the black burka veils, and stopping the noise of Islamic calls to prayer in the muddle of the night in Jerusalem, we really can’t fault those bans, for to accept Islamic nuisance practices in non Muslim countries is cowardly. But of course Erdogan, and Muslims are just waiting for any excuse to fight us, equally it could be simply not allowing them to force themselves on our girls, or segregate them in non Islamic schools that causes Erdogan and Muslim anger. Without doubt they will invent reasons even if we submit to them and follow their dictates, short of becoming Muslim. I have no doubt, Erdogan will look to ban Christian practices which are mainly private in our churches, but he has to conquer Europe first with his refugee army we are allowing in to our Lands. However, if Muslims rule Europe they were always going to do that anyway, so standing up to them now is not a crazy thing to do! The sooner we stand up to them, the better for our generations, because we are pushing the blade from our throats for a time.

    In banning the bread offering, the wine, yes, to do that is to prevent Christians from remembering Jesus as he asked us to do, and that’s the point, the Islamics want us to forget about Jesus, so they can force us to Muhammad. Coupled with an atheist population who will under pressure become Islamic without a conscience against denying Jesus, the few who do remember Jesus will have their children subjected to Muhammad and not knowing Jesus except as the Isa.

    Jesus says ” do this in remembrance of me” that is He will not accept anti-Christ removing his memory, his sacrifice, his Lordship from our minds, so that the World forgets about Jesus, the true biblical Jesus. Jesus will return, come Lord sooner rather than let your Christians suffer these things? I know some Christians have been weak, deluded, deceived, to fit in with the whims of a corrupt World, but most Christians will not betray Jesus, and we will go up to join our brethren under God’s alter! Where we will cry out for justice!

    • Read my comment to Anthony..

      • Flame blue

        I read your comment to Anthony.

        When l take communion, l take it sincerely, for to take it without sincerity brings condemnation from God, not man. As l take communion l think of the suffering and sacrifice Jesus made for me and my brethren and all who will believe in him, in trust and love. I remember his sacrifice, his suffering, his compassion. As l eat the bread, l believe this bread represents his torn body, and as l drink the wine, l remember that it represents his spilled blood.

        The bread and wine is prepared by the elders of our congregation, who feel honoured to prepare it. Why not, for all are equal in Christ Jesus? We don’t hark back to the First Covenant to use dedicated priests from the priest lineage, for why should we or how can we?

        The minister, who is a priest of God, treats the wine and bread with respect as part of our holy meal. He bows his head and prays prior to handling the silver platter and goblet.

        Jesus is with us, for many are gathered in his name, and as he promises that even when two or three are gathered in his name, he will be there with us. Besides, we know he is in us as we are in him!

        We pray quietly and ask God in our prayers to forgive our imperfections, transgressions, errors, sins and assist us to be worthy to be called his children. We ask God himself, in our time of silent prayers, after the time of congregational prayers, for our brethren, for the World, the unrest, the wars, the suffering of people whoever they are and wherever they are!

        God gives us our daily bread, and we are spiritually conscious of that aspect, that God gives us every good thing! I believe that l do view the bread and wine as devouring Jesus, however, spiritually not literally, for men or woman made that bread and wine.

        There is no point to dwell on these matters and quarrel over them, no good at all.

  • He’s nonsense. He writes “Let me give you an example. The day after our last blood moon we had tourists killed and massacred in Tunisia by Isis.”

    So God orchestrated this “last blood moon” as a warning sign and the fulfillment was the killing of a few western tourists.

    Never knew that God was in the tourism business.

  • Then interpret Malachi 1:10-11 for us.

    • Juan

      Argument debunked. The grain offering is the Holy Eucharisty.

    • Filip

      Correct. In the Orthodox church I go to.. they have incense and offer the Eucharist Bread & Wine which become the literal body and blood of Christ taken … Erdogan proposed my home country, Romania to build the largest mosque in Bucharest while the priests there seem to have afalling away as they are slowly removing the Eucharist from church and only giving it on Easter or on “special occasions” as well as people demonizing the church.

  • Why are you trying to start your little cult on my comment box?

  • “Apparently the writer is unaware of the NATO nuclear base that already exists in Turkey.”

    I have written articles on this Bishadi. I am well aware of it.

  • Tom_mcewen

    This is serious, the weak point of Arab armies has been the lying to commanders and logistics. And the movie playing in their head. I was in Saudi Arabia on the day Iraq invaded Kuwait and the highly paid Saudi army abandoned their posts and headed home. But the Turkish army is different, they are professional and create their own Logistical chain. So they are a serious threat to NATO. Erdogan is definitely mad on religious fairytales and if he lives there will be both a population and later a armed invasion and NATO without the USA are an defense force of a Opera army of cardboard Spears and swords. The european government are not serious and believe that the Marxist idea that all events are driven by man being solely an economic animal, religion doesn’t even enter the picture, religion is a appendix of a more primitive time. So comes the time that Hagin Sophia

  • susan

    “dynamics, including potential ostracism, are a potent form of control, and very often you get people who are very intelligent rise to the top of these groups, who can then steer the group in a more positive direction than some of its members might prefer, and can eventually conVince such member of the same?”

    Hitler kept running through my mind as I read your words. And as for the pattern of Christ, He was so successful at changing hearts, He had to go all the way to the cross to do it. Jesus spoke of His Father revealing who He was to Peter. No other.

  • Kamau41

    “Do not stand for anything you see the masses are behind. Avoid the masses just as you try to avoid congested traffic.” Amen indeed!! The beginnings of the showdown between Turkey/Europe as both you and your son had been very faithfully warning us about, is definitely unfolding right before our eyes. We seeing the days are getting much shorter and the road is getting much narrower. As always, thank you for breaking everything down for us clearly so we can very carefully discern the conditions of our times. Another blockbuster Sunday Special brother Walid.

    • This is why we will leave Europe and Turkey and simply live on a SHIP while we sing “Kamau row the boat ashore Halliluja Kamau row the boat ashore Hallilooo-looo-ya”

      • Kamau41

        This is wonderful. I will do my very best to continue to row the boat ashore.

  • susan

    Erdogan takes one thing and makes it all about islam. The covering of one’s head. Christians debated that during Paul’s time. Way before islam. Now everytime I wear a scarf am I pledging allegiance to Erdogan? And everytime I do not wear a scarf am I waging war against those who do wear a scarf? This is ridiculous. Nuns cover their heads. Am I waging war against nuns now? Thank you for pointing out to us this sly devil’s tricks, Walid.

  • Kamau41


    You can also check out and navigate thru the following links:, and

    • Always on the lookout to save souls 41. You row well, you live to serve this ship and you even refer to other ships.

      You have love to save souls 41. Thats good. Love keeps a man alive 41. Its give him strength.

      Now listen to me all of you … 41 is a great example. He leaves 99 sheep to seek a lost sheep. A Good Shepherd indeed.

      • Kamau41

        Absolutely!! Thank you Brother. Blessings always to you and your family.

  • Ozibarb

    “this tension between Europe and turkey we believe is orchestrated with Germany, the game of creating the perfect condition and excuse to increase both nations military capabilities ” add Japan to the mix for the trifecta.

    • susan

      I think they’ve written some articles about how Japan is also falling under the leadership of bad actors. We need to be looking at this possibility in the future. And be prepared to deal with it. The Shoebats are hitting their marks with incredible accuracy. Only fools wouldn’t pay attention to them at this point.

      • Ozibarb

        Yes ,I have read and reread every one of them.

        • susan

          I need to figure out how to provide links for people who haven’t had the opportunity to read their prior articles. I need to practice being more technical. :D. I bet you’re good at that. 🙂

          • Ozibarb

            No, I’m not technical at all. I print a lot of the articles, but providing links etc, I have to get my son, who has an IT business, to help me. Lol

          • susan

            Lol. When your son teaches you, will you help me?

          • Ozibarb

            Haha. btw, I just received my copy of Teds book at last. Will be doing more reading now.

          • susan

            I bought a copy to share. I wanted to be able to discuss it with someone. And now I have you too! 😀

    • Always love your comments Ozibarb.

  • Doc

    Great article. One of your best. It explains everything in one concise page. This should be “pinned” to the top of the website permanently.

    • “Great article. One of your best. ”

      Why do you think I wrote it? I missed the “Doc” commenting. Now that I am puffed up I have enough ammo for the rest of the day 😉

      Misson Accomplished. I love it when a plan comes together 😉

  • bubba

    Love the article. Simple enough for me to understand. Ty

    • susan

      Lots of rumors of wars and inner turmoil to keep us occupied. I wonder how many years it will take before everyone is screaming for peace at any cost. That’s when I’ll be panicked. Until then I’ll settle for paranoid. 🙂

    • Thanks Bubba. Just make sure you keep your helmet of salvation and try to keep nine lives 😉 you look good in that helmet.

      • bubba

        It’s cinched tightly. Sharpening my sword all the time too.

  • Firstly – the reference is to ‘post-levitical’ periods”

    Okay. And what happens then at ‘post-levitical period’? Where is your deep analysis of this “grain offering” and this “sacrifice”? I see them ZERO mentioned in your analysis here. These two alone are an entire book worth my friend.

    “as it refers to the incense, along with pure offerings, being brought to (Him) everywhere, meaning it cannot be referring to the old levitical system that stipulated it in one place only, and utilized commentary on the gentiles. This means it would refer to the new testament period (I would say post resurrection but others would argue that).”

    This statement above is like a stone skipping thru the water surface.

    Its pure “GRAIN” offering. You simply spiritualized it Protestant style. And what I mean by ‘spiritualized it Protestant style’ is that you folks make ‘spirit’ as if it is AIR with NO substance.

    “Secondly – the old sacrificial system always had a spiritual equal in the new testament.”

    ” Where it referred to incense in the old, the new notes an equating of incense with something that was particularly pleasing to God, whether it be prayer”

    Well that is just swell. No Grain Offering (Eucharist) and no literal incense. Well, if I take such premise of making air out of everything then why should we even have communion bread?

    Here, I will take the position (for the sake of argument) that we do not need any bread. Its spiritual bread (prayer and other acts of obedience).

    What must say you in defense of this? Remember, you must insist we have Communion Bread because you still practice this.

    How will you counter this argument?

    Let me see … you will say “Walid, wait a minute here, Jesus took literal bread and therefore we must also take literal bread (grain offering)”.

    Revelation 5:8 “…each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of Gods people” (which include the gentiles), Phil 4:18 “…now I have received the gifts you sent. They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice…”, Ephesians 5:2 – “…just as Chris loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God”.

    You took the symbolic and dropped the literal.

    We can perhaps better explain the mystery of the Eucharist when we examine other matters of theology. In attempting to box in God from their perspective of time and by use of isolated verses, Protestants act as if Jesus is the ‘sole vehicle’ we occupy with our daily petitions for the forgiveness of sin. The Protestant daily insists no one delivers them to Him but that He alone drives such petitions to the Father insisting He avoids the carpool lane.

    If Christ ‘does it all’ (which sounds solid when we say it), why then do we not also petition only Him to “make disciples of all nations,” and only Him to “baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” and only He “teach them to obey everything I have commanded you”?

    While both sides agree this is an absurdity, but such absurdities should make us think. So if Jesus can “make disciples” and so can the disciples also make disciples; and if Jesus can “teach” and so can the disciples teach; and if Jesus can “forgive” and so can the disciples forgive; shouldn’t we then think that “they” too can also forgive sins as an extension of Christ’s office?

    The Protestant will say: “This is a hard saying; who can listen to it?”

    So what “they” (the disciples) do, Christ also is the one who does through them, even including the dreaded verse Protestants avoid and spin: “If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.” (John 20:23)

    Remember, this is scripture.

    Likewise with the Eucharist. If Christ can shine through the apostles and priests to forgive sins, turn water into wine, He can also turn the Eucharist into His flesh. Should it take a spin-artist to explain that Christ is in the Eucharist which we partake in and consume? This should not be difficult to believe, yet it is only difficult when we try to scientifically analyze it. If we accept without fully comprehending that the Eucharist is the real body of Christ, then we can also fully accept, and without comprehending how a sick woman grabs Christ’s garments and she is healed (Luke 8:43) and how another who walks under the shadow of Peter, he is also healed (Acts 5:15) and how the apostles “brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.” (Acts 19:12)

    And so we ask another Jesus-style question: were Christ’s garments, Peter’s shadow, even the handkerchiefs and aprons, have more significance than the Eucharist which Christ specifically instructed “this is My Body” and where God shone through? Did the Eucharist have no more significance than the garments and handkerchiefs or the shadow? Is it the shadow that healed? Is it Peter? Or is it Christ that heals through Peter just because the sick trusted in the shadow of a disciple of Christ?

    All this clear scripture while the ardent skeptic always asks for verses saying “show me from the scriptures”.

    Even more astonishing, and to solidify our argument, in scripture, we find no instruction where Christ said “this is my garment, touch and be healed” or Peter saying “this is my shadow, walk under …” or any disciple saying “this is my apron, touch and be free from the demons”. Yet we have “this is My Body”.

    Is it true that if one can provide a direct verse from scripture over a matter would the ardent Protestant tremble in belief?

    No. This is why he is Protestant. He will protest everything Catholic.

    So here we provided a direct verse when Jesus told the disciples “If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven”.

    Search this verse on Google and see how little hits it gets. It is mostly in Bible search engines. Search it in comparison to “by faith you are saved” (which doesn’t even exist in scripture, it is “by grace you are saved”) and see how many more hits you get, including all the propaganda that is being pumped on poor souls.

    “If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven,” says Christ. Christ did not care about driving the vehicle in a carpool lane. He did not say “Jesus alone” takes the confessions from the sinner.

    While God alone has the power to forgive sins (Mark 2:7), it is only possible for men to forgive others through the power of God which was granted to them through Christ in scripture.

    And to compound my challenge, the Jesus-style question is, that if Jesus is the sole vehicle we occupy our petitions for forgiveness of sin and if only His first disciples can do this, and no one else after them, why would Christ promise: “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”?

    Fathom this one for a moment: “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”?

    How could Christ be with only these disciples to the very end of the age when they died shortly after He left?

    So besides not paying close attention to the “this” they do not pay attention to the “you”.

    This “you” can never be only the apostles, but the Church. It includes every priest who succeeds them as one unit with Christ and is why He said to the disciples (priests) “to the end of the age” since their ministry extends to the end.

    Oneness, unity and Théōsis (more on that later) was the core on how the church was one bundle that was difficult to break.

    Didn’t the disciples hand down the same office to their successors when the apostles speak of them as pastors and elders in each city? In Acts 14:23 “Paul and Barnabas appointed elders for them in each church”; 1 Timothy 5:17-22; “Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor,” Titus 1:5; “thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee, ” 1 Peter 5:1; “The elders who are among you I exhort, I who am [also] a fellow elder …”.

    “Ordaining elders in every city, as I had appointed thee” is a succession, no doubt.

    Never once do we see these churches act solely on their own. These too had their authority conferred upon them by Christ through His disciples so on and so forth “until the end of the age”.

    Never in the New Testament a local church was left to the judgment of the pastor’s whims as we see today in the Evangelical and Messianic circles, mind you, they claim to emulate an unhistorical nostalgia for a church that never was.

    Rather, it was reached by these representatives as in Acts 15 that “the apostles and elders” arrived at the synod’s dogmatic conclusions, and it was binding on the whole church, globally, which adhered to Christ’s command that we be “one”, not just in spirit universally but authoritatively through the “apostles and elders” and thereby the system of church governance was established.

    I repeat, Christ had the disciples hold an office granting them the authority to “forgive sins” and even “retain sins” from whomever confesses their sin: “If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.”

    Such an office is nonexistent in the Protestant churches. It is here where the devil excels urging man to only rely on his scientific knowledge and his earthly mental faculty where he cannot fathom succession (all the way from the primitive church) or how Christ will be with the church “until the end of the age”.

    Likewise in the Eucharist. The Protestant argues that the priest has no authority to in persona Christi (in the person of Christ) to say the Words of Institution, “This is my body,” then transubstantiation becomes instantaneous. The Protestant argues that ‘only Christ’ can manifest Himself, that ‘only Christ’ can forgive sins. If so, how then could the disciples observe such an office in forgiving sins, just as Christ did?

    So crucial was Communion that I have posted an entire essay on how Antichrist will abolish the Eucharist and why this made me Catholic (a must read before you continue here).

    And I ask yet another Jesus-style question: if the Eucharist is simply “in remembrance” as if one observes a scene of Christ at the last supper or His Passion; why is it then, that Antichrist “put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering” that such an event is so crucial that it signals the countdown of His return?

    Why is this “grain offering” called “sacrifice” and why did not Daniel speak of stopping the hymnals, prayers, abolish the Bible, church demolitions … which went on and off throughout history and yet all this never signaled Christ’s return.

    To Christ, such a warning was very crucial “that when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet” where Antichrist “will suspend [both] the sacrifice and grain offerings” (Daniel 9:27) which is the Communion of Bread Sacrifice that Christ warned in Mark 13:14, Matthew 24:15, to pay attention to Daniel 9:27.

    The OT Psalms had a number of allusions to this as well which might not have made a lot of sense to the ‘old testament folk’, but makes sense when looking from the NT perspective. Psalm 141:2 – “May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice”, and from the start of verse 11 in Malachi 1 (from the rising of the Sun), praise/prayer is alluded to in Psalm 113 “from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised”.

    A small but inconclusive note – and this may not have any relevance, so treat it with a grain of salt, the book of Malachi has strong language regarding the day of the Lord/JT etc. My ‘ever so slightly not so firmish’ belief is that 1:10-11 could be associated with the tribulation and the prayers of the saints (prev mentioned Revelation 5), as it fits some of the theme of the book.

    Finally – I know Arnold Fructenbaum had some good information in this space, but I cannot find my books referring to his commentary on Malachi so don’t want to misquote him.

    Now referring to the temple that was destroyed, we know from the OT that the temple will be rebuilt, however the sacrificial system will not be acceptable to God, hence why Daniel refers to the ‘strengthening of the covenant’, i.e. its not something new, but the old Mosaic covenant will look to be reinstated.

    • Tom_mcewen

      It is the old divide of spirit good, matter bad (gnosticism)and the limit of God trapped in time. Physics says time flows forward, but there is no reason that the arrow of time points only one way. Christ said at the last supper, this is my body, that cannot be true, his body was holding the bread and he has not been sacrificed yet. But God is the master of time not it’s servant. If the Eucharist is the same sacrifice done once spread across time then at the last supper the bread is his body. Tuesday doesn’t follow Monday for God. And God said matter is good.

      • Kevin Nicholson

        Hence the mystery of faith as proclaimed by the church:

        “And when He had taken a cup and given thanks, He gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you; for this is My blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for forgiveness of sins.” Matthew 26: 27-28

      • Ceirwyn

        People aren’t taught that physical things can have a spiritual nature/state independent of its physical nature/state.

        • Tom_mcewen

          If churches start teaching about that they are going to run into the Eucharist and the John 6:66 people like Zwingli Calvin and the great Awakening of 1740-1790 will not look will not like it. Think of Peter being told,

    • susan

      Hopefully this one lasts. It gets s bit lonely at times. I’ve noticed the scripture that says we will be judged by our works. It’s definitely NOT faith alone. And as you said. WATCH.
      2Be watchful and strengthen the things that remain, which are ready to die. For I find not thy works full before my God. 3Have in mind therefore in what manner thou hast received and heard: and observe, and do penance. If then thou shalt not watch, I will come to thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know at what hour I will come to thee. 4

      I hope you’ve discovered another watcher with this one. :D. Or maybe one who is watching will be a watcher. Catching fish can be exciting. The more the merrier. 😉

      • Julie


    • Kevin Nicholson

      Sadly, this !Protestantism! invaded the church in Vatican 2:

      “We see how John Paul II explains the unity of the Church of Christ by the union of the human race (even if unconscious of it) with the Word, by the sole fact of the Incarnation. All men, therefore, form the Church of the Cosmic Christ! (A prefiguration of the reign of Antichrist) John Paul II continues: �To this catholic unity of the people of God all men are called, to this unity belong, in diverse forms, the catholic faithful and those who look with faith towards Christ and finally all men without exception.”

      ” Pius XII in Mystici Corporis wrote:

      They wander away from divine truth those who imagine the Church as if one could neither find it nor see it, as if it were a spiritual thing, through which many communities of christians, although separated by faith, would be nevertheless joined together by an invisible bond.”

      “Ratzinger, as a good immanentist, has a horror of �those who love precise definitions,� and gives only extremely vague ones which define absolutely nothing, but which succeed in establishing a new �thing.� What exactly thiscollege of bishops is, is very difficult to say if we only base ourselves on this last definition.�Nevertheless Ratzinger here and there makes his thought a little more clear: �The primacy of the Pope cannot be understood on the model of an absolute monarchy, as if the Bishop of Rome were a monarch without the restriction of a supernatural communal entity, the Church with a central constitution.”

      “Considering the changes that are being made, we arrive at the conclusion that at the interior of the Roman Catholic Church, there is in the process of development a new
      religion, substantially different from that of Christ, with gnostic and cabalistic characteristics.”

      • Julie

        John Paul was an extrovert and greatly enjoyed encountering new Christian communities such as in Africa and the native Indians of Mexico.

        John Paul was a philosopher but he drew alot of his theology from then Cardinal Ratzinger who is quite clear.

        They are both coming from a universal approach to the common humanity made in God’s image and likeness, and where we can form relationships with them in serving God and manifesting our faith in communion with them.

        I think the error comes when thinking all religions are the same….and the loss of discipline particularly in the sense of sin…what was sin so many years back prior to Vatican II is not a sin today…

        The Mass is the atonement for sin.

        Atleast that was the error I encountered living in the most notorious archdiocese on the planet a hile back…

        • Kevin Nicholson

          The Vatican 2 mass is probably invalid which would make the receiving of the bread and wine (body and blood of Christ) a sacrilege. See below video….Godspeed Julie.

          • Julie

            I studied the General Instruction for the Roman Missal and what makes a valid Mass.

            The concern is those who hijacked it.

            I do want a more solemn Mass.

          • Kevin Nicholson

            Please watch the video.

          • Julie

            I studied ecclesial theology for 5.5 years…parttime, caring for my family and grandfather that was set up to correct the errors done by professional lay catechists in collusion with their unorthodox pastors.

            That is, Vatican II, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, backwards and forwards , the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy, and Canon Law, no personal interpretors, interlopers, distortionists, modernists.

          • Kevin Nicholson

            So Julie, where do you stand now in your faith journey?

          • Julie

            Sorry….you think you can judge.

          • Kevin Nicholson

            Julie, it was a question not a judgement. Godspeed.

      • Julie

        You are reading him from a particular perspective that is not his.

    • Filip

      I believe that God sent you to the east to wake people up. I pray and I share your posts/videos all the time. Your interpretations of the Bible are sound and make sense. I noticed many other preachers claim something.. you check the reference its..well 90% close except for a few words and those people reading up say.. well it’s basically what he said.. but that’s not EXACTLY what he said.. the little words matter!!


      Walid , one thing endearing is OUR love of women as a treasure not an object , a contributor and even as warriors for truth ,like a bear robbed of her whelps ,,, we find our fools in 2 camps: those subscribing to Satanism directly and those bowing down via enabling … EITHE WAY IT ALL HINGES ON LIES AN LIOARS BEING BELVED . Because this Turkey hates women so much I like to call him Estrogen. (not as an insult to our women but as a taunt to this ” leader ” listening to talking snakes. ) I appreciate that you point to book worthiness but we are still running out of Time and I have concisely attacked the underlying issue in a article I wrote tet to be truly published ” the truth about radical ISLAM IS THAT RADICAL ISLAM lie (REPEAT : DOESNT EVEN EXIST) . This IS MY/our PRIMARY PROBLEM Walid :THAT UNTILL WE GET THIS FOUNDATION LAID ALL ELSE ARE Crumbling STRUCTURES ( SINKING SAND) . OUR GOD/ SCIENCE/ HISTORY IS ALL DEPOENDEDENT ON 1 THING ALONE : PRIORITIZING TRUTH…Honest accurate reporting and assessments In a word : TRUTH . EVEN THE GODLY VALUES OF ” THE LEAST OF THESE ” ARE DEPENDED ON THE SWORD OF BRUTAL HONESTY BEING SWUNG FULL SPEED AHEAD to differentiate so that we can stop falling for the human sield tactics Clinton sites to put our enemies and their women and children ( trained to be terrorist/ terrorist support group as well of self loathing Qur’anic leftists )… This is why it is so angering when your authors make liberal opposirte speak claims much like Gellers ” trump keeps his promises ” you author claiming ~(approx.) ” Muslim ban works so much that everyone is amazed at Trumps wisdom ” … ASK ourselves : “SELVES why is Turkeys Sunni invaders not even attempted to be stopped ? why aren’t we bombing Turkey” ? A: the lie of ” radicalization ” and other enemy enabling false narratives Trump and Geller have self contradicted THAT Muslims are our ” friends ” when their own belief system specifically dictates other wise (AS WE SPEAK 5% – an organization Trump keeps helping promote as other Black Muslim / NOI -LL ” COOL J ” IS ON TV ROUNDING UP THE ” BAD MUSLIMS. ” SUPPOSEDLY ” AGAINST ” ISLAMIC VALUES “,as if there was a good element they are misrepresenting – the constant left media bolstering trump is consistent with his leftist Affiliates )( THAT is another piece I have inside information on the NOI threat to America and the buttressing of the leftist media ,,, their is even beyond just domestic terror recruitment of the media/entertainment complex but a disguising of Islam that helps proliferate it like the episode of ” tyrant ” claiming ” Islam means peace -Salam ” when this is a different word … and Islam means ” submit/surrender ” … in any event Walid I just noticed that a very coherent short statement reflecting appreciation that someone noticed my efforts and your authors inaccurate was also just ” REMOVED ” WHICH WAS AS FOLLOWS : ” Ray thank you for up voting me on Keith Davis plagiarizing my idea and taking the clever part of my message then divorcing it from my crusader point of specifics to put an end to claiming ” radical Islam ” exists at all … ironically in substituting my accurate specific lie of ” radicalization ” and inserting ” p c ” he was being ” pc ” which really makes no sense since it is actually politically incorrect for social acceptance in accurate terms … when I mentioned this today I noticed I was directly censored ” removed “… Walid ITS ONLY BEEN A WEEK SINCE I GAVE MONEY TO YOUR ORHGGANIZATION TO SAVE Christians AND YOU ARE STILL ALLOWING ME TO BE CENSORED FOR NO VALID ESOIN ACCEPTS DISEDENT to your writer’s narrative ? I take this very very personally as an American these Palestinian authority suppressing of valid points as geller does … when I just lost a life long hero who paid dearly for these freedoms … this is not ” OK ” you said that the left censors and now you are censoring . I ask instead in the name of our lord you allow ciovilk debate and the exposure of the lies that enable our destruction ,..,, rather than squelching out truth embrace it and allow me to write you a few well formulated articles . 1,) the lie of ” radicalization : islam is merely being followed to produce deceotion terrorism and every imaginable evil ( you will find this is in fact key to our beginning the new crusade to confront not abort this from being seen let this truth be born unto the masses 2,) the Gellerian deception : censorship / ALT leftist elitists CHILD SACRFICING VORTEX ( I have so much intel on this fraudulent ” atlas ” fumbling our world like a drunk with a beach ball though fraudulent ill reporting ” journalism ” and uplifting proliferators of vileness( simultaneously claiming to combat vileness ) . with her science denying abortionist ” free market “enemy colluding idol she quotes who was a secularist robbing people of their moral compass then still denying the very fact that a life exists there for its rights to exist as an individual – Geller’s false premises are self contradicting leftism that reveals she is more of a secularist capitulator than of any serious ” Jewish ” values . Rand and Geller end up in CONSPRING IN denial of even science fact and a crushing blow to individual rights ( like the convent scull crushing of unborn yet individuals simply because a healthy woman says ” well , I don’t feel like it ” depriving our numbers to offset the fasted breeding religion ) enabling jihad by convenient prevention of future Judea crusaders whose purpose as ours largely is to guard the other ” little ones ” of future generations … as I said a vortex of suppressing truth and enabling the lies to weigh in 3.)Proliferation and normalization of enemy ideologies through the vast leftist elitist media complex / American correctional institutions / alt left reinforcement ( .. these media foot soldiers I seek to expose I need your help to do so and request no further censorship but an alignment with Truth Walid in backtracking through the mental maze you will see that this is sound … our starting point is the love of truth … these deceivers coming in the appearance of righteousness must be questioned v. do not erase the questions Walid please allow me to proceed on your platforms unhindered and encouraged in our common sword : TRUTH

      • susan



      Dialogue with reason involves not censoring legitimate issues but answering them , facing issues we may not want to face and not a single one of us is right all the time ( ok Jesus is but other than that , not 1 man on Earth ) How is Trumps ” Muslim ban ” that failed and doesn’t even include genocidal turkey if it had worked… how is Delete repeated word ” working ” ? I agree with the Islamic false accusations of ego and racism .,.. how does thrums fake bible verse about everyone being so envious of him in the leftist elitist narcissism of his Muslim/ Domestic terror recruiters who are racist and his declaring the fabulousness of those following a “prophet” somehow not help this deception ? The left loves to present faulty things as the “right ” … The left seeks to confuse … the right seeks to clearly … Please stop allowing censorship and diversions from these issue , that being said I appreciate that you are knowledgeable of the Word , and the things I am being censored about lead right back to it and the love of truth as the beginning of all wisdom ,,, with this comes a discernment that there are indeed priority truths and foundations of truth … as well as tactics to obscure such as false focus / censorship and outright opposite speak falseness … let the dissenting voices ring out for further clarification rather than being squelched out as Geller and the left does which you yourself admit

      • susan

        Walid has made it clear from the get-go. This is not a “TROLLS GONE WILD” website. If you want one of those then go start one yourself. Nobody is holding you back.

        • All they do is graffiti my walls and if I white wash the walls they complain of censorship while all they do is white wash the truth.

        • PARKS CURTIS

          IN THE TRUE SPIRTIT OF LEFTIST CENSORSHIP 1.) CALLING THOSE WHO DESENT NAMES LIKE ” TROLL ” BECAUSE YOU PERSONALLY CANT STRETCH YOUR MIND TO DO THE THINKING YOU FEEL IT SHOULD BE SENSORED 2.) you are attempting to hold back the truth you cant stands . you wont even state your issue you merely insult . stop wasting time as America falls objecting to truth and start facing it . identify which issue you disagree with at least instead of cliché mindless insult ” troll ” every liberal uses that and is vague … your attempt to further censor based on the liberal catch all ” troll ” is obvious … quit it with the kid games and ” voted of the island ” mentality and state what your issue is like a conservative adult

  • Cuzick

    Which prophecy book is that out of ? Which set of blood moons or shemitah will this occur ?

  • Why do you think we insist people sign up for the newsletter and why they should use Shoebat search engine at and why we have our own Youtube called Shoebattube?

    You think we will be here for long? They will eventually ban us and we will go underground.

    • Kamau41

      We are seeing that time drawing ever so closer.

      • susan

        I’m going to try and say all my goodbyes early. Just in case.

  • Love Chinese wisdom.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Walid, a tree which can be seen as christianity has the cambium which while millimeters thick is the only part of the tree which is alive, the rest is dead, stable hardwood, needed but dead. We have​ Zwingli who in 1529AD set Protestantism on the path of death by proclaiming the Eucharist to be only a symbol. But what what I think of the cambium the Eucharist the living part of the tree keeps the hardwood of Protestantism in existence. What will happen to Protestantism in the hard times coming, will it aid Christ or kneel to the Antichrist? Both are John 6:66 faiths. I never see any videos of you speaking to evangelicals, since you accepted the Eucharist and rejected the church as the Antichrist, are they going to be on what side? I see some few protestants researching the Septuagint and finding proof of what the early councils taught. I know longer see the hardwood but 47877 splinters. The Islamics are marching in the dark with purpose and the Christians stumbling in the dark with their eyes closed against what is coming, guided only be the walls of the ditch. He who hears you hears me, does anyone hear you in europe? A photon which leaves a sun a billion light-years arrives at zero time and zero space as well in time and space depending on which element you choose, God’s is both realities. Time is Moving very fast now.

    • susan

      I love the way you explain things Tom. I learn more in a month of reading your comments than I did in high school science class. And history too. 😉

      • Tom_mcewen

        Thank you, Tom.

        • susan

          Lol. No. Thank you. 🙂

    • Cuzick

      Tom, some of your profound responses makes one think of the writings of the Desert Fathers.

  • Стефан Евгений

    This popped up on youtube,and I thought that this Orthodox priest had somthing good to say about Orthodox Prophacy

    • Tom_mcewen

      What does the Russians take out of this war by the democrats on Putin and Russia in general? Russia is now wearing a nice suit, freshly shaved, shoes shined ready for business and they see the American government treating them like an unwashed peasant and talking of turning the post Soviet Orthodox Russia into radioactive charcoal brickets. I hope they understand this is not an attack but just ignorant politicians covering their Petty thieving.

      • susan


      • Стефан Евгений

        When I was there in January, they always asked what is wrong with America?
        They are seeing us turn into the Soviet Union, the same political correctness, and anti -Christian (Traditional)mindset. Thank God that Putin is not a rash person, we all would have been toast by now.
        Zakharova, has class… i love her.

        • Tom_mcewen

          I really respect her. It was once said, Britain doesn’t have friends, it has interests. So the same for every great nation. CNN is starting to look insane as does the democrats. She should be the White House press secretary, boy that would blow a few heads off. The last comment by CNN to her was very telling.

          • Стефан Евгений

            Yes, just look how they spin it. Like she is running from the reporter and being rude. It is rude to ambush her between meetings. She is correct we must start speaking to each other in a civil way or we are all toast.

            Americans have kasha in the head….. they wont listen,only one side is being told to the American people.

    • Tom_mcewen

      If I am standing in the Greek street when the army of the north shows up and I make the sign of the cross by touching my left shoulder first am I in trouble?

      • susan

        Actually I wondered the same thing as I was watching it. We need ashes for sure!

      • Стефан Евгений

        LOL I don’t think so Tom…. the cross on your forehead should work, Catholics have that covered already.
        Adoration of the Holy Cross.

    • Cuzick

      Thanks for sharing this. Has the book mentioned and other prophecy been interpreted yet ?

      • Стефан Евгений

        Sadly no! unless you know Greek,or Russian much of our info is cutoff from the West. I do wish more was in English. We just don’t have the translators willing to take it on.

        • Cuzick

          Sounds like you just found your next calling in the Church.

          • Стефан Евгений

            LoL… Oh I’m bad at it,its an artform i don’t have.

    • Grace Ziem

      They can’t kill the soul. Anyway, those martyred for Christ will reign with Him for the 1000 years. Why so much fear?

  • Cuzick

    A video from Ted discussing some Orthodox Church history that compliments the prophecy of St. Kosmos of Aitolos

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Correct. China has played a major role in the arming of Pakistan. Chinese-Pakistan defense cooperation is solid.

  • Julie

    Do you have a Catholic Catechism? Get one. It has 2,865 doctrines you can study which include the references to Scriptures and the Councils that came as well to remove heretical beliefs and practice within the Church.

    Infallibility was not defined until the First Vatican Council. Infallibility is the second dogma of faith, after Mary Theotokos that came about a long long long time ago. Mary the Mother of God. Christ is God. Mary is the Mother of Christ. The Church has known her intercession and help since around the year 200 AD.

    Infallibility was not defined until the 1850’s, after observing the response to a pope after a decree was made, this acceptance throughout apostolic Christianity. Just as the case when Paul confronted Peter for backing down and staying faithful, a pope can issue a decree, the Church falls into line. Then one by one a bishop will approach the pope with disagreement, as we saw recently with about 4 cardinals approaching P Francis about some ambiguities.

    Infallibility means that the pope considers making a dogma — after observing the faithful’s belief and practices for a long period of time, usually atleast 1,000 years…something consistent that is professed in the same spirit and tone and context in the differing cultures and peoples within the Church.

    But before the pope can define a dogma, he must go to the bishops as the bishops have the same power as the pope over their dioceses. All the bishops must consider the pope’s proposal to make a dogma, and if he cannot get a consensus, there is no go on the dogma.

    However if all the bishops give the pope the consensus to a make a dogma, he then can do so.

    All the bishops gave the pope after the definition and dogma of infallibility the consensus to define that Mary was born without Original Sin, she the Immaculate Conception, this coming about after 1,850 years of debate…no shot gun dogma.

    Dogma draws on the senses of Scripture. It is not a doctrine.

    The fourth dogma of faith is Mary’s assumption into heaven by Pope Pius XII in the early 1950’s. Mary did not commit a sin. Thus she did not deserve the wages of sin which is death. So did she go to sleep, was she miraculously taken into heaven a live or what? We don’t know. All we can assume was that Mary was gloriously assumed into heaven.

    So there are 4 dogmas.

    There is nothing to add to the full deposit of faith in Christ.

    How the popes speak to us today is through pastoral letters or encyclicals.

    And not every encyclical carries the same truth. P Francis’ encyclical is not binding.

    Pope Paul VI wrote an encyclical ordering all seminaries teach in Latin. Well, all seminaries it seemed ignored Paul’s encyclical.

    The pope is not a dictator. He is not the definer of Christ or rules us.

    No. I stay Catholic.

    You may be mixing up small ecclesial tradition with the Big T tradition…the full deposit of faith in Christ — lived out in the Tradition of faith the apostles gave us.

    By 100 AD, the books of Scripture, the liturgy Christ’s will for worship with its parts, tone, spirit and context the same today as it was 2,000 years ago, the bishop as head of the local church not a council, and the foundation of the Creed were all set,

    There are over 20 rites, meaning sub cultures within the Latin/Roman Church. There are other rites within the Eastern Orthodox Church. So if you were to get a flow chart of East and West Churches, their patriarchs, bishops, etc. you would see a full view of the Universal Church, the original name of the Church, and see how it does indeed comprise of many peoples races and languages.

    Our first goal and vocation is holiness by entering into the life of the Holy Trinity, the second is to relieve the suffering of those around us.

    • Kelly Ann

      The pope is never in a position to make dogma. Pope Francis AL is not a decree like Quo Premium. Where in AL does the pope state ” we hearby decree, or by my papal authority ” ?

      The pope has no authority to break the tradition and teachings of Lord Jesus. By giving communion to public adulterers, This is breaking with Our Lords laws.
      He is only given infallibility to define and protect the catholic dogma.

      His infallibility does not give him the authority to make dogma. The dogma is already made and established by Almighty God himself. Anything new is heresy.

      Papal encyclicals are teachings they are not infallible.

      Different truths ? What is that exactly your referring to?

      Review Vat I teaching on infallibility. It comes with very strict and limited conditions.

      • Julie

        This is from our instructor at the local seminary, which I shared. We studied a whole day on Vatican I and with one of the most orthodox bishops in the country, doubt he would ever allow such teaching at our seminary.

        Most Catholics don’t know what papal infallibility is.

        Yes, indeed, the pope can define a dogma. He is the one who initiates a study of a dogma, but with the communion of bishops. Big difference.

        You are transcending away from dogma over to his own pastoral practices that have nothing to do with dogma.

        About differing truths, it comes down what is defining and must represent the full deposit of faith vs pastoral guidance as we are seeing Francis address in difficult situations.

        • Kelly Ann

          Then surely if you read the definition on infallibility you will notince something isn’t right with your instructor , if he’s teaching such a thing.

          • Julie

            Most Catholics do not understand infallibility and i know from looking at documents, I am in no position to read it alone and think I understand it myself.

            The pope cannot make an infallible statement without the full consent of the bishops.

            And dogma defines long held traditions the faithful have always practices…immediate and universal acceptance when a pope makes a decree, Mary Mother of God, Mary’s perpetual virginity, Mary’s assumption into heaven.

            There are no more dogmas as such to define, except there is the petition to name Mary as Co Redemptrix and the Church does not want Protestants to think the Church is placing Mary on the same level and place as Christ.

            Christ is fully defined in the Church.

            So since Vatican I, the popes speak to us in pastoral letters or encyclicals and not all contain the same level of truth. Those that are binding always are founded on defining Christology and morality, as well as the Church as the Interpreter of Truth.

            As far as Pope Francis goes, again, there is so much coming out on Francis or he taken out of context, etc etc etc.

            Best source is “Inside the Vatican”.

            Our position as Catholics is to hold him in faith that he is the successor to Christ and follow our conscience.

          • Kelly Ann


            Here’s what MELCHIOR Cano said of bishops at the Council of Trent.

            Quote :

            Now it can be said briefly that those who defend blindly and indiscrimanity any judgement whatsoever of the supreme Pontiff concerning every matterweaken the authority of the Apostolic See : they do not support it! They subvert it: they do not fortify it .
            Peter has no need of our lies, he has no need of our adulation .” End Quote .

            now instead of the Holy Ghost giving the Holy Father his infallibility it’s now replaced by the bishops? Like Walter Kasper n what about the UN green agenda the pope is so faithfully defending instead of the dogma , are there any bishops at the UN ?

            Boy I’m so glad I left the conciliar church and went back to the old Catholic Church. To Not hard to understand a good catholic dictionary does the trick.

          • Julie

            Then you reject the Catechism of the Council of Trent, and the Catholic Catechism now promulgated that expands the former Catechism.

          • Kelly Ann

            Infallibility. It’s quite simple, not rocket science.
            The catholic encyclopedia explained it in even more similar terms.

            If your instructor is telling you that the pope can only be infallible with the consent of the bishops this is a lie. As Vat 1 defined it quite clearly.

          • Julie

            You need to explain your issue with the dogmas of the Mother of God, papal infallibility with the consent of the bishops, and the dogmas that followed: Immaculate Conception, the Assumption of Mary.

            You do not believe these dogmas???

            Are you a former Catholic?

          • Kelly Ann

            You are the one making the mistake here not me. Don’t be such a stupid idiot with such stupid comments. Modernist neocons like to throw crap like that at other catholics who don’t go along with everything they say.

          • Filip

            But why do we need a Pope to begin with? God left The Bible for all of us.. and his message is quite clear. The Doctrine is clear.. I don’t see the purpose of the Pope to be honest.. I do however recognize the importance of acknowledging the holiness of the saints as well as Mary the Blessed Virgin Chosen by God to give birth to the Messiah, The Mighty One of Israel. But the entire system created in Rome within the church seems somewhat heretical heretical in a sense that.. the Pope is infallible and all that.

          • Julie

            Papal infallibility was not defined until Vatican I in the 1850’s. All the bishops were called to reflect on the history of the seat of Peter.

            What they acknowledged was an immediate universal acceptance of when a pope made a decree. That doesn’t mean it stayed. Just as we saw in the case of Paul confronting Peter for not following through because of pressure from heading the Hebrew membered church, Peter said Paul was right, Paul commented on that…that Peter was the one who had the authority to change, bind, and loosen. And Peter and his successors give that power to the bishops. The bishops are the successor to the apostles.

            The system of the papacy was not created later. The seat of Peter has always been there. But the early Church of Rome and its episcopacies suffered alot of hardship with the barbarian invasions, and the emperor of Rome moved his headquarters to Asia Minor to escape the troubles.

            Constantinople became very wealthy as such.

            The pope and bishops would call councils to correct false understandings and heresies and mismanagement within seminaries and monastaries and religious orders.

            And in the history of papal authority, the bishops have the same equal power over their dioceses as does the pope over the universal church, and for the Orthodox for that matter although they do not comply.

            In the past if a pope made a ruling, yes, there was universal acceptance, but then a bishop or two would come forward to voice their opinions on such a matter, and then a more balanced resolution would come about.

            The first dogma of the Church is Mary, the Mother of God.

            The second dogma of the Church is papal infallibility. Read carefully. The pope can make a dogma that comes from the ‘senses’ of faith in Scripture by observing traditions with beliefs over a long period time that are enduring. He may make a declaration of faith outside Scripture, and he has precedent with the ancient Church declaring Mary, Mother of God.

            To make dogma, the pope must call on all the bishops to convene. And the bishops, who have the same authority over their faithful as the pope over the whole church, must either give the pope concensus to define a dogma or not. If the bishops do not approve of a proposed dogma by the pope, it cannot hold…so this is papal is not the pope out in isolation making some sort of defined statement and then everybody has to go along with it, no.

            To make dogma the pope must have the consensus and approval of the bishops that coincides with the faithful of their local churches. Only then can a pope define a dogma.

            So at that council, the pope proposed a dogma, the bishops reflected and all in accord affirmed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, Mary always perpetual virgin to be faithful in fulfilling her mission to be the mother of Christ. It took the Church 1,850 plus years to define the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, long debated by theologians.

            You may want to read Duns Scotus…oh dear, forget the spelling, I am getting old. He trumped St. Thomas Aquinas who did not accept the Immaculate Conception, this all happening several hundred years beforehand.

            So we have now 3 dogmas – Mary Theotokos, papal infallibility and dogma of the Immaculate Conception.

            Pope Pius XII defined the fourth dogma, the Assumption of Mary into heaven in the 1950’s, a hundred year later. The Church always knew something was different about Mary’s passing because she did not sin, she did not deserve death because that is result of the wages of sin. The Church does not know how Mary left this earth, did she fall asleep?…what…?…all we can safely ‘assume’…is that Mary was gloriously assumed into heaven.

            In my course at the seminary, the teacher said there are not any more dogmas to defined.

            So after the Vatican Council 1, the pope would teach through pastoral letters, encyclicals, but not every encyclical defining…like we have to do it. Each encyclical carries its own weight of truth. Pope Paul VI ordered the seminaries in his encyclical to teach only in Latin and it was ignored.

            We follow our local bishop in how we approach papal letters.

            And the Catholic Catechism has higher authority over papal encyclicals.

            So it is quite complicated but not in line with what people think papal infallibility is.

            We are not Protestants but apostolic Christians and cannot view the Bible as sole authority because people who read from text alone come up with their own interpretation, and St Peter forbade that in his second letter. There is nowhere in the bible that states to study the bible alone, and Christ did not hand out bibles, but sent His apostles who had scribes…but they were heard at Mass by the presbyter or bishop.

            You may read something and get an idea. You can hear some one speak of the same but come out with a different understanding and perception….that is what happens when you are in the Catholic Oral Tradition.

            The system was not created in Rome…again this sounds like protestant. This system was set up by the apostles and their successors throughout the Universal Church.

            You can find a flow chart that shows you all the patriarchs and Rome and all the derivatives of local churches coming out of each geographical location we call different rites.

            Hope all this helps.

            God bless you and thank you for your heart felt questions!

          • Julie

            The point is that you are missing is that the Lord established both a spiritual and — physical church! No subjective relativism that leads to division, disputes.

            And it is the Church based on the apostles with Christ as the Cornerstone that properly relates the Word of God in the way Our Lord and His apostles intended…and how faith is lived out — within the traditions the apostles set down.

            The books of Scripture, the Mass/Liturgy in its intent, parts, tone, spirit, the one head of the local church vs presbyter councils where you decide who you want to follow, and the foundation of the Creed, were all in place by 100 AD.

            You have the Word of God taught to us by the Church, and the 7 sacraments where the “Lamb of God with 7 Eyes” ministers to us His life and grace!

            The sacraments are concrete signs given us by Christ that are not outside definition, are tactile, made of the earth and human hands but sanctified by Him to nurture and instruct us….not subjective relativism…as we see in the protestants who do not believe in the actual presence of the Lord, His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity present in the Eucharist, or the Lord acting through the minister in confession, giving us absolution for our sins. No priest or man can do this, only Christ can forgive sins because He is the only atonement for sin before the Father, not personal interpretation of Scripture.

            Hopes this helps again.

        • Kelly Ann

          Our situation is no more difficult than any another crises in church history. Thing is we can’t change what the church has always taught to accommodate society. When any clergy does that he can very easily make errors. Such as AL has.

          • Julie

            I have studied over 5 years and we only used Church documents — the Council, the Catechism, encyclicals, the General Instruction for the Roman MIssal as well as the Vatican II Council on the Liturgy.

            Likewise in pastoral administration, you have to work within the culture, and here I am speaking of former pagan, indigenous, illiterate cultures where I worked with the best missionary team of priests in the country.

            So I am back home and here I am.

          • Kelly Ann

            I Don’t study Just simply read, don’t proclaim to be some kind of scholar or theologian. left the conciliar church n went back to the church of my great grandmother. Vat II is a pastoral council it defines nothing of the faith so I don’t give it my time. Many put it on a pedastool as if it was given directly from Our Lord himself a sort of sermon on the mount.
            I don’t believe in a god of surprises either. That’s pope Francis god whom or what ever it is.

            I’m resisting this pope because in order for me to come back into the catholic church years back once I finally found the Latin rite I had no other choice but to leave my common law spouse who refused to accept the churches ruling on our situation. The pope is wrong on this. A hard choice I had to make is now unnecessary really ? this is pandering at its finest Causing grave damage to souls. The churches comission is to save souls not help them dam themselves. this is acceptable in the conciliar church of accompaniment Which isn’t surprising as I’ve seen archbishop Penny , do what he could to protect pedophile priests for as long as possible. Until finally the abused children n parents pulled together n took the wolves to court n put them in jail where they rightlfully belong.

            Perhaps your instructor is like Archbishop Penny, it sounds like he is.

            N I don’t quite understand your point being among pagans n your back now so here you are ! I live among pagans on my street , how does that put social pressure on the church to change her doctrine ?

          • Julie

            Sorry I am going to disconnect.

            You are not bearing the spirit of the Church.

          • Kelly Ann

            Sorry im not a member of the conciliar church. And I don’t bear the spirit of the god of surprises , only the pope is guaranteed the Holy Spirit when he’s defining dogma and not contradicting it under papal authority no one else has such Guarantee.

            Ex cathedra teachings dealing with the the sacred magisterium :

            For a teaching by a Pope or a ecumenical council to be recognized as infallible the teaching MUST :

            Be a decision of the supreme teaching authority of the church –
            1. The pope alone
            2. With the college of bishops.

            You tell this Protestant that the pope can only. Teach infallible by consent of the bishops which isn’t true. You have to correct your instructor.

            Pope Pius XII decree ( manificentiss Deus )
            Quote ” Hence if anyone , which God forbid should dare willingly to deny or call into doubt that which we have defined let him know that he has fallen away completely from from the divine and catholic ” end quote .

            Sounds pretty infallible to me , coming from one of my favourite popes. And one of the Ex cathedra infallible teachings, but here you are accusing me of rejecting it. Without a shred of proof. What say you….trying to judge my faith or my heart for that matter, aye I judge the words you type…..this I can do. You tell a Protestant a error you learned about the doctrine on infallibility, and you accuse me of blasphemy? seeing you have no regard for a catholic saint who proclaims a stern warning to the bishops not to pander to any error coming from the pope during the council of Trent.

            Your opinions on the church are better left for the teachers , even this lowly catholic can see where you went wrong on that one. But don’t talk to me is find, don’t care how low you think of me, but please don’t promote something you don’t fully understand. As great teachers of the church said such lack of knowledge can cause others to walk away from the church and cost them their salvation.

            It just goes to show you just can’t take word of mouth in good faith these dark days. Get a better instructor.

          • Julie

            Have you read the Vatican II documents? They are not profound. The Council never dictated to remove the altar rails, etc.

            What you are experiencing is modernism. That is not defined in the Council.

            Take your issues elsewhere please.

          • Kelly Ann

            Modernism ? You mean the new religion that contradicts the faith ? Yup read all about it in the encyclicals.

            The council doesn’t define anything. Taught I made that point already.

            Please don’t tell Protestant things which aren’t true. Such as the pope is only infallible on the bishops concent . This isn’t true it’s a dirty lie.

          • Filip

            If you left your spouse for any reason other than sexual immorality, in God’s eyes you are considered an adulteress if you mary another man.

          • Kelly Ann

            Ever hear of repentance ? You must think I’m obtuse to this church teaching, which at one point in time I truly was until I begin to read church teachings. And spoke with a real priest concerning this matter, you see I grew up never knowing the teachings of the church , we weren’t taught a catechism, never owned one in my youth . As the good Lord speaked ” my people will perish from lack of knowledge .” This is certainly true in our times with the past few generations, Once I begin to look into all of this knowing now what I didn’t know then , it baffles me why this new pope is now saying it’s ok to be a fornicator based on social pressures of our times and still receive the Blessed Sacrament.
            You understand what is required to receive the Blessed Sacrament right ? it’s in church teachings.

            your priestly duty will serve me no justice, as a real priest has already helped me with this matter.

            But how many Catholics are living as I once lived ? Millions of them. Maybe you should lecture them, I’m already well into repentance.

            As the Holy Mother said 100 years ago ” many go to hell because of sins of the flesh. ”
            She must be devastated at the state of human souls today.

          • susan

            And Jesus said if we look at another person lustfully we have already committed adultery in our hearts. That’s why we go to confession. Everyday if need be. Happy Easter! 🙂

          • Filip

            God seeks confession of sin to eachother as well as to him.. and he is truthful and forgives us that we may be clean. However.. God also says that we are all priests of God as becoming one in Christ Jesus. Thus.. the entire system of needing to specifically go to a priest only to confess your sins is good, but not mandatory. I can confess my sins before my fellow Christians, repent, be saved and believe on Christ. The Apostles confessed sins amongst eachother and so did all other early believers.

          • susan

            But Filip, if that were true then why didn’t Jesus give that authority to the masses during His sermons? I’m leaving for mass now but I’d like to continue this discussion tonight or tomorrow if you have time. And Happy Easter! 🙂

          • Filip

            I just came from Orthodox Mass. My answer is as follows: I, so far have not seen any text indicating that the disciples authority given to them by the Lord was to be passed on, and neither did the original creed/church. That idea developed much later. The Bible does explicitly say that when we are born again we become priests to God. Let me ask you a question. If Peter was to be the leader and above all other apostles then why were other apostles acting independently of Peter and doing the work of the Holy Spirit? Is it not because there is either no Greek nor Jew nor Gentile but all are one in Christ Jesus?? I understand the idea of a hierarchy in church, that is how God s own system in heaven is displayed to us, but we cannot create a later dogma, that has no strong historical background or scriptural background. By the way. I am totally ok with confession, it was Jesus The Lord, that commanded that we must confess our sins to each other…that and repent before God. I believe it is crucial we let the Bible speak not speak into it. My wife is a Catholic, and she also told me that the pope s infailibility is an utter nonsense, she herself does not believe it. Also, as far as confession we must because that is what God commands, whether you go to the priest or confess before your fellow believers does not make much difference to me. By the way, at the Orthodox Romanian mass ceremony they do say. Sfanta nascatoare de Dumnezeu! Which means Holy Mother of God and they do pray for the intercession of saints on our behalf and of Mary. These two religions are the closest to me they re the same… i Just don t buy the whole Pope deal and some of the reforms the Catholic church undertook, going as far as to claim a purgatory for the also strange and non scriptural.

          • susan

            I’m sorry for the delay. :). I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. With regards to Peter, do the Orthodox accept that Jesus was making Peter the head of His church? And to make one man head, in no way detracts from the other disciples. If anything, it frees them from certain responsibilities so they can focus on the areas in which they’re shepherding. 🙂

          • Filip

            Correct. They believe that Jesus made Peter the head of the church for Jesus said, your name shall be Peter (which means a stone) upon which I will build my church. They just don’t believe the Pope is Peter’s descendant or that he is infallible. that’s all. everything else is pretty much the same.. as in Catholicism.

          • susan

            Thank you. That’s good to know regarding Peter. Do you believe the Protestants are split off and in heresy? Meaning they deny church authority and doctrine? Because this is where things get interesting. For the first one thousand years or so the church was one. There was no question that there needed to be a Pope because Jesus set up His church that way. 🙂

          • Filip

            Yes yes.. we have an Episcop or Archbishop in the Eastern Orthodox Church. We simply do not believe the Pope is that person.. but that the Archbishop is that person, he is not chosen, but through his deeds achieves that title. Yes.. we as Eastern Orthodox regard all other claimant faiths as.. heresy from the original church, the Orthodox Church. We only acknowledge Catholics, because even though we differ on some minor affects, we still hold the faith correctly.. The Daily sacrifice…confession… the saints… the Holiness of Mary… Holy Mother of God.. the Eucharist..etc.

          • Kelly Ann

            Culture ? what culture are you referring to ?

      • infowolf1

        Immaculate Conception was not new in an immediate sense since it had been being debated since Aquinas’ time at least, and many believed it, but it has no solid biblical or ANY traditional basis in the unified church especially in the east, where all the Ecumenical Councils were held and the church was started and mostly built up. So the papal declaration of this was indeed creating (or endorsing into a state of formal) dogma which was NOT always believed.

        • Kelly Ann

          Look into the early works of the fathers. It was always believed but not defined. One of the mysteries of the faith has always been discovering what the the apostles revealed from the Holy Spirit. As the church always taught the revelations ended with the last apostle. the beauty of the dogma has taken centuries to define, this is the purpose of the councils which seeks the aide of the Holy Spirit , the teacher who, the Lord Promised in his absence.

          The popes commission holding the office of St. Peter is to faithfully guard n defend this dogma. Anything outside of that is error, he places a curse upon himself at his consecration if he teaches errors , AL has major errors against the dogma. Many popes have spoken about making such errors it the past. St Thomas a great doctor of the church like St Catherine and others would all agree with this.

          As our Lady said 100 years ago ” the dogma of the faith will always be preserved in Portugal ,”

          She did not use a plural term. And she didn’t gurantee that that it will be preserved anywhere else. Not even Rome itself.

      • Julie

        Who is Pope Francis ‘AL’?

        • Kelly Ann

          Amoris Laetitia
          And hasn’t the four cardinals thrown in the towel on the Dubia or at least this is what’s known in Europe.

          To think a pope cannot err is error itself. , take for example the contents of this profound letter to the pope from St Columbanus.

          “Quote ”

          It recites portions of the aforementioned letter of St. Columbanus to Pope St. Boniface IV. One can hear in the words of St. Columbanus, a respect for the Office of the Pope, but most importantly, a holy zeal and anger that the Faith is not being vigorously defended and that heretics and schismatics are not being rightly condemned. St. Columbanus’ letter could practically be given word for word to Pope Francis today. In an age where the Neo-Catholics tell us that nothing but fawning adulation or else silence can be given to the sacrilege-allowing Francis and his Exhortation, we here have the counter-example of a brave Irish monk, who firmly rebuked a sitting Pope, Boniface IV, who himself would go on to become a saint.

          “Who can bear to listen to this bald-head? Who is this garrulous and presumptuous person who dares to write such things without being asked? Perhaps someone, eager to retaliate, will say to me, as the Hebrew, who struck his brother, said to Moses: “Who hath appointed thee prince and judge over us? “To him I answer, that it is not presumption to speak when the edification of the Church requires it; and if my person gives him offence, let him consider, not who it is that speaks, but what is said. Why should a Christian stranger conceal what your Arian neighbor has long since talked abroad? “Better are the wounds of a friend than the deceitful kisses of an enemy.” Others, with malicious pleasure, speak ill of you behind your back; I for my part shall, though with sorrow and pain, openly expose the dire effects of the existing schism. Believe me, it is not vanity or impertinence that prompts me, the vilest of men, to write to men of such exalted station: grief, not pride, urges me to tell you, in all humility, as is befitting, that through your dissensions “the name of God is blasphemed among the gentiles.” …I speak as your friend, as your disciple, as your faithful retainer, not as a stranger ; therefore I call out boldly to you, our masters, the helms- men and mystic oarsmen of our spiritual ship: Watch, for the sea is in uproar, vexed with death-bringing storm- winds; watch, for the water has already entered the ship of the Church, and she is in danger of sinking! …
          We are the disciples of St. Peter and St. Paul, and of the other holy men of God who, inspired by the Holy Ghost, wrote the sacred canon of the Scriptures. Dwelling in the ultimate places of the earth, the Hibernians receive no other doctrine but that of the Gospel and of the Apostles. In our island there are no heretics, no Jews, no schismatics. Here the Catholic faith is preserved as intact as it was delivered to us by you, the successors of the Apostles. This fact has emboldened me to stir you up against those who calumniate you and decry you as patronizers of heretics and schismatics. In your name I answered these defamers, as a disciple should in the name of his master, that the Roman Church never defends a heretic. Let not my boasting come to nought: let them, not us, be confounded. Wherefore, I entreat you, bear with my presumption, and turn a kindly-disposed heart and a loyal ear to my proposals. Whatever I shall say that is orthodox and useful will redound to your honor: for is not the pure doctrine of the disciples the glory of the master? and when the son speaks wisely, does not the father rejoice? The river owes the purity of its water, not to itself, but to the source from which it springs. But if, in this letter to you, or in the one to Agrippinus, which I enclose , words have escaped me which transgress the bounds of moderation, do not ascribe them to pride, but to my lack of discretion.

          Watch over the peace of the Church; come to the aid of your sheep, terrified by the wolves; speak to them with the voice of the true Pastor; stand between them and the wolves, so that, laying aside all fear, they may recognize you as their true shepherd. . . .Be vigilant at your post day and night. If you do not wish to lose the honor due to your apostolic office, preserve the apostolic faith; confirm it by your testimony; fortify it by a written instrument; cover it with the authority of a synod, and no one will have the right to resist you. Do not, I entreat you, scorn this advice because it comes from a foreigner.

          The world is on the wane; the Chief Pastor is drawing near. . . . We are standing on the verge of time; our days are full of perils. Behold, nations are troubled and kingdoms are bowed down: “ The Almighty shall quickly utter His voice, and the earth shall tremble. Take care, when He comes, He find you not neglectful of your duty, and striking your fellow -servants with the blows of bad example, and eating and drinking; lest you suffer the consequences of your false security. It is not enough to be solicitous for yourself, for you have taken upon yourself the care of many ; and to whom much is given, from him much is also required.

          Watch, therefore, Holy Father; again I say: Watch; because Vigilius was not perhaps vigilant enough. Your vigilance will be the salvation of many, just as blind security on your part would be the undoing of many. . . . Though a timid warrior myself, I shall nevertheless strive to rouse you, our commander-in-chief; for we are beset on all sides by our enemies. It is your duty to ward off danger from the whole army of the Lord. All look to you, for to you power has been given to declare war, to encourage the other leaders, to order the troops, to give the signal for battle, to take your place in the fore-front of the battle-line. Woe to us, if, in a land where the enemies of the true faith are armed for the fight, we give ourselves up to indolence and a false optimism. Coming from the confines of the world, where I saw the spiritual leaders fight the battles of God, I thought I should find even braver and abler captains here; but with pain and disappointment, not unmixed with fear, I view the battlefield, and turn my eyes to you, our sole hope, and bewail the rout of so great an army. . . .

          Cut off without delay, I beseech you, the root of this schism with the sword of St. Peter; make a public profession of the true faith before a synod; excommunicate all heretics, and thus purge the Chair of Peter from every stain of error, should any, as is alleged, have crept into it. It were indeed a subject of grief and dismay, if the Apostolic See, the chief seat of orthodoxy , did not maintain the rule of faith, and were on this account to be pointed at with the finger of scorn. For the love of Christ, I beg of you, defend your good name, which is being torn to shreds among the nations, and do not draw down upon yourself the charge of treason by persisting any longer in silence.

          Take away the confusion that covers the face of your sons and disciples, who are reviled on your account; take away, above all, the suspicion that envelopes the Chair of St. Peter. For it is not a small matter that is laid to your charge. You are accused of holding communion with heretics — but God forbid I should believe that. It is asserted that Eutyches, Nestorius and Dioscorus, those heretics of old, were received into the Church by Vigilius in some fifth synod or other. This, it is claimed, is the cause of the whole scandal, a scandal perpetuated by you, if it is true that you have also received them. Your actions seem to give some color to this accusation ; for, if you know that Vigilius died infected with this error, why is his name still commemorated ?

          It is your fault if you have turned aside from the true faith, if “you have made void your first faith ”. With good reason your inferiors resist you; with good reason they refuse to communicate with you as long as the memory of the impious has not been branded with infamy and given up to oblivion. If there is more truth than falsehood in the reports spread about you, the roles are reversed; your sons are — it grieves me sorely to say so — “ as the head and you are as the tail ”. Those who have always remained true to the orthodox faith, even though they be your inferiors, will be your judges…

          Forgive me, if my harsh words have offended your pious ears. The freedom of discussion which is a characteristic of my native land is in part to blame for my boldness. Amongst us, not persons, but reasons, are weighed. My great solicitude that peace and harmony should reign among you, urges me to speak out frankly, and to hide nothing. We, as I said before, are sincerely attached to the Chair of St. Peter; for, great and renowned as Rome is, it is through this Chair alone that she is illustrious in our country. Though the fame of the ancient city, the glory of Ausonia, was spread abroad over the whole earth, and she was held in the highest honor by almost every nation as something sovereignly august, — yet in our eyes you are great and sublime only since God deigned to appear on earth, and the Spirit of God was poured out upon the nations, and the Chariot of the Son of God, drawn by those fiery steeds of the Holy Ghost, the Apostles Peter and Paul, in the possession of whose bodies, those dear pledges of their love, you are so blest, traversed the great ocean and came to our shores. And if, in the language of the Scripture, we call those “ heavens ” who proclaim the glory of God, whose “ words have gone forth unto the ends of the world ”, then through the great Apostles you are all but heavenly beings, and Rome, the capital of the world, is also the head of all the Churches, the place of Christ’s resurrection being alone holier and more privileged . Such being the dignity of your See, you ought to take care not to prejudice it by any act of yours. For only so long as right reason is on your side, will your authority remain undisputed: the true keeper of the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven is he who opens the gates to the worthy and closes them against the unworthy. If he did the contrary of this, he could neither open nor close. All the world knows that the Saviour gave the keys of Heaven to St. Peter; but if you are puffed up on this account, and claim above others some unheard of power in divine things , remember that such presumption will lessen your authority in the sight of God. ..

          Dearly beloved, be of one mind; consign the old quarrels to eternal silence and oblivion. What is doubtful, leave to the judgment of God; but what is clear, what men can pass judgment upon, “judge without respect of persons ”: “ judge ye truth and judgment of peace in your gates ”; and forgive one another that there may be joy in Heaven upon your peace and unity. Being true Christians, for what else should you be solicitous than to defend the Catholic faith? I cannot understand how Christian can quarrel with Christian about the faith. Whatever one orthodox Christian, who gives true glory to God, says, the other will answer : Amen; because what the one believes and loves, the other also believes and loves…

          Pardon me for my freedom of speech: I could not write otherwise, though I knew I should be blamed on this account. In the cause of God, however, I do not fear the tongues of men, which are more prone to lying than to speaking the truth. Once more I entreat you, because many doubt the purity of your faith, to remove this stain from the beauty of the Holy See. For surely the charge of inconsistency raised against her, as if she could be turned from the firmness of the true faith by every show of violence, must not be allowed to rest on the Roman Church, the Church for which so many martyrs shed their blood, preferring to die rather than to prove traitors. King Agilulf beseeches you, Queen Theodolinda beseeches you, all beseech you, to put an end to this schism as soon as possible, that all may be one, that there may be but one fold of Christ, that peace may be restored to Italy, and to the whole Church. What is sweeter than peace after war? What is more delicious than the reunion of brothers after a long separation? The peace of the sons will be an everlasting joy to the Father in Heaven and to our Mother the Church on earth !

          Pray for me, Holy Father, and you my brothers, for me, a vile sinner, and for my fellow-pilgrims, at the Holy Places where the ashes of the Saints repose, and above all at the tomb of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, the great captains of the Great King, the peerless champions of Christ crucified, whom they followed even to the shedding of their blood, that we may have grace to cleave to Christ, that we may find favor in His eyes, that we may never be lacking in thankfulness to Him, and that we may join with you and all the saints in praising and glorifying Him together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

          “End quote ”

          Appeasing social rot, undermines the faith. The church never in her history said ” ok even if it’s a sin , the world says it’s ok , so it will be ok in the church as well now . ” This Pope Francis n anyone who supports his appeasement is doing exactly just that. Next thing we will have is gay marriages permitted in the church,question is how far are Catholics willing to go, will some will jump off a cliff if pope Francis ask them to including lower clergy, today it would appear very likely. Liberalism is the new dogma.

          • Julie

            Go the reference I gave you.

    • Filip

      I agree, but can you explain how can Mary intercede for us and for what purpose?… Didn’t Jesus say to Pray to the Father in his name? That’s the one thing that confuses me about Catholicism. My wife is Catholic and I am Eastern Orthodox. Both religions honor Mary as the Mother of Jesus Christ The Virgin Birth all of that, I think we just disagree that the Pope, is the vicar of God on earth, God has no vicar on Earth.. God sent his only begotten Son to be our payment for sin.. we do not need to pray to..Mary to “intercede for us” we can pray directly to God… and ask Jesus for salvation and guidance in the Holy Spirit.

      • Julie

        Are you a former Protestant? All Universal Christians ask the intercession of Mary and the saints.

        By universal, I am referring to the one true, holy, apostolic Universal Church, ‘He Ekklesia Katolika’, Greek, so named by St. Ignatius of Antioch on his way to martyrdom in 104/107 AD.

        The Universal Church, the original name of the Church, is comprised of patriarchy and primacy: The Patriarch of Jerusalem, because Christ came from there, Alexandria founded by St. Mark, the Church of Antioch founded by Peter, the Church of Rome co founded by SS Peter and Paul who were martyred there under Emperor Nero, and the Patriarch of Constantinople, which was rebuilt over the ‘ashes’ of Christianity almost wiped out by Diocletian in 302.

        The Church of Constantinople was assisted by Emperor Constantine in selecting priests who had the abilities to become a bishop, rebuilt basilicas, raising the altar and pulpit for all to see and witness the Good News. He attended the Council of Nicea and signed the Edict of Milan making Christianity legal throughout the Holy Roman Empire and made Sunday a day of rest for all his subjects.

        The primacy of Peter has always been there. He is sent, he founded the Church of Rome with the assistance of his son, Mark. St Paul was led there by the Holy Spirit, evangelist of the Gentiles.

        The Jewish Christians who fled the Diaspora lived in Rome, and attended Mass with the presbyter in private homes. When Peter and Paul came, the Church was officially founded. And the believers there always saw themselves as one.

        Peter has the keys to heaven. The seat of primacy has always been there.

        SS Peter and Paul founded the Church solely for the Ecclesia whereas because of history for Asia Minor, the Church of Constantinople developed differently with ties to the imperial court. If there was a dispute, Rome always trumped Constantinople because it had no concern for the life of the imperial court and its concerns, but for the faith of believers.

        The Church of Rome has developed more universally outside nationalistic, imperial considerations, and because of that, is more far reaching in scope of bringing the Good News to all the earth.

        The successor to Peter was Linus, then Clement. The succession has never changed but we have had anti popes who made decisions with Councils such as Constance, that because there wasn’t the showing of majority of bishops, the council ordered by the anti popes were abrogated…and within them is the execution of Jan Hus…..

        The title pope, came later, as the universal Church became more complex with many more people coming in…adjustment to cultures, ensuring the components of our faith were passed on to new people with the same understanding but with different local ecclesial traditions.

        The Patriarch of Constantinople is second in line to the papacy.

        You cannot have 2 heads….people are going to chose one or the other, and the Jewish model of one head is the one that worked over presbyter councils by 100 AD. If you are given freedom to choose, you are following the flesh.

        Right now what is blocking reunification is Russia who wants to be second in line, the Bulgarian and Georgia Orthodox and the various independent episcopacies in Russia who are beholden to no one.

        Patriarch Bartholomew is wanting reunification. Patriarch Kirill met with Pope Francis, breaking history since Russia’s conversion in 1000 AD, then bent on having its title as the Rome of Russia…sorry doesn’t work. Patriarch Kirill wants to be second in line…but the bishops and priests who fled the Turks after the fall of Constantinople fled to Russia….

        About Mary…I asked if you were a former Protestant as it is the Eastern Church primarily that defined Mary Theotokos.

        And as Universal Christians we experience the communion of saints and their intercessions for us.

        Mary has made her intercession known by 200 AD. Christianity has always seen her as perpetual virgin. It is the Protestants and their own whimsies that see her more of the flesh than of divine calling and the necessity of the Lord born in the womb of a perpetual virgin.

        Yes, Christ did chose Peter to be the head of the Church, and the name Peter refers to a person, not inanimate rock which contradicts the Lord’s mission to provide all of us universal life. Both Greek and Aramaic translations of Our Lord refer to a person, and not a rock, and there are 25 Protestant theologians who likewise support the Church’s position that Christ founded His Church on Peter.

        Peter is named more than 183 times in Scripture, more than any other apostle. And even St Paul affirms Peter’s authority, by coming to him and two others to make sure his encounter with the Lord was affirmed by the apostles, but referring primarily to Peter as primary witness.

        I see your position regarding Mary as individualistic and Protestant. We are in communion, Mary is full of grace, and Lutheran/English that are the most adamant against the papacy.

        And because the Latin Church has the universal charism, many cultures have their own manifestation of Mary and her intercession that coincide with their own cultures.

        Mary is full of grace and her soul magnifies the Lord, and when we pray to her to intercede for us, we cannot go wrong.

        A priest shared with me many years ago that in his experience, the strongest Catholics were those who had a devotion to Mary….and her fiat, her yes to the will of God.

        So I think either you are in a very liberal orthodox parish or you are not aware of the devoted who ask her intercession there. I have some Greek lady friends who shared with me a kept secret, that an icon of Mary wept tears and the pastor recognized it.

        The problem about the papacy and the Orthodox is set back to Christ before His death and resurrection, the apostles arguing among themselves who is first.

        I await the day when we are no longer in schism and the Church will be resplendent to the world as both the East and West combined will be so awesome in truth and beauty and devotion.

        Bless you!

        • Filip

          Thank you for the explanation. No I am not protestant.. I was born in the Eastern Orthodox Christian, Romania and was baptized in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. I understand the intercession of saints for us but I do not understand us praying directly to saints/or to angels as I’ve seen some catholics do… or the Pope’s authority.. I think the only authority should be Jesus Christ because he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

          • Julie

            I see.

            My husband and I had a Romanian immigrant come here to help us with our new gas furnace.

            He came out of Romania, and your belief and his are more evangelical….and I think it is because of your origin and being under such terrible political conditions.

            I think many of us go through our own particular conversions in life…that are on the level of evangelicals that are good…where we experience the power of the Lord and depend on Him more and more through our lifelong faith walk.

            So perhaps your faith level from what you had seen was not on the same level as them…and I am not saying that they were right and you wrong not at all.

            It is that your faith level is different than theirs, that is all, and that yours is more evangelical…more missionary…more outward. Hope that it explains well.

            I don’t know any Orthodox Romanians in my neck of the woods.

            God bless you and thank you for your good questions!

  • susan

    Lol. Okay. I’ll calm down. I still disagree. 😉

  • Kelly Ann

    The sacrifice of grain which is the sacrifice of praise doesn’t exist in your demonation, hasen’t been there for 500 years n your groups reject if. it is also very detailed in revelations, St John referenced back to The prophets a number of times if you look and cross reference it. The devil has already succeeded in stopping it with Protestants. But in the apostolic churches it continues on and is the foundation of our faith. And this is something which the antichrist will suspend. When that happens hell on earth will be in full charge. Mr Shoebat touches on a number of sacramental teachings located in the bible to debate your point of view But you don’t understand because you are not familiar with them. For example, The ordaining of priest is still practiced in the sacrament of holy orders, it was handed down from the apostles it’s been practiced for 2000 years. Your basing your arguements on the natural law given to Moses, apostolic Christians don’t practice the old covenant, we practice the new given by Lord Jesus. The mystery of the bible that you or any denominational Protestant group is lost. Yet you are trying to argue a cast by using both the old and the new as if they are both still equally valid. But the cast being is that Our Lord perfected the old into the new, the old was given to preserve and prepare for the new as God always intended. He changed traditional Jewish practices from the natural law to the divine law into traditional Christian practices, but you reject this as a whole. Yet your try to use the natural mosaic laws of the old as if they are now validate to argue against the sacrifice of grain in the new covenant? The holy mass given to us by St Peter is still practiced today. You are not in any way familiar to it, it’s based on sacred scripture and sacred traditions given to the church. It requires three major substances,
    1. Sacred priesthood
    2. Sacred traditions
    3. Sacred scripture

    All are required to provide the main one holy substance of faith, the sacrifice of praise, communion of the grain the devil wants to suspend.

    In order for you to debate the catholic teachings, you have to become familiar with them. The bible a catholic document, one of its great mysteries is that the new is hidden in the old and the old is revealed in the new, as the Good Lord said” I did not come to abolish the law but to prefect It. The old mirrors the new in many ways, most of it’s original practices are suspended and replaced by the new, this is what Catholics refer to as types. the priest hood , the sacrifice of grain. Lord Jesus is the high priest, The king as King David is a type and the kingdom he established is a type of Our Lords kingdom, and so on. He established his kingdom on earth and it mirrors his kingdom in heaven, this he did to provide us with the tools to live in his kingdom on earth until such time we die. His sacrifice was the beginning and the very base of its foundation. Sadly the wolves are working overtime to destroy her, has been for 2000 years, both inside and outside. After the failure of protestism to take down the church, they realized that they had to move inside to dismantle her.

    There’s a lot of history which sheds much light on the sacred scripture which you don’t have. If your going to debate on the intention to debunk the sacrifice of praise ( the Grain ) I suggest you do some research first. You can’t debate Catholic teachings with Protestant views.

    • Great comment and analysis Kelly Ann.

      • Kelly Ann

        Thank you Mr Shoebat, simple catholic thinking, I find I can’t debate Protestants cause I don’t think like them, but he’s trying to debate your catholic views with Protestant views, it just don’t work sir.

  • Стефан Евгений

    You forgot to add tattoos to that list Bro!

  • Grace Ziem

    Daniel speaks of the antichrist (abomination of desolation) on the temple mount (Jerusalem) and other events; I don’t recall Daniel’s reference to banning communion. Sacrifices will be stopped in the temple, but the temple has not yet been rebuilt. Jews in Israel have the temple implements ready for doing sacrifices, but not yet the temple to do them in.
    Since prophesy is always fulfilled, it seems there are some steps yet to be put in place before Erdogan himself goes to the temple mount. But he seems to be the Antichrist, and I have never felt that about anyone else. This spring will indeed be crucial to make this more obvious, if/when he gains major power in April. .

  • Grace Ziem

    Are you kidding? If Erdogan is the antichrist, prophesy indicates he will have major power, If you don’t believe Walid, learn about prophesy in Daniel, Revelation, etc from, in the seminar on Revelation. An independent source; check it out!

  • Ryan,

    I guess I need to go on the mission of Saving Private Ryan.

    Firstly Debka files is completely unreliable. I could spend sometime to expose their nonsense but why waste the time. Do some research. I don’t know why people even read that stuff. Its a waste of your time trust me.

    Minha is even an Arabic/Hebrew/Aramaic word we still used in Bethlehem which means “offering” “meal offering” “gift” “sacrificial offering” and you simply took the root meaning without applying the normal usage of the word that in ancient Israel it was ALWAYS a GRAIN OFFERING and now you are going against the normal usage of how the word was used. If you do this, one can play with the Bible on a multitude of issues and theologies.

    “He is to bring it to the sons of Aharon, the cohanim. The cohen is to take a handful of fine flour from it, together with its olive oil and all its frankincense, and make this reminder portion go up in smoke on the altar as an offering made by fire, a fragrant aroma for Adonai.”-Leviticus 2:2

    Why not look up Brown-Driver-Briggs Minha is: “grain offering (whether raw, roasted, ground to flour, or prepared as bread or cakes, see below. AV meat offering, misleading < RV meal-offering. GFMJudges 3:22 renders cereal oblation); — יָבִיאוּ אֶתהַֿמִּנְחָה בִּכְלִי טָהוֺר Isaiah 66:20 they bring the grain offering in clean vessels (restored Jews are brought as such an offering), compare מנחה טהורה Malachi 1:11; brought in hands Jeremiah 41:5 (late addition Co); received from hands Malachi 1:10; חִטִּים למנחה 1 Chronicles 21:23 wheat for grain offering; סֹלֶת 1 Chronicles 23:29, mixed with oil Ezekiel 46:14, baked Ezekiel 46:20; distinguished from other offerings 1 Kings 8:64 (twice in verse) = 2Chronicles 7:7; 2 Kings 16:13,15 (3 t. in verse); Isaiah 43:23; Isaiah 57:6; Isaiah 66:3; Jeremiah 17:26; Jeremiah 33:18; Jeremiah 41:5 (late editors Co), Ezekiel 42:13; Ezekiel 44:29; Ezekiel 45:15,17 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 45:25; Daniel 9:27; Psalm 40:7; used alone Nehemiah 13:5,9; Ezekiel 45:24; Ezekiel 46:5 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 46:7,11,14 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 46:15; Malachi 1:13; Malachi 2:12,13; Malachi 3:3,4; Judges 13:19,23 (R, GFMJud 322); (הָ) עֶרֶב מִנְחַת evening grain offering 2 Kings 16:15; Ezra 9:4,5; Daniel 9:21; Psalm 141:2; מִנְחַת הַתָּמִיד continual grain off. Nehemiah 10:34, compare Leviticus 6:13; Numbers 4:16"

    If you look at the disagreements amongst Protestants you will find them confused:

    But one sticks out from the others which is Barnes Notes:

    Justin, who was converted probably 133 a.d., within 30 years from the death of John, says "God has, therefore, beforehand declared, that all who through this name offer those sacrifices, which Jesus, who is the Christ, commanded to be offered, that is to say, in the eucharist of the bread and of the cup, which are offered in every part of the world by us Christians, are well-pleasing to Him. But those sacrifices, which are offered by you and through those priests of yours, He wholly rejects, saying, "And I will not accept your offerings at your hands. For from the rising of the sun even to the going down of the same, My Name is glorified among the Gentiles; but ye profane it."

    He points out further the failure of the Jewish explanation as to "their" sacrifices, in that the Church was everywhere, not so the Jews. "You and your teachers deceive yourselves, when you interpret this passage of Scripture of those of your nation who were in the dispersion and say that it speaks of their prayers and sacrifices made in every place, as pure and well-pleasing, and know that you speak falsely, and endeavor in every way to impose upon yourselves; first, because your people are not found, even now, from the rising to the setting of the sun, but there are nations, in which none of your race have ever dwelt: while there is not one nation of people, whether Barbarians, or Greeks, or by whatsoever name distinguished, whether of those (nomads) who live in wagons, or of those who have no houses, or those pastoral people that dwell in tents, among whom prayers and thanksgivings are not offered to the Father and Creator of all things, through the name of the crucified Jesus. And you know that at the time when the prophet Malachi said this, the dispersion of you through the whole world, in which you now are, had not yet taken place; as is also shown by Scripture."

    Irenaeus in the same century "He took that which is part of the creation, namely, bread, and gave thanks, saying, 'This is My body.' And the cup likewise, which is of the creation which pertains unto us, He professed to be His own blood, and taught people the new oblation of the New Testament; which the Church receiving from the apostles offers unto God in the world: unto Him who giveth us nourishment, the firstfruits of His own gifts, in the New Testament; of which in the twelve prophets Malachi gave beforehand this intimation (quoting Malachi 1:10-11); most evidently intimating hereby, that while the former people should cease to make offerings to God, in every place sacrifice should be offered unto Him, and that in pureness; His Name also is glorified among the Gentiles. Now what other name is there, which is glorified among the Gentiles, than that which belongs to our Lord, by whom the Father is glorified, and man is glorified?

    And because man belongs to His Own Son, and is made by Him, He calls him His Own. And as if some King were himself to paint an image of his own son, he justly calls it his own image, on both accounts, first that it is his son's, next, that he himself made it: so also the Name of Jesus Christ, which is glorified in the Church throughout the whole world, the Father professes to be His own, both because it is His Son's, and because He Himself wrote and gave it for the salvation of men. Because, therefore, the Name of the Son properly belongs to the Father, and in God Almighty through Jesus Christ the Church makes her offering, well saith He on both accounts, 'And in every place incense is offered unto My Name, and a pure sacrifice.' And incense, John in the Apocalypse declares to be the prayers of the saints. Therefore, the offering of the Church, which the Lord hath taught to be offered in the whole world, is accounted with God as a pure sacrifice, and accepted of Him."

    Tertullian contrasts the "sacerdotal law through Moses, in Leviticus, prescribing to the people of Israel, that sacrifices should in no other place be offered to God than in the land of promise, which the Lord God was about to give to the people Israel and to their brethren, in order that on Israel's introduction thither, there should be there celebrated sacrifices and holocausts, as well for sins as for souls, and nowhere else but in the holy land Leviticus 17:1-6; Deuteronomy 12:5-14, Deuteronomy 12:26-27, and this subsequent prediction of the Spirit through the prophets, that in every place and in every land there should be offered sacrifices to God. As He says through the angel Malachi, one of the twelve prophets (citing the place)."

    Hippolytus, a disciple of Irenaeus, 220 a.d. martyr, in a commentary on Daniel, says that "when Anti-Christ cometh, the sacrifice and libation will be taken away, which is now in every place offered by the Gentiles to God." The terms "Sacrifice offered in every place" are terms of Malachi.

    So now according to you all these first Christians were in error and all of the sudden a new interpretation popped up out of nowhere and its the truth?

    Operation Saving Private Ryan

  • Tom_mcewen

    The Angel called her by her new name, Chaire Kecharitomeno, which an action completed totally in the past and continuing into the future, her name meant she had been filled totally with grace, she had been just told she had been saved from the foundation of the world and she thanked God her savior for this gift. God is not a prisoner of time, the heat death of the universe is approximately in 6.6 times ten to the twenty eighth years. God stands outside time, Christ was sacrificed before the foundation of the world, is that a problem for God, the judgement and the death of the universe has already happened or it Logos Divine Reason and Creative Order has not created space and time and the material universe. If the Logos of God can create the Universe using Divine Reason and Creative Order and the observable Universe is 10 times ten to the eighty which has existed 13.7 times 10 to the ninth years, I think he can manage to provide grace for the womb which will carry Christ. Do you believe Christ was carried in a sinful womb and born by a sinful woman? What are the limits you put on God, is the Eucharist as Jesus said, This is my body also a lie?

  • Tom_mcewen

    Immaculate​ Conception is simple and it goes with Chaire Kecharitomeno. Baptism now saves, Baptism makes you immaculate, it removes ancestral sin, what what we mean by immaculate, Adam and Eve were created immaculate. Mary was the immaculate conception in the womb of Anne her mother, the gift of being full of grace protected Mary from sin after the Conception so nothing unclean could touch the Holy Spirit nor Jesus. The idea that the Eucharist is only a symbol is new in christianity, it is a creation of Zwingli around 1529AD. There is no Apostolic Fathers who ever wrote other then it is the body and blood of Jesus. There are over 150 miracles of the Eucharist becoming blood and flesh in the hands of the priest. The first occurred in Lanciano, Italy in the 8th century. It is normal for humans to put limits on God, but not wise. The science is good on these miracles that it is not a symbol, read John 6:66.

  • Michelle Therese

    “… by European elites in order to cause enough chaos in the continent to provoke the masses to accept totalitarianism as the solution.”

    Will the Elites then adopt the “Skinhead” style of totalitarianism? Are the Elites allowing the Skinheads to boldly march the streets because these Elites intend to adopt the same ideology? (Except maybe without the bald heads or pagan hair styles…)

  • Kelly Ann

    the biblical perspective you have is merely a personal one which is the Protestants method to cherry pick sacred scripture to create their dogmas of belief, this is known as sola scriptoria.

    The Catholic Church was given the divine task to compile all sacred teachings and weed out any false ones circulating around , and cannonised the holy scriptures in the early 400s AD. she is also given the divine task to teach what it contains, for 1600 years the sacred scripture has been studied by great theologians, and never in one life time has all of her mysteries been defined. The sacred scriptures were binded by St Peter to avoid such personal interpretations, great councils have been conducted on certain contents, she has always been under intense study this great book of divine wisdom and it has taken the entire 1600 years of this study combined with fasting and prayer staying in a state of grace on the humans part, to yeld up many of her secrets which only the Catholic Church has the authority to do so.

    without our church you wouldn’t have the bible today. But here’s another mystery about Apostolic Christians , if the world destroyed the bible tomorrow and banished it , our faith would continue because Apostolic Christians faith don’t fully rely on sacred scripture, as a matter of fact it’s the reverse. we would be as the early Catholics were before, the almighty God graced us with sacred scripture, but we didn’t start with it , we started with the faith taught through the sacred traditions of the apostles. Heck St Peter himself couldn’t read or write, he had a scribe write for him.

    The epoch known as the age of the Doctors was the period when the bible was cannonised, this period following the age of the martyrs was a time when the devil was playing tricks on the human mind after he failed to take them down physically, he went after them mentally. In the very early years of this period of heresy and false teachings God Used to bring forth his book the Bible because his people needed it, at that time there were all sorts of scribes writing in the name of St Paul or one of the other great apostles forging the Saints names on their own works. There were 24 gospels circulating around, but only 4 made it into canon, the Catholic Church under the authority of the supreme office of St Peter confirmed that the remaining gospels were not authentic. Textual critism used by scholars was in heavy practice during that time, the primary tool used to determine authenticity of the writings was the sound and divine teachings of sacred Tradition. despite all of that the early Christians always learned n new and practiced their Catholic faith from the sacred traditions handed down from the apostles and also passed on by the 70, one of which became the second pope St Clement 1, who is mentioned In sacred scripture. What we have of his works are also available to read, and he himself became a Christian martyr. In those days to become a pope was to know you will face martyrdom

    So you see your personal opinion isn’t coming with any authority of high office within the Apostolic see of St Peter. You lack the history to understand where a Catholic got their faith n practice known as the dogma from in the first place.

    Does this help to explain now why it is impossible to debate sacred scriptures with a catholic?
    You can’t dictate to a catholic dogma that was well established long before the bible was cannonised. It’s impossible. Because it was the catholic dogma learned under the sacred traditions which combined with the old sacred scriptures confirmed authentic by Our Lord himself, determined the right Christian works to make up the collection of authentic works in the New Testament.

    If the world decided to destroy the bible today and ban it, outlaw it, as the antichrist will ban the sacrifice of grain.
    What would you do? Would you u run the gauntlet to read the bible ? as a catholic would run the gauntlet to have the bread of life.

  • Kelly Ann

    This crisis you speak of in our church, as pope Paul VI called the smoke and Pope John Paul II called the silent apostasy, finding good priest is a very difficult today. How , I know my baptism , holy communion n confirmation are all in tact? As I’ve went to a good priest and inquired about it all after I learned enough to about this crisis good priest are very hard to find but they are out there. If any Catholic thinks that there is a problem with their priest, they are not obligated to receive sacraments from that priest. You forget That Almighty God throws test at us.

    I need to pass this test like anyone else. As Fr Pat said we are being punished, the greatest chaistisement Almighty God can send to his people is bad priest, and bad bishops , as you already know bishop is Greek for watchman , what does almighty God warn the watchman it’s in the OT, a type. I do avoid homosexuals wearing the cloth. But I won’t allow these wolves rob me of my faith. Like many more who are fully aware Of what’s going on, but at least you observe that Almighty God allows wolves to enter the flock.

    If you enjoy history , and if you seriously look into this crisis we’ve been in for nearly 50 years it is a fascinating but very distressing time for Catholics right now. We are being punished is as simple as that, and it’s our own fault, but certainly not the fault of the church which holds all things we know is sacred. I used Pope Leo XII as the starting point of this history leading up to the current crisis , to see what has actually hit is see Pope St Pius X encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis. This will explain what’s actually going on,

    Should I run from the church because of it ?
    Like St Peter said in Response to Our Lords Hard teaching on the holy grain sacrifice, which many Jews who followed him left when he taught it.
    ” Lord we have no where else to go ”
    By the way did you notice that Our Lord didn’t jump up and chase after them? But turned to his 12 and ask were they going to leave him too?

    We all have the grace of free will to choose, so my choice to stay with my beloved church is my own. As your choice to stay out of her is your own .

    But debating Protestant teachings on the bible with Catholics is a waste of time. Yes they both share common little beliefs, but that’s not the point. Point is Protestants are anti holy Blessed sacrament , I think judging by they actions towards it, it’s one of the items of faith they hate the most about Catholics , so will they help the antichrist suspend it?

  • Kelly Ann

    Here’s a sermon this Sunday concerning topic of the sacrifice of grain n the Protestant stand , n the current crisis Catholics are still waking up too. Yes we still have good Catholic priest in the church who are fighting with the faithful to hold on to the faith in this storm of heresy within the church. You may find it offensive which I don’t care if you do, or you may find it interesting that there are Catholics who are fully aware of what’s happening.

    There’s a black n white pic clip incerted in this sm video, its St Padre Pro performing the holy mass , he is a great Saint, you may find his views interesting if you read about him. He had amazing gifts from Almighty God. The magisterium wasn’t very kind to him.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Really awesome article with poignant advice.

    • Glad that it gained thy approval. More ammo to repulse the grasshoppers 😉


    So why exactly is Trump praising and saying ” honor ” of this( jive Turkey )Jihadist King ( Be specific )?