Archive | March 18, 2017

MASS EXODUS OF CHRISTIANS: One Hundred Thousand Christians Flee The Buddhist Nation Of Myanmar To Flee Major Buddhist Reign Of Terror

By Theodore Shoebat One hundred thousand Christians have fled the Buddhist nation of Myanmar to flee major Buddhist persecution, which includes rape, explosions, indiscriminate killings and forced displacement. The 100,000 Christians have actually fled to Malaysia. You will not see Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer or the rest of the Counterjihad loons, because in the Counterjihad […]

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Sick Child Murder Activists Go In Front Of Catholic Church And Act Out Mary Aborting Jesus

In a sick and evil demonstration of the filthy levels that Western society has stooped to, a group of child murderers went in front of a Catholic Church in Argentina and acts out St. Mary having an abortion: Abortion activists in the pro-life nation of Argentina apparently think being as graphic as possible is the […]

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