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Homosexual Man In The UK Grabs Infant, And As The Infant Screams And Cries, The Homosexual Sodomizes The Baby, Gets It On Film And Sends The Video To His Boyfriend

By Theodore Shoebat A homosexual man in the UK sodomized an infant as the child cried and screamed, and filmed the entire evil act. He filmed the evil and sent the video to his boyfriend. I did a whole video on this: So many today, fattened by materialism and lost in their own ego, want […]

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False Believers Are Overrunning The Church, Christians Must Rise Up Against This And Defend The Faith

By Theodore Shoebat False believers are overrunning the Church, Christians must rise up against this and defend the Faith. To discuss this I spoke with Timothy Berry, erudite lay Catholic scholar. Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To Get […]

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Muslim Terrorist Attacks Christian Man As He Is Walking To Work, Pulls Out A Pistol And Murders Him

By Theodore Shoebat Two Muslim men riding on motorcycles approached a Christian man as he was walking to work, and one of them pulled out a pistol and shot the Christian man dead. As we read in one report: A young Christian in Pakistan was shot and killed in the street allegedly for refusing the […]

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Man Gets High On Cocaine, He Gets Mad At His Pregnant Girlfriend And Beats Her Up And Threatens Her With A Knife

In a story out of Texas, a man got high on cocaine and while he was under influence got into an argument with his pregnant girlfriend. During the course of the argument, he got angry and attacked her. He beat her up and then threatened her with a knife: Jacob Pauda, who gained national attention for […]

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Muslim Man In Indiana Walks Into Goodwill Store And Orders Woman To Convert To Islam, When The Woman Refuses He Goes Into A Horrifying Rage, He Grabs Another Woman By The Throat And Begins Beating Her. An Officer Comes Into the Scene And The Muslim Man Attacks The Cop In Violent Frenzy

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Indiana walked into a Goodwill there and tried to get a woman, an employee, to convert to Islam. When the woman expressed that she had no wishes to convert to Islam, the Muslim went into a rage. Another woman stepped in, but the Muslim grabbed her by the […]

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Seventy-Nine Year Old Man Shoots Home Intruder

By Theodore Shoebat A 79 year old man in Alabama shot a man trying to break into his house, as we read from one local report:  If someone breaks into your home, what do you do??? And what is legal? ABC 33/40’s Patrick Thomas, looked into the “Stand your ground law.” A home invasion in […]

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Homosexual Lobby Harasses Two Respected Professors Over Study Saying That Homosexuality Is A Lifestyle Choice

The homosexual movement has become very aggressive in the USA at the same time it has taken on an anti-intellectual character. Once just clamoring for “acceptance” and “love,” now the movement is demanding that people who express mere disagreement with their movement based on facts must be shunned and cast out even if they have […]

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