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Man In Britain Murders Woman In Hotel With A Screwdriver, And Then Begins Eating Her Flesh Raw Like An Animal

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Britain murdered a woman in a hotel with a screwdriver, and then began eating her flesh raw like an animal. This crime was not committed by a Muslim, so don’t expect the counterjihad loons to talk about this one. According to the report police killed this demon possessed man […]

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US Immigration Deports Muslim Man After He Takes A Pair Of Scissors And Uses Them To Mutilate His Two-Year-Old Daughter’s Genitals

Khalid Adem of Ethiopia is being deported from the USA for his crime of being the first person in the USA convicted of Female Genital Mutilation. According to the reports, he as arrested after he used a pair of scissors to forcibly “circumcise” his two-year-old daughter: ATLANTA – A citizen and national of Ethiopia was […]

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A Massive Apostasy Is Taking Place Right Now As American Evangelical Christian Leaders Admit They Are In A Free Fall Collapse

Christianity worldwide, especially in Muslim nations has been exploding with converts in the millions. However, the opposite is happening in America. Just as Europe is suffering from an ongoing and seemingly irreversibly apostasy from its Christian roots, American Evangelicalism is suffering a quiet, mass apostasy that threatens the very existence of American Christianity itself: My […]

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Teenager In North Carolina Beheads His Own Mother, Mutilates Her Body And Face

By Theodore Shoebat An 18 year old male beheaded his own mother in North Carolina, as we read in one report: The Franklin County teen deputies say beheaded his mom Monday afternoon was released from a mental health facility less a week before the killing, a family friend said. Miriam Banegas, a longtime friend of the […]

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Muslims In Australia Tell Students In Public School: ‘Read The Koran Or Else We Will Behead You.’

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim students in a public school in Australia have been threatening both students and teachers that they must read the Koran or else they will be beheaded. They pushed one teacher into a corner and screamed Koranic verses. Three teachers have already gone on leave out of stress and fear. Here is […]

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Belgian Man Converts To Islam, Drives His Car Through A Funeral Home And Then Gets Out And Starts Praying To Allah While Screaming “Islam Will Vanquish The Infidels Of Europe”

The police said it was “mental illness,” which is a common cover for another violent Islamic terrorist attack, this time committed by a Frenchman who, after converting to Islam, drove his care into a funeral home, took out a prayer rug, and began praying while shouting “Islam will vanquish the infidels of Europe”: On Friday, a French man who […]

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