Archive | March 29, 2017

Muslim Man Realizes That Islam Is A Demonic Religion And Accepts Jesus Christ As His Savior. The Iranian Government Sentences Him To Five Years In Prison

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Iran, Ebrahim Firouzi, realized the diabolical nature of Islam, and converted to Christianity. The Iranian government just recently sentenced him to five years in prison. As we read in one report:  The five years prison sentence issued by the court of first instance for the Iranian Christian convert Ebrahim […]

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While The Western World Laughs At Christianity, Major Leaders In Science And Business Are Trying To Turn Man Into A God

In today’s world, being a Christian is scorned but many blasphemous and heretical ideas are openly embraced and promoted. One such movement is the idea that man can become immortal through science. As strange as it sounds, there is an entire movement backed by many billionaires and scientists to try to live forever and gain […]

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Christian Student Suspended From School After He Says He Disagrees With Muslim Teacher Saying That ‘Jesus Isn’t God’

In a very interesting story from the front lines of America’s campuses, a college student was suspended from school after his Muslim professor was offended that he as a Christian called out his professor falsely teaching against Jesus’ divinity and challenged her to prove her points instead of proselytize: A student says he was suspended […]

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