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The German Government Is Now Planning On Returning To Militarism, And Is Preparing To View The United States As No Longer An Ally, But As A Threat To Germany. Prepare For The Rise Of The Fourth Reich

By Theodore Shoebat The German government is now planning on changing its view, from seeing the United States as a friend, to seeing the US as an enemy. This is all happening in the midst of the revitalized trend of isolationism and ultra-nationalism. General Mattis recently warned the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that its […]

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Demon-Possessed Hindu Cooks A Piece Of Human Brain, Gives It To A Famous American Muslim Writer And CNN Reporter, He Eats The Brains On Camera And Says ‘It Tastes Like Charcoal’

Reza Aslan is a famous Muslim American writer and journalist for CNN. In a recent documentary where he was spending time with the “aghoris,” which are a Hindu death-worshipping cult that feasts on human remains and surrounds themselves with death, he was given a piece of human brain to eat. Aslan picked up the cooked […]

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Muslim Terrorist Ambushes Christian Man And Slits His Throat, And Feels Absolutely No Remorse About It

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim terrorist in Egypt ambushed a Christian man and slit his throat, and feels absolutely no remorse about it. As we read in one report from about this demonic reprobate: An Egyptian court sentenced a Muslim man to death on Thursday for murdering a Christian for selling alcohol, security and judicial […]

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Married Man Abandons His Wife Of 17 Years And Four Children So He Can Go Sleep With Other Men

Jeff Smokler was married for almost two decades and the father of four children. However, one day he decided to divorce his wife, abandon his children, and start sleeping with other men because he wanted to: A woman has shared her heartbreak after her husband of 17 years told her he is gay. Jill and […]

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