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ISIS Is Getting Annihilated As Iraqi Troops Surround Them, And The United States Government Just Declared That It Plans On Sending 1000 More Ground Troops Into Syria

By Theodore Shoebat “They’re lacking purpose motivation and direction,” Army Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin said in a phone interview from Baghdad. “I’ve never seen them so disorganized.”  “You’re watching ISIS be annihilated,” Martin said of the terrorist group. ISIS is getting annihilated as Iraqi troops are surrounding them in Mosul. The terrorists are in disarray as they […]

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Tens Of Thousands Of Muslims In Bangladesh Are Embracing Christ As Their Savior And It Has Gotten So Huge The Muslims Can’t Hide It Any More

Bangladesh is one of the most populous Muslim majority nations in the world. However, it has a secret that has become so huge the Muslims cannot hide it any more, and that is tens of thousands of Muslims are abandoning Islam and turning to Christ as their savior. The spread has been so large and […]

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Mother And Son Take Turn Horribly Mutilating Each Others Genitals So She Can Be A Man And The Boy Can Be A Girl

The LGBT movement in America is becoming more and more extreme. First about allowing people to “love” each other, it is rapidly showing its true colors, which is an obsession with disordered, dangerous, and evil behavior that gets worse with each day. In one recent and particularly horrible story, a woman claimed that she wanted […]

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Reign Of Terror Hits Congo As Pagans Roam Around Attacking Churches And Murdering Catholic Nuns

By Theodore Shoebat  A reign of terror has hit the nation of Congo, as pagan militants roam about attacking churches and murdering Catholic nuns. As we read in one report: After the Catholic Church helped broker a deal in which the President was to step down after elections this year, violence has spread against religious […]

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President Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Makes Mega Real Estate Deal Selling American Assets To Chinese Government

According to a recent report, President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is set to cash in on a lucrative and controversial real estate deal by selling a major piece of real estate to the Chinese government: Now, some 10 years after the original investment, the Kushner family looks set to receive a $400 million windfall from […]

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