Archive | March 31, 2017

Major Leader Of The Vatican Declares: ‘Hated Against Christianity Is Rising Up In Europe, Be Prepared For Persecution Against Christians In Europe.’

By Theodore Shoebat A major leader of the Vatican, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, The Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with States, made this warning to the world: that hatred against Christians is on the rise in Europe, and that we must beware of a growing anti-Christian intolerance in the continent. He called for an “institutionalized dialogue” between clergy […]

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Drone Footage Captures ISIS Soldier Dragging A Child And Using Him As A Human Shield

We wrote several days ago about how ISIS had captured over 200 children and is planning to use them as human shields. In a harrowing video captured by a drone, it shows as ISIS fighter dragging a child and using him as human shield, just as planned: The black and white video shows the jihadi […]

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Muslim Businessman Wants To Buy Christian School, The Christians Say No, The Muslim Has The Police Arrest The Christian Teachers And Throws Them In Jail

Muslim nations commonly use harassment and extortion to get what they want from Christians. If a Christian has something the Muslim wants and he will not sell or give it to the Muslim, Muslims often will use the law and harassment from fellow Muslims to take it from the Christian and then destroy his life. […]

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Catholic Archbishop Declares ‘All Christians Must Stand Together Against Islam Because The Muslims Are Planning To Murder Us All’

Christians in Nigeria right now are some of the most persecuted Christians in the entire world. Once a solidly Muslim nation, Nigeria is rapidly turning away from Islam and to Christ, which has brought the wrath of many Muslims upon them. Hundreds of Christians have been killed in just the past few months and that […]

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