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Muslim Raiders Attack Three Men, Rip Their Eyes Out And Then Slice Them To Death With Swords

Nigeria is the most dangerous place on earth to be a Christian, as Muslim Fulani raiders carry out random, savage attacks against the Christians and anybody who happens to cross their path. In another act of heinous violence, the Muslim raiders captured three men. They ripped their eyeballs out and then sliced them to death […]

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Muslims Knock On The Doors Of Christian Families, Whoever Opens The Door, They Kill Them. They Attack One Christian Family, The Father Tries To Defend His Son And Daughter And The Muslims Throw Acid On His Face. The Muslims Make A Hit List With The Names Of Christians And Start Slaughtering Them

By Theodore Shoebat Egypt is now becoming another Iraq and Syria, with Muslims — who are not even members of ISIS — knocking on the doors of Christian families and killing whoever opens the door. The Muslim fanatics even attacked a Christian family, dumping acid into the face of the father when he tried to […]

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‘I Was Beaten, Tortured, And Humiliated Daily In Prison’ Christian Missionary Imprisoned For Over A Year In Sudanese Hell Hole Prison Tells His Story

Frequent beatings, public humiliation, and torture including torture with freezing cold air was what Czech Christian missionary Petr Jasek endured for a year in a Sudanese hell hole of a prison. Arrested for spreading the Gospel and convicted in a kangaroo court trial, he was sentenced 24 years to life in prison but was just […]

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Christian Professor Shills For Islam As He Bans Christian Man From Criticizing Islam After He Discovers He Is A Convert

Sometimes a story comes up that brings back memories from a long time ago that you forgot about. Recently, a story about a professor in the UK who forbade a Christian convert from Islam reminded me about my years in graduate school: The student, Shahriar Ashrafkhorasani, 33, is an Iranian-born convert from Islam. He will […]

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Major Egyptian Christian Bishop Declares ‘We Christians Have Done All We Can To Forgive Our Persecutors But The Muslims Keep Butchering Us And Nobody Cares’

Bishop Anba Angaelos is episcopal head of the Coptic Church for the United Kingdom. In a scathing analysis of the situation in Egypt, he said that Christianity was being wiped out and that Christians have done all they can do to forgive their persecutors, but unless something is done they will be massacred at the […]

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